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However, in the year , the three witches were hung for being found guilty of the killing of a child, Emily, and the disappearance of her older brother, Thackery, who unknown to muggles, was actually turned into a black cat by the Sandersons' when he was caught in trying to free Emily. Their house has been turned into a museum in Salem, Massachusetts, but was closed due to spooky things happening there every year on Halloween. Hermione looked up from the book and walked over to Mr. Upon her approach, he impatiently remarked, "Hermes?

I already told you that you could look in the Restricted Section. The were hung in Salem Massachusetts in for the death of Emily Binx and the disappearance of her brother, Thackery. Shuffling some papers, Professor Binns nonchalantly remarked, "Oh, those three. Yes, I suppose if you want, you can research them, but you want to go all the way to Salem, Massachusetts for this project?

A Magical Encounter Chapter 1, a Harry Potter + Hocus Pocus Crossover fanfic | FanFiction

I want to find out more about these Sanderson Sisters. Do you know how to apparate?

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So I have always wanted to write a fanfic about the 'Harry Potter' universe and I thought; what better time than Halloween? So I've decided to write a short crossover between 'Harry Potter' and 'Hocus Pocus', I mean, they even have the same initials so it must be fate. Anyways, I hope everyone who took the time to check this story out enjoyed! Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community.

For a project in A History of Magic, the seventh years are sent out into the world to research a magical being of their choice. Hermione decides to research the Sanderson sisters and apparates to Salem to research the sisters. When Hermione arrives to the ruins of the Sanderson house and finds the candle, does she decide to light it or heed its warning? Read to find out! A History of Magic Assignment Disclaimer: I wanted to ask if I could do the Sanderson Sisters for my project.

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The books stirs, but Dani clutches it tighter against her chest, refusing to let it go. Not to be dissuaded, Winnie looks down at Dani and hisses, "Very well. Have it thine way, then. Suddenly the earth begins to shift and rumble. The three kids rush backwards, tripping over their own feet as a hand shoots out of the earth. The hand is soon followed by a body as a zombie emerges from the grave. Get out of that ditch. Billy almost catches up with them, but Max knocks Billy's head off with a tree branch before following the two girls.

As the headless body of Billy attempts to find his head, Winnie lets loose several bitter anathemas. Billy, which way did they go?

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We'll be ready for them. Winnie orders, fluffing her collar, not to be deterred by one little mishap. Billy just looks at her, partially in incomprehension, partially in defiance. Get moving down that hole! Billy waves his hands before finally ambling after the children. The sisters land and stand just outside the gate leading into the cemetery. I know they're here. But, where are they? Sniff them out, Mary. They've gone too far.

Winnie grabs a hold of Mary's ear and screams at her, "I'll have your guts for garters girl. Very well, we must remain patient. When Billy the Butcher gets here with my book we shall be ready. We must start collecting children. Winnie whirled around to face her sister and snapped, "Because, you great buffoon. We want to live forever, not just until tomorrow.

The more children's lives we snatch, the longer we shall live. They move to retrieve their brooms from where they had placed them earlier, but Mary stops them. Sisters, I have an idea. Since this promises to be a most dire and stressful evening I suggest we form a calming circle.

Hermione, still in the air, sniggers at this. Rolling her eyes, Winnie holds her hands out to her sisters. They all turn so that they form a circle and then lower their heads. The sisters are walking slowly in a circle with their arms around each other. All three yell in fright and jump back in surprise. Hermione quickly lands on the ground and puts her broom back in her bag as the driver opens the door and looks at them.

Hermione rolled her eyes as the driver replied informatively, "To convey gorgeous creatures such as yourselves to your most forbidden desires. The driver laughs eagerly and says, "Well that may take me a couple of tries, but I don't think that'll be a problem. She then quickly goes to get her broom. You girls are giving me a fever. A few seconds later, Sarah sat in the driver's lap and began steering the bus.

Sarah smiled hugely in response before rapidly hitting the horn. Hermione stands up, eager to leave. Sarah hops off the driver's lap. You want my route schedule? The sisters exit the bus and look around at all the kids running around in costumes. As they stand there a little girl dressed as an angel comes up to them and gives a curtsy.