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We also introduce our new, more human-like character art. Citizens, freemen, tribesmen and slaves — each population with its own culture and religion. Whether they fill your armies, fill your coffers or fill your colonies, keep an eye on their happiness — your success depends on their satisfaction. Choose your approach before battle to counter the stratagems of your foes. Each culture … [Read more Rome is Paradox's latest history-shifting grand strategy game. Rome asks questions of its players. What if Alexander's empire was centralised under a single successor? What if Italy was never unified under Roman rule?

What if Caesar never existed—how would western civilisation look today? Paradox suggests the answers lie in Imperator's complex character management, ruling over its diverse populations, and mastering its host of military traditions, government types and trade options. None of that is showcased in the following trailer, but a number of pretty-looking statues are: Rome, an upcoming grand … [Read more En este trabajo, se evaluaron 3 atrayentes alimen Kaolin from Acoculco Puebla , Mexico as a raw material: The present study determined the mineralogy and thermal properties of kaolin from Acoculco Puebla , at the eastern Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt and compared it with the nearby deposits of Agua Blanca Hidalgo and Huayacocotla Veracruz.

The mineralogy of the kaolins was determined by X-ray diffraction, infrared spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy. Thermal behaviour was studied by differential thermal analysis, dilatometry and hot-stage microscopy. The Acoculco deposit is composed Full Text Available Developing a basket of land goods means a systemic strateg y for small farmers because it allows reaching multiple objectives in order to promote territorial competitiveness to access market niches with varied rural goods, strengthen social capital and generate better local levels in employment and income, together with increasing and preserving the environment.

Results showed that this strateg y was implemented successfully and also revealed opportunities for: Actualmente, se observa una mezcla de viviendas de diferentes secciones, que no corresponde al arreglo original de las mismas. To establish the relationship between seroprevalence for antibodies against Trypanosoma cruzi and its relationship with biotic and abiotic factors. A cross-sectional study was conducted between August and September The study population consisted of a simple random sample of volunteers residing in Palmar de Bravo, Puebla , Mexico.

Sample and data collection procedures included assaying antibodies against T cruzi with validated assays, and searching for domestic reservoirs and triatomine bugs. The relationship between biotic and abiotic factors with seropositivity was assessed. Statistical analysis was conducted using Kappa values for. Susceptibility to mass movement processes in the municipality of Tlatlauquitepec, Sierra Norte de Puebla. Full Text Available Since historical times, mass movement processes have taken place in the Mexican territory as a result of its topography, heterogeneous lithology, intense rainfall and the impact of anthropic activity, particularly in mountainous areas such as the Sierra Norte de Puebla.

In this region, as a result of extremely high rainfall, a large number of landslides occurred in October These were mainly slides and flows; they affected economic, structural and environmental aspects and caused the loss of dozens of human lives. Among the various approaches to analysis of this type of hazard, cartography is of considerable importance since it allows the understanding and assessment of spatial distribution, as well as of the interactions of elements of the terrain that determine slope instability.

Hence, some studies of landslide hazard cartography have been carried out in Mexico; these have mainly been based on the overlaying, against a background of geographic information systems, of layers of information concerning the parameters that are involved in slope instability.

However, there is a tendency for this approach to establish similar degrees of influence for all factors, regardless of specific local conditions. The present aim was to consider the influence of the five most important parameters controlling regional slope instability in the Sierra Norte de Puebla slope, morphogenesis, relief dissection, deforestation and roads, and to validate the results by means of a recurrence index. Multicriteria analysis has allowed a map of susceptibility to mass movement processes to be produced for the municipality of Tlatlauquitepec.

Family Life and Social Medicine: Drawing on clinical data from 15 months of on-site participant observation in the only public psychiatric hospital in the state of Puebla , Mexico, this article advances our understanding of globalization in relation to psychiatry. I challenge the construction of psychiatry as only treating the individual patient and provide grounded doctor-patient-family member interaction in a Mexican psychiatric clinic in order to review what happens when doctors cannot interact with patients as atomized individuals even though in theory they are trained to think of patients that way.

Challenged by severe structural constraints and bolstered by lessons from other nations' efforts at deinstitutionalization, psychiatrists in Puebla push to keep patients out of the inpatient wards and in their respective communities. To this end, psychiatrists call upon co-present kin who are identified both as the customer and part of the caretaking system outside the clinic.

