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My destination needs to match its origin; this is the dance I will be learning this season. I had this dream on Saturday morning. We are at the library for awhile. My husband shows up and so does Kevin Bacon.

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He starts being squirrelly about it. A little later we all decide to leave the library and walk to our cars. I inform her of what Kevin had said to me. There will be no meal at Chateau Bacon. I say goodbye to our friend and my husband leaves, but not before informing me how old Kevin looks. I cannot find it. I go inside the library to call my husband.

My iPhone is in my purse in my car. Besides, I have no money. The inside of the library is no longer a mall but looks completely different than it does in real life. I find a payphone inside and call our home number which we never use collect. Next I call my husband and he actually answers.

In real life, we see my first employer and her husband often at breakfast on Saturdays at a local restaurant. They both have volunteered at the library since I worked there in high school. I realize my husband should be back by now and go outside. But he should be here by now. My vision is off and on throughout the whole dream. I stop to talk to them because in the dream Lou and I are apparently friends. The next thing I know, Lou comes to tell me she found my car. I ask how she found out what happened.

Lou takes me to a parking spot and there is my SX in perfect condition, but the size of a brick. Lou says she will drive me home but we get lost in a nearby town and nothing looks familiar to me and she has no idea where we are. And then I wake up. I recently got together with an old colleague I had not seen in over fifteen years.

Less than five minutes later, I spewed my list of what I can no longer do, starting with driving. But the fact that I had to think about it has left me with a bigger question: I should mention that tequila had been consumed. A lot of ground had been covered and I came to find that I was not the only one who had had some very difficult years.

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The emotion and processing of that, as well as the frequent laughs, had left me exhausted. And yet it is inconceivable to me that I was not able to launch into the inventory of all that I have lost. I have been working for months on a project that involves me telling my story using a different platform than this site, and while preparing this endeavor, I am revisiting my before and after everyday, all day, which makes my frozen response all the more perplexing.

It seems so unlikely, given the fact that my work forces me to constantly look back as much as ahead and at right now. It has nothing to do with my sight but it would be true. It had been too long and we both have been through so much. Each of us has experienced great loss but we are still able to laugh, share and love. Choosing a paint color can be tricky for anyone.

Not all of us have the designer gene, but if we are lucky, we know what we like, how we want our home to represent us and what brings us joy. I probably would have done this even if we both could identify all the parts of the rainbow: I asked friends and family for their opinions.

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