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Maybe because there are publisher characters in there? Maybe because Dicker held someone's mother for blackmail? I simply do not get it. And sorry for the screaming. View all 92 comments. Philip Bargiel Interesting that you mention the poor writing in English. I read it in French but am used to reading in English and thought that Dicker was accustomed Interesting that you mention the poor writing in English. I read it in French but am used to reading in English and thought that Dicker was accustomed to writing in English but translated it quite badly in French.

Lots of American idioms in this book which I found quite disturbing. Anna Clc Maybe too long, but really gripping and unexpected finale. At some poimt you just can't put it down! I loved it and am now reading another book from t Maybe too long, but really gripping and unexpected finale. I loved it and am now reading another book from the same author.

You know that thing when you get your hands on the latest page literary blockbuster, full of excitement and anticipation? However, in the back of your brain you are very aware of the many international literary awards this book has clocked up, the fact that it has been translated into 32 different languages and been reviewed gushingly over and over again - so you just know that any minute now you will be gobsmacked by it You know that thing when you get your hands on the latest page literary blockbuster, full of excitement and anticipation?

Soon you realize that you are pages into it and the much-lauded literary merit is yet to smack you between the eyes, but perhaps the prosaic writing, two-dimensional characters, improbable plot and editorial oversights are all part of some cunning device that you are clearly not enlightened enough to understand.

Far from great 21st century literature, this was just another poorly written, poorly edited, over-hyped, shallow potboiler. View all 27 comments.

The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair

Amanda Joanne Hayden wrote: Seriously has the standard of good English writing dropped so low that this is considered a best seller?? Seriously has the standard of good English writing dropped so low that this is considered a best seller???? Jul 16, Manny rated it did not like it Shelves: They can both cause brain damage. Why is the book so badly written? Why is the writing so atrocious that every other sentence causes the reader physical pain, why is the dialogue so flat, and why are none of the characters even remotely credible?

The book is meant to be terrible. It's evidently constructed as a satire on the modern bestseller. That's why it reads as though it's been Google-translated from American with minimal cleaning up. That's why it's so ridiculously long - aren't all these bestsellers way too long? That's why there's all the stuff about the publishing industry. That's why the narrator is an author who can't write and doesn't have an idea in his head except that he wants to be a successful writer.

That's why he constantly underlines that 'successful' today just means getting large advances and selling a lot of copies, and has absolutely nothing to do with literary quality. One must admit that the book achieves what it sets out to do. I'm sure it's put me off reading bestsellers for at least the next five years. And, at the same time, it doesn't. After all, the author has written a bestseller. The book has all the faults he points out, in spades. Most people read it straight. And, above all, why does the plot make no sense whatsoever, with every shred of possible meaning sacrificed for the sake of absurd twists?

Why would any author do that?

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He picked it up and listened. A second later, a look of stupefaction crossed his face. But Gahalowood waved me away. It turns out that he is the illegitimate child of James Patterson and Danielle Steel. She insisted on keeping the baby but put him up for adoption with a Swiss family and never told a soul what had happened. When Dicker found out about his origins, you can imagine his feelings.

He simultaneously loved the bestseller and hated it. He wanted to emulate his parents and at the same time get even with them. What else could he do but write this book?

La Vérité sur l'affaire Harry Quebert by Joël Dicker

You need to write a Goodreads review about it, it will be the greatest review of all time. Everyone will vote for it. View all comments. The Swiss author used to spend his summers in Maine. The story is Lolita-ish. The older author lives in a seafront house so we get some local color of New Hampshire, especially in a local diner where a lot of the action takes place.

Then the girl disappeared. The older man never recovered emotionally from her loss. While he is in prison awaiting trial, a younger author, also a famous writer, comes to the aid of his former professor and mentor. At first the case against the older author seems so convincing that we start with believing how could the perpetrator NOT be him?

Little by little a second suspect emerges, and we are led to see how wrong we were. But it turns out the young girl led a much more dramatic life than we were aware of and now numerous suspects emerge. We also get quite a bit on dealing with publishers and literary agents. An example that also illustrates the humor in the novel: The main character starts receiving threatening letters while investigating to help his friend.

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Since he intends to write a book about the investigation, his agent tells him: Imagine if someone tries to kill you — you could add another zero to the sales figures…. Some snippets I liked: Anything else will just bring you trouble. Facebook users are just people wearing sandwich boards for free. On GR it has more than 55, ratings and almost 7, reviews.

Top photo from newhampshirehomes. View all 32 comments. Jim Fonseca Pam wrote: Maybe I Pam wrote: Jim Fonseca leslie hamod wrote: So glad you liked this. I must read it again as several years have passed! Dec 11, They never really end Grand story and writing, unique in many ways, a calm but formidable buildup of the story which makes you want to keep going steady but with a building tension thinking all the time I just really enjoyed it from start to end.

And it's no 'How do you know when a book is finished? And it's not only a crime story, it's a book about life, love, mistakes made 'Learn to love your failures Markus, because it is your failures that will make you who you are. It is your failures that will give meaning to your victories' , small town community living, boxing, running, writing It's about a summer in New Hampshire, in small town Somerset, when struggling author Harry Quebert fell in love with year old Nola Kellergan, a forbidden love.