This modification to the visit structure changes the dynamic and content of clinical visits while doctors seamlessly respond to unspoken beliefs and values that are central to local life, ultimately showing that efforts to define a "global psychiatry" informed by global policy will fail because it cannot exist in a uniform way-interpersonal interaction and personal experience matters.

Descriptions of the larvae of two species of Paranomala and one species of strigoderma Coleoptera: Rutelinae from Puebla , Mexico. The third instar larvae of Paranomala flavilla Bates , P. Illustrations of the diagnostic structures and comments on the differences with other larvae of the genera studied in Mexico are included. Evaluation of industrial hydrotalcite for the sulfated water treatment of the Valle de Puebla.

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Nevertheless, the region has a system of aquifer: Up to now the treatment used in the city of Puebla for this type of water consists on the following stages: The objective of this research, was to find an alternative treatment for this ground water, in order to obtain a drinking water and, consequently, to simplify operations. An industrial hydrotalcite anionic clay available in large quantities has been characterized, modified by means of thermal treatment and used.

Sorption tests have been made with this hydrotalcite in batch sets and in columns, these experiments have allowed to check how the concentration of the characteristic parameters of the ground water such as the high hardness and the high contents of chemical species of sulfur decrease simultaneously.

Imperator rome

This removal has allowed to obtain values of these parameters quite below the permissible maximum limits for drinking water according to the mexican norms, with the exception of the p H since values of 10 are obtained value limit: Furthermore, the results of the sorption tests in columns allowed to calculate that a column packed with 8. Evaluation of mesopores and characterization of clays of the State of Puebla , Mexico; Evaluacion de materiales mesoporosos y caracterizacion de las arcillas en el Estado de Puebla , Mexico.

Apartado Postal , M ico, D. Mexico ; Salgado, M. The crystalline properties of natural clays are related to the different crystallographic phases that are present in the structure of these substrates. XRD analysis indicates the presence in the clay adsorbents of montmorillonite, quartz and, in some cases, of calcium carbonate.

The textural properties of these porous materials of natural origin have been evaluated through the BET equation, the Langmuir equation, the single point BET method and the Gurvitsch Rule. The meso porosity that is present in each substrate has been measured via the methods of Kelvin, Barret, Jovner, and Halenda BJH , and Kruk, Jaroniec, and Sayari as well as by the so-called differential curves of t-plots. The sorption hysteresis loops confirm characteristic aspects of this type of clay materials.

The latter curves comprise three zones of behavior; each zone representing a different filling mechanism of the pore space. Full Text Available To determine the most effective treatment to capture Rhagoletis zoqui and use it as an alternative to chemical insecticides, this study was developed in two orchards of walnut, during June, July and August of in San Nicolas de los Ranchos, Puebla. The experiment was tested under a block design organized at random with three repetitions.

Mc Phail traps and PET bottles were used in the experiment. Statistical differences were observed between treatments. Se evaluaron dos variedades de la Sierra Norte de Puebla seleccionadas in situ: Origin identification for Cantona, Puebla , obsidians by the analysis method of neutron activation NAA. There are tests that most of the obsidian worked in the workshops of Cantona, Puebla , is coming from the mineral deposits of Oyameles-Zaragoza, but also has been detected obsidian that macroscopically belongs to other mineral deposits.

The present work has as purpose to determine the provenance of an obsidian sample obtained in the Cantona Site to know if there was the presence of obsidian of other mineral deposits. For the study the neutron activation analysis was used to identify the presence of other deposits. An explanation on the treatment to the selected pieces is included, the preparation of the same ones for its irradiation in the nuclear reactor, the counting and statistical study of the results.

Finally the results of the selected samples are presented, indicating their origin places, that time comes and the interpretation of the results is given. Full Text Available Traditional knowledge on the environment constitutes a part of the elements that peasants use to make decisions about their agricultural activities, mainly to reduce risks and optimize the existent resources.

Part of this knowledge that has been accumulated is on the life cycle of plants in response to weather conditions, and on the effects of Lunar phases in activities such as sowing, harvesting and pruning, amongst others. Six species of trees and bushes were identified by In regard to the astronomical observations, The Moon phases considered for this were waxing crescent, first quarter, and full moon. It is important to acknowledge the value of these experiences in the design of rural development strategies.

By doing so, the accumulated knowledge of preceding generations will be used to create options more suitable to the conditions of the peasant agriculture. Inestabilidad de laderas e infraestructura vial: Geothermics and neural networks: A first approach; Geotermia y redes neuronales: Neural networks have been hailed as the greatest technological advance since the transistor.

