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How do you find friends that will raise the ceiling of your potential rather than criticize you for your passions? How do you meet girls that belong in your world and not just in your bedroom? The prerequisite to building a healthy social life is, ironically, being comfortable by yourself. If you have a few friends but find that they drag you down, withdrawing from that crowd and starting anew will probably require staying in more frequently. Also, being too desperate for the company of others will hinder authentic interaction.

Appreciating aloneness starts by consciously acknowledging the freedom it brings. It also helps to have interests that can be pursued on your own. You can even use your alone time to apply the ideas in this article to help build your social life. Getting a life means becoming a person who initiates interactions, instead of always waiting for others to make the first move.

Get a life (idiom)

A great place to start is with the people you already know. These might be former acquaintances, people you met while travelling, someone you enjoyed working with in the past, old friends, or even current friends.

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Alternatively, you might have a mutual friend who can put you in touch. I did this several weeks ago. I got responses from all but two people. And I reestablished contact with some friends I was starting to lose touch with.

get a life

The ROI on this simple gesture made me wonder: This is the greasiest way to introduce yourself to anyone. Talk therapy can be very effective both at treating underlying emotional issues but also at giving your thoughts life and helping you sort through them. Break your life down into domains. List the main areas of your life, such as social, work, spiritual, family, leisure, health, community and charity.

Once you have broken your life down into these domains, reflect on whether you are happy with these aspects of your life. Getting a life usually means creating a balance among the domains of life you find to be important. Brainstorm ways to create more time for areas that are lacking. Say, for example, that you identify that you are not doing enough for your community and for your health.

Spend some time thinking of ways to create more time to improve your life in these specific domains. For example, you could make a list of a few charities you would like to inquire about. Regarding your health, you could take some time adjusting your budget to see if you can afford a gym membership.

You could spend some time researching local sports teams you could join. If you are particularly busy, you may also have to think about where to cut back on to gain the extra time or resources. The best places to start are domains you think you are spending too much time on e. Reassess your life every few months. Review the state of your life you can do this in part by reading your journal and decide if your life is more fulfilling with the changes you have made.

The best way to decide is if you personally feel happier about your life.

Getting a Life | Jocelyn Shipley

Remember not to think too much about what others may think about your life. You are the one living it, after all. Try to focus on making small changes over a year. After a year is over, you should have a better idea of what makes you happy. Practice letting go of the things you cannot control. Inevitably, things will come up in your life that are largely or entirely out of your control. This is just part of life. While you cannot change certain circumstances, you can change your attitude towards them. Trying to control the things you can't can often backfire and make you more stressed out.

Place it in a box and move on. Letting go of stressful situations or people will allow you to work on the things you can control. Live in the present. Think about how you will make today better, instead of always working toward a future goal. If you life too far ahead in the future all the time, you are missing out on life. Life only happens in the present moment.

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While this isn't a recommendation to live every day like it is your last, because every day is not actually your last, it is a good idea to spend some time each day enjoying the present moment. To live more in the present, you can: Put some space in between your day to day tasks to give you some time to reflect and not feel too rushed.

Set aside minutes each day to do absolutely nothing at all but sit in silence. Eat slowly and focus on the flavor and texture of your food. Do something new every week. Get an activity guide for your city, ask some friends, or dig around online for fun things to do near you. Take a risk and try some new activities. Go by yourself or ask a friend or your significant other. What matters most is that you are trying something novel and being open-minded about it. Trying something new can have a number of benefits, such as: Allowing you to grow via new experiences.

Take a class online or in person or watch some free lectures online. It may also be directed at someone who is perceived as boring or single-minded; suggesting they acquire some other, more practical interests or hobbies and get dates , find a job , or move into their own home.

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It is also applied to so-called workaholics and others who are perceived as dedicated to their work out of "labor of love" as opposed to money or loyalty to the company but not taking the time to relax or enjoy life. It is another way of saying "get your own life", or " mind your own business ".

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