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Now I will explain why I think so. No detail is meaningless. It is emphasized during an English class that the class is reading Medea. The teacher points out that Medea HAD to kill the children to punish her husband for cheating on her. I think Sutton and Emma are Mr Chamberlain's children. I think he and Becky had an affair, which resulted in the twins birth. The first person Emma sees in Arizona, who recognizes her as Sutton, is Mr. Chamberlain at the train station.

Cross My Heart, Hope (Not) to Die

Sutton has been dead less than 24 hours and Mr C is positively shocked to see her there. Charlotte thinks he is in Tokyo, but he's been lying about that, obviously. It's revealed later that both Char AND her mom believe her father is having an affair. In book 2, Mrs Chamberlain even comes out and says that "he knows I'll kill him if it's true. She is later threatened and told that she was told not to leave.

During the sleepover someone in the Chamberlain household strangles and threatens her. The only people in the home are Sutton's friends who have all been exonerated and Mrs.

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The house alarm is set and there no records of it being unmanned. No one has been in or out. A little bit later, Emma is nearly killed at the school. She never considers Mrs Chamberlain but there is no proof that Mrs Chamberlain was actually getting a wax. Charlotte is in charge of running the Homecoming court and has all the plans for it in her organizer. Her mother could have easily sneaked a peek at her plans, so she would know where on stage Emma was supposed to stand and at what time to plan the lamp "accident".

Mrs C is very young looking Emma thought she was an older sister at first and could easily sneak around the school without being noticed. Of course, Charlotte could easily have done all this herself. According to Madeline, they were together all night on the night Sutton died. That doesn't completely exonerate Char in my mind though. Charlotte had motive Garrett , means, and opportunity. Madeline and Charlotte both have keys and security knowledge of each other's homes. Charlotte definitely comforted Mads on the night Sutton died, but it would have been easy for Charlotte to slip Mads some sleeping meds, and slip out to kill Sutton, then return later.

Madeline may never have even noticed her gone. It's definitely a Chamberlain female, but as Mrs C seems a little less balanced, and since Madeline seems so sure Char stayed by her side all evening, then I am going to stick to my first and strongest instinct on this. Chamberlain, how could you? I am sure as I go along more will be revealed that proves my hypothesis. But tell me what you think ladies. Am I onto something? View all 23 comments. Jul 01, StorySeekers marked it as to-read Shelves: Why is there more than 4 books? I was hoping there will be only 4 so we can finally find out who killed Sutton.

I might just wait until the final book is out before finishing the series, hopefully there isn't over 10 books like Pretty Little Liars. View all 9 comments. Jul 16, hayden rated it liked it Shelves: This was much better than I expected it to be, with a crazy-as-hell ending I never saw coming! It's great to see the book series and TV show diverge.

Full review to come - maybe. Pre-Review And you're telling me I'm supposed to be surprised by the two-book extension of this series? By the way, I totally saw this coming. It would be pointless for me to tell myself I wasn't going to read this, because I am. I am a self-proclaimed Sara Shepard addict. Saying I'm going to cross this one off my to-read li This was much better than I expected it to be, with a crazy-as-hell ending I never saw coming! Saying I'm going to cross this one off my to-read list is a bit useless. View all 7 comments. The last, roughly pages were amazing and so intense, like the other books are!

I just got a little annoyed with the storyline of Becky in this book, I felt like it dragged along a little bit too long. I did not expect the ending, and I usually expect everything, so that was awesome but sad I have my theorie Actual Rating: I did not expect the ending, and I usually expect everything, so that was awesome but sad I have my theories cough, Ethan, cough We shall see how it all ends in the next, and final book!

Jun 29, Webiny marked it as to-read. I've gotta say, Ms Shepard has gone down a few notches in my esteem with this new move to have more than the proposed 4 books in this series. I suppose this has become a bad habit for her after the success of Pretty Little Liars I mean, what number are we on now, like, 11 right? It seems to me that Shepard is milking this story for all it's worth, especially since book 3 had a plot that plummeted sharply in quality from the first 2 books. It seems to me that the plot of soon-to-be-released boo I've gotta say, Ms Shepard has gone down a few notches in my esteem with this new move to have more than the proposed 4 books in this series.

It seems to me that the plot of soon-to-be-released book 4 ought to be truly gripping if we are expected to be patient with this series. Jun 30, Autumn Wind rated it liked it.

cross my heart and hope to die

Not a fifth book. I hope this series does not get dragged out like PLLs. View all 15 comments. Jun 28, Rachel rated it really liked it Shelves: That is my response to the book.

