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Write in the present tense as if you're re-living the dream, and underline any unusual or poignant aspects which are central to the story, or which instinctively attract your attention. Next, refer these dream symbols to the list above. If they're not on the list, you can find more definitions in a dream dictionary such as Cloud Nine: Remember, even these definitions require your interpretation - within the context of your dream, your personal psychological attachments to the symbols, and your current life circumstances. But have you ever considered experiencing lucid dreams?

Tackling the consciousness problem

In fact dream symbols can be even more meaningful when encountered in your own private, lucid playground. Using this learnable skill, we are able to take control of our dreams and direct the action ourselves! Learn this incredible skill today with our free guided course. That means he writes about lucid dreaming, awareness - and other gooey stuff like the nature of consciousness and cosmic existence. A lot has happened in the last 5 months. But how did we go from business as usual to changing the face of the entire lucid dreaming supplements industry?

When I was first taken on-board as Chief Lucidity Officer in , one of the first things I was tasked with was taking a good look at our operations and giving things a bit of an overhaul. To lucid dream is to examine an intensely heightened state of self awareness, with all the senses activated - a uniquely human experience. What's more, lucid dreaming offers profound benefits that touch all of us, no matter our culture, beliefs or life circumstances. Ultimately, I think all of these benefits put together could play a serious role in advancing the human race. To lucid dream, I recommend being able to remember at least one vivid dream per night.

Since our dream houses usually represent our selves, this dream may be drawing your attention to the fact that there are unseen and unexplored parts of yourself that you don't know very well, or perhaps something about you or your life is changing so dramatically that you no longer recognize it. The dream might symbolize a disconnect between who you are and what you think you are.

If you have a recurring dream about a house, it can be easy to see how that structure might represent your Self and your evolution over time. Via this dream, your subconsciousness is revisiting this construct of who you are and giving you the opportunity to see it anew, with fresh eyes, each time.

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Maybe you keep having the same dream because you have not seen or understood something about yourself that the dream is trying to tell you, perhaps this is an opportunity to recognize the small changes occurring over time, or maybe this is a chance to approach an old pattern or problem in a new way.

In a dream, water most often symbolizes emotions, so a dream about a flood or tidal wave can indicate being surprised and overwhelmed by feelings. If the water engulfs your house, it can indicate immense, powerful, and unruly emotions that threaten to swallow and suffocate everything in their path. However, flooding can sometimes be a positive dream symbol if the dreamer feels invigorated, cleansed, or released by the water. If your dream home is not destroyed by the water but, instead, floats on top of it, this can mean that the dreamer is able to safely and happily ride the tide of emotion.

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The whole world is swallowed up but the dreamer is able to remain safe, whole, and untouched by the destructive emotions swirling around them. Since fire often symbolizes passion, desire, anger, destruction, illumination or enlightenment, purification, or transformation, to dream that your house is burning may indicate any of these things, depending on the dreamer's feelings about the fire. If the fire feels destructive, then it may represent negative and out-of-control passions.

If it feels positive or hopeful, the burning might indicate an impending personal transformation or cleansing. A dream that your house or property is being or has been ruined or lost due to damage often indicate that you feel threatened, vulnerable, or attacked. You may feel like outside forces conspire to knock, eat, smash, or whittle you down.

If we remember that the house represents ourself, this dream might be interpreted as a straightforward indication that we feel as though someone or something were trying to break in, steal, burgle, vandalize, or lay claim to ourselves without our invitation. A forced entry is, by definition, destructive.

Perhaps your body, mind, life, time, consciousness, or psyche has been encroached on by someone or something without your permission, and your boundaries have been breached against your will. This dream might indicate a need for change in your life or a desire to start anew. It can mean the end of one situation or relationship and the beginning of another.

In the dream, do you know where you're moving or is it a mystery? Is the move positive or negative? Your answers will help you interpret what your subconsciousness is trying to tell you about how you can handle change in your life. Sometimes, you might dream of a house that can move by itself. Maybe it has legs of its own, or maybe it moves via forces of nature, like the wind a la Dorothy's house in The Wizard of Oz or on a tidal wave. Like hermit crab, the world outside changes, but your existence inside your mobile home can remain the same.

In this case, the dreamer's attitude toward the house's movement is important to consider: Is the movement fun or terrifying, frustrating or easy? This can give you insight into your feelings about change. Viewing many different homes in a dream may be confusing, but the dream experience could allow further reflection on current choices, the influence of others on one's life, and how changes have occurred over time in one's personal experience. Just as a house often symbolizes the inner self—and the street or road the house is on often represents one's life path—a row of many houses may symbolize different time periods in the dreamer's life as well as options for future change.

Each of the houses might represent a different aspect of your Self, one that feels somehow separate from the other parts of your psyche. Dreaming of three houses may symbolize the dreamer's past, present, and future. Dreaming of a bathroom often relates to how well we are cleansing ourselves and letting go of what no longer serves us. The bathroom is often a place where we "let go" and allow ourselves to be our most authentic or vulnerable selves. So many of us dream of a rundown or abandoned bathroom, one that is not working, or one that is occupied or otherwise not leaving us room.

