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Form and Substance in Anglo-American Law. Grundbegriffe der Handlungsformen der EU. Hartmut Bauer and Christian Callies Eds. Ulf Bernitz and Joakim Nergelius Eds. Bengt Beutler , Hans von der Groeben and others.

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The Least Dangerous Branch. Hermann-Josef Blanke , Christian Callies and others. Armin von Bogdandy , The Legal Case for Unity.

Principles of European Constitutional Law

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The Coherence of EU Law. Sacha Prechal and Bert van Roermund. Deirdre Curtin , The Constitutional Structure of the Union. Philipp Dann , Yvonne Becker and others. Giacinto della Cananea , Il diritto amministrativo europeo e i suoi principi fondamentali. Bruno De Witte , EU Foreign Relations Law. Marise Cremona and Bruno De Witte. Michael Dougan , The Treaty of Lisbon Sionaidh Douglas - Scott , Constitutional Law of the European Union. Horst Dreier , Ronald Dworkin , Michelle Everson , Is it just me, or is there an Elephant in the Room?.

European Law Journal The Rule of Law in the European Constitution. Der Ernst im Recht. Kritische Justiz 3.

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Neue Theorien des Rechts. Sonja Buckel and others. Jean-Christophe Galloux , Laurence Burgorgue-Larsen and others. Editions de l'Universite de Bruxelles. Thomas Giegerich , Ricardo Gosalbo Bono , Rainer Schulze in Ulrike Seif.

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Christoph Grabenwarter , Riccardo Guastini , Studi di teoria e metateoria del diritto. Ulrich Haltern , Verfassungsgerichtsbarkeit, Demokratie und Misstrauen. Alexander Hanebeck , Die Einheit der Rechtsordnung als Anforderung an den Gesetzgeber. Der Staat Armin Hatje , Der Vertrag von Lissabon. Meinhard Hilf and Frank Schorkopf , Das Recht der EU.

Deutschlands gefährliche Obsession by Jean Pisani-Ferry - Project Syndicate

Christoph Grabitz and others. Chris Hilson , Rights and Principles in EU Law. Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law Hans-Peter Ipsen , Andras Jakab , Stephan Kadelbach in Thomas Kleinlein, International Law a Constitution for Mankind? German Yearbook of International Law Immanuel Kant , Kritik der reinen Vernunft, Riga: Hans Kelsen , Vom Wesen und Wert der Demokratie.

Scientia Verlag 2nd edition of a 2nd edition from Der soziologische und der juristische Staatsbegriff. Duncan Kennedy , Buffalo Law Review Cambridge MA in London: Paul Kirchhof , Die Wertlosigkeit der Jurisprudenz als Wissenschaft. Reprint of a 1st edition from Thomas Kleinlein , Martti Koskenniemi , Sources of International Law. Structural Causes and Regime Consequences. International Organization Karl Larenz in Claus-Wilhelm Canaris, Helmut Lecheler , Koen Lenaerts , Koen Lenaerts in Tim Corthaut, Niklas Luhmann , Das Recht der Gesellschaft.

Issues in the Legal Ordering of the World Community. Ute Mager , Franz Mayer , Der Staat 44 Presses Universitaires de France. Hermann Mosler , Jo Murkens , The Future of Staatsrecht. The Modern Law Review Matthias Niedobitek , Der Vorrang des Unionsrechts.

Continuing the European Constitutional Debate. Matthias Niedobitek and others. Matthias Pechstein , Ingolf Pernice in Franz Mayer , Pierre Pescatore , Anne Peters , Leiden Journal of International Law Jean-Clause Piris , The Constitution for Europe.

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John Rawls , A Theory of Justice. Spremenjena izdaja prva izdaja Franz Reimer , Hans-Werner Rengeling and Peter Szczekalla , Gunnar Folke Schuppert and Christian Bumke , Die Konstitutionalisierung der Rechtsordnung.

Das Wunder von Europa Vom Schlachtfeld zur Union (Doku)

Larry Siedentop , Collected Courses of the Academy of European Law. Academy of European Law. European Law Journal 8. The Unfinished Constitution of the European Union. European Constitutionalism Beyond the State. Weiler and Marlene Wind. Eric Stein , Lawyers, Judges and the Making of a Transnational Constitution. American Journal of International Law Christoph Stumpf , Robert Uerpmann - Wittzack , The Critical Legal Studies Movement. Harvard Law Review 96 Uve Volkmann , Verfassungsrecht zwischen normativem Anspruch und politischer Wirklichkeit. Max Weber , Political Studies Ewald Wiederin , Ius Publicum Europeum I.

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