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My latest theory; I have been try to think of a suspect that would make scenes that is not obvious like Ethan. My idea is Mrs. Her first name is Kristin so their might have been a file that Emma did not notice in the file cabinet after she found Becky's. Mercer is one of the few Emma has not investigated like most of the parents, but she is one of the important parents Wow!

Mercer is one of the few Emma has not investigated like most of the parents, but she is one of the important parents that is in every book. She does not have the worried reaction Emma and Mr. Mercer were afraid of in the first chapter of Seven Minutes you can read the sample on itunes And this quote spooks me out. Sometimes you have to admit a relationship can't be fixed.

That no matter how much you want to, you can't trust some people. Well, I'll see what happens in 29 days. View all 13 comments. Jun 28, Jessie rated it really liked it. Sara Shepard, I'm loyal to you. You need to stop saying you will do this many books and end up adding more. I heard now there will be six, keep it a six. Is a good number for a series as this. From the summary then it means we won't find out who the killer is on the fourth book.

Apr 23, Cassidy rated it it was ok Shelves: Here is a synopsis that will apply to each one: Follow Emma as she chooses a suspect and follows them around for the entire book. Rip your hair out and throw fits about Emma and Sutton ignoring every suspicious thing about Ethan, including his anger problems, If you want to know who killed Sutton, just skip to the last book. View all 5 comments. Aug 28, Nyrfan rated it it was amazing.

I liked this book overall, just hope they don't extend it after the 6th book. Just never warmed up to Ethan. I was shocked, was really starting to like her. At this point, how can you not suspect Ethan. He wasn't at school the day Nisha died, home "sick", yeah right. You would think Emma was notice if he was somewhat sick when he came over for dinner. And what about his whereabouts the night Sutton died? Emma, what the hell is wro I liked this book overall, just hope they don't extend it after the 6th book. Emma, what the hell is wrong with you?

How can you sleep with Ethan after he insults your dead twin and you in front of a party? She is starting to make me angry as the series goes on, suspects everyone around her just by one scary sounding comment they make and then proves they were innocent. She should be investigating her ally, how dense can she be. The good things Emma did in this book: His romance with Sutton, even thought told in past tense, is definitely more interesting than Emma's with Ethan.

I can actually feel the love they had for each other. I'm going to feel so sorry for him when he finds out Sutton is dead. Hopefully he doesn't relapse. Oct 05, Linda Burroughs added it. I think Ethan is the killer. Feb 09, Sarah rated it liked it Shelves: I'm continuing to make great book choices. Sara Shepard continues cock-teasing the shit out of us with her addicting yet frustrating 'novels' that are guiltily intriguing yet for the most part just go around in circles while revealing very little.

However, I have read every single one of them despite understanding this. Just because I'm aware of an addiction, does not mean I'm capable of reasoning my way out of it. This book wasn't too bad though, a couple more pieces of the twin puzzle were put I'm continuing to make great book choices. This book wasn't too bad though, a couple more pieces of the twin puzzle were put into place.

Damn, Sara Shepard really likes twins.

And using her interpretation of 'mental illness' as a plot device. But I guess you can get away with anything when your books are like crack cocaine. For those of you who don't know the back story, Emma is pretending to be Sutton, her identical twin who she's never met and who is dead. The narrative is told from the point of view of dead Sutton who is invisibly tethered to her twin presumably until Emma can figure out who killed her. She has been successfully convincing Sutton's friends and family for several books now that she is Sutton, despite having no knowledge of anything they've ever discussed or done before, and no one seems to notice that she's suddenly terrible at tennis.

But whatev, its not the worst plot hole I've ever seen. The appeal of this series, as the same with Pretty Little Liars, is that it is told from the point of view of rich people, living in luxury which is fun to read about. As is the adoring boys that inevitably fall for the female protagonist Every. But I expect and appreciate that in my guilty pleasure teen fiction series. And this series appeals more to me than PLL, because every chapter does not contain at least one instance of the main character doing something stupid and embarrassing herself when it's blatantly obvious to the reader what will happen.

Emma also doesn't decide some obviously innocent person must be the killer like all the girls in PLL do when clearly they ave it wrong and oh no there they go embarrassing them again. I'm pretty sure the main demographic of 13 year old girls reading these books can even predict when someone is NOT the killer.

