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A celebration of the sun and the sea of a place I call home, the West coast of Australia. My inspiration was to create a blooming pearl, because I believe that pearls are the flowers of the sea. And men can be strong and hard; and yet gentle. Keshi pearls, which are ever so different from one to the next, represents individuality. Little black spinel rounds add the finishing touch to lend an elegant black tie feel and look to the ring. The egg-shaped pearl inspired the Faberge-esque design.

The precious pearl represents the yolk, suspended inside protected by the shell made of gold and diamonds. The pearl I chose had some beautiful characteristics on its surface. I designed a cage so there was no need to drill or damage the pearl keeping it in the purest form.

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Geometric lines and shapes seen in aboriginal art. Whiteness of the pearl.

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  5. An expression of joy and love for my daughter and the beauty I see as she grows. I was inspired to use leather, hand tooled with a Celtic knot pattern.

    Sextus Propertius: The Love Elegies

    Celtic knots are a series of overlapping or interwoven knots which have no clear start or end. I have designed the piece to be elegant yet masculine, sturdy and wearable. The centre plate is sterling silver with four tiny rivets holding it to the leather band. These rivets have been engraved in the same Celtic knot pattern as the hand tooled leather band.

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    The 18ct Gold bezel enhances the lustre of the exquisite Cygnet Bay Pearl, which is the focal point of the bracelet. The snap closure provides easy wearability. When designing jeweller pieces I will aim for movement, fine lines and showcasing the beauty and process of nature. The feature ring is 9ct White Gold and showcases a 7mm Broken Bay Akoya pearl set in such a way as to contact the skin and hence directly engage the wearer with this natural gem.

    The pearl in this piece also represents the moon which affects the tides throughout its formation. The second ring of the set, a split 9ct Yellow Gold piece, completes the set, in its representation of the ocean where the pearl was birthed. The wave shaped band with its gradient of blue sapphires which lighten in colour to their peaks echo the water and waves of the ocean, whilst the 9ct Yellow Gold of this band mirrors the sand of Broken Bay where this pearl is cultured and farmed. The coast lines of Cygnet Bay and Broken Bay. The Cygnet Bay Pearl demonstrates a fully mature pearl which has a rich history and value.

    The akoya from Broken Bay is a much newer Australian pearl industry and looks to the South Sea Pearl with the hope and admiration of a young girl … beautiful women. These are a duel purpose earring. They can be worn as a fancy hoop or slipped over the top of the ear. As an ear piece. Plants and trees blossoming in spring time was the main source of inspiration for this piece. The inspiration for this piece was a fusion of elements: An independent valuation has been made and is available upon request.

    The mental seduction of love and a boundless illusion, inflamed by a profound uprising emotion, can change any ordinary incident into a radiant, luminous voyage.

    And tears can be happy as well as sad. My very happiest moments have been when I had tears in my eyes—when Marilla told me I might stay at Green Gables—when Matthew gave me the first pretty dress I ever had—when I heard that you were going to recover from the fever. So give me pearls for our troth ring, Gilbert, and I'll willingly accept the sorrow of life with its joy.

    Pearls Quotes

    Montgomery, Anne's House of Dreams. Beauty that arose out of pain. Quotations from a Life Made Out of Poetry. So instead of dating, I throw myself into working in the field. If my Boaz recognizes me amongst the black rocks If not, the magnificence of my rarity will simply radiate onto those working the fields as well in the form of teaching, which is what I do.

    Why wear one if you can wear two, or something to that effect. I think that one string of pearls is just fine.