They are predicted to be a common household item by the year This new form of machine intelligence is able to solve problems, without using rules of math, they only need examples to learn from. Esta nueva forma de inteligencia artificial es capaz de resolver problemas sin utilizar reglas matematicas, solamente requiere de ejemplos para aprender de ellos.

El primer problema geotermico, atacado con esta poderosa herramienta, es la prediccion de las producciones de vapor y liquido, asi como la terminacion de pozos en el campo geotermico de Los Humeros , Puebla , Mexico. Los primeros intentos demuestran la capacidad de aprender del modelo desarrollado, y su certeza en las predicciones realizadas. Programas educativos de buena calidad. The students manifest significant areas of opportunity in the field of educational quality because it is not fully meeting their education; therefore the importance to consider as a reference factor the student rating in the university management system.

The Puebla -Tlaxcala Valley is a region with high population scattered over two states, where emissions from combustion of a variety of materials and fuels represent a major problem in the deterioration of air quality. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAHs are a class of semi-volatile organic compounds that are formed during combustion. PAH are present in large amounts in the particulate matter comes from the combustion and no combustion. The particle-bound PAHs are formed by accumulation and condensation mechanisms in the particle.

In its condensed form are mainly associated with fine particles homes is intense. Additionally, this period is when the boundary layer is fully established favoring the accumulation of newly issued pollutants and remnants of the night. The breaking of the layer precisely between 8 am and 9am resulting in a rapid decrease in the concentrations of all pollutants favored the vertical mixing them with cleaner air masses previously located above the boundary layer.

Once broken the boundary layer , the new layer grows and pollutants are mixed with air masses that are being transported to other sites which establishes the dominant concentrations and in the day. By 7 pm there is an increase in vehicular traffic and even dominates the regional wind ventilation, a slight increase was observed in the concentrations of CO , NOx and DC.

The water Cherenkov detector array for studies of cosmic rays at the University of Puebla. The array consists of 3 water Cherenkov detectors of 1.

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We discuss the calibration and stability of the array for both sets of detectors and report on preliminary measurements and reconstruction of the lateral distributions for the electromagnetic EM and muonic components of extensive air showers. We also discuss how the hybrid character of the array can be used to measure mass composition of the primary cosmic rays by estimating the relative contents of muons with respect to the EM component of extensive air showers.

This facility is also used to train students interested in the field of cosmic rays.

Full Text Available Trees in urban parks play a key role in the sustainability of cities. The tree is urban landscape of a city, provides environmental, aesthetic, scenic, recreational, cultural and economic benefits. The obwas to study the current state of woodland in the Cerro de Amalucan Ecological Reserve in the city of Puebla , Mexico, a forest dasometric diagnosis was applied by sampling in the area. Settling 17 sampling sites area of m2, completely randomized design with dasometric data. The results were averaged Following the species Cupressus lindleyi with Subsequently, the species Juniperus deppeana, with 6.

Are cataloged as exotic tree species the next in line: Eucalyptus sp, and Casuarina equisetifolia, Cupressus lindleyi, Cupressus semprevirens and Pinus patula and were characterized as native species: Juniperus deppeana Eysenhardtia polystachya, Juniperus flacida. Evaluation of mesopores and characterization of clays of the State of Puebla , Mexico. The N 2 adsorption isotherms at 76 K that were measured on our clay adsorbents indicate that the adsorption process is carried out through a multilayer formation mechanism.

Plots of the adsorbed volume versus the statistical thickness t-plots of N 2 layers adsorbed on the clay surface were also evaluated. A binomial of causality? Full Text Available An understanding of the interaction between deterioration of the environment and marginalization of communities is essential in order to formulate public policies that will combine social and environmental objectives.

The erosion was assessed by the methods developed by FAO and Ruiz et al. Erosion could be assigned to one of three grades: In the 32 towns that constitute the municipality, marginalization was moderate in 5, severe in 14 and very severe in The correspondence analysis and the Chi-square test showed a causal relationship between erosion and marginalization, although it was not possible to detect with certainty which is the cause and which the effect.

