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I didn't realise it was gonna result to nine and-a-half hours of makeup. After being pelted and stabbed time and time again by the wights, Leaf detonated a catastrophic explosive, obliterating many of her foe but subsequently killing herself in the process. However, actress Kae Alexander is a far cry from the selfless warrior in the fantasy epic, unsurprisingly, as she underwent over nine hours of hair and makeup every day for the role.

The Long Night descended upon Westeros, becoming known as the winter that nearly ended all of humanity. Eventually, the men and the Children chose peace over mutually assured destruction, after fighting each other to a standstill. They met on a small island that became known as the Isle of Faces so named for the faces that were carved onto the island's weirwood trees during this confab and made The Pact.

Thanks to this peace treaty, the Children were granted dominion over the deep forests, while the men were given the open lands, and swore to never cut down another weirwood tree.

‘Game of Thrones’: The Children of the Forest Explained

When the White Walkers descended, the Children and the First Men found a common enemy to fight against. The White Walkers made the true battle lines very clear in this War for the Dawn: Bran may have already doomed Westeros in the most boring way possible.

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As the cave drawings discovered by Jon in "The Spoils of War" revealed, it seems as if the Children and the First Men might've ventured to Dragonstone together and hid away from the White Walkers, creating more weaponry to defeat them. Not much is known about exactly how they did it keep those visions coming, Bran , but the combination of the Children's magic and the First Men's skilled combat helped push the White Walkers back North where they came from.

They constructed the Wall together with the help of the Giants, and the Children used their protective magic to ensure the White Walkers could never march South.

Game of Thrones: You won’t believe was Children of the Forest’s Leaf REALLY looks like

Thousands of years later another race of men known as the Andals came to Westeros seeking to conquer. Once again, the Children faced extinction. The Andals consumed everything in their path, breaking the Pact forged by the First Men and forcing all who remained to assimilate, or die. They spread the religion of the Seven Gods akin to Christianity in our world to every corner of Westeros they could reach.

Before Westeros, there was the Dawn of Days

Soon, stories of White Walkers, Giants, and even the Children themselves became nothing more than a silly myth. No one saw White Walkers or the Children again. Men, with their fickle memories, turned truth into legend.

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  4. Everyone forgot, except the one last stronghold that the Andals never managed to conquer: Because of the Andals' invasion and conquest of the First Men, the old gods were largely supplanted south of the Neck by the Faith of the Seven. Moat Cailin held back the Andals from the north, [30] however, so some children fled north. Relations between the children and humans grew distant over the years, until they ceased altogether. Maesters largely believe the children have been gone for hundreds [2] or thousands [32] of years, but the free folk believe they still live beyond the Wall.

    Jenny of Oldstones always claimed that her woods witch friend was one of the children. In the library of Castle Black Samwell Tarly reads an account of Redwyn 's journey beyond the Wall , during which the ranger met children of the forest, and a book about the tongue of the children. Luwin and Bran speak of greensight. Tom of Sevenstreams tells Arya Stark how High Heart is shunned by smallfolk , who believe it haunted by children slain by Erreg the Kinslayer.

    Arya wonders if the ghost of High Heart is one of the children, but tom explains she is just a dwarf woman. Coldhands leads Bran, Hodor , and Meera and Jojen Reed north of the Wall to the cave of the three-eyed crow , whom Coldhands calls the last greenseer. Bran and his companions discover a dwindling remnant of children live in the warded cavern.

    Who are the Children of the Forest on 'Game of Thrones,' and why do they matter?

    The caves are home to more than three score living singers and the bones of thousands dead, and extend far below the hollow hill. Bran and Meera give names to the children, since they cannot speak the True Tongue. Bran hears them sing sad songs in the True Tongue which he cannot understand, but their voices are as pure as the winter air. Leaf , who saved the humans from the wights, explains that the children have not explored all of the caves, even though they have lived there for a thousand thousand man-years.

    Bran finds greenseers enthroned in nests of weirwood roots. The boy learns from Lord Brynden , the last greenseer, and the child Snowylocks supplies weirwood paste. Bran, the children of the forest have been dead and gone for thousands of years. All that is left of them are the faces in the trees. They were a people of the Dawn Age , the very first, before kings and kingdoms. In those days, there were no castles or holdfasts, no cities, not so much as a market town to be found between here and the sea of Dorne.

    There were no men at all. Only the children of the forest dwelt in the lands we now call the Seven Kingdoms.


    North of the Wall , things are different. That's where the children went, and the giants , and the other old races. The children are gone from this world, and their wisdom with them. We remember the First Men in the Neck , and the children of the forest who were their friends The children of the forest are all dead. The First Men killed half of them with bronze blades, and the Andals finished the job with iron.

    Though the men of the Seven Kingdoms might call them the children of the forest, Leaf and her people were far from childlike. Little wise men of the forest would have been closer.

    Game of Thrones Characters: Children of the Forest - who are they? Masterplan Explained

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