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Unfortunately, for the family, Carmen, has convinced Jack to help out. Jack has no problem helping a lady in distress. The plot is well structured, fast paced and will keep you guessing for most of the book. My only criticism is the last 50 pages. There is a lot of quantum leaping by Jack who seems to guess exactly what's going on with no real evidence to back it up. That's why I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars. Happy to recommend this book as a exciting read. I read a review for this recently where the reader was disappointed that there wasn't very much action in this book.

While listening to this one I kept thinking about that review and in this book, much of the so-called action is analytical and subtle. I sort of had it easier than most that i had previously listened to this book so I knew ahead of time, things that would happen-although not in high detail. By the end of the book the reader is able to realize how Reacher came to the conclusions th I read a review for this recently where the reader was disappointed that there wasn't very much action in this book.

By the end of the book the reader is able to realize how Reacher came to the conclusions that he did. True there is not a ton of fighting- hardly any in fact- but that's okay, because Reacher is VERY smart, and that in itself I find very interesting. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

Fifth in the Jack Reacher suspense series revolving around an ex-military policeman wandering the country and getting into a bushel of trouble. My Take I hated this one! That bitch Carmen and her approach with Reacher. What is so important that she has to stick around? She's okay with offering her body, with asking someone to kill for her, but she's not okay with having a clean conscience and going on the run?

Even to protect herself and her child? The way she keeps p Fifth in the Jack Reacher suspense series revolving around an ex-military policeman wandering the country and getting into a bushel of trouble. The way she keeps pushing Reacher. Why can't she see how wrong this is?

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She keeps pushing about the beating she'll have to suffer, wanting Reacher to take care of her problem for her. I'd like to slug her myself. Take care of your own damn problem. Collect the hospital records. Track the crap they dish out. Gather up some legal ammo of your own! What is it with people?

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This story is all about racism. About having and keeping. Especially keeping success or a chance of a decent life from others in almost any way you can describe it. WHAT kind of grandmother is Rusty? Calls her granddaughter "it"? Gets rid of her as soon as possible?

Jack took too much at face value. It's only that deductive, mathematical mind of his that figures it out. I gotta wonder if the color and its overall covering isn't a metaphor for something. I mean, who does that?? Interesting tricks the assassins use to erase their trail and set their traps.

Only, none of them know what they're taking on with Reacher and he certainly has his fun poking away. I did love how Reacher backed good ol' Bobby down. No good on his own when he doesn't have his ranch hands backing him up A birght little girl who seized her chance. Oh man, poor Reacher. Carmen's telling the family he knows all about horse and blacksmithing. All Reacher's thinking is that he knows blacksmithing needs an anvil and does something with horseshoes and they smell terrible. I just loved who taught Reacher how to saddle a horse!

Tight and detailed analysis of the gunshots that killed the victim. Ooh, Child just leads us by the nose, playing on our expectations. It's almost scary how easily Reacher slips inside the criminals' heads. Child did a good job of confusing me every which way and I am so looking forward to Reacher's next adventure, Without Fail.

The Story On the run from a bullying cop, Reacher hops in the first car to offer a ride. And what a ride it turns out to be. Seems the classy little lady needs a shooter for the husband being released from prison. She thought she had more time. Instead, she has less than a month and she's been interviewing drifters all over Texas.

Well, he seems perfect. Even with her sob story, Reacher won't do it. He'll come to the ranch. He'll protect her, but he won't kill. Until that decision is taken out of his hands. The Characters Jack Reacher is six-foot-five and two hundred and fifty pounds of muscle. A product of a lifetime spent on military bases, thirteen years of it as a military policeman.

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To say he has an excellent sense of his surroundings and the human mind is to underplay his abilities. Reacher is on the road again after Jodie left him. She needs a home and normalcy. Everything Reacher is not. Three assassins who have worked long and well together, the woman in charge. Carmen Greer is an abused wife who refuses to leave.