Though other Lying Game books have frustrated me another thing S. Shepard loves, is liars because they reveal completely nothing, this latest money maker actually did reveal a few more secrets. And I actually have to retract one of my statements from before, I'm not going to claim that Emma NEVER decides the wrong person is the culprit, but she at least manages to not so much act on her stupid ideas and leave them as boring thoughts that Sutton and us have to listen to.

And for the last 3 books at least I can't remember how many there are, and I'm too lazy to check I have been pretty sure I know who the real killer and the one leaving notes is S. And the only way I'll be convinced he's not the killer is if Emma accuses him of being the killer in the next novel, which could be very likely. We know he has a weird back story, had been bullied by Sutton when she was alive, he's dangerously jealous, and a few other signs I can't remember now but were very clear.

Another thing I wanted to touch upon is how much Sara Shepard loves mental hospitals I'm not sure many of those are even still around and she loves crazy people. Long story short, not bad. View all 8 comments. O This review contains spoilers. It just seems more realistic and the plotline still makes sense while PLL has been dragged for way to long. How many books are there? That is like worse than all those embarrassing House of Night sequels.

We start the book where we last left things. In last book we BAM! In last book we found out that Mr. Rebecca has had mental issues since she was much younger so she hid Emma from her parents and gave them Sutton. But after five years, she gave up Emma too. The biggest part of this book is about family problems and it was refreshing to read about family drama, rather than about boy trouble. There were a lot of hints and since Sutton did pull a Lying Game on him, which made him loose his college scholarship, I think he has a real motive.

He gives of this creepy vibes and his relationship with Emma seems kind of strange. Now, Thayer is what a call a perfect future boyfriend. He is a caring, protective, hot mysterious guy who fell in love with Sutton, even though she was a huge bitch to him. But I think she pushed him away because she was afraid of her real feelings towards him. They did punk the new girl in school and hosted a party, just like they always do.

Girls finally let one other person into their Lying Game society-Nisha. Hope Emma has a happy ending and gets her family. You can read this review and much more over at YA Fanatic. Mar 21, Celina rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Oh the rants I had while reading this book and even after completing it. I am a Sara Shepard addict and I'm not ashamed to admit it. But every book is so predictable. Emma is going to have a brand new suspect and it absolutely HAD to be them and there is no other explanation that person is a murderer there is no evidence ag Oh the rants I had while reading this book and even after completing it.

Emma is going to have a brand new suspect and it absolutely HAD to be them and there is no other explanation that person is a murderer there is no evidence against them it is not at all possible and they had a perfect motive. Then at the end there is absolutely no possible way it could have possibly been that person and Emma was obviously crazy to even imagine it.

I'm not even sure if Sutton is really dead. She could even just be in a coma. That is just not okay. I haven't watched The Lying Game series because I don't want to ruin the book. Because I get so frustrated when movies or shows don't follow the book. When I finish the series I probably will watch the show, just because I won't be able to not. It is time for the series to end. Pleaseeeeeeeeeee don't turn this into PLL.

And as to who I suspect killed Sutton or, my opinion, who put Sutton in a coma that caused an out of body type thing I have absolutely no idea. I know it was someone. It had to be foul play, there's nothing else it could possibly be. It wouldn't make sense. I don't think Sutton attempted suicide because when Sutton was Sutton it was Sutton time and Sutton loved Sutton and everyone loved Sutton and the people who didn't love Sutton were a waste of space because Sutton was the immortal shiznat who would live forever because she was Sutton.

I don't think she would commit suicide. I read somewhere that it could be view spoiler [ Madeline's mom hide spoiler ] and there reasons were spot on and it made sense but I'm not sure.

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I don't suspect anyone really. And to anyone trying to point the finger on Ethan Feb 12, Eunice rated it it was amazing. I absolutely loved this book and it finally made my suspicions clear about ethan killing sutton. Its so obvious he killed her and heres why: He was I absolutely loved this book and it finally made my suspicions clear about ethan killing sutton. He was obviously waiting for her to befriend her. Why is it that Thayer was runned over the night sutton died.

He didnt want Sutton and Thayer together 6. Why hasn't ethan been killed if he knows to much about the secret. He claims the file had information of him hitting his dad but he was released. The file would not have been so thick over one incident so he obviously didn't tell emma everything that was on the file. He lives right next to nisha so he killed her because nisha found out what was on the file. She got there firsg so he obviously put it there The bottom line is that ethan liked sutton and he is mentally ill which is why he screamed at emma at the party and called her sutton and a slut.

