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In book One, they began a project that involved working with radio waves. It yielded quite miraculous results, eventually taking them into outer space! In the meantime, Lenny was having to deal to with a wack-a-doodle social worker after his father died in book One. She was angry that the judge didn't send him into foster care.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker 100% Walkthrough Part 2 - Book 2 (All Gems + Missions)

While he was nothing but extremely polite to her, and she could find nothing wrong, she made his life miserable. I enjoyed the kid's interactions with each other and the adults. While they were respectful on one hand, they were goofy and cheeky they were never cheeky to the adults, though.

The boys were so funny when they would conduct a mission. They would use code names like moldy bread, and use equally ridiculous names for their target. The three of them worked hard, but had fun while they worked.

The book has lots of good lessons in it. A few being work ethics, respect for others, having fun while one works, etc. They are not in your face, or preachy, they are just the book. With so much bad in our world, any good example kids see, helps. I, personally, found no editing problems with this book.


It is very well written. I think the character development is coming along well.

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One thing, as an adult, I would like to see all the books combined into one book. They are very short, and having the nice long book to read would be nice. Of course, I will have them all read before that might ever happen. Looking forward to reading the next.

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I put here what I put in all his books, Fantastic! It appears he has written with the younger minds in thought. The plots are insightful, clean, and have good values. Would recommend to young and young-at-heart. Hennis is a wonderful writer. If you like the story for the story's sake and do not get hung up in literary correctness, these are the books for you.

I wished somebody could make a short movie series of these books. In this sequel the boys plus their female classmate Red accidentally discover an inertia-less drive. They convert their submersible craft, Clarence, to use this new propulsion system and take it for a drive. See all 3 reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

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    Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. There, inside a doorway, is the Gold Mushroom. There is an invisible Pluck Patch on the second-story ledge at the front of the stage. Instead of turning right to go toward the stairs, turn left and find the invisible Pluck Patch. Pull it up with Toadette to find the Gold Mushroom. Instead of falling out of the top log by the Power Star, drop down onto the log with the two Ant Troopers. Make your way to the far side of the log, where there is an invisible Pluck Patch.

    Pull it up to find and grab the Gold Mushroom. The Biddybuds show the safe passageway across the surface to the Power Star. Stay on the corner of a tile to avoid them and pass them. Go inside the long yellow cylinder and rotate the tube until stopping at the far end. Use the switches only eight times to clear the stage. Start with the switch beside the elevated Piranha Sprout at the starting area. Then, proceed up the ramp and cut through the gap with the Piranha Sprout.

    The Rise (T.O.A.D. #2)

    Move up to the gray platform and hit the switch on top of it. Next, move Toadette over the two switches on the ledge before going back to the gray platform which should be elevated and hitting the switch to proceed. For this last portion, tap the switch by the Piranha Sprout first, then walk over the switch at the bottom of the ramp.

    As you proceed up the level and hit the final switch, you will complete the challenge and obtain the Power Star. There is a huge drop-off while riding the second mine craft, and when you finally land on the bottom track, a row of coin blocks sit high and to the right of Toadette.

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    You still need to throw another turnip, though, to obtain the extra life. Clear the course with 5 Toads. To find the fourth Double Cherry power-up, fall off the back of the platform with the Power Star onto the raised ground level area. This power-up is on the way to the third Super Gem. Defeat all of the Mud Troopers. For the Mud Troopers on the engine, use the Flaptors to dispose of them. Break all of the blocks in the level.

    ogozoqosolym.tk: The Rise (T.O.A.D. Book 2) eBook: Keegan Hennis: Kindle Store

    The first Super Pickax used for Super Gem 1 is in the back of the stage, off the second level where the Para-Biddybuds are flying. There is a platform to the right underneath the starting area with the Gold Mushroom. To get to this area, rotate the second greenway until the blue platform with coins and the second Super Gem on top works as a bridge underneath.

    Drop down onto the blue platform and quick run onto the cloudy platform. At the very end of the stage, there is a dead-end ledge to the left of the passageway to the Power Star. Now walk to the end and find the invisible Pluck Patch, hiding the Gold Mushroom. The purple goo continues to rise, so be fast.

    Clear the course in six touches. Start by tapping the yellow platform, then walking over to the blue area. Circle around on the blue platform and walk into the hole on the side of the yellow structure. Tap the yellow platform again. Make your way up the ramp, then touch the blue surface to elevate it. Walk back onto the yellow structure, where Toadette is near the peak and over the top of the Para-Biddybuds.

    Drop down and tap the yellow three more times as you make your way around the enemies. Nab the Power Star, and the challenge is complete.

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    To get to the mushroom, begin in the blue box in the top-right corner similar to getting Super Gem 2. Instead, move right while the carousel rotates counter-clockwise. After two rotations, Toadette will be in front of the Gold Mushroom. To get out of this box and back into the colored boxes, continue to go right while the carousel rotates. While walking on the movable square platforms at the top of the stage for the second time, Toadette will traverse the edges of the stage.

    Instead of making your way to the middle, go behind the Spike and find the Super Gem hiding in a doorway underneath the enemy. To help gather this many coins, there are two Gold Mushrooms hidden in invisible Pluck Patches. The first Gold Mushroom is found near the beginning of the stage, around the first movable ladder.

    The second Gold Mushroom sits on a small ledge in the second tower, which becomes accessible after rotating the spinwheel once counter-clockwise. After passing the Cat Goombas on the bridge, climb down a ladder to find the Gold Mushroom surrounded by coins. In the latter half of the stage, there is a Conkdor with four gray bricks surrounding it. One of the bricks is obstructing entry into a clear warp pipe. Get the Conkdor to destroy that brick and then use the warp pipe to go up to the elevated platform, which is where the Gold Mushroom is sitting. Collect the Gold Mushroom, which is hiding behind a wall of pink, touchable foes.

    While avoid the Fire Piranha Plants, climb up the ladder and rub the GamePad screen to elminate momentarily the pink baddies. Grab the mushroom and move on. Near the start of the stage, the Gold Mushroom is on a platform accessible by a clear warp pipe.