She loves her six-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Mary Ellen , and she has plans for Reacher. Sloop Greer, her husband, is the oldest son of a old Echo County family. One that is wealthy enough to be comfortable. Sloop was wonderful before marriage when the family sent him his allowance. Moving home when that allowance was cut off. The moving back was fine, but not with a beaner wife.

Bobby is the younger brother and despises Carmen Bobby's hatred certainly doesn't slow him down when it comes to sexual blackmail. Al Eugene is one of Sloop Greer's two best friends as well as his lawyer. He's working on a deal to get him out of jail faster. Hack Walker is the district attorney running for judge. He's the other of Sloop's best friends; a very convincing good guy. Alice Amanda Aaron is an East Coast, gay, Jewish, vegan woman fulfilling her own five-year plan to put in her time as a lawyer helping the poor.

When Reacher hires her, Carmen's case is so far down the line that Reacher makes a deal to collect that judgment Lyndon Brewer , a wealthy white man, is refusing to pay. Brewer's maid and I certainly enjoyed it!

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The Cover and Title The cover is gleaming in its golden yellowness. A band of fading metallic orange supports a deeper golden ring framing a golden farmhouse surrounded by trees. But it's only golden until you read the story. The title is a metaphor as it's not the town of Echo Burning , but the memories of living there. View all 12 comments. Very enjoyable tough guy story. I wanted to keep reading. You need to suspend disbelief a little. Carmen is of Mexican heritage. Her husband Sloop is white.

They live with his mother and brother on a remote Texas ranch. The mother and brother despise her because she is Hispanic. Her husband frequently beats her. They have a six-year-old daughter Ellie. Carmen has no money or family she can turn to. Sloop has been in jail for 1 years and will be coming home in two days. Reac Very enjoyable tough guy story. Reacher is hitchhiking and meets Carmen when she gives him a ride. She tells Reacher of the abuse and asks him to help her.

She wants him to kill her husband, but Reacher refuses, saying he is not an assassin. But, he decides to help her in other ways. She gets him hired as a ranch hand. Reacher suggests she see an attorney. He suggests a pro bono attorney. Reacher tells her to run away to another city and get a job. She says she has to look after her daughter. He says there are shelters and places that can help with that. She also says if she took their daughter out of Texas she could be arrested for kidnapping. Reacher says flee to Austin or another big Texas city. She says she hates living in Texas and refuses to live there anymore.

Every single recommendation by Reacher was met by no. But, this makes a good setting for Reacher to come to the rescue. However, for much of the book, there is a question of whether Carmen is telling the truth. The best parts are the handful of incidents where Reacher hurts bad guys. I loved the way Reacher threatened Sloop, the wife beating husband. I had wondered what Reacher would say to him.

I think that would scare any abuser. I was surprised and impressed with how Reacher obtained a car for one of his visits to a bad guy. I was a little annoyed with Reacher in one scene. His helper was supposed to shoot once in the air. She asked Reacher when she should do it.

Was this that macho thing about guys expecting girls to read their minds? Did the author want Reacher this way? Too macho to explain things? I wish he would have taken the time or found the inspiration to show that conversation. This is book 5 in the Jack Reacher series.

The narrator Dick Hill was very good. Unabridged audiobook reading time: Mar 26, rogue rated it liked it Shelves: While interesting in parts, this book felt flat to me. The question of whether Carmen was telling the truth or not intrigued me, but in the end I found her and all the other characters unlikable, and not in an interesting way.

The shoot-out at the end was exciting, but Jack's long monologous While interesting in parts, this book felt flat to me. The shoot-out at the end was exciting, but Jack's long monologous explanation afterwards felt forced. After finishing this book, I wasn't jonesing to get my hands on the next Jack Reacher, but I'll get there in due time. The phasing of the story is better than Tripwire and the characters are interesting enough. The book is good edge of the seat type of a one. But you can easily find out the bad guy and the final twists yourself.