Quebert is the only suspect. Markus Goldman, student once coached by Quebert, now a writer and friend, sets out to Somerset to investigate and clear Harry of any blame. Interesting to see this book is 'controversial' in reviews, I see ratings going from 1 to 5. Fabulous book, worth every page for me. Made me think of John Irving's Garp, must be because of the setting New Hampshire, but also the sports, boxing instead of wrestling, but close, and the weird set of characters. Made me think of Donna Tartt's Goldfinch, maybe because of the setting New York and also, because of the quirky set of characters.

Made me think of Twin Peaks, yes, definitely, because of the freaky atmosphere among the various characters. Reason never helps anyone and passion is often destructive. So don't ask me to help you choose. View all 15 comments. Linda Annet because of your great review of this controversial novel, I will be adding Annet Great idea Linda, I loved it! This book is, without a doubt, the worst thing I've read in many years.

The fact that it was published at all boggles the mind. I want my money back. Christ but it's terrible. Joel Dicker should never publish another novel again. Even a grocery list. He should go live in a monastery in the woods and never bother anyone again. View all 9 comments. Yeah, I have no idea why this is supposed to be so amazing.

The plot itself is kind of uninspiring and reminds me of so many "dark secrets in a small town" stories that Stig Larssen popularized. The characters were universally unlikable - and honestly the jet-set life of the best-selling author kind of made me laugh my ass off. Maybe I missed when Jonathan Franzen was being Yeah, I have no idea why this is supposed to be so amazing.

Maybe I missed when Jonathan Franzen was being recognized on the street? The only reason why I know what James Patterson or Michael Connolly look like is because they showed up on a couple episodes of Castle. The Origin of Evil is about So Harry Quebert basically wrote I'm sorry, I'm just not going to get past the fact that we're supposed to sympathize with an hebephile who thinks a teenager was the love of his life.

Then there's the dialogue. Even allowing for the differences between dialogue in movies and books and reality, the dlalogue is clunky and awkward at best and just down right mindbogglingly bad at worst. I'm willing to split the difference in the blame here; this originally was written in French IIRC , so there may be something lost in the translation but sweet sufferin' Jeebus, if they're going to translate it, get someone who doesn't have a tin ear, huh?

View all 6 comments. Reto 50 PopSugar La verdad, lo he pasado en grande con este libro ya que disfruto mucho con este tipo de lecturas. View all 4 comments. I went the latter route, and was rewarded by a competent reading by Robert Slade. Marcus Goldman travels to Somerset, the New Hampshire town of his college professor, Harry Quebert, to attempt to unlock something that will enable him to write a follow—up to his first, highly successful, book.

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The girl, Nolla Kellergan, had disappeared 33 years earlier. Harry is clearly an intelligent, articulate, good-looking man. Nolla is all child, with little to offer in terms of conversation or intellect. The verbal exchanges between the two are painful, in the extreme. No — not for me. These are sharp and amusing.

And the telephone calls between Marcus and his overbearing Jewish mother are hilarious. I kept wishing there was more of this and less of Nolla and the other, equally dull, inhabitants of Somerset. In the final section of the book it all suddenly switches up a few gears and it becomes apparent that quite a few of the large cast have been hiding secrets of their own.

The whole thing is told in jumpy fashion, both in terms of the order of events and from whose perspective the story is being told at any given time. Though, actually this does work quite well once you get used to the style. View all 25 comments. Feb 09, Derenai rated it did not like it Shelves: I've always had a weakness for mystery books. In this story every character matters, every subplot is related, and Joel Dicker creates one of the best modern dark novels. It is more than just a Who killed Nola Kellergan?

A novel that will swallow you completely. A story about sickness, love, sadness, books and hidden pasts. A victory for any writer. La pluma de Joel Dicker me encanto. Hay algo en este libro que te va a gustar. Nov 05, Nino Frewat rated it liked it Shelves: I have mixed feelings about this book. Then again if I was not intrigued by a crime book that won the said prize, I probably wouldn't have even picked it up. I was wrong about the first two. The book's back cover states that it is a "r I have mixed feelings about this book. The book's back cover states that it is a "reflection on America".

I don't know how one understands such a phrase, nevertheless it felt to me a bit too much to qualify the book as such. It is the story of a first-time successful young writer, Marcus Goldman, struggling to start his second work, who flies to the rescue of his mentor, the great Harry L. Quebert is arrested and accused of the murder of the year old Nola Kellergan, whose body or the remains of it is discovered 33 years after her disappearance from a small New Hampshire town, Aurora. The book's front cover is a painting by Edward Hopper, one of my favorite painters, "Portrait of Orleans", and this book is certainly a portrait of Aurora.

The inhabitants of Aurora seem typical of any small village; endowed with the natural virtues and vices and small-town life; they are friendly, nosy about each other's affairs, yet understanding, even respectful, of each other's privacy if such a privacy exists in a small village , and as is the case in any small town, and especially those described in crime novels, newcomers almost always carry a deeper past with them.