However, the results can contribute to the design of sustainable strategies for the municipality. Full Text Available The Atoyac River crosses the metropolitan area of Puebla -Tlaxcala in Mexico and presents a state of pollution that has been scarcely studied. Water from wells and a spring in the Emilio Portes Gil EPG population that uses Atoyac water for agricultural irrigation was also analyzed. The data obtained from the river were compared with the data published in the declaration of classification of Atoyac and Xochiac or Hueyapan and its tributaries. The anoxic condition of the river mean 1.

John was founded; in , it was converted into the Municipal of Civil Hospital. The medical establishement continues to provide services to the poor to this day annual also covers health public workers of services for the municipality. The hospital services of the Mexican Institute of Social Security IMSS began in ; an earthquake destroyed the building in , and a new hospital was inaugurated in ; at present, it readers services to 98, persons.

In , the Hospital General General Hospital began to provide services, takes care of the poor of the geographical region, and is financed with federal funds. Epidemiology and Treatment with Nitazoxanide.

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  • Background The Atlixco municipality, Puebla State, at a mean altitude of m, was selected for a study of Fasciola hepatica infection in schoolchildren in Mexico. This area presents permanent water collections continuously receiving thaw water from Popocatepetl volcano m altitude through the community supply channels, conforming an epidemiological scenario similar to those known in hyperendemic areas of Andean countries.

    Methodology and Findings A total of 6—14 year-old schoolchildren were analyzed with FasciDIG coproantigen test and Lumbreras rapid sedimentation technique, and quantitatively assessed with Kato-Katz. Fascioliasis prevalences ranged 2. Intensities were however low 24— epg. The association between fascioliasis and the habit of eating raw vegetables was identified, including watercress and radish with pronouncedly higher relative risk than lettuce, corncob, spinach, alfalfa juice, and broccoli.

    Nitazoxanide efficacy against fascioliasis was The few children, for whom a second treatment course was needed, were concomitantly infected by moderate ascariasis burdens. Its efficacy was also very high in the treatment of E. A second treatment course was needed for all children affected by ancylostomatids. Conclusions Fascioliasis prevalences indicate this area to be mesoendemic, with isolated hyperendemic foci. This is the first time that a human fascioliasis endemic area is described in North America.

    Nitazoxanide appears as an appropriate. Fascioliasis and intestinal parasitoses affecting schoolchildren in Atlixco, Puebla State, Mexico: The Atlixco municipality, Puebla State, at a mean altitude of m, was selected for a study of Fasciola hepatica infection in schoolchildren in Mexico. A total of year-old schoolchildren were analyzed with FasciDIG coproantigen test and Lumbreras rapid sedimentation technique, and quantitatively assessed with Kato-Katz.

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    Intensities were however low epg. Fascioliasis prevalences indicate this area to be mesoendemic, with isolated hyperendemic foci. Nitazoxanide appears as an appropriate alternative to triclabendazole, the present drug of choice. Full Text Available Backyards for rural households represent a strategy that ensures the production of plant foods and animal come to enrich and supplement their diet. Fieldwork was conducted in the months of March to June , with the participation of 37 rural women. Some of the findings are: There are also differences between communities in relation to the number of children, the diversity of vegetable grown, and the frequency of seeding and transplanting of vegetables contributing to the food security of the UDC.

    Full Text Available The Atlixco municipality, Puebla State, at a mean altitude of m, was selected for a study of Fasciola hepatica infection in schoolchildren in Mexico. Nitazoxanide appears as an appropriate alternative to triclabendazole, the present. Full Text Available Tis article analyzes the environmental deterioration of forest resources resulting from the introduction of technical innovations in street lighting in the midth century. It shows how, in the s, the growing use of turpentine, obtained by distilling the natural resin secreted by some tree species, replaced the burning of animal fats and oils in street lamps.

    Tis change had a damaging impact on the forests of the volcano La Malintzi, which towers above the two cities. Full Text Available Objetivo: In order to diagnose tmds the Diagnostic Criteria for Research. Mexico City is built on a thick clay-rich sedimentary sequence and, hence, is susceptible to seismic acceleration during earthquakes. The earthquake damage in the eastern part of the city, characterized by the collapse of several buildings, can be explained by seismic amplification.

    However, the damage in the southern part of the city, characterized by the collapse of small houses and surface faulting, requires a different explanation. We present here geodetic observations suggesting that the surface faulting in Mexico City triggered by the Puebla earthquake occurred in areas already experiencing differential displacements.

