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Reviewing a book on peer review is not without some degree of boldness, even more when one knows about some of the limitations of peer review.

Peer Review in Health Sciences, 2nd Edition

Godlee and Jefferson, with the contribution of 28 other prominent editors of biomedical journals, researchers in the area of peer review and funders, succeed in pulling together the not always consistent evidence on the role of peer review. The authors cover a broad variety of aspects, ranging from the state of the evidence about peer review, not only applied to editorial work but also to grant applications, including its effectiveness, as well as the biases that have been investigated, to innovative topics such as peer review and the pharmaceutical industry, and its role in small journals and non-English language journals.

The chapters in part 2 are particularly useful for editors, reviewers and authors as they cover systematic approaches to the implementation of peer review systems, including statistical, economical and ethical aspects. The final part deals with some of the hottest issues in peer review, such as the role of internet and the use of systematic reviews as ways of improving the overall quality of the system, with two informative appendices on the so called Vancouver Group and the World Association of Medical Editors.

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The main message of this book is twofold: The bad news is that, as it is based on human judgement, a greater vigilance needs to be put on factors that may bias such judgement—the evidence is not always clear or, simply, is lacking—, such as author and reviewer identification, gender, seniority, and language, among many others. Editors, reviewers, funders and health science researchers at large, together with science sociologists and media experts should definitely use this book as a bedside tool, while awaiting the new evidence that will be presented at the incoming Fourth Congress on Peer Review in Biomedical Sciences in September You will be able to get a quick price and instant permission to reuse the content in many different ways.

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Skip to main content. We use cookies to improve our service and to tailor our content and advertising to you. More info You can manage your cookie settings via your browser at any time. It prohibits the diseases from becoming endemic and finally epidemic. It also helps to analyze the cause of the disease and thus helps to prevent the disease very effectively.

Related Journals of Epidemiology And Biostatistics. Personal health refers to the wellness of the individual. While personal health care is provided to people those who are not able to take care of themselves. It involves people with certain mental disorder , physically challenged people, etc. Related Journals of Personal Health. Health psychology is based on the concept that physical health is not dependent only on the biological process but it depends on the psychology of the individual, their socioeconomic status, culture, etc.

One such example is the consumption of alcohol and some other psychotics can cause addiction or reinforced behaviour and can affect both mental and physical health. Related Journals of Health Psychology.

Peer review in health sciences. | Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health

Learning Memory and Cognition, Abnormal and behavioural psychology, Applied and rehabilitation psychology: In public health rather than considering the health of the individual we will consider the health of the entire community or certain population. It mainly focus on preventing infectious disease , removing contaminants from food and drinking water, reducing pollutions, by public health policies for example administering vaccines for various diseases etc since they can affect the entire community. Related Journals of Public Health. Health professionals are people whose area of expertise is of human health.

Health Care people have strong knowledge in various illness that are caused by pathogen, genetic, pollution, physical damage, etc. They also have knowledge on how to diagnose and treat such illness. These people include doctors, nurses, pharmacist, etc. Related Journals of Health Professional. The main focus of health education is to make the community people aware about the prevalent disease and its preventive methods or educating individual people about their illness and helping them to take care of their health.

The health education mainly involves computerized graphical video that helps people to understand better about their sickness and its preventive measures. Related Journals of Health Education. Health outcome is the process of measuring how well a person responded to a treatment. It helps to better understand the efficiency of the treatment.

What is Peer Review?

While measuring the health outcome we will consider things like how well the person is after certain treatment and we will prefer treatment that has no or at least less side effect from treatment. Related Journals of Health Outcomes. Health communications is the process of educating people about health education. Since different group of people have different health need s we have to alter the health education to suit the need of each people.

Peer Review in Health Sciences.

The health communication hence plays a major role in improving public health. Related Journals of Health Communication. Health Facilities are places that are equipped with resources that can provide meet the demands of different patients. The health facility include clinics, hospitals, psychiatric centers, labs etc. The health facilities are equipped with equipment that are necessary to diagnose and treat disease.

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  6. These facilities can be general or specialized. Related Journals of Health Facilities. Health nutrition is about the intake of food that could improve the health. Different set of nutrition are required for various people.

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    The careful choice of food nutritious food that improves the body metabolism helps to improve the health. Related Journals of Health Nutrition. Clinical and Health psychology deals with the understanding the changes in individual psychology and behaviour during various situations like health and illness.

    Health Management

    Social Care is the provision given to the people who unable to meet their daily needs due to illness, old age, poverty, orphan children etc. Related Journals of Social Care. The skin is the outer most covering of human. It is the largest organ in our body. It helps to separate the internal organs from the environment. It also plays a major role in regulating the body temperature. Skin health concerns with incorporating effect strategies to protect the skin. Related Journals of Skin Health. Sleeping is the process in which the brain enters an altered state of consciousness.

    During sleep the person becomes less responsive to the surrounding. Any defects in this process may cause sleep problem. Sleep health deals with maintaining all these process. Related Journals of Sleep Health. International health is the sub set of health care that deals with maintaining the proper health of the entire world population. It concerns with people who travels from one part of the country to other who could be the carrier of disease.

    International health helps people who are travelling to different parts by administering necessary vaccines. Related Journals of International Health.