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A red phone box that once stood in Station Road, Erdington, became a focus for reports of supernatural activity following an incident in the 70s. A Catholic priest and a couple had been waiting to use the callbox, back in December They said that inside was a woman aged 25 to 30 in a red jumper, speaking on the phone.

After a while, the priest impatiently opened the door to find out how much longer she would be - only to see her vanish into thin air. The ghostly caller was reported at the site until the mid s. The apparition was said to be the troubled spirit of a distressed mother who had lost her children in a house fire and was calling the emergency services. She was said to have taken her own life. The kiosk was removed after BT decommissioned all of its red phone boxes. It was replaced by a sculpture. Over the years, the story has evolved as Chinese whispers altered the details - some variations say the woman was in Victorian costume, others that she was in a red dress or pink cardigan.

She's become known as the Melting Woman because of the way she dissolved away into thin air. Did you see her while waiting to make a call at the phonebox? In March , it emerged that West Midlands police had dealt with 23 reports of alien abductions in the past three years.

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Nine were from Birmingham, four from Coventry, three from Sandwell, two each from Walsall and Wolverhampton, one each from Dudley and Solihull and another from an unspecified location. West Midlands Police said advice was given in three cases, while five were registered as false alarms. The details emerged as the force listed some of the wackiest requests made under the Freedom of Information Act.

The Ministry of Defence has declassified its own reports of close encounters.

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They included an account given by two boys in Staffordshire, who saw a huge glowing UFO hovering over a field in Rugeley Road, Burntwood, just before midnight on May 4, The craft appeared after a huge flash of light. The terrified youngsters ran to a local police station after a being with a 'lemon-like head' appeared beneath the craft and said: Police officers went outside and could see some sort of aircraft in the distance before it zoomed away. In in Birmingham, a year-old mother and her year-old daughter were on their way to work at a local mill in the early morning - while it was still dark - when they heard a humming noise and saw a bright light shining on them from above.

The next thing they remember was feeling dizzy and suffering nosebleeds as well as reddened skin similar to sunburn. The daughter discovered her coat was wet even though it had not been raining. Crowded Skies reports that in , the pair agreed to undergo hypnosis to see if they could find out what happened. It was in January that a report emerged of an alleged 'alien visitation' in Selly Oak.

Birmingham UFO Group spoke to a mother who revealed events that had taken place many years earlier, back in The woman had heard her three-year-old son screaming in his bedroom.

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She went in and he was shouting 'spaceman' repeatedly. Later, when shown a picture in a book of a classic image of an alien with grey skin, a bulbous head and large eyes - known by researchers as a Grey - her son immediately repeated the 'spaceman' words and began crying. A researcher from the UFO Group believes the boy may have experienced a visitation, adding: A bright light - at first white in colour - was observed over fields near Sandfields Road, Oldbury, in The man who saw it told how it dimmed and then intensified into a bright red colour.

It ended up as a massive glowing sphere like a red sun, according to a report logged by the Birmingham UFO Group.

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The unexplained orb had also been seen by a friend who lived half a mile away. Researchers say it's unlikely to have been caused by lights from a regular aircraft or the glow of a Chinese lantern.

The strange case of Cynthia Appleton and the alien from Gharnasvarn is said to have taken place in Aston area of Birmingham back in Mrs Appleton says she encountered a tall, blond, muscular, male alien who appeared out of a strange, electrically-charged mist that engulfed her living room. Using telepathy and projected images that appeared mid-air, he revealed that he came from a place called Gharnasvarn. He visited eight times - twice appearing out of the static cloud and six times by car - according to the blog UFO and Alien Information.

She later discovered she was pregnant, despite having no intimate relationship with the alien. A baby was born but it's not clear what became of the child, whom she called Matthew. Cynthia moved away from the area and has never been tracked down since. Does anyone know Cynthia or her son Matthew? Market trader Michele Bardsley filmed mysterious lights over her home in Kingshurst, Solihull, in May She said the lights were "just hanging there" as she watched from the back door while having a cigarette break from decorating upstairs.

She filmed the lights on her phone and, when the footage was shown on her big TV screen, she could see much more activity among the cluster of UFOs, as some appeared, disappeared and suddenly zoomed away. Many believe these are creatures that were released into the wild after the Dangerous Wild Animals Act tightened up the ownership of exotic pets. While there are many hoaxes and genuine mistakes, evidence has started to accumulate over the years that panthers and other big cats are at large in the UK countryside.

An Asian jungle cat was found dead on a roadside verge in Shropshire after being run over by a car in and - elsewhere in the UK - a lynx that had killed 15 sheep was photographed after being shot in Suffolk in It was Cradley Heath eccentric Lew Foley whose menagerie prompted the change in the law.

Mr Foley, who is to be the subject of a planned Channel 5 documentary, kept several big cats including three lions and a tiger. A friend of Lew has now revealed that Lew released the cats in the Malvern Hills - and said he had even seen one of them not far away from there, at Shobdon, Herefordshire.

Yes, the Midlands has a UFO named after a crisp, because it's triangular. Its most recent appearance over the region was in Quarry Bank in , when a man smoking in his garden saw a mysterious object with flashing lights - which was then chased away by another strange craft. In Tipton in , two young men saw an "amazing fast-moving and silent craft in the shape of a triangle fly across the sky at a mind-boggling speed. Was it watching the widlife? But in , it looked like the aliens were bored of hovering over the Midlands - did they find NO signs of intelligent life here?