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What serves society as a whole may not ensure indi In this second "Nuala" novel, Kimbriel takes us to the distant past with an entirely new set of characters. What serves society as a whole may not ensure individual happiness. Hence, the enshrined necessity for the members of ruling families to seek mates off-world to ensure fertility and vigor all too often results in personal unhappiness. As in Kimbriel's previous "Nuala" novel, the external drama, although present in the form of political intrigue, assassinations, schemes and deceptions, provides a backdrop to the real story.

Despite the cover copy, this is not a shoot 'em up space adventure, but a thoughtful and tender story of human relationships. Darame, like many others, is drawn to Nuala by the promise of riches; in her case, she's part of a team of con artists, as savvy as she is exotically beautiful, and she accidentally stumbles into the middle of an elaborate plot aimed at the ruling family of Atare. Sheel Atare is a healer, happy to remain outside the line of succession until events catapult him into the most dangerous position, the only legitimate claimant to the throne.

Dramatic lines of tension echo and enhance one another as the story progresses. What happened in "the Emerson disaster" to make Sheel, otherwise sensitive and open-hearted, so guarded in love psychological mystery? Where does Darame's heart--and her future--lie love story? I found this second "Nuala" tale more focused than the first. The world is just as fascinating, the plot twists and character revelations as intricate, but I found the focus on Sheel and Darame more deeply satisfying.

I'm looking forward to reading more about them in the next "Nuala" book, Hidden Fires. Apr 22, Laura Kyahgirl rated it really liked it Shelves: It is the first book I've read by this author. I'm not sure how to classify it as there are elements of fantasy as well as sci-fi. It guess its mostly 'soft' sci-fi, where the emphasis is on social aspects as opposed to scientific. I loved the female protagonist in this story, Darame, as well as Mailan, Avis, and the many other strong female characters. The plot was interesting.

The only weakness in the book was that I thought it was pretty hard to follow in the beginning. I was confused fairly often by the 'voice'. Trying to pick out when the character was thinking to themselves or remembering. The used of italics quite often in the 'thinking' paragraphs did not add any clarity. View all 5 comments.

Nov 14, Jennifer Stevenson rated it it was amazing. I read this one and the next one in one gulp, over two days. Classic royal intrigue SF plus adventure plus romance, nom nom. Apr 18, Beth rated it really liked it. Finished this at 2 am -- then bought book 2. Just have to get past food changing dead hair color universally on your body.

Jan 31, ala rated it it was ok Shelves: Surprisingly, I am disagreeing and I almost never do! The initial turn-off act doesn't even have to be that big -- maybe something unintentional and completely und 2. The initial turn-off act doesn't even have to be that big -- maybe something unintentional and completely understandable to everyone else in the world. Ha ha, if you have a hard time relating to this, please see chihuahua example, or take my word for it that it is annoying And you decide early on that not only will you not invite this person in at the end of the date, you will go to great lengths, including embarrassing, awkward ones, to duck a goodnight kiss, barring some miraculous change in date mid-evening.

That's how I felt about this book and there were no mid-book changes. I think the personal button pushing began with description of the heroine: A pale visage greeted her, the brightly polished metal a poor mirror Tiny, elfin, bearing a beauty at odds with her long-dead, tall, fair cousins Loosening the wipe, she let the mass of silver hair fall around her face and shoulders Pulling on a white, sleeveless stretch-top to hold her full breasts firm, Darame dug for her white pants. I find it annoying when a back flips are taken to describe the heroine early on -- I want appearance to be incidental to the story and hence come out incidentally b when the heroine sounds like a playboy bunny -- not to be prejudiced against playboy bunnies, but the characterization must be done thoroughly for me to get into them otherwise it's all just centerfold imagery to me which isn't typically my thing.

So I have a mental image of Dolly Parton prancing around the entire novel, but that's not all -- Dolly is incredibly smart and kind and loyal and rides horses and is a master con-artist, but a good con-artist -- the kind who only robs greedy, rich people. The hero is hardly better -- handsome, kind, intelligent we are told that anyway, although I must say I never noticed him doing anything particularly intelligent -- he either avoids threats by luck or keeps getting kidnapped.

Fire Sanctuary

So Barbie goes flouncing off to save Ken, making friends with all his family except the evil sister. That is scary because it means he is a mutant and the heroine was very scared , so there was an attempt for some romantic tension. Although since this scary ability to make sick people well does exactly that, and because the heroine is so smart, she eventually view spoiler [ is able to accept him hide spoiler ]. Another thing I felt was not explained adequately is why Barbie dropped the whole con thing on a moments notice to involve herself in planetary politics.

She does a little soul-searching, "Why am I doing this? It's so atypical for me! Also the bad guys were exactly the people who were view spoiler [ foreshadowed the entire novel.

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That Brant -- he's so untrustworthy, maybe he's a bad guy. Oh, yes he is a bad guy. That sister, she's such a bitch. Oh yes, she is a bad guy. That guaaaaaaaaaard yes, there might be a couple fewer 'a's in the books innovative spelling of guard he's so mean, oh yes, he's a bad guy too. I kept on waiting for some bad guy to pop up who wasn't given away in the first 30 pages.

