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If you are to find a printing error, you can email him and he will send you a list of all errata in the books. If these things are important to you i. There are ways to accommodate this. The author suggests that each book should be read through more than once. If your child is the type to refuse to read a math book more than once, then you may want to supplement.

Life of Fred Mathematics

There are several worksheets that have been created and listed in the Files section of the Life of Fred Facebook page. You may also choose to supplement with another curriculum. First, the lessons are short and you can choose how many worksheets you want to do.

Second, MUS is designed topically.

Why We Love Life of Fred

So, mastery of a concept is expected before moving to the next topic. Since Life of Fred is spiral meaning it circles back to things already taught , I thought they would complement each other nicely.

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And so far, they have. Several of those were mentioned in the previous Math post. I am only finding that this is the case throughout the Elementary series. Once a student reaches Fractions, LOF provides a substantial curriculum that does not need to be supplemented. This means that the student needs to reason the math for themselves. In our house, it looks like this: I sit down with one of the girls as she reads her chapter to me.

Mine love to read. If your child does not, feel free to read aloud.

Life of Fred

They read through the Your Turn To Play a few questions at the end of the chapter and work the problems with my supervision. If they need help, I try to point them in the right direction. After they finish the YTTP, they flip the page over and check their answers. We only complete one chapter a day and generally no more than four chapters a week. Once my children get to Life of Fred Fractions and beyond, I expect my kids to work independently. However, I am available when they have questions.

This means that it may be difficult to jump in mid-series. My youngers both started in Life of Fred Apples and worked at their own pace until they reached a significant amount of new material.

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My oldest was able to start in Life of Fred Algebra. However, he had to go back to Beginning Algebra, even though he had already finished Saxon Algebra 1, because of the order the material was introduced. Most of the concepts he knew and understood, but there were a few that were new to him. We like the Studio C notebooks because they have a zipper pocket where we can keep pencils and flashcards. This means that I only have to buy one textbook for the whole family! I'm a homeschooling mom of 3 in the South. I love chocolate and have been known to hide it from my children.

I blog, here, at HideTheChocolate. Check out the information on our "Where to Start" page for more detailed information about where and when to start your student. This set would be considered a middle school math program, for students in 5 th through 9 th grades. When they are finished these books, they are ready to begin the High School Set. Many high school aged students would benefit by going quickly through these books to lay foundations that they might have missed.

Each book is keyed directly to the corresponding textbook. Each of the chapters contains both exercises on the current topic and review questions from the beginning the book up to that point. All the problems have completely worked out solutions.

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  • This set can be started with any student who has completed Life of Fred Beginning and Advanced Algebra or has completed Algebra 2 in another curriculum. This set could also be considered a College Prep set as it prepares the student for college level maths.

    After completing this set, the student is ready to go into the College Set.

    Catalog of books

    Ready for more Life of Fred? These college level books are just waiting for you to tackle them. Really love math and ready for more Life of Fred? These upper level college books will provide the math puzzles and challenges you are looking for.

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    • Life of Fred Review: Why We Love Fred.
    • Want to purchase all the upper level Life of Fred Math textbooks at once? Does not include the Zillions of Practice books for PreAlgebra.