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For any romantic relationship, love is the key to making it last.

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Most likely you feel it in an instant. I was fine with meeting different people — having fun in physical, unserious relationships. But I was still young then. For most, it takes some degree of maturity to understand love.

To know it when you feel it. If love makes you nervous, relax!

That was a problem of mine before joining the Marines. Thankfully, there are tricks to grow your self-confidence without inflating your ego. Letting them discuss their passions and interests.

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When trust is established — it opens the door for a serious relationship. But not everyone is that lucky! Where people with something in common gather. I have one friend who moved to Denver, Colorado and knew nobody there.

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You know what he did? There are six basic love styles: Eros passionate love , Ludus game-playing love , Storge friendship love , Pragma logical love , Mania possessive, dependent love , and Agape all-giving selfless love. He learned, of course, that love means different things to different people. Lee concluded that humans think of love in six separate ways. He labeled these love forms with Greek nouns.

Eros refers to the romantic love that has tremendous passion, physical longing, deep intensity, and intimacy. Ludas is called game-playing love.

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It is like the love of a knight for a princess. Perhaps because these individuals are so accepting, they tend to have very high levels of relationship satisfaction. The kind of love that we feel towards our significant other is likely to change over time. At the start of a relationship we feel anticipation about seeing our partner and we are excited every time we see them. These are the heady feelings we associate with being in love, and are very characteristic of romantic love.

But in almost all relationships, these intense emotions are not sustainable, and will fade over months to a couple of years. Those passionate feelings will then be replaced by deeper connection as the people in the partnership grow to truly know each other. Unfortunately, many people do not realise that the evolution from romantic love to companionate love is a normal — and indeed healthy — transition.

Because the ardent feelings of adoration subside, sometimes people will think that they have fallen out of love, when in fact the intimacy and closeness of companionate love can be extremely powerful, if only given the chance.

This is a shame, as these individuals might never experience the life satisfaction that is associated with companionate love. Being Well Together — Manchester, Manchester. Walter Carroll Lunchtime Concerts: Oriental Breeze — Manchester, Manchester. Available editions United Kingdom.

Rachel Grieve , University of Tasmania. Eros This style is typically experienced as a romantic, fairytale-type love.

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Storge Storgic types tend to be stable and committed in their relationships. Ludus People with a ludic style view love as a game that they are playing to win. Love is eternal, or at least as long as the tree lasts. Mania This refers to an obsessive love style. The truth about love The kind of love that we feel towards our significant other is likely to change over time. Your donation helps deliver fact-based journalism.