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  • 1. Why are you doing the work that you're doing?!
  • Meyer has completed his three-game suspension and will return to full-time coaching duties Monday.
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  • 2. Why do you live where you live?!
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Begin with a general question, like "Is it bigger than a breadbox? When you get a no, stop.

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Go along a different route color, etc. Don't get too specific. Starting out with narrow questions will just guarantee you a handful of head shakes. Think bigger, broader questions at least to start with to get a yes, leading you on the correct path. For example, a question such as "Does it involve technology for communications, entertainment or work? If yes, you can narrow it down from there.

If no, you have eliminated a whole bunch of possible prospects.

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Take only educated guesses. Your second question should not be, "Is it a goat?! Only guess when you have a pretty good idea.

That being said, once you start getting nearer to the 20 mark, save a couple rounds for guesses. Each one counts as a turn! And if you've absolutely no idea by number 16 or 17, shoot away. If you had no idea because the object at hand was the questioner's pinky toe on their right foot, that is grounds for an objection. That's unfair game play. If you won guessed the object within 20 questions , it's time for vengeance! It's now your turn to choose an object and your partner guesses.

Twenty Questions

If you didn't guess the object in 20 guesses, think about your questions and start guessing in a second game. Now that you know how the other plays, how can you change your strategy? Go over the rules. Sometimes each player has grown up knowing a slightly different set of game play. Outline the basics before you start thinking and guessing.

What kind of categories does the questioner start with? Will you have to start or will the guesser ask? Choose between the following: AVM can lead to technicalities is a wooden table a vegetable or a mineral?

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Does the object have to be in sight? Will you allow a final guess as a sort of 21st question? Are you monitoring their questions or are they monitoring their own? Think of an object. It's best to go outside yourself a bit and think of an object neither party has on the brain.

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Pick an object that both parties are familiar with and is improbable but definitely not impossible. Do not pick your younger sister's diary she hides under her bed. There is no way the guesser will ever get that. It's just not fun. If you're obsessed with Star Trek, don't choose Star Trek. If Garfield wants to fool Odie, he's not going to choose lasagna. Pick something your partner doesn't expect--especially if it's a friend who knows you well. If you don't know the answer to a question, you may make a guess, but let them know you're not entirely sure. Don't lead them down the wrong path.

Don't think too much. If they ask you, "Is it bigger than a refrigerator? What size refrigerator are you referring to? If you don't think too much, you'll stay on the same page.

Here are 20 pressing questions for Urban Meyer as he returns to coach Ohio State football

On the 20th question and remember: If they haven't read your mind, you win! Time to fool them again. If they did guess the object, hand them over the rights to be the questioner. Hopefully they'll be as nice to you as you were to them. As his three-game suspension comes to an end -- don't forget, Meyer was allowed to attend and run practice between those games -- here is a list of questions that have to be answered since Ohio State officials have made sure they were not last month. Those officials conveniently distributed the contents of its investigation into Meyer's conduct after the press conference.

Those contents raised more questions than it answered. Now is the time to ask them. Tom Rinaldi of ESPN got the chance to begin that process in a two-part interview that aired on the network over Sunday and Monday, but here's what else we still need to know from Meyer before he resumes coaching Ohio State football. He is one of only seven media members to attend all 16 BCS title games and has chronicled conference realignment