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Now, she realizes that some of her earlier works were quite good to have seen the light of the day. Seeing how her own story has unfolded, author Mills always suggests the aspiring writers not to give up on their dreams. She always recommends the new writers to have a good look at their personal aspirations and expand their horizons so that they can include the vast opportunities around them. As far as the hobbies of author Mills are concerned, she is considered to be a hardcore coffee lover.

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She likes to roast the coffee beans herself. Apart from that, Diann Mills is an avid reader.

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She also likes to cook and take care of her grandchildren. Author Mills believes that her grandchildren are the very smart like her. This series consists of a total of 3 books, which were published between the years and The Tyndale House publication published this book in the year At the beginning of the book, Taryn Young is depicted as preparing for a dream honeymoon after having a whirlwind romance.

As she waits in the lobby of the Houston International Airport to catch a place, a bomb blows off and decimates the whole terminal. She remains alive, but deeply injured. When Taryn gains her consciousness, she finds that her husband has gone missing.

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What is even more shocking to her is that she has been named as the prime suspect along with her husband in the bomb attack. Further, the FBI tries to convince Taryn that her husband is not what he has depicted himself to be. Agent Grayson Hall has the top priority of catching the people responsible for the deadly attack. All the evidences that he finds a point towards Taryn Young and her missing husband. However, Agent Hall believes that she might be innocent and might have been made a victim by the man who claimed to be her husband.

Another theory states that she might have been framed in a master scheme because of the recent software that she developed for her software company. As the tensions keep on increasing, Agent Hall and Taryn realize that both their reputations and lives are on the line and they do not see any other way than to trust one another. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. This book was one of the most disturbing I have read. I truly like this author. For all I have read of her, her work has been very good.

But the last two books, which includes this one, has had such cruel men I have been left disturbed. I want a book that entertains me, is relaxing and leaves me smiling. This book did the opposite. The very fact this author would make one of the most evil characters a pastor of a church and some of his congregants liars who knew the truth about him but refused to do anything about it is almost sacrilegious in my opinion. I have never seen a more foolish group of characters, including the main character, Audra.

Renegade Husband

She is so foolish and immature for the first half of the book and then suddenly in seconds possesses amazing wisdom. This book was not realistic, it was highly predictable, and the plot was lacking in any real entertainment and romance unless you call hurting women and deceiving them romantic! It actually stressed me to read it! I have to say I am glad this was the end of this series and it didn't leave off on a high note. I would not recommend it in any way! This is a nicely written story of a young woman who unwittingly becomes involved in a brothers' feud.

Audra leaves her family home convinced by a local pastor that she would be perfect for his son.

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He forgets to tell her his pastor son, Christopher has a twin brother, Caleb. On the way to meet Christopher, her stagecoach is robbed by someone who looks amazingly like Christopher.

Nebraska Legacy Series

She soon learns that Caleb is being framed by his brother for various stage robberies and has to live like an outlaw. However, I soon found out that this was necessary for the story to progress. I felt Audra was a strong character. She wanted to help Caleb clear his name even to the point of tailing Christopher and getting a job at the livery stable!

I am so glad I took the time to read this book. I thoroughly enjoyed it! One person found this helpful. Upon learning of his son's wish to marry, the local pastor follows his urging to find a bride for him and asks Audra to consider the proposition of heading west to marry his son, Chris, who is also a pastor. But once she arrives she finds the situation between Chris and his twin brother, Caleb, is muddy and troubling, one of them an outlaw and she's not sure which it is.

As the good brother, Caleb, was a wonderful hero and there wasn't really anything not to like about him, so of course he deserved to get the girl, but more than once I wished the few encouraging glimpses of Chris could have transformed into him being the hero in the story who got the girl not that I'd want Caleb to suffer or not get his girl, for he truly deserved happiness , and I just wish the conclusion had been a little less black and white. But, as it was set up, I was glad of the bit of hope for Chris in the end and I enjoyed the investigating and adventure as everyone scrambled about trying to figure out what to do in the impossible situation.

In this book, 4th in the series, the author portrays twin brothers in conflict. A young woman looking for love and marriage finds herself torn between the two. Only God can point her to the right choice. I am so glad I ran across these wonderful Christian reads. Homebody by Joanna Gaines , Hardcover 2. Song of Ice and Fire: A Game of Thrones Set: Martin Paperback, A Novel by John Grisham , Hardcover The Crimes of Grindelwald by J.

Rowling , Hardcover 5. Elevation by Stephen King , Hardcover