    Our study is based on Sentinel-1A satellite data from before and after the earthquake September 17th and 29th, We also identify phase discontinuities that can be interpreted as surface faulting using the phase gradient technique Price and Sandwell, The results of our analysis reveal the locations and patterns of coseismic phase discontinuities, mainly in the piedmont of the Sierra de Santa Catarina, which agree with the location of earthquake's damage reported by official and unofficial sources GCDMX, ; OSM, The observed phase discontinuities also agree well with the location of preexisting, subsidence-related faults identified during 10 years of field surveys GCDMX, and coincide with differential displacements identified using a Fast Fourier Transform residual technique on high-resolution InSAR results from Solano-Rojas et.

    We propose that the seismic energy released by the Origin identification for Cantona, Puebla , obsidians by the analysis method of neutron activation NAA ; Identificacion de procedencia para obsidianas de Cantona, Puebla , por el metodo de analisis por activacion neutronica AAN. Staphylinidae tuvo la mayor riqueza 9 especies y abundancia They had the following taxonomic distribution among the different families: Lygaeidae, Pentatomidae, Membracidae, Cercopidae, Psocidae, Melolonthidae, Curculionidae, Cossidae, Megathymidae, Pyralidae, Geometridae and Apidae, all with a single recorded species; the families Acrididae, Formicidae and Vespidae with two species in each family.

    The latter were the most abundant families, and Hymenoptera was the most salient order with five species. Three species were reported as new registers of edible insects for Mexico and also for the world. The nutritive value of insects in terms of macro and micronutrients is discussed. The counterfeit nephew of the Pope. A plot against the Bishop of Puebla during the expulsion of the Jesuits.

    This article uses a variety of legal documents and secret investigations to reconstruct this history of lies, intrigue and the desire for critical expression, providing an opportunity to reflect on the dissent of the American clergy during a time in which royalty and censorship were being redefined. A new species of Xenosaurus in the X. The new species differs from all of its congeners in possessing a unique combination of characters. The new species appears to be allopatric and fills in the geographic gap between the geographic distributions of X.

    The new species occurs between approximately m and m of elevation, and appears to be restricted to cloud forest, which has been replaced by coffee plantations in many areas. An updated key to the species of Xenosaurus is provided. Full Text Available This article analyzes the role of the clergy in Puebla Mexico in defense of the city during the war with the United States, and their ability to reach agreements with civil authorities in order to protect the civilian population, maintain order despite the military occupation, and maintain religious services as a factor of public tranquility.

    It argues that, thanks to negotiation and agreement between both powers, devotional practice became a fundamental factor in maintaining order. The research was based on local files and a group of published sources dealing with the relations between the U. Short History of the advertising industrial publicity in Mexico. The industrial estate of Puebla between the old regime and the revolution: This contribution documents the presence and possible origin of PAHs, their temporal concentration patterns and correlations with other air pollutants in the so-called Puebla -Tlaxcala valley.

    This valley is located to the east of the Mexico City Metropolitan Area and is a very populated region which suffers of air pollution problems. Emission sources of PAHs include open burning, industrial boilers, automobiles and trucks, but vehicle emissions vary significantly depending on the use of: An important emission source in the Puebla -Tlaxcala region is wood burning for cooking. Therefore, it is expected to have contributions of PAHS from this type of sources.

    The measuring period included March and April of during the ozne season in central Mexico. The use of these two sensors in parallel has been identified as a fingerprint technique to identify different types of particles from several combustion processes and is a useful tool to identify quantitatively the major source of emissions, as well as to describe thephysical and chemical characteristics of the particles.

    The results show that vehicle emissions are the major source of PAHs with an associated increase in the concentration of. Puebla de la Sierra Madrid. On September , Mexico experienced two significant inslab earthquakes with only 11 days apart from each other. Both caused severe damage in the epicentral states: In this work, we present the various aspects of the performance of the SSN and the results obtained real-time and the days after.

    The first earthquake occurred on 8 September within the Gulf of Tehuantepec. The SSN estimated its magnitude as Mww8. Forty days later, it has had more than aftershocks with magnitudes larger than 2. The mainshock seemed to have triggered seismicity in central Mexico, an effect previously observed by Singh et al. Barely 11 days had passed since this major quake. The SSN was in the middle of an intense aftershock sequence and conducting several outreach activities due to the anniversary of the 19 September Mw8.

    SSN located its epicenter at the border of the states of Morelos and Puebla and estimated its magnitude as Mww7. In this case, SSN identified only eight aftershocks, which was a similar behavior for previous inslab earthquakes in the region. Important aspects that these events have highlighted are the media and social network responses.