I was kind of hoping that Barbie's mentor would turn out to be the mastermind -- that would have been a little unexpected! Anyway, that's my judgmental take. Due to little things at the beginning, I have now picked the book apart for every little thing that annoyed me and now can't even find anything nice to say. I must admit that I got a bit bored and had to kind of force myself to the end.

View all 3 comments. I was adding the e-book edition to Goodreads' communal memory, and then this review box pops up! Well, what I learned from this edition is that it is not easy to make a visually appealing e-book. But in preparing the book for its new edition, I was reminded all over again what I was trying to examine back when this book first came out -- who are we, at rock bottom, I was adding the e-book edition to Goodreads' communal memory, and then this review box pops up! But in preparing the book for its new edition, I was reminded all over again what I was trying to examine back when this book first came out -- who are we, at rock bottom, we humans?

What do we value most? Can we learn to live without killing each other, and teach our children that lesson? An amoral thief sets into motion a terrifying sequence of events, and in response, a sheltered doctor and a thief with a bedrock moral compass must somehow save an entire culture.

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This book has mystery, political intrigue, adventure and even some romance. I still enjoy reading it, even after all this time. I hope others enjoy it, too! Nov 09, Connor Kennedy rated it liked it. Fires of Nuala has been with us a long time; published in , rereleased in and hit Audible in Dec I was intrigued by a plot that includes assassinations, political intrigue and the promise of both mystery and action. Also, one of the main characters is a beautiful woman who is a con artist.

I found that I had to put in many long hours before the book became interesting and had trouble identifying with the characters.

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Overall, not as exciting as I had hoped, but the Fires of Nuala has been with us a long time; published in , rereleased in and hit Audible in Dec Overall, not as exciting as I had hoped, but the entertainment value is decent. Oct 03, Patrick Haga rated it liked it Shelves: I had a hard time getting into this book at first, but after a while things started to liven up a bit and I started to enjoy it.

The world that she creates is somewhat interesting if a tad cliche.

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I'll probably end up reading more of the stories set in Nuala but to be honest it didn't excite me the way other recent reads have I will say this, after the slow start it did keep me reading, so for entertainment value alone this wasn't a bad read. Did you like Pern or Darkover? Then you should try Nuala! Kimbriel once again catches our fancy with a subtle and complex plot, weaving an intricate socio-political structure from an imaginative premise. Dec 05, Kanzeda Crenshaw rated it liked it Shelves: It was not easy for me to get past chapter three in this book. I picked it up and set it down at least a dozen times before it took.

It's a decent story and I find Nuala a very interesting world. If you like sci-fi for the world building, you will enjoy this book. Eventually, the secret is no longer a secret.

Fires of Nuala

By Fire Sanctuary , the Nualans have created a grid of missles that can take out invaders. By Fire Sanctuary , off-worlders know about the microbe. They can even pay the price to get a ship plated so they can trade easily with Nuala -- or buy a ship built there. It's a real problem, but a managable one. I've got this cute little microbe drawn by a friend, who claimed they also liked dirty socks. Since we were not talking about my socks, I said: Questions, I get Questions. A Few Facts and Explanations. So -- You disappeared. Will there be any more tales of Alfreda?

Will there me any more Nuala books? What are you working on right now? When are you going to update your web design? Is there an order for The Chronicles of Nuala? Compiling a lot of notes on a big fantasy project. Adult, multi-volume -- it will get written. It just may never get published. Sorry -- it was the book I was planning on writing when I was too sick to write.

So, what did my creative brain want to do the minute it was talking to the left side of the brain?

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So -- it's got to come out sometime. It's not first on the list, but it's not forgotten. You choose -- new novels, getting well, decent living wage, fancy interactive web site. Guess which ones I'm choosing.

Fire Sanctuary (Nuala, book 1) by Katharine Eliska Kimbriel

Mail usually reaches me here. Or visit my Live Journal; I'm Alfreda These have downhill streams from Live Journal, but I do post independently to these sites. Or look me up on Goodreads! I actually review books! This page last updated May 4, To contact the web administrator: So -- you disappeared. Ah, that requires more time than we've got. I hope that this time it won't be submerged. That's the easiest way to describe it. Once I started "out of the woods", shall we say, all kinds of stuff popped up from my subconscious, proving that the creative part of me was still creating.

It simply couldn't communicate with the brain and hands. I loved the Allie stories. So far there's a new short story about Allie called "Ducks". Buying it directly from Yard Dog Press instead of someplace like Amazon. Amazon, while a fine place to buy many things, is not always the best place to buy small press stuff -- because they demand such a deep discount, the publisher loses money. Buy bestsellers from them. The chapbook is also available in Kindle! Only one of them is an Alfreda story, the shorter one. Please do not punish the stories by giving them 1 star reviews because they are not novels.

At this time I have no plans to incorporate the short story into a novel, so this is your one chance to find out how Allie learned to hunt ducks. And your reward for buying chapbooks is, other than a fine short story -- I've finished the first draft of another Alfreda novel! I have almost worn out my copies of the Nuala books.

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Will there be any more Nuala books? A reworking of a mystery I wrote once - it has ghosts! This one is for adults, as opposed to the Alfredas, which can appeal to all ages. Flirting with a contemporary fantasy that takes place in Austin, TX. It deals with curses, both active and passive, as well as shape shifters, reincarnated magic users and sentient cats.

Oh -- and a dragon showed up. When are you going to update your web site design? I'm a Nielsen follower.