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I think the characters are a little 2 dimensional myself, but no question that the story moves fast and it is scary a la Steven King! I would likely read another in the series. May 11, Scott Thompson rated it it was amazing. Didn't want to put it down from the moment I started it.

The Curse of Allie Mae

Characters and story are so real! My first read by Aiden but won't be my last. Already have the follow up to this ready to go. Feb 15, Liz rated it really liked it. I was pleasantly surprised with this book. I generally find books that are supposed to be "Scary" to be ho-hum at best.

But this story had me hanging on to the end. I was never sure where it was going or what the next twist would be. Jan 22, Kat Yares rated it it was amazing. The scenes written about the area around Cades Cove made me feel like I was there again grew up in the area. Strong characters, good plot and enough scare to make me look outside everytime the dog barked. Good read and I can't wait to start the sequel. Apr 14, Cindy rated it it was amazing Shelves: I've been getting into thrillers and wow, I loved this one! I couldn't put it down but finally couldn't keep my eyes open.

So I finished it last night. Looking forward to the 2nd book in this series. Jan 30, Julene Jefferson rated it it was amazing. This was well written. Definitely did not want to put it down, each page left you wanting to know what was gonna happen next. The end of the book was so very unexpected, and I was eager to start the next book in the series to see where it leads. Jan 11, Loralee Scherf rated it it was amazing Shelves: Just finished this book and this is one of the best ghost stories I have ever read.

I would be afraid to watch the movie if they ever made one. I look forward to reading another book by Aiden James. May 04, Heather rated it really liked it. Jan 21, Georgia Redmond added it. I live close to Cades Cove. I love reading anything from this area. I love the book. It had my attention from start to finish. I caught wait to start another book. Jun 12, Liz Smith rated it it was amazing.

Great book, I grew up in this area, so I really enjoyed this book. Oct 25, Rebecca Graf rated it it was amazing. Are you looking for a good read with chills and sounds that go bump in the night? Then Aiden James' Cades Cove is the book for you. A couple head to the mountains near Gatlinburg, Tennessee to strengthen their marriage and bring a spark back to it.

While in Cades Cove, they discover a pouch of trinkets and a partially written name on a tree. That night, noises are heard in the house. The odd happenings follow them home to Colorado where the noises turn into something much more dangerous. Now thei Are you looking for a good read with chills and sounds that go bump in the night? Now their lives are in danger as a murdered girl from years ago is out to get revenge.

First off, I do not like scary stories. I don't like horror.

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Why then did I read this book? I'll have to admit that it wasn't the cover, the description, or the title. It was the fact that I had read three other books by Aiden James that I just loved. That led me to Cades Cove which I had gotten during a free giveaway but that doesn't mean I'll read it. I can always delete a book. But being an Aiden James' book I just had to read it.

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  8. This book kept me completely riveted. I had to finish it. I had to know what was happening and why. I couldn't read it at night as the first night I tried I had bad dreams that kept me up all night. I finished it the next day to avoid having to wait another day.

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    James writes in a manner that captivates you and doesn't let you go. I felt like I was experiencing the ghostly encounters. James made it extremely real. There is no gore in this book. It is not really bloody at all. There is blood but it generally just appears. There is violence and of course the terror of a dead witch. This is not a book for those that don't like to get scared.

    There are a couple of scenes that are explicit with language, but overall this was not throughout the whole book which I appreciate. The plot is catching and doesn't let you go.

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    It is written in a manner that never lets you take a breath. It never lets you rest. You are always on the guard to what the ghost will do next. I could easily see this as a movie. Do you like scary stories? Do you like suspense? Do you like a book that keeps you until the end? Then this is the book for you. Trust me, you will enjoy it. Though the ending drove me nuts. I'm still debating the sequel. This book was purchased by me during a free giveaway online.

    Apr 08, Marti rated it it was ok Shelves: I'll stack up to the "well at least I got what I paid for" pile. It was a free download, actually a group of 3 books and I liked the other 2 in the package fairly well. At least all I lost was time, but it was a fair amount of time because this book was long. Some of the characters were reasonably well developed but not as much as I would have liked, especially since this was a fairly long book. The author pretty much put all of his energy into plot and even the plot got rather repetitive. It's I'll stack up to the "well at least I got what I paid for" pile.

    It's a ghost story with the ghost being malevolent, even murderous but the reader does at last get to find out where much of that anger comes from. The editing was very poor, with homonym errors and quite a variety of grammatical errors. While I can get around it, I find that kind of sloppiness aggravating. The basic premise is that David, a CPA, and Miriam, a pediatrician take a short vacation from their home in Colorado to the Smoky Mountains to celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary and attempt to rekindle their romance.

    While on vacation, they climb up to Cades Cove, which is a secluded area and find a little bag that looks very old. Miriam wants David to return the bag and he agrees but can't make himself do it. For the rest of the story, this bag, which is tied to the ghost Allie Mae, looms large. This was a book that should have stopped a few hundred words before it actually did. It seemed to have come to a satisfactory conclusion, but then the author kept going. I thought perhaps it was a rather cheesy way to set up a sequell, but at least I didn't see one hawked on the end pages.

    I would not particularly recommend this book. May 26, Jody Mabry rated it liked it. I enjoyed the book and had some chills while Allie Mae went on her ghostly tirades.

    Driving in USA - Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina Outer Banks

    Also enjoyed the link to Allie Mae and main characters at the end. My one critique would be that subplot loose ends were all tied together at the end in a short scene, and nearly dismissed throughout the book. As a reader this didn't involve me in the book in trying to solve the mystery. I was at the whim of the writer to tell me what was happening.

    Also, the murder of the protagonists friend was seemingly lost a I enjoyed the book and had some chills while Allie Mae went on her ghostly tirades. Also, the murder of the protagonists friend was seemingly lost as a subplot and didn't come back often enough to care. If it were taken out, the story would not change.

    Overall it was a good ghost story with believable characters, a mysterious backdrop, and fun historical context. Jan 30, S. Wideman rated it it was amazing. I really liked this book. I probably liked it a lot more than normal because I ended up reading most of it during a blackout, and there is nothing better than being snuggled under the covers with a flashlight and a ghost story.

    Granted, the dialog wasn't the best, but it really wasn't the worst I've ever read. The plot is very basic: However, the people in the family are not who the ghost thinks the I really liked this book. However, the people in the family are not who the ghost thinks they are. I loved how Allie Mae haunted them, it was really perfect and creepy at times. I actually enjoyed the characters of John Running Deer and his granddaughter more than the family involved, so I'm really excited that book two seems to focus more on them.

    Mar 19, Greg rated it liked it. An artifact taken from a secluded valley in the Smokey Mountains during a weekend getaway causes disturbing consequences. A vengeful spirit follows David and his wife home, disrupting the lives of their family and friends. While attempting to return the artifact, David and a Native American park ranger research the area's history and discover a disturbing link between David's ancestors and the spirit.

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