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The Pimp Tape 19, Give Her Some Money. How To Be a Player. The Game Taught Me. Give Me Back My Eyes. How To Be a Player [Reprise]. The Remixes 2 Right Now Remix. Money in the Trap Remix. Make a Living Remix. Still Ain't Got No Money. Still Feelin' It Remix. Don't Worry Be Hyphy. Just Wanna See You. Greatest Hits Jungle. Save All That Love. You're Now Tuning Into More Than Anything The One.

Put Me On Somethin'. Look At Me Now. Renegade EP All Nite. Mama Always Told Me. No Limit Extended Version. Withdrawl Keep It Goin'. Blank Face LP [Booklet]. Blank Face LP [Credits]. Blank Face LP [Trailer]. By The Way Boom. Church Clothes 3 Freedom. It Is What It Is. Let Me See Em Up. Point Seen Money Gone.

Let the Beat Drop Celebrate. Dope God She a Bad One. Here 2day Gone 2morro. Longway Sinatra On The Gram. Son Of a Pimp, Pt. Not In Love Anymore. All Around The World. What Yo Hood Like. On All My Mommaz. The Art of Hustle. Down In the DM Remix. The Black Godfather Hustle Hard. Book 1 Stack It to the Ceiling. Straight to the Point.

The Grit Don't Quit. Blessed By the Game. Book 2 Bring Back the Sideshow. Get Money Or Get Lost. What It's Gone Be. How Do U Like That. I Know A Guy. Waitin' on a Play. Too Much Too Soon Columbiana. Top of the Line Top of the Line. Until We Meet Again. Inside of the Groove. Day of the Dead. Win Some, Lose Some.

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Forever and a Day. Shadow of a Doubt [Booklet]. Special Effects Aw Yeah? More Psycho Messages Skit. Speedom Worldwide Choppers 2. Young Dumb Full of Fun. Give It To Me. I Don't Need You. Last Time You Seen.

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Quik's Groove The One. Up On the Wall. Like Father, Like Son 2. Weak After Next Runnin. Welcome to Los Santos. When It's Dark Out Random. Don't Let Me GO. Some Kind of Drug. Everything Will Be OK. Cadillactica Kreation Intro. King of the South.

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Do You Love Me. Remember Me Remember Me. Down On Your Luck. Baddest in the Building. Sharp On All 4 Corners: Corner 1 Programmin. Knockin' At The Light. Corner 2 It's the First. Sellin' Dope Ain't Fun. Heavy in the Game. Bout' To Pour Up. Real Game For a Player. Sincerely Yours Intro. I Love My Squad. Back On Your Mind. Only That Real Remix. I Wanna do It. I be on my Grind. I be on my grind feat.

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All 6's And 7's Technicians. Am I a Psycho? He's a Mental Giant. We Miss You Man Man skit. Call From Richie skit.

You Owe Like Pookie. Eenie Meanie Miny Ho. This Is Hip Hop. Don't Mess With Texas. Beast In The Bedroom. Good For My Money. Hope I Don't Violate. Doggumentary Toyz N Da Hood. Wonder What It Do. We Rest in Cali. This Weed Iz Mine. Sumthin Like This Night. Raised in da Hood. It's D Only Thang. Sweat Snoop Dogg vs. This Weed Is Mine. We Rest n Cali. Wet Snoop Dogg vs. If U Want To. Devil's Got a Hold. Graveyard Shift Barbarian. The Streets Don't Love Nobody. Don't Try This at Home. Graveyard Shift Album Art.

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Overtime Shift Mr. I Love My Momma. Born in the Struggle. Movin' Organized Business M. Tired Of Sellin Yola. Overtime Shift Album Art. It's Not You It's Me. Look At Her Go. I Don't Give A Fuk. When I Come Home. Turn All The Lights On. Center Of The Stage. Album Drug Test.

Good Girls Go Bad. All The Way Gone. Born in the Trap. Day Shift Back In Business. The Art of Story Tellin'. Everyday Is a Weekend. I'm In The Room.

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It's Gotta Get Betta. Day Shift Album Art. Night Shift Over The Stove. Can't Stop the Boss. How I'm Feeling Right Now. Knock 'Em Down Music. More Bass, More Treble. Turn Up the Music. Night Shift Album Art. Streets Keep Callin' Me. Hit The Parking Lot. Genius Chip On My Shoulder. Love You 2 Death. Incredibad Who Said We're Wack? Jizz in My Pants. I'm On a Boat. Punch You in the Jeans. Strange Journey Volume Two Imperial.

To Be For Real. Still With Me Remix. Close Your Eyes instrumental. The Spirit of Apollo Intro. Radric Davis Classical Intro. All About The Money. I Think I'm In Love. Sex In Crazy Places. Kush Is My Cologne. Radric Davis - Album Art. Tell It Like It Is. Give Her The Keys. Sliding down the pole. I Can Sell It. Tycoon Status Mobbin' All Day alt: If I Ever Go. Where You Want Me. Beat in My Trunk. Gangsta Party About That. Is This What U Want? Pull Them Panties Down.

It's Whateva 18 Dummy. Get Naked You Beezy. Music Is My Savior Intro. This Is Why I'm Hot. They Don't Wanna Play feat. This is Why I'm Hot Remix. I Did You Wrong 12". This Is Why I'm Hot rock mix radio single. I Want Your Girl. It's Time to Go. Don't Hate The Player. Ball Till You Fall. Here Comes the Champ. It's Okay One Blood. Why You Hate the Game. It's Okay One Blood [Remix]. Welcome to the Midwest. It's What You Thinkin'. Hood Connection, Strange Commercial. Intro to the Strange Music Library. Let the Game Begin Be Easy. Tell Me When to Go Remix. Tell Me When to Go. Go Hard or Go Home.

Sick Wid It II. JB Stomp Down [Skit]. They Might be Taping. Do Ya Head Like This. She Say She Loves Me. Happy to Be Here. Where the Pimps At? Buy U Some 2. I Wanna Do It. About That Money P. Stop Talkin' to the Cops.

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Tha Blue Carpet Treatment Intrology. Candy Drippin' Like Water. Which One of You. Beat Up on Yo Pads. Watch Me Do This. Been There, Done That. Snap Yo Fingers Remix. Open Da U. In an effort to protect his own, Hood and his best friend and hustling partner, Dreko, take to the streets on a bloody mission that doesn't go exactly as planned.

Hood returns to find his world turned upside down by a wave of sex, violence, and betrayal. No longer the starving kid on the street, he's now a man seeking vengeance and retribution, and he might be forced to choose between bending or breaking as he picks up the shattered pieces of his life, one by one. Noire is the originator of the urban erotic genre and the publisher and editor-in-chief of NoireMagazine.

Visit her website at AskNoire.

G Spot An Urban Erotic Tale

Noire is Dickens for the age of dojah, donuts and dawgs. By clicking 'Sign me up' I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of use. Free eBook offer available to NEW subscribers only. Must redeem within 90 days. See full terms and conditions and this month's choices. Tell us what you like, so we can send you books you'll love. Sign up and get a free eBook! Price may vary by retailer. Add to Cart Add to Cart.

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