Though the book is more action than description, yet the characters and the events occuring in the past are chronicled in such a way that one feels as if he was part of that fateful summer. What felt a bit unsettling, in my opinion, was that the recalling of past events did not create in me this feeling of mystery one anxiously anticipates following the deep-digging in crime novels.

I even felt that the paths that led our amateur detective-writer to snatch bits of truths about what happened from the dwellers of Aurora were too "programmed"; it was as if people awaited in their houses, or diners, or stores for the arrival of Marcus to recount him in precision what happened 33 years earlier. Over the lifespan of the book, I could count rare occasions in which characters seemed suspicious, or wary or cautious of the questions and deductions thrown-in by Marcus Goldman.

This is because, throughout the book, Dicker retells the events from the perspective each and every actor directly or indirectly related to the crime, which generates so many overlapping narratives leaving no room for guesswork. As the detective-writer finds himself entangled in the twists and turns of the book he is simultaneously writing, the reader is offered an entrance to the world of book publishing; there is a most revealing chapter of the book, chapter 6, that completely takes the charm out of the book publishing process.

Nevertheless, it is revealed in such a way that I found it quite funny to read. Overall, I enjoyed the book; it is an easy read of the simple lives of simple people in an average small town. I particularly appreciated that an author can still up an addictive crime novel without the bells and whistles of forensic science and technology, and rely on the simplicity of the characters to elucidate the mystery.

Jun 27, Allegra rated it did not like it. Y ahora llegan los peros: Muchos sospechosos pero tras leer lo mismo una y otra vez Yo misma la hubiese ahogado en el mar con sus malditas gaviotas! Es el nuevo Nabokov!!! Casi tanto como las Sombras de Grey. It's absolutely mind boggling to me that this was a runaway success and prize winner in France. From the very first pages you can tell that the dialogue is atrocious and the story cliched almost to the point of offensiveness, and it certainly doesn't get any better as the book unfolds.

What on earth do people see in this book? View all 5 comments. Como noir es terrible. Como lectura de camastro es triunfal. No es algo t Como noir es terrible. Sin embargo, Dicker tiene fallos en cada una de las tres, aunque en su favor voy a decir que donde menos tiene es en trama. La prosa es bastante plana y sin gracia. King ya nos ha llevado a Nueva Inglaterra muchas veces, y cada uno de sus pueblos tiene vida propia.

En el libro no encontramos ninguna de las dos: Es decir, un libro que uno no puede soltar. La lectura fundamental para leer en la playa, en la alberca, en las vacaciones. La lectura fundamental para recomendar a familia y amigos. En este sentido, triunfa. View all 19 comments. I believe this is the worst book I've ever read; granted, I don't read a lot of bad books. If a book is terrible or if I'm just not enjoying it, I don't finish it - life is too short.

So, why did I stick with it for nearly pages? Mysteries that are more mysterious than the "mystery" at the heart of this book: Is this a terrible novel or just a terrible English translation? How did this become an international bestseller? Europe alone produces tons of excellent crime I believe this is the worst book I've ever read; granted, I don't read a lot of bad books.

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Europe alone produces tons of excellent crime fiction, so why did everyone lose their minds over this piece of garbage? Is the writer a misogynist or just a really bad writer? A novel about the craft of writing that is so atrociously written - is this some kind of French performance art and I don't get it? Did anyone fact check this book?

No one in small town New Hampshire was calling in Also, 26 year-old writers with debut novels do not suddenly become so rich and famous that they purchase Land Rovers and West Village apartments, and date Hollywood stars. But thanks for the laughs. Aug 25, Mia Nauca rated it it was amazing. I feel like I have been on a long journey, and this book was a journey, through red herrings, changing accounts from many different people, through a poignant friendship and an illicit love.

It was a puzzle, or a labyrinth or a maze, trying to find just the right clue that would unravel everything that had come before. A book that is a book, about a murder, a young girl that seems to be all purity and light and a famous writer. Writer's and writers block, the 31 things one needs to know to write I feel like I have been on a long journey, and this book was a journey, through red herrings, changing accounts from many different people, through a poignant friendship and an illicit love.

Writer's and writers block, the 31 things one needs to know to write an outstanding novel. There was quite a bit of repetition as people repeated or told what they knew, from many different perspectives. A challenging and thought provoking case where one is constantly confused and the case changed constantly. A good if long book, one needs to be patient and let it all unwrap.

They never really end. View all 17 comments. Dec 11, Stephen Durrant rated it liked it. Its success, I think, results from being a complex and engrossing piece of detective fiction, involving novelists no less, and being set in America, where, according to the book jacket, Dicker has traveled extensively.

The story concerns the discovery of the body of a fifteen-year old girl who disappeared thirty years earlier under strange circumstances that point toward the likelihood she had been murdered. Items found with her body lead to the arrest of Harry Quebert, a famous novelist. Early readers of the English translation have described the book as "literary and clever".

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