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A journey through a virtual world made of paper… Thought Hopper , by Dutch artist Vera van Wolferen, is a virtual and interactive universe…. A journey through a virtual world made of paper…. A gigantic crocheted tree in a Swiss train station The Gaia Mother Tree, by Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto, captivates everyone who passes through the….

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A gigantic crocheted tree in a Swiss train station. Purpose in life totally falling apart? This could be why…. Is reading a medicine for the body? A lesson in optimism from Voltaire is valuable even today Is ours the best of all possible worlds? If a person practices the Five Precepts, he will be a human being in a future life. The relationship between cause and effect is definite, for instance, when birth is taken as a cause, death is certainly an effect. No one can change this fact. Some of them are favorable, and some are not. Some of them are dominantly strong, and some are insignificantly weak.

Our destiny is determined by the causal conditions of our karma in past lives. All ordinary beings cannot escape from the cycle of birth and death within the Six Realms.

Pure Land Buddhism

The concept of heaven in Buddhism. In Buddhism, heaven is a complicated plane of existence. It is not just one heaven but 28 in total, categorized in three domains. The other 22 higher heavens in 2 other domains are accessible through intense meditation. The beings in these heavens have no desires.

There are 18 form heavens, divided into four different meditative levels.