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I was deeply touched and feel like I have left a part of my self in Choiseul. God did an amazing thing that night with the young people and I really believe that he is raising some of them up to be mighty leaders in Revival.

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A young man healed that night returned to his nearby village and prayed for his sick mother and brother. Both were healed immediately. He told about that the next morning at the convention, adding that he had never done that before. The delegation from Karika, in the Shortland Islands further west, returned the following Monday. The next night they led a meeting where the Spirit of God moved in revival.

Many were filled with the Spirit, had visions, were healed, and discovered many spiritual gifts including discerning spirits and tongues. That revival has continued, and spread. An unusual pattern of discipleship has emerged in whole villages in the South Pacific during the 12st Century. Applying the principles of 2 Chronicles 7: Mentors and leaders from among their own people have led them into radical repentance, reconciliation, and communal commitment to Jesus as Lord in all of life.

Reports by Harry Tura from Vanuatu are added here. The twenty-first century has already seen many village communities transformed. Rev Ratu Vunaiani Nakauyaca describes community transformation in Fiji. The village had a lot of social problems as well as enmity and divisions. As a result of the dream, he called his people together to pray and fast to seek God for answers and healing. Over a period of two weeks, many of the clans spent time with the Chief to sort out their differences.

The long term results of this action were only revealed with the passing of time. Productivity of the soil increased and long absent fish varieties returned to the reef. Mangroves that had died and disappeared have begun to grow again. The mangroves are very important for the ecology, providing shelter and breeding grounds for all kinds of fish, crabs, etc. For him it was a personal journey that resulted from an accumulation of various events. These were all based on a bottom up or grass roots approach to bring healing and reconciliation.

Vuniani had visited Argentina and seen the beneficial results of reconciliation with the British over the Faulklands war. This was a singularly dramatic community change. He saw the need to appropriately respond to the circumstances and use the spiritual tools available to see the nation transformed. After returning to Fiji, he called some people together to seek God for solutions. They felt they should begin at Nuku, and this took place April, Nuku is about 65 kilometres north of Suva, on the main island of Viti Levu. The water of the stream that flowed through the village had been polluted since a day 42 years previously, the water and banks being filled with slime.

At that time, children were swimming in the stream when the water suddenly turned white and they all ran for their lives. Fish died and grass died. Vuniani, as a child, was swimming in the river when this happened, so he knew the background story. Vuniani and the team went up to Nuku to activate the Process. The key Scripture they went with was 2 Chronicles 7: They had two weeks of prayer meetings, the Methodist, Assemblies of God and Seventh Day Adventist churches being represented. These included killing and cannibalism, idolatry, witchcraft, bloodshed, immorality.

They went to the high places in the area to cleanse them of the sinful acts that had taken place there. The chief of the area led a corporate prayer of repentance with the whole tribe. On the third day of the Process, some women came running and shouting into the village, announcing that the water in the stream had become pure again. It is still pure today. Deputations were sent out to these to apologise for the past offences.

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A matanigasau traditional apology was sent to two villages, inviting the people to return if they wished. The productivity of the land has increased. The stream water is pure and since that time shrimps and fish have returned to the waters. The fertility of the banks and agriculture has radically improved. Some people have even reported that the water has demonstrated healing properties.

There was a split in the tribe and there were a lot of unresolved issues. During a business meeting in the local church, which was situated right in the middle of the village, a fist fight broke out. This affected people negatively and there were not a lot of jobs available. On the advice of chiefs, the people came together on their own initiative for a time of corporate repentance.

A lay preacher in the Methodist Church facilitated the Process. There was instantly a change in the atmosphere. The heaviness that had been there had lifted and everyone could feel it. The division in the church was healed. It only takes one man to lead many into forgiveness and healing. Satan has to leave, along with the oppression and curses. Vunibau Serua Island i n the mouth of Navua River. The HTL Process in this place was scheduled over a 14 day period. During the Process the mixture of elements was poured out onto the sand on the beach.

Later that day, an elderly lady and her son went fishing on the beach. They cast the net out but when they tried to haul it back in, it seemed to be stuck. They thought that perhaps it had been caught on a stump or rock, but they found that the net was actually so full of fish that they could not pull it in. Wherever his footprints were in the sand a red liquid appeared. As she walked in his footsteps she was healed of migraine, knee ailments and severe back pain, all of which she had suffered for many years.

As soon as they returned to the village she told the whole community what had happened. All the people rushed down to the beach to see this phenomenon, including the HTL team that was still there at the time. To their amazement, right on the spot where the elements had been poured onto the sand, there was blood coming out of the sand and flowing into the sea.

A backslidden Catholic man gave his life to the Lord on the spot. Vuniani was called from Suva about an hour away and he also witnessed the blood coming out of the sand. This actually happened twice. It was understood to be a confirming sign from the Lord that He was at work in the reconciliation and healing Process.

