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Employees create value when they can inspire others to make things happen both internally and externally. The future is always moving closer, and signs of what's to come are always present. Employees create value when they are future curious and consider what's to come in their actions and thinking.

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  • You can wallow, or see your job loss as an opportunity for self-discovery.;

Being ambiguous or leaving people hanging contributes to a frustrating work environment. Employees create value when they instigate consistent and complete communication that keeps everyone informed. A leader can't lead all the time if others are going to grow. Employees create value when they encourage others to step up and support them as the enthusiastic second in command. People who push without basis can eat time and cause consternation. Employees create value when they stand up for their beliefs and take a pragmatic view before going all in.

People who are negative bring down morale and demotivate.

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Employees create value when they help create a positive environment that others can't wait to join. There is more to growth than just the daily grind. Employees create value when they grow themselves in ways that can help advance the company toward lofty objectives.

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  8. People need encouragement , no matter their position. Employees create value when they make everyone feel good about what they do and why they do it.

    10 Things People Won't Tell You When You Lose Your Job | Reader's Digest

    One bad representative of the company reflects on the whole crew. Employees create value when they provide a positive image that reflects well on everyone else. A showoff can alienate the whole team, creating frustration and rancor. Employees create value when they share credit with others on the team, elevating everyone's happiness and confidence.

    Any work environment can become dull and unimaginative.

    2. You're constantly left out in the cold.

    Employees create value when they stimulate energy and creativity in the workplace. Constant complaining runs rampant in the business world. Employees create value when they brush aside the complaints and help people focus on the resolution. Even the most productive people can sometimes move so fast the details are left undone. Employees create value when they make sure the company is safe, compliant, and protected from carelessness.

    4 Surprising Reasons You Lost Your Job, Despite Working Your Tail Off

    Your profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn should be spruced up and optimized as much as possible to make you as attractive as you can be to a potential employer. Celebrate, and maybe even take a vacation. Have drinks or a party and celebrate being laid off. Put a positive spin on this. Use your health insurance while you still have it. Get a full physical, go to the dentist. You can also explore meditation, acupuncture, or other complimentary therapies that can help you de-stress.

    Finding your next dream job is an endurance test and requires a lot of energy. Start eating well, do a cleanse, and go to the gym. Your energy and self-esteem will get a boost and this will be felt by everyone around you, including future employers. Realize that something good will come from this. I call this The Change Guarantee. Write it down somewhere visible. In the end, this job loss is probably a good thing. Make yourself write a list of 3 things that help you see the upside from this downside. Blame never accomplishes anything.

    You see this all the time in the workplace. You have the one employee who is unstoppable. In fact, they're so productive and skilled at their job that they make everyone else look bad.

    Keep your job - Become an MVP today

    Then you have the employee who is struggling to keep up with deadlines and understanding even the simplest of tasks. The one employee is playing to their strengths, so the work just comes naturally. You, on the other hand, don't possess those same skills. Eventually, your success and job satisfaction will go completely out of the window.

    We all have those dreams we've never let go of. But believe it or not, sometimes a job that we're not that keen on can help us achieve those dreams or goals. For example, if you always wanted to be a science-fiction writer but have been working as a copywriter for an ad agency, then you've been enhancing your writing skills over time--and maybe even learned some marketing tricks--that will help you succeed as an author.

    If you were hired to be that amazing copywriter at an ad agency but they have yet to publish any of your blog posts, billboards, or brochures, then why are you sticking around? Your talents are clearly going to waste, and it may take time to move to a new company that is actually going to use you and your talents.

    1. You Weren’t Working on the Right Things

    While you weren't ever best friends with your boss, there was a time when you could have a conversation to share ideas or even have a brief recap of Game of Thrones during your lunch break. Then, one day, these conversations cease. It's obviously confusing, and there could be more to the story, like the boss going through some personal problems.

    But if you continually get the cold shoulder then it makes it difficult to reassure yourself that everything is all right, as we frequently ask questions like, "What did I do wrong?

    Why you sometimes have to quit to win

    A long time ago, I was friends with a bartender who always got bad tips, along with a lot of negative comments from patrons. This friend would then complain about the customers even to other customers instead of admitting that he just wasn't a great bartender. No matter what position you're in, if you are receiving poor feedback from clients, co-workers, or in performance evaluations, then that's one of the clearest signs that you're not cut out for the job, or it's not right for you.

    For example, are you required "to travel more than you'd like, given your chosen work-life balance? Does it offer enough upward mobility, given your level of ambition?

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    Remember that there "are no right or wrong answers to such questions, only a sense of whether you are investing your time at the right or wrong company for you," according to the Welches. If you're receiving fewer assignments, this could be an indicator that there was a decision from upper management that you shouldn't have as many responsibilities. When I was college, I was friends with someone who wanted to be a teacher.

    This person couldn't stand children and just wanted to get into education because of the health benefits and the vacation time.