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Wizards reach trade for Suns' Ariza Phoenix Suns. Westbrook on Murray scuffle: Oct 08, Linda rated it really liked it Shelves: Jean and Eric have an on going relationship until Jeanne asks Eric to commit tot her and marry her. Eric and in a family way Emyer steps up to protect Jeanne and Mary her. Eymer's death in battle leads to Jeanne and.

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Eric being thrown back together. Good romance quick read! Aug 24, Lori McD rated it liked it Shelves: This is the story that we never knew until this "short" - the story that was hinted at, but never really told There were hints that Jeanne and Eric had been intimate, but Jeanne married Eymer - something never quite explained. This story explains it. In book 1, we know that Eymer was killed accompanying Danielle to free Malcolm from his evil half-brother and his evi 3.

In book 1, we know that Eymer was killed accompanying Danielle to free Malcolm from his evil half-brother and his evil magic.

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Now we learn even more heartbreak about how his death affected Jeanne. Without having to get into spoilers, essentially, Eymer did Jeanne a great honor and service; his only last wish was to be buried in the way of his Viking ancestors. That burial requires a journey to the ocean, to set what's left of Eymer on a small Viking ship, light it up with fire, and let it sail towards Valhalla. In this way, Eymer's soul can be free and go to Valhalla to join other Viking warriors who died honorable deaths in battle.

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But Eymer insists that Jeanne be accompanied and protected by Eric. Neither knows why, and each is still harboring hurt and secrets. Eric doesn't know why Jeanne rejected him and suddenly married Eymer; as a typical man, he only allowed his pride and feelings to be hurt, almost beyond repair, thinking that Jeanne preferred Eymer to him. During the journey, they realize that Eymer's last gift was to give them both this time together - to finally unburden the secrets, the hurt, the loss, and the pain Although this is a short novella, its a great read.

I like the idea behind the story of always having a second chance.

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I also love the story and history between the two characters. The story was a great romantic read that lets us unravel the history between the two characters and fall in love with them multiple times. The adventure that happens in the novella is also very interesting as well as the Although this is a short novella, its a great read. The adventure that happens in the novella is also very interesting as well as the characters that they meet along the way.

Jeanne—Stubborn, but determined, and thankful for what she was given in life. Yet…he makes me sigh. There were some moments that were slow and I felt like both main characters needed to remove their heads from their butts. Overall Writing style, story line, and general: Overall the story was enjoyable and gives me more hope for the series than the first book.

It was easy to follow and had a cute story line with some mythology and adventure mixed in. I could relate to both characters and really enjoyed seeing their lives and history unfold. Overall I was left with a smile on my face. Oct 05, Dee rated it liked it Shelves: However, when I was browsing Edelweiss not long ago, I saw that she had a second series out, again with Highlanders and I was all over it. I liked how you could tell that the author had done her research in various Norse traditions — it was reflected in the substance.

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May 20, Gmc rated it it was amazing Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Now Elmer has died, and he only wanted one thing, a viking funeral. A man with his track record is too big a loss for the sport. In the end, it was his two tries that proved to be the difference here. Wigan's female team, who were only established last year, stopped Leeds adding to their Challenge Cup and League Leaders' wins with tries from Rachel Thompson 3 and Georgia Wilson. Leeds were 10 points down after an hour but pulled level at with minutes remaining.

However, a missed conversion from Courtney Hill proved crucial as Foley wrapped up the Wigan win. But for every winner, there is a loser, and as in the Challenge Cup final this year, Warrington will look back on this as a night on which there were more than enough chances to win. The power of emotion, it seems, should not be underestimated after all.