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Rob is horrified that his new boss is a woman and makes no bones about expressing that opinion. Lilah has no problem taking none of his crap and giving his attitude back to him tenfold. When year-old Cassie Phelps gets swiped off the street on her way to school by men in ski masks, Rob is placed on the task force to help find her. When he discovers that Cassie and her parents didn't exist before , he's dead-set determined to find out the story behind it. What he uncovers goes much deeper than anything he could have ever imagined.

A judge, his wife, his mistress, their seven children and Sedgefield's Manor House

Paperback - Trade Pages: Review This Product No reviews yet - be the first to create one! She resumed duty in late spring, but was again interrupted from 4 August to 8 October for a transatlantic patrol. In the spring of , she conducted a similar patrol in European waters. In she deployed for special operations. After completing those assignments, her commanding officer CO received a Navy Commendation Medal for outstanding leadership, foresight and professional skill.

Other Scorpion officers and crewmen were also cited for meritorious achievement. Scorpion is reputed to have entered an inland Russian sea during a "Northern Run" in , where it filmed a Soviet missile launch through its periscope before fleeing from Soviet Navy ships. However, instead of a much-needed complete overhaul, she received only emergency repairs to get quickly back on duty.

Cold War pressures prompted U.

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The last overhaul cost one-seventh of those performed on other nuclear submarines at the same time. Scorpion ' s original "full overhaul" was reduced in scope. Crucially, her emergency system was not corrected for the same problems that destroyed Thresher. In late October , Scorpion started refresher training and weapons system acceptance tests, and was given a new commanding officer, Francis Slattery. Following type training out of Norfolk, Virginia , she got underway on 15 February for a Mediterranean Sea deployment.

She operated with the 6th Fleet into May and then headed west for home. Scorpion suffered several mechanical malfunctions, including a chronic problem with Freon leakage from refrigeration systems. Calhoun as they both departed to the Atlantic the first time. As well as Soviet intelligence trawlers, there were Soviet fast nuclear attack submarines [7] attempting to detect and follow the U.

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An Echo II-class submarine was operating with this Soviet task force, as well as a Russian guided missile destroyer. The Navy suspected possible failure and launched a public search. Scorpion and her crew were declared "presumed lost" on 5 June. Her name was struck from the Naval Vessel Register on 30 June.

The public search continued with a team of mathematical consultants led by Dr. Navy's Special Projects Division. They employed the methods of Bayesian search theory , initially developed during the search for a hydrogen bomb lost off the coast of Palomares, Spain, in January in the Palomares B crash. Some reports indicate that a large and secret search was launched three days before Scorpion was expected back from patrol. This, combined with other declassified information, led to speculation that the U. Navy knew of Scorpion ' s destruction before the public search was launched. This was after the Navy had released sound tapes from its underwater " SOSUS " listening system, which contained the sounds of the destruction of Scorpion.

The court of inquiry was subsequently reconvened, and other vessels, including the bathyscaphe Trieste II , were dispatched to the scene, collecting many pictures and other data. Although Craven received much credit for locating the wreckage of Scorpion , Gordon Hamilton, an acoustics expert who pioneered the use of hydroacoustics to pinpoint Polaris missile splashdown locations, was instrumental in defining a compact "search box" wherein the wreck was ultimately found. Hamilton had established a listening station in the Canary Islands that obtained a clear signal of what some scientists believe was the noise of the vessel's pressure hull imploding as she passed crush depth.

A Naval Research Laboratory scientist named Chester "Buck" Buchanan, using a towed camera sled of his own design aboard Mizar , finally located Scorpion. Buchanan had located the wrecked hull of Thresher in using this technique. The bow of Scorpion appears to have skidded upon impact with the globigerina ooze on the sea floor, digging a sizable trench.

Echo of Darkness (North Coast Mystery #2)

The sail had been dislodged, as the hull of the operations compartment upon which it perched disintegrated, and was lying on its port side. One of Scorpion ' s running lights was in the open position, as if it had been on the surface at the time of the mishap, although it may have been left in the open position during the vessel's recent nighttime stop at Rota.

One Trieste II pilot who dived on Scorpion said that the shock of the implosion may have knocked the light into the open position. The Structural Analysis Group, which included Naval Ship Systems Command 's Submarine Structures director Peter Palermo , plainly saw that the torpedo room was intact, though it had been pinched by excessive sea pressure. The operations compartment collapsed at frame 33, this being the king frame of the hull, reaching its structural limit first. The only damage to the torpedo room compartment appeared to be a hatch missing from the forward escape trunk.