At Vunibau many other signs quickly followed. Large fish returned to their fishing grounds. After this sign of the blood, Pastor Vuniani recalled the scripture in Acts 2: He wondered what would come next after the sign of the blood and felt that the next sign would be fire. In Nataliera village there were four churches.

Traditional witchcraft was still being practised and there were about eight sorcerers there. In addition, there had been many more deaths than would be normal. After forgiveness and reconciliation, the members of these four churches would meet every Wednesday for prayer and fasting. On the first Sunday of every month, the four congregations would combine for one large gathering. For many years the fishing on the reef had become lean.

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Much of the coral reef was dead and what was left seemed to be dying. After reconciliation, on two separate occasions fire was seen to fall from the sky onto the reef. After this, large fish returned in abundance. The coral is now regenerating and new growth can be seen in abundance. When women from neighbouring villages heard of this, they tried praying for the same provision, but without the same result. Draubuta, Navosa highlands, north of Sigatoka.

While they were there, pillars of smoke descended on the villages. This was seen by many neighbouring villagers who described it as thick bloodstained smoke. This sign was seen at almost exactly the same time as fire was seen to fall on the reef at Nataliera. In this area there were many marijuana plantations. The Nadroga council had been trying to prevent the plantings.

During the HTL Process, a deputation of marijuana growers approached the team and asked what the Government would do for them if they destroyed their crops. They had a list of demands which they presented to the team. There were 9 growers involved. If they could not, then they should not participate in the Healing Process. By the time the Process had finished, the people had destroyed the crop as part of the reconciliation Process. After the HTL ministry, a total of 13, plants were uprooted and burnt by the growers themselves.

There were 6, seedlings as well. These are a few of the many miraculous events that have occurred in Fiji since It was a very exciting week in August where we saw the Lord move mightily in the lives of the village elders, chiefs, church leaders and the people. We witnessed repentance, forgiveness and reconciliations between family and clan members, and between individuals. The Lord went ahead and prepared the hearts of people in every home as we visited.

They were ready to confess their sins and ask for forgiveness from each other and reconcile. In some homes, members of families gave their hearts to the Lord. Visitation of homes took two days. On the third morning, after the dedication of the elements of salt, oil and water, the village elders and chiefs publicly repented as they identified with sins of their forebears; and each of them publicly gave their clans to the Lord. Three dinghies and a big canoe with people all went in different directions up several rivers and along the nearby coast to anoint specific places for cleansing that were defiled through deaths and killings in the past.

That night there was a time of public confession and renouncement of things that were a hindrance in the lives of the people around a huge bonfire. It was a solemn night; the presence of the Lord was so powerful that people were coming forward and burning their witchcraft and charms publicly. No one could hold back, even the deacons and church elders, village elders, women and young people were all coming forward. Young people started confessing their sins and renouncing and burning drugs, cigarettes and things that were hindering their lives from following Christ.

A young man, who had murdered another young man about 11 years ago, came forward and publicly confessed his sin and asked for forgiveness from the family of the murdered man. That was a big thing; there was a pause and we waited and prayed for someone from the other side to respond. Only the Lord could do this. The younger brother of the man who was killed came out finally, and offered forgiveness.

We could hear crying among the people; it was a moving moment where God just took control. Mothers, brothers and members of both extended families became reconciled in front of the whole village. We could sense the release upon both families and village. It was an awesome time; the meeting went on into the early hours of the next morning. At the end of all this at about 2am the pastor stood up and said the prayer to invite Jesus into the community.

A Chronicle of Renewal and Revival

The village is not the same; you can sense the release and freedom of Christ in the lives of the people. Recently, a young man surrendered two guns to the pastor. News of what God has done and is still doing has spread to neighbouring villages. God birthed a new thing in our area and I believe that many more villages will see the transforming power of God because they are hungry and desperate to see change in their communities. There is abundance of fruit and garden food and two harvests of fruit on the orange trees have been observed so far.

A hunger for prayer has risen among the young people. Straight after HTL Process young people from one of the clans started a prayer group which is still going on. Two other clans started prayer groups after a lot of struggle to get going over the years. The studies were on Joseph and when they came to the section on forgiveness the Lord moved in a powerful way and revival started among the children. They stood and asked for forgiveness from their parents. There was crying and reconciliation between children and parents. The Lord is arresting the hearts of the young, the old and the children and there is no holding back.

Makirupu is about 2 hours drive east of Port Moresby, with a population of about The United Church was the established church there and CRC and AOG have also planted churches there in recent years which caused a lot of offences between families. Miracles of healing started from day one; people who were deaf began to hear, their ears were healed. The presence of the Lord was very heavy in the church. The people were amazed at what God was doing.

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Only He could do that. A Sunday School representative came forward and repented and asked for forgiveness. A former deacon could not hold back. Because of this incident 18 months ago, all the young people had left the church but when the air was cleared, the next day all the young people came and the church building was full to capacity.

