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When I fall for someone, I don't just gracefully walk in from the shallow end. I confidently make my way towards the high diving board and trip, belly first, into the deep end of the pool, collecting the most euphoric of scratches, pain and infatuation on the way down. I can't help but laugh at myself, after a relationship fall out. There are always signs and intuitive stabs when someone is simply just not right for you. Nevertheless, once the crippling, terrifying yet indescribable, beautiful, alluring chemistry begins to spread throughout your bloodstream and into your nonsensical heart, forcing you to disregard the rest of your life worries and sometimes, even your most desired, sought after aspirations, those "deal breakers," "red flags," and usually common sense "no's", seem to get pushed away without a second thought.

'Love is a drug', 'rose-tinted glasses': Here's the science behind falling for someone

This crazy occurrence causes the biggest miscalculation in terms of finding a compatible, harmonious relationship. The physical newness of another, who feels the same towards you the connection , combined with their skin, their breath, their eyes, their touch, their smile, embrace and loving projection towards you and the intellectual level in which you connect feels so rare, that the desire is so substantial and undeniable it almost outweighs the logical portion of our squishy, irrational brains that often warns us "wait Then why is there such a hold on our emotions, producing these dark, deep emotions, causing some to feel physically ill, lose sleep, gain or lose weight, become increasingly numb or sensitive when these relationships come to an end?

Are we heartbroken from the rejection, feeling as though we are not good enough for the other, or are we mourning something that was truly, genuinely wonderful, yet the other person simply wasn't on the same relationship wavelength? Making these realizations about these delusional thought processes that many experience during heartbreak, when I had such a loving, passionate connection with this human when we live in two entirely different worlds , is an enormous step for me.

I would be lying if I said I was fully healed and unaffected by my last relationship, however, I am not going to bang my head on the wall, hoping for the wall to break down and give me comfort.

'Love is a drug', 'rose-tinted glasses': Here's the science behind falling for someone

I am simply hurting myself by holding on to these one sided emotions. I am mourning a beautiful relationship that didn't have the full opportunity to bloom, with a limited future with our clashing mindsets, and our unknown futures. In the long run, my idealistic and happy visions would always turn out to be quite different from reality.

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Lisa McKay I had learned this important lesson the hard way. Several times in the past I had started writing to someone, or talking to him on the phone, and before I knew it a fully-formed picture of that man had materialized in my mind. Where do those rose colored glasses come from? Taking off those rose colored glasses: Know yourself Know what your own red, orange, and yellow flags are in relationships. How did he or she turn out to be different than you had hoped and expected? What are some of your red, orange, and yellow flags in romantic relationships?

What are three things you like or admire about your long distance partner?

Life Thru Rose Colored Glasses

What are two things about this person that might annoy or frustrate you if you ever live together? What sort of picture do you think your long distance partner has of you? Are you deliberately distorting anything about yourself?

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  7. What are you leaving out? By Richard Alleyne , Science Correspondent. Researchers found that people with personality traits that allow them to be nostalgic about the past have higher life satisfaction than those who exaggerate or mull over their failures.

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    They found that extroverted people had the best ability to do this whereas those with neurotic tendencies were the worst. The study, published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, suggests that outlook rather than experience and fortune has a strong influence on overall happiness.

    It also suggests that by changing certain traits, rather than a whole personality, individuals could greatly improve their happiness levels. The researchers at San Francisco State University looked at the personality traits and the relative happiness levels of student volunteers.

    Rose Tinted Glasses

    The used a standardised personality test to see how it relates to their outlook and life satisfaction. The "Big Five" test assesses how extroverted, neurotic, open, conscientious and agreeable a person is by rating them on a scale for each personality trait.