Palermo pointed out that this would have occurred when water pressure entered the torpedo room at the moment of implosion. The sail was ripped off, as the hull beneath it folded inward. The propulsion shaft came out of the boat; the engineering section had collapsed inward in a telescoping fashion. Photos taken in by Woods Hole Alvin, released by Navy in , shows the broken inboard end of the propulsion shaft.

Shortly after her sinking, the Navy assembled a Court of Inquiry to investigate the incident and to publish a report regarding the likely causes for the sinking. The court was presided over by Vice Admiral Bernard L. Austin , who had presided over the inquiry into the loss of Thresher. The report's findings were first made public on January 31, While ruling out sabotage, the report said: In , the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot and The Ledger-Star obtained documents related to the inquiry and reported that the likely cause of the disaster was the detonation of a torpedo while the Scorpion ' s own crew attempted to disarm it.

Navy declassified many of the inquiry's documents in All three physicists were experts on undersea explosions, their sound signatures, and their destructive effects. Price was also an open critic of Craven. This appears to differ from conclusions drawn by Craven and Hamilton, who pursued an independent set of experiments as part of the same Phase II probe, demonstrating that alternate interpretations of the hydroacoustic signals were possibly based on the submarine's depth at the time it was stricken and other operational conditions.

The SAG physicists argued that the absence of a bubble pulse, which invariably occurs in an underwater explosion, is absolute evidence that no torpedo explosion occurred outside or inside the hull. Craven had attempted to prove that Scorpion ' s hull could "swallow" the bubble pulse of a torpedo detonation by having Gordon Hamilton detonate small charges next to air-filled steel containers. In its conclusions and recommendations section, the NOL acoustic study states: The probable depth of occurrence In fact, it is unlikely that any of the Scorpion acoustic events were caused by explosions.

The Naval Ordnance Laboratory based much of its findings on an extensive acoustic analysis of the torpedoing and sinking of Sterlet in the Pacific in early , seeking to compare its acoustic signals to those generated by Scorpion. Price found the Navy's scheduled sinking of Sterlet fortuitous. Nonetheless, Sterlet was a small World War II-era Diesel-electric submarine of a vastly different design and construction than Scorpion with regard to its pressure hull and other characteristics. Its sinking resulted in three identifiable acoustic signals, as compared to Scorpion ' s The NOL acoustics study provided a highly debated explanation as to how Scorpion may have reached its crush depth by anecdotally referring to the near-loss incident of the Diesel submarine Chopper in January , when a power problem caused her to sink almost to crush depth, before surfacing.

In the same May N77 letter excerpted above see 1. The Navy has extensively investigated the loss of Scorpion through the initial court of inquiry and the and reviews by the Structural Analysis Group. Nothing in those investigations caused the Navy to change its conclusion that an unexplained catastrophic event occurred. Navy periodically visits the site to determine whether wreckage has been disturbed and conduct testing for the release of any fissile materials from the submarine's nuclear reactor or two nuclear weapons.

Except for a few photographs taken by deep water submersibles in and , the U. Navy has never made public any physical surveys it has conducted on the wreck. The last photos were taken by Robert Ballard and a team of oceanographers from Woods Hole using the submersible in Navy secretly loaned Ballard the submersible to visit the wreck sites of the Thresher and Scorpion. In exchange for his work, the U.

Due to the radioactive nature of the Scorpion wreck site, the U. Navy has had to publish what specific environmental sampling it has done of the sediment , water, and marine life around the sunken the submarine to establish what impact it has had on the deep-ocean environment. However, the delivery of the ransom money goes horribly wrong and Heiress Catriona Maclennan gets killed while running away from the kidnappers and her son goes missing without any trace.

After that, the plot of the novel shifts to the time of the year in Tuscany, when a jogger gets stumbled upon an evidence related to the kidnapping case of Catriona Maclennan. As a result, the old case gets reopened once again. Detective Sergeant Karen Pirie is hired to carry out the investigation of the evidence, who sees the case as an opportunity to make a name for herself by solving the murder case of Catriona Maclennan and serving justice.

If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below. Our author of the month is Canadian author Opal Carew who writes erotic romance novels. Opal has written over novels with multiple book series such as the Dirty Talk series and the Abducted series. A Suitable Job For a Woman: Jack Reacher is back! Personally I thought this was the 2nd best Reacher book yet. Family secrets come back to haunt Reacher when he decides to visit the town his father was born in. Because when he visits there he finds out no-one with the last name of Reacher has ever lived there.

It leaves him wondering - did his father ever live there?

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