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You can download the Trip-It app wherever you download your apps usually. And yes, it works for Android phones, which is what I have. To get to this stunning water temple in Bali, Indonesia, first we had to make it through 24 hours of grueling flights and layovers. No pain no Instagram photo, people!

The Ultimate Survival Guide for Long-Haul Flights • The Blonde Abroad

This particular journey involves 5 hours spent twiddling my thumbs at the Rochester Airport, 6 hours trying to drown out techno blasting from the speakers in JFK, 8 hours here in Lisbon, and another 8 hours overnight in Rome before journeying south to my final destination in southern Italy. Plus a solid 11 hours of actual flight time in-air. As far as trips go, this one is particularly rough — chalk it up to the fact that someone else footed the bill for my flights perks of my first EVER speaking gig at a travel conference — whee! My new favorite way to find lounges is LoungeBuddy.

Sometimes at a discounted rate!! I have 28 years of regret for not discovering this sooner. Or, just go old school: What is the deal with airports never having enough outlets to go around?! Which is why I downloaded GateGuru. The app includes a list of every major airport, complete with concourses, food, services, and reviews.

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Flying high above the rice terraces in Bali and trying not to think about the 24 hour return flight back home…. If they even provide that luxury. There are tons of travel pillows out there, and honestly, most of them look really dumb. I accepted neck pain as an inevitable fact of flying. The TRTL travel pillow is small enough to stuff into my carry-on without driving me nuts or taking up tons of space, and provides the perfect amount of head-propping that I need to sleep on a long flight without waking up every 5 minutes from my own giant head falling over.

The TRTL pillow sort of props up your cheek and rests on your shoulder comfortably, wrapping around your neck with velcro to hold itself in place. But at this point in my life, I absolutely do not care. Calm down, Desperate Housewives, put that Valium cocktail away! I bundled up in my warm winter clothes on this 17 hour haul to Prague, Czech Republic.

Everyone has their preferred flight outfit. Some people actually look cute on a plane, which I just like … cannot wrap my head around.

Pack Smart for Long-Haul Flights

Leggings or yoga pants are bae, jeans and anything with snaps or buttons are out. At least not performance wool or wool blends. These hemp-blend sweatpants from prAna are the perfect plane pants and like, legit kinda cute , as are these luxuriously soft slim fit wool-blend sweatpants. Both of them will keep you warm and cozy and naturally odor-free. The last thing you want on a flight is to hear a crying baby or get woken up by the hideous florescent lighting. In addition to pulling my hood way down over my face and wrapping myself up in a travel pillow cocoon, I also put on this luxurious silk eye mask.

Your next task is to block out the plane noise. Chattering, babies, flight announcements, all of it needs to go away. While it is important to keep those liquids handy for staying moisturized, it is also important to make sure you pack them correctly. Make sure they are under 3. Airplanes dehydrate your whole body quickly and will not only make you feel bad but can also do a number on your skin and eyes.

6 Tips For Surviving A Long-Haul Flight

I suggest a good hand moisturizer, a tinted face moisturizer that can also act as a concealer, under eye cream , lip balm, and a re-useable water bottle. An in-flight cocktail is much more potent and dehydrating than on land. Be sure to limit your alcohol intake and double up on water while flying!

I suggest Colgate Wisps for your teeth and a facial cleansing wipe for your face.

If your long-haul flight includes a long layover, head to an airport lounge. You may qualify for access depending on your airline status or type of airfare ticket. Slip-on shoes are good for the security line and getting comfortable on your flight. I suggest a bag of almonds or a protein bar of some kind that is easy to pack, easy to eat and easy to dispose of. Tuna can invoke anger while a Big Mac could invoke jealousy.

I recommend bringing your own food and skipping the airplane food entirely if you can help it. But, if you do plan to eat onboard and have any type of food allergy or preference, be sure to make note of it online when booking your ticket. Getting off that plane to your long-anticipated destination is exciting and, of course, you will want to look your best.

The Ultimate Survival Guide for Long-Haul Flights

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