Scientists identify parts of brain involved in dreaming

When we do not have enough room, privacy, or opportunity to release and cleanse ourselves, we can see this as a sign that we have residual emotional build-up that needs our attention. Being in a beautiful, well-functioning bathroom may give us the positive imagery of self-care, lightening our emotional load, and emotional or psychological cleansing. This type of dream may leave us feeling rejuvenated and prepared to face life's stressors and obstacles.

Bedrooms in our dreams can help us understand our most intimate and private aspects of self. The bedroom may reflect those intimate thoughts, feelings, desires, and aspects of who we are that we don't share. This type of dream may help us identify either our insecurities or authentic aspects of self we may not openly share with others. Who is in the bedroom often brings greater meaning into our dream. Although the other people may symbolize themselves or our feelings about someone else, other people are often symbolic of an aspect of ourself we associate with this person and have not readily integrated into our own personal identity.

This is often true when we dream of the opposite sex, often referred to as an anima or animus. The opposite sex often represents the traits we possess but have somehow disowned. This may lead to a woman symbolizing their emotions in dreams. The bedroom may also reflect a dreamer's sexuality. Dreams located in this part of the house may reflect sexual desire and sexual identity.

Sex in dreams is often less of a physical symbol as much as it is reflecting an emotional or psychological union of opposites. Although still personal in nature, the living room is the place where we interact with others and may represent the more public, shared, and collaborative parts of our lives. The living room could represent the part of ourselves we invite others to experience or allow others to see. What is in the living room is very important to note—or what is missing from the room.

These details can show the dreamer what is being worked on socially and what is being revealed to others. In many ways, the kitchen is the heart of the house. It is the place we prepare meals, store food, clean, and informally gather with friends and family. Dreams of the kitchen often reflect our heart and soul, how we are fed and what we are preparing spiritually, and what is nourishing our mind, body, and soul. The dining room can relate to both the kitchen and the living room. It is a social area of the house.

It is also a room we associate with food and nourishment.

Levels of Experience

This area of the house in a dream is often associated with what we are nourishing our mind, heart, and spirit. Basements are very common in dreams because they often represent the unconscious mind and may represent what exists at the lowest level or base of our consciousness. The basement is the foundation that everything else is built upon, and it's where the deepest and darkest thoughts, emotions, and memories might hide.

The characteristics of the dream basement can give us some clues. A very dark basement gives us the impression that we need to "shed light onto something" and are not able to see something just yet. Exploring a basement in a dream can be very cathartic, allowing us to discover what has been untouched, stored away, and ignored for some time. The objects in the basement often symbolize what is just bubbling up to the surface of our consciousness. How a basement is organized can give us clues how we manage our emotions.

Finding many boxes or many separate areas could reveal to us a tendency of compartmentalization. A cluttered basement could show us our tendency to avoid emotions and dealing with our past resulting in an overwhelming build up. For some, the basement may be symbolic of hitting "rock bottom" in some way or starting at the beginning, building a foundation or building from the bottom up.

Music, Mystery and the Dreaming Process — Amy and Arnold Mindell

For others, the basement may reflect retreating into oneself and protecting oneself from a potential threat such as an emotional storm or conflict. While the basement is a place we store unconscious emotions, the attic often represents the symbolic storage of our unconscious thoughts. Many may associate this part of the house with what is "in the back of their mind" or possibly the thoughts and memories they try to avoid.

The messages we receive from others we have internalized and retell ourselves may also be reflected in this location. After dreaming of an attic, it is helpful to review what your attic is actually used for and how this could affect the personal meaning for you. Sorting through our attics or other storage spaces in our waking lives is often a walk down memory lane. Dreaming of an attic could reflect this type of experience and need for review.

Often crowded attics beg us to take a look at what we have ignored and either make better use of it or find a way to let it go. Dreaming of extra rooms or other spaces that do not exist in reality may be symbolic of new developments in our lives or discovering a part of ourselves we did not know existed. These dreams can feel exciting, confusing, or even alarming. This dream space can prove a useful way to safely explore something new and gain insight into ourselves.

These brain areas are associated with higher cognitive abilities such as self-referential processing and a sense of agency — again supporting the view that lucid dreaming is a hybrid state of consciousness. How consciousness arises in the brain is one of the most perplexing questions in neuroscience. But it has been suggested that studying lucid dreams could pave the way for new insights into the neuroscience of consciousness.

This is because lucid and non-lucid REM sleep are two states where our conscious experience is markedly different, yet the overall brain state remains the same we are in REM sleep all the time, often dreaming. By comparing specific differences in brain activity from a lucid dream with a non-lucid one, then, we can look at features that may be facilitating the enhanced awareness experienced in the lucid dream.

Furthermore, by using eye signalling as a marker of when a sleeper is in a lucid dream, it is possible to study the neurobiological activity at this point to further understand not only what characterises and maintains this heightened consciousness, but how it emerges in the first place. York Festival of Ideas — York, York. The history of pets and family life — Egham, Surrey.

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My Dream, My Bad Dream, Lucid dreaming and the brain About half of us will experience at least one lucid dream in our lives. Tackling the consciousness problem How consciousness arises in the brain is one of the most perplexing questions in neuroscience. Sleep Dreams REM sleep.