    Immediately after the first quake, SSN faced misinformation due to viral videos and social media messages predicting massive earthquakes and their relation to a solar storm that took place days before. Outreach to the public and the media became essential. The knowledge about ants of arid zones of Mexico is very poor. For this reason we assessed the biodiversity of this taxon in 2 sites with different vegetation structure. Ten pitfall traps were placed in each site, and 2 surveys were conducted, 1 in August rainy season, and another in February dry season, The capture was more abundant in the rainy season; however, during the study, a higher ant diversity was observed in the site with low vegetation cover and few plant diversity.

    The new records have increased richness to 27 ant species, which is very close to the number of species registered in other localities near Zapotitlan. Our data suggest that increasing sampling effort and application of different sampling. De la historia a la nostalgia. Full Text Available Este trabajo tiene como objetivo visibilizar y revalorar la importancia del Movimiento del En cada isla debajo del dosel del arbusto nodriza se tomaron tres muestras de suelo superficial, fuera de la isla alrededor se levantaron otras tres procediendo de la misma manera.

    Samples were collected during from four monitoring sites: The results indicate that in TEC, As avg. The enrichment of PLMs is due to the industrial complexes generating huge dust particles involving various operations. The September 19th, Puebla -Morelos earthquake Mw7. Previously recorded ground motion had not reached similar high intensities.

    The Transition zone surrounds the base of mountain ranges and is composed of alluvial sands and silts, limited by layers of hard soil of the Hill Zone and highly compressible clay deposits of the Lake Zone. These transition configurations are modeled as dipping layers where the soft sediments progressively thicken away from the edge. We present a preliminary analysis of 2D SH and P-SV dipping layer models with homogeneous and lateral variations that resemble the known structure of the basin.

    Our results show the emergence of surface waves in the edges, and the spread of the energy, broadening the frequency range as compared to 1D models. The latter is a plausible explanation of the frequency content in the recorded ground motion in sites of observed damage. Records used in this research are obtained, processed and maintained by the Seismic Instrumentation Unit of the Institute of Engineering at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Bend Faulting at the Edge of a Flat Slab: We present results of a slip model from joint inversion of strong motion and static Global Positioning System data for the Mw7.

    We find that the earthquake nucleates at the bottom of the oceanic crust or within the oceanic mantle with most of the moment release occurring within the oceanic mantle. Given its location at the edge of the flat slab, the earthquake is likely the result of bending stresses occurring at the transition from flat slab subduction to steeply dipping subduction. The event strikes obliquely to the slab, we find a good agreement between the seafloor fabric offshore the source region and the strike of the earthquake.

    We argue that the event likely reactivated a fault first created during seafloor formation. We hypothesize that large bending-related events at the edge of the flat slab are more likely in areas of low misalignment between the seafloor fabric and the slab strike where reactivation of preexisting structures is favored.

    This hypothesis predicts decreased likelihood of bending-related events northwest of the source region but also suggests that they should be more likely southeast of the source region. Heavy metals in cow's milk and cheese produced in areas irrigated with waste water in Puebla , Mexico. The aim of this work was to determine Ni, Cr, Cu, Zn, Pb, and As levels in raw milk and Oaxaca and ranchero type cheeses, produced in areas irrigated with waste water from Puebla in Mexico.

    Milk results showed a mean Pb level of 0. For As a mean value of 0. Mean As and Pb levels in milk were below the Mexican standard. Milk whey and ranchero cheese had mean Pb levels of 0. As was higher in Oaxaca and ranchero cheese at 0.


    It was concluded that cheeses made from cow's milk from areas irrigated with waste water are contaminated with Pb and As, which may represent a health risk. The objective is to understand the particularities of this space to know the impact it had on the daily life of its inhabitants. The questions that led the investigation were: What motivated the pahuatecos to be part of the revolutionary process?

    How did your participation in daily life affect you? Likewise, we assume that Pahuateca's participation was due to the attempt of the regional political leaders to execute the mandates of the liberal state in terms that were locally acceptable; That is to say, they elaborated a local agenda that provided political and social stability in the municipality based on the defense of the local autonomy, and not in the necessity of an agrarian claim.

    Full Text Available The aim of this study was to evaluate seven species of native and naturalized legumes in terms of forage production and nutritive quality.

    los humeros puebla: Topics by ogozoqosolym.tk

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