It's really predictable but who cares? I will read the next one. The Jack Reacher novels are guilty pleasure reads for me, due to my complex relationship with Lee Child. On the one hand, I love his work. The Jack Reacher novels are so fun. He is a wonderful character. The stories always pull you in. There is enjoyment to be had. On the other hand, I hate his story telling. The repetition throughout the stories annoys me. A lack of real style bugs me. Ergo, we have a complex relationship.

I love to hate him — or is it I hate to love him? Either way, I continue The Jack Reacher novels are guilty pleasure reads for me, due to my complex relationship with Lee Child. Either way, I continue on with the Jack Reacher stories because I want to see where they head… yet at the same time, they are not books I can sit and mass read. I need to take breaks between my Lee Child books. I will read a couple, and then I will take a gap. During this time, I will read stories filled with lyrical prose, causing my fangirl of a brain to explode at the beauty, before I return for the action of Jack Reacher.

All in all, my mixed feelings towards this book are to be expected. The book could have been cut in half had we not been reminded every two sentences of the heat. Okay, we get it: We also understand that a storm is brewing.

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We know the heat is hard to deal with. We know the temperatures are leaving people sweaty and feeling lethargic. We do not need to be reminded multiple times within a single page. A reminder a couple of chapters on would have been okay… but not a couple of sentences on. It grew to annoy me. I wanted to keep a tally, yet I feared I would reach such a high number that my brain would explode from the mathematics involved. Honestly, we get it already! There was quite a bit of repetition with other things as well, although nothing was as bad as the constant reminder of the heat.

Someone asked a question — Reacher said nothing. Someone made an observation — Reacher said nothing. He entered a room full of people — Reacher said nothing. For quite a lot of the book, Reacher said nothing. Oh, I understand it is all part of his character. I have no issue with this. I simply grew tired of reading how Reacher did nothing. I like it when Reacher does things! Whilst it is a slow builder — a very slow builder, in fact — the action does come later in the book. I would have been happier if the action to build up ratio had been evened out a bit more, but it was worth the wait.

As with the prior Jack Reacher books, everything is brought together nicely. Some things were a bit on the obvious side, yet this did not lessen the enjoyment. As a whole, it was not my favourite Jack Reacher novel but overall it was an enjoyable read. Feb 20, Lewis Weinstein rated it it was amazing Shelves: Lee Child is the best at what he does. And, if you're ever in trouble, and Jack Reacher comes along offering to help, don't say no. In this story, Child skillfully introduces the pieces but doesn't tie them together for a long, delightfully suspenseful time.

There is lots of action, and a 6 year old girl who pulls at your heartstrings. Is it all plausible? But it is a great read. Dec 01, Gary rated it really liked it. The 5th book in the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child. Jack Reacher is an ex military cop who is never far from trouble. If your only experience of Jack Reacher is the poor film with Tom Cruise, don't be put off. This series of books are fast paced and have plenty of action. This is his best book so far! I enjoyed it so much. He made me feel the nightmare heat of Texas and I also enjoyed the rain.

Lee Child can write about rain storms better than anyone and I love rain. It helped that I have visited Fort Stockton. I will read this one again in a few years. I know what to expect when I pick up a Reacher novel - action, girls and plenty of cheese. The previous four books in this series that I read had everything going for them, but 'Echo Burning' didn't really hit the mark with anything in the way that I expected it to. The first few scenes in the book were great.

Plenty of action and it set the story up well - but after this everything went downhill. Reacher believes a complete stranger based entirely on his gut instinct and then most o My Thoughts: Reacher believes a complete stranger based entirely on his gut instinct and then most of what she says turns out to be lies. But he still believes her, and still based on his gut instinct.

I think that this discredited his character a little bit and I would never have put him down as a man that falls for silly tricks and lies. This plot seems to be scrambling and clutching at straws.

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It doesn't read comfortably and it doesn't run smoothly. Some of it seems a little vague, other parts felt as if Lee Child just couldn't dig his characters out without making new things up and throwing more random information into the mix. Jack Reacher doesn't tell his comrade any of the information that he has figured out at all towards the end, and the one single reason for this is to keep us, the reader, guessing. It just doesn't read well at all. She would need to know!

