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They recognize the obscene profit that can be made in the expanding black market in body parts," says Jonathan Ratel , Pristina, Kosovo-based prosecutor who has been investigating organ trafficking over the past two years. Organ gangs force poor to sell kidneys to Israelis. RTL , a mineral exploration company, has chosen BMO Capital Markets as lead agent for a marketed private placement of subscription receipts of the company.

Every country has common ground," said Sarah Ratel , one of the spacecampers attending the event.

Some 20 foreign nationals "were recruited with false promises of payments" in , Jonathan Ratel , the EU prosecutor wrote in the document. Kosovo 'organ trafficking' exposed. Australian Market Report of June 2, Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem.

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Return to Book Page. Preview — The Emissary by Justine Oliver. Liesl Du Toit Translator. As a qualified psychologist, many police departments around the globe depend on her input with cases that seem unsolvable. In this novel, she is asked by the South African Intelligence Buro to assist in the case of a serial killer, but will she survive this intense investigation? The man who had murdered many innocent young girls is not her only problem, there is also the case of the mole in the Buro.

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Mia will need all the help of her friends in the Buro to cope with these extreme circumstances. The vehicle mostly operates from the rear to supply indirect fire through shoot and scoot tactics. The ZT-3 is a dedicated anti-armor, support and reconnaissance vehicle and is equipped with a state of the art mm anti-tank missile system.

Due to international sanctions, the SADF had no anti-tank missile which could effectively deal with modern main battle tanks. The South Africans produced the Ingwe Leopard missile and launch system, which was developed to breach the said gap. This was the first truly modern anti-tank system in the South African military inventory which could engage and destroy modern military main battle tanks. The Ingwe has a m standoff range and makes use of laser beam riding.

It mounts a tandem warhead to counter explosive reactive armor. The missile system is mounted on a modified Ratel 60 turret and, unlike most dedicated AT platforms, carries three missiles instead of the standard two.

A total of 12 missiles are carried inside the hull for manual reloading. The Ratel ZT-3 made its combat debut while still in preproduction, in September as part of Operation Moduler, when four ZT-3 vehicles were assigned to 32 Battalion. One of the ZT-3 vehicles destroyed three Soviet tanks at m in a space of 10 minutes.

The Emissary (Die Ratel Book 1)

A sound bite of this engagement can be listened to by clicking here. Since its introduction in and subsequent evolution variants, the Ratel family of vehicles has formed the backbone of all mechanized operations by the former SADF during the South African Border War. Various United Nations peacekeeping forces make use of the Ratel in conflict zones. The Ratel was the first true wheeled ICV to enter military service anywhere in the world and for its time, was one of the best ICVs anywhere.

It is regarded by most military analysts as the grandfather of all subsequent ICV designs. The Ratel was much more than a weapon. The combination of firepower, mobility, armor protection and flexibility in its application allowed the vehicle itself to be an integrated combat system. The Ratel has left a legacy of year service which few other military vehicles can overshadow. The Ratel is in its final operation service stretch. Was trained technicaly on the ratel at that stage one of the best. This was in june. Great article back to the basics of military armour.

A visual trace back into the past. Thanks for the great insight. What is the difference between Ratel and the Belgian Sibmas? As you noted only Malaysia bought it. The Sibmas has a more powerful engine and is somewhat lighter giving it more hpt. The Sibmas is amphibious making it ideal for the wet environment of South East Asia whereas the Ratel floats like a brick.

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The Ratel ZT-3 only carries 12 missiles at a time, three of which will be loaded into the launcher and not 15 missiles as this article implies. Also it is not used in the reconnaissance role. That role is carried out by other systems such as the other Ratel variants, Rooikat and Rooivalk. I have forwarded your comment to the author of this article and he will look into it.

Thanks for the input! He is 89 years old now. He now lives in England.

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He has Just dug out his first drawings of the Ratel which he did at his home in Kempton Park. He designed the initial concept of the rocket system on the turret mounted on the Ratel. Early copies of his work are returning with me to South Africa to be displayed at the Mechanized military museum in Bloemfontein.

Very glad to hear they will find a place in the museum. If you have copies, please forward them to me so I can add them to the article.

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Ratel 20 The Ratel 20 carries three crew members and can accommodate anywhere from eight to eleven mounted infantry mission dependent. Ratel 20 — Crew taking a break during training — With permission from Stephen van Aardt Ratel Dewald Venter Ratel 90 The Ratel 90 is based on the Ratel 20, but mounts a turret with a low velocity 90 mm gun, all identical to the Eland 90 which it replaced.

Ratel ZT-3 The ZT-3 is a dedicated anti-armor, support and reconnaissance vehicle and is equipped with a state of the art mm anti-tank missile system.


Conclusion The Ratel was the first true wheeled ICV to enter military service anywhere in the world and for its time, was one of the best ICVs anywhere. January 5, at 1: