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Akela crane Peter Clemence Laurence Mark Wendy Altman-Cohen Principal Eyewear Susan Boyajian In the first scene, Adele Sarandon and year-old Ann Portman are zooming down the highway in their Mercedes, heading toward the promised land of Beverly Hills. Through endless bickering and brief flashbacks, crucial background is conveyed: Ann is furious over losing the cozy family and social life she enjoyed in Bay City with her grandmother Lillian Eileen Ryan , cousin Benny Shawn Hatosy and intimate friends.

While not quite a stage mother, Adele is pushing her daughter into acting, hoping that life in sunny Los Angeles will fulfill her dreams.

A random meeting with a real estate agent, Gail Caroline Aaron , leads them to an apartment in Beverly Hills, and over the course of a year they move from one shabby place to another. Ann is more realistic and pragmatic than her flighty mom.

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Ann goes through a painful coming of age, underlined by her studying in a new school and her eager desire to meet her father. In a touching scene, Ann calls her dad, but he misperceives the gesture as a request for money.

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Turning point in the central relationship occurs when Adele sneaks into an audition that she had forced upon her daughter and is shocked to see Ann deliver a monologue that mimics her words and gestures. But the story improves as it unfolds, and the tension between mom and daughter when latter decides to attend an East Coast college is particularly well handled.

Even so, it may be telling that some of the most emotionally honest scenes involve interaction between Ann and other young characters.

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  8. There are also several deftly and humorously observed scenes in which Ann is courted by a handsome classmate Ray Baker.