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These thoughts really serve us no purpose other than to torture ourselves. We live on a planet with billions of people. You probably believe that no one else will make you laugh like that again, or have so much in common with you and yes, that may be true. But everyone is unique in their own way and there will be someone or many more people who will connect and bond with you in so many awesome ways. You grew as a person and that will only serve you well for the next amazing person to enter your life. It might not be soon but it will happen — just have faith it will all work out.

Fundamentally, you will feel like you are in some kind of darkness for a while. You may feel alone but millions of people have been through the exact same process in their own unique way and have seen the light at the end of the tunnel. Use this as a reminder and a testament to the fact that you will also get through this too. Simone Perrone via magdeleine. Anna is a communication expert and a life enthusiast. She's the editor of Lifehack and loves to write about love, life, and passion.

Your relationship is no different.

Remember all those things you discovered about yourself when you first got together? The way your partner made you feel when you met that made you fall in love with him or her in the first place.

Let Yourself Feel Your Emotions

If your partner makes you uncomfortable about being you, then her or she is only dragging you down. You need to be comfortable with who you are. This means being comfortable in your skin and with the way you walk, talk, look, breath, move, and all the other things that make you uniquely you. Mutual trust is necessary in any relationship.

The only way to get that trust is with respect.

How to Send Love and Light - a practical guide by Abby Wynne

I can find you anywhere online, no matter how private and secure you think you are. Finding your information online hardly takes a clandestine organization. Any idiot with a Wi-Fi-enabled device can cyberstalk you. No matter who you are if you like it, you need to put a ring on it. Find an engagement ring, stick a gemstone in it and marry the person.

How to Send Love and Light – A Practical Guide

Your relationship should be something that propels you forward. Your partner should be included in your dreams. Try to remember what you dreamed of before you got your heart broken by the realities of life, love and the pursuit of human success. Remember when you would crush on that cute kid in class? Please take a look at invitation. I have always been blessed with internal and external very open flows of radiating loving energy, but actually reading and practicing your guide has helped me develop a more relaxing and in depth surge of being able to send out my love to those I cherish.

A Grand compliment to your entire being and what you have achieved through your fertile soul. Thank you my friend. The world is lucky to have a lovely soul as yourself within it.

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Best wishes in all that comes your way. I found it a bit tricky to visualize the person. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. I believe that the heart is the GPS system of the Soul, if it's ignored or switched off, we get lost. I work in Dublin, Ireland, but see clients from all over the world. Get in touch if you'd like more information about what I do, or to book a session. You can email abby abby-wynne. These emails could change your life, help you raise your vibration and feel better!

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Give it a go! You can unsubscribe anytime. Go to a quiet place. A space of love is a quiet space both in the room where your physical body is, and in your mind, where you can think peaceful and loving thoughts. You can leave any disruptive thoughts outside your space of love for later where they will be waiting for you. You can also send physical pain outside your space of love, by imagining it leaving your body. Set your intention — who is this love and light for?

Picture them in your mind, and see a soft glow around them. Ask them if they would like to receive love from you. Perhaps leave it for another time, or choose someone else. As you picture the destination for this love and light, be aware of your body and what is going on with the energy around you. Focus on your breath, hear your heart beating and feel the ground beneath your feet, and begin to breathe from your stomach. Place your hands on your stomach and feel it rise and fall as you breathe. Relax your stomach and let any tension flow out and down your legs, and into the earth.

Become centred in your body, feel your legs, your lower body open and send all the tension you carry downwards and to the floor. Stay doing this for a while until you really feel that you are in a place of stillness. Bring your awareness to your heart. Visualise it — is it closed or open?

How To Get Over Someone You Deeply Love

Is it small or large? What colour is it? Breathe into your heart and imagine the colours getting stronger, expanding in size and it opening. It is radiating love, like sunbeams. If you want help opening your heart, click here to try my SoundCloud meditation. Imagine that the sunbeams radiating out of your heart are stretching out of your body and filling your body with love and light. Stay there breathing for a while and let the love and light clear away any negativity or unwanted emotional energy from your own energy space. Imagine now that you are a clear space for love and light.

If you get lightheaded doing this, only go as far as you feel comfortable, and continue to ground yourself. Connect in with the image of the person you accessed at the beginning. Imagine the sunbeams are beaming out from you and washing them too — with pure, unconditional love and light. You are doing this because you have this love to give, and perhaps this love and light is exactly what this person needs to feel today. Be grateful for the opportunity to share the love with the world, without needing anything in return.

Drench them in your sunbeams in your mind, and see them relax and smile as they feel warm and loved. Again, no attachment to outcome, no need to have that person do anything to pay you back. When you are ready, let all the images dissolve slowly and come back into your space of love.