The fear of the Lord entered the hearts of the people. That same night the anointing elements were mixed and the mission land was anointed, cleansed and rededicated to God. It was an awesome time. The AOG pastor also asked for forgiveness from the United Church for leaving the church and causing division. He and his wife and all his church members were part of the prayer warrior team right from day one of the Process. A couple of days later the CRC members started joining us and by the end of the Process all three churches were united to see change in the community.

The prayer warrior team grew from 7 to They were hungry to hear the Word of the Lord. The next few days people were seeing signs and wonders, something they had never experienced before. Revival had started and the fear of God came upon the people. Also on the third day the village chief invited Jesus into the community. Anointing oil was mixed and all the chiefs and village elders were anointed and reinstated. They anointed these places while deacons took oil to the boundaries of the village and the beach and dedicated the land back to God.

After lunch everyone came back to the village and started a bonfire. Church deacons and leaders were the first ones to come forward with confessions of adultery, immorality and witchcraft. Families with land disputes came out and reconciled with people they had taken to court. Young people came out with charms and magic and burnt them in the fire.

A mother came out with her ten year old daughter and confessed she had handed down her sorcery and magic to her and said she was sorry, asking for forgiveness from God. Both were prayed for.

Renewing Your Mind Week 12 Discipleship Francis Chan

Husbands and wives reconciled, artefacts of magic and idolatry were burnt. God was doing His cleaning up in the lives of the people. The land and the people are being healed. She went back to the village and told everyone. The fear that had gripped the hearts of the people had also been broken in prayer and now women are going to their gardens on their own — something they could not do before. A few days after the HTL Process, men began to go fishing and to their surprise they were catching more and bigger fish than before. To their surprise, she was healed instantly.

She began to speak and eat on her own. The presence of the Lord was so great they all started worshipping Him and time was not an issue any more. Praise God for this miracle! During the Process, the pastors of the AOG, the United Church and an Elder of the CRC church, standing on behalf of the pastor, all repented of all the offences and misunderstandings between them in the past.

So now the three churches have decided to have a combined service once a month in the middle of the village. The young people from all three churches are already having combined prayer meetings and they are in the process of building a big shelter in the middle of the village for the combined church services. The villagers reported there has not been any stealing since the men were employed. There has also been increase in their garden produce, fruit and nut trees. The people are able to see their own produce come to maturity and sell it, whereas in the past it would have been stolen.

Makirupu and one of the nearby villages are known for getting floods during heavy rains. One month before we got there, it had been raining heavily but the Lord has kept the floods away. However, the other village got the floods and we got to see some of the houses still surrounded by flood waters when we were there. It surely is amazing!

Kalo is the village where about years ago in , four Cook Island missionaries and their families were killed. The killings were led by the chief of one of the clans. The outcome of the talks is that the leaders of this clan called all their families together, from far and near to come and start the repentance and reconciliation Process. This was supported by the pastor and all the Church and clan leaders of Kalo.

It was a moving occasion and the leaders agreed to proceed with the HTL Process and a bigger reconciliation event with the relatives of the Cook Island missionaries present in the near future. The island was named Espiritu Santo because that is the island where over years ago in May Ferdinand de Quiros named the lands from there to the South Pole the Great Southland of the Holy Spirit.

The presence of the Lord was so real and manifested and many miracles were seen such a people healed, dried brooks turned to running streams of water, fish and other sea creatures came back to the sea shores in great number and even the garden crops came alive again and produced great harvests. The Shekinah glory came down to the very spot where we did the process of healing the land during the night of July 1. That great light Shekinah glory came down. On the following day people started to testify that a lot of fish and shell fish were beginning to occupy the reefs and they felt a different touch of a changed atmosphere in the village community.

The people were very surprised at the look of the big sizes of coconut crabs harvested in that area. I went there a month later to see it.

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That proved that the God we serve is so real and He is the owner of all the creatures. They saw many miracles of people restored to the Lord and witchcraft destroyed. A team of people swam out to sea with the anointing oil to worship there and dedicate the sea and reef back to God. He in fact reportedly speared two fish together at one stage.

When he reported this to the Chief there was dancing and rejoicing under the cocoa trees where the Chief and some young people had been working. During the reconciliation when the Chief began to speak, a light shower fell from the sky. There were no clouds but only a sky full of millions of stars.

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  7. Surely God was in this Process! The prayer team continues to see visions and witness miracles of more reconciliation and repentance. Harvests from sea and land have begun to be more abundant than ever before witnessed. They also include community transformation, including social and ecological renewal and revival. These accounts of transforming revival continue to multiply in the twenty-first century, calling us all to deeper repentance, reconciliation, renewal and revival. Book Deposistory — free shipping worldwide — for Transforming Revivals , posted worldwide. Taking our Cities for God, by John Dawson.

    Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age. We know the Great Commission well. Usually we hear it used, and have used it ourselves, as an evangelistic mission mandate. Each Renewal Journal is also available individually, 2nd edition, Kindle Edition , pages.

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    The family explored Israel for two months, based in Jerusalem and Tiberius on Galilee, and visited the Sinai and Egypt, sailing on the Nile and climbing into the Great Pyramid.