He is with emma because she is the next best thing to sutton. He killed sutton and tried to kill thayer. Bleibt noch Emmas und Suttons leibliche Mutter Becky, die vor kurzem aus dem Nichts wiederaufgetaucht ist. Ich fange wieder mit dem Schreibstil an. Wie in den anderen Teilen, war dieser auch in diesem Buch wieder sehr angenehm. Somit bekommt der Leser viele neue Informationen und kann einige Sachen besser verstehen.

Was mir hier nicht gefallen hat, view spoiler [war die Szene in der Emma und Ethan zum ersten Mal miteinander schlafen. Ich mein im Auto? Zuerst ziert sich Emma so und ist sich unsicher und dann tun sie es im Auto? Emma versucht auch dieses Mal den Streich nicht ausarten zu lassen und sie schafft das auch sehr gut. Mit dem Ende habe ich allerdings nicht gerechnet. Das war wirklich sehr schockierend. Das fand ich etwas schade, da ich Nisha mochte und sie und Emma Freunde geworden sind. Hat Emma ihn denn schon mal gefragt, was er in der Mordnacht getan hat? Praktisch, dass er gleich neben ihr wohnt.

Wenn er es nicht ist komm ich mir wirklich doof vor, aber es deutet ja alles auf ihn hin. Was ich bei meiner Rezension zu Band 4 vergessen hab: Meiner Meinung nach einer der besten Teile bis jetzt! Das Buch bekommt 4 von 5 Sterne. I loved this one, and cant wait for the sixth. But there are somethings I am DYING to talk about and would love feedback, because none of my friends read this series and I have no one to talk about my theories with.

If she is, in fact, dead.

To eliminate or dismiss as unimportant or undesirable: Fraser and crossed him off as an unknown quantity" Scott O'Dell. To make or put a line across: Cross and divide a circle. To place crosswise one over the other: To make the sign of the cross upon or over as a sign of devotion or blessing.

To encounter in passing: His path crossed mine. To combine the qualities of two things: To interfere with; thwart or obstruct: Biology To crossbreed or cross-fertilize plants or animals. To lie or pass across each other; intersect.

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To move or extend from one side to another: To make a crossing: To meet in passing; come into conjunction: Their paths crossed at the health club. To move or be conveyed in opposite directions at the same time: Our letters must have crossed in the mail. Lying or passing crosswise; intersecting: To change from one condition or loyalty to another. Genetics To exchange genetic material. Used of homologous chromosomes. Their lack of cooperation crossed up the whole project. It crossed my mind that you might want to leave early. I think I'm going to get the job offer-cross your fingers!

Ecclesiastical Terms a representation of the Cross used as an emblem of Christianity or as a reminder of Christ's death. Ecclesiastical Terms a sign representing the Cross made either by tracing a figure in the air or by touching the forehead, breast, and either shoulder in turn. Ecclesiastical Terms any conventional variation of the Christian symbol, used emblematically, decoratively, or heraldically, such as a Maltese, tau, or Greek cross.

Heraldry heraldry any of several charges in which one line crosses or joins another at right angles. Military a cruciform emblem awarded to indicate membership of an order or as a decoration for distinguished service. Theology sometimes capital Christianity or Christendom, esp as contrasted with non-Christian religions: Human Geography the place in a town or village where a cross has been set up.

Building a pipe fitting, in the form of a cross, for connecting four pipes. Boxing boxing a straight punch delivered from the side, esp with the right hand. Soccer football the act or an instance of kicking or passing the ball from a wing to the middle of the field. Ecclesiastical Terms tr a. Telecommunications intr of telephone lines to interfere with each other so that three or perhaps four callers are connected together at one time. Biology to cause fertilization between plants or animals of different breeds, races, varieties, etc. Soccer football to kick or pass the ball from a wing to the middle of the field.

Rugby football to kick or pass the ball from a wing to the middle of the field. Nautical Terms tr nautical to set the yard of a square sail athwartships. Breeds another word for crossbred 1. Ecclesiastical Terms the cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified. Noun A plant or animal produced by crossbreeding; a hybrid. Verb To crossbreed or cross-fertilize plants or animals. It is a symbol of good over evil. Switch to new thesaurus. Calvary cross , cross of Calvary - a Latin cross set on three steps. Celtic cross - a Latin cross with a ring surrounding the intersection.