All told, I did keep reading and I did get hooked.

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I think this was mainly because Jack Reacher is such a stunning character and I can't get enough of him. It is disappointing that Reacher's personna was nearly destroyed in this one and I hope that 'Without Fail' picks it up a bit. But his character was a bit questionable in this one, and most of the other characters weren't memorable, even the antagonists! Where's the bloody action? Where's the big cheesy action hero banging heads together to get results? Why's he turned so gullible all of a sudden? I would recommend this book to any established fan of Jack Reacher.

Definitely don't pick this one up if it's your first meeting with him though! Jul 06, Jerry B rated it really liked it. Reacher metes out justice for abused Latina in great plot! As usual, ex-MP, now civilian, Jack Reacher is drifting about the country when he's picked up by Carmen Greer, a Latina from a wealthy Mexican-American family who marries Sloop Greer, an oil-rich Texan with a horribly racist family.

Their little girl, Ellie, herself a brave smart soul, is the slim tie that binds, but almost immediately Carmen winds up being a punching bag for Sloop. After nearly seven years of injuries, several serious en Reacher metes out justice for abused Latina in great plot! After nearly seven years of injuries, several serious enough to require hospitalization for "falling off a horse" , Carmen rats on Sloop to the IRS and he winds up in the slammer. But days away from release on parole, she realizes the cycle will merely resume, possibly in more deadly ways. She convinces Reacher with her tale of woe to come help her, even though he refuses her request to "execute" the returning Mr.

From there, a complicated plot ensues, made even more complex by a two-man, one-woman team of assassins who first kill some "watchers" who we thought might be after the little girl themselves , followed in quick succession by the murder of Sloop, ostensibly at the hands of Carmen. Reacher teams up with Alice the attorney to help defend her and decipher the truth, not an easy task. The plot meanders and twists and turns until a rather surprising villain surfaces right near the end and justice is carried out in Old West style.

Lee Child's star Reacher continues to be the lovable and oh so resourceful hero of the four earlier books in this growing set of thrillers. While he is smart enough to solve the most enigmatic investigation, he shrinks not a whit from snapping necks or otherwise dispensing his own brand of "vigilance" to the deserving bad guys and their helpers. That he resists sleeping with Carmen is both admirable and uncharacteristic, leaving us to wonder if he'll maybe take up with her if she ever gets free.

Meanwhile, the marvelously suspenseful plot keeps us turning those pages quickly, something we've seen in all the Reacher stories. Child even weaves some interesting thoughts about discrimination into the tale -- Carmen remarks once that she's never even seen Mexico, yet she is treated cruelly as nothing but a "wetback" by most all the story's characters. By mistake I read this book 5 before 4 "Running Blind", but that was fine. She confesses the truth. She wants Reacher to help her kill her husband. Soon, Reacher finds himself involved in an ever growing conspiracy in which the Sheriff, Hack Walker, who wants to be a judge, is willing to kill his friends, frame their family, and eliminate anyone else in his path, all in an effort to climb another rung up the legal ladder of success.

Unfortunately, the list of people who can stand in his way keeps growing, and when Reacher involves himself, he is added to the list of people the assassins are to eliminate. Hack Walker underestimates Jack Reacher and his level of intelligence and determination to uncover the truth. With the help of lawyer, Alice Aaron, he pursues the truth behind the events that led to the deaths of Al Eugene and Sloop Greer. Reacher's past has taught him to look at things from all angles and he doesn't believe the evidence that lands Sloop's wife Carmen in jail for his murder, especially after their daughter Ellie disappears.

Eventually, after a confrontation that ends with the deaths of two of the three assassins, the third is headed for jail, having given a full confession, and Reacher has rescued the kidnapped child and freed her framed mother. Now it's time for him to move on again. He accepts the first ride that stops for him on the highway and leaves without so much as saying goodbye.

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