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After a feisty first meeting, Fin agrees to the challenge but first allows her time to get used to him. And when Fin barely bests her in the challenge, the entire village is convinced that Fin is a worthy match for Maggie. Four years later, King James issues a call to arms to fight the British. Fingal answers the call and is gravely wounded in battle. Suffering from partial memory loss, Fingal recuperates at the home of an elderly British woman.

On his journey back to Scotland, he is detoured into an adulterous encounter with two sex-starved sisters. The feisty Maggie and sensible Fingal complement each other well. His patient pursuit of her is admirable and when he finally claims Maggie as his wife, the pages ignite with sensuality in typical Bertrice Small-style. The story is tedious at times as Small explains the history of Scotland, most of which is complicated and irrelevant to the plot.

Although Fingal does not recall having a wife and three children, the gratuitous sex scene contradicts Fingal as a man of restraint and defiles the love story. Jun 29, Amanda rated it really liked it Shelves: This was a pleasant change from the other books in this series. I love Small's books, but I don't like that in many of her books, a main character dies. No one important died in this book. It didn't add anything to the story except a way to include more sex. I don't have a problem with sex as long as there's some reason for it to be there.

Basically, the author just had Fin commit adultery, with not one, but two whores, w This was a pleasant change from the other books in this series. Basically, the author just had Fin commit adultery, with not one, but two whores, who could have given him any number of diseases to take back to his wife. Adultery in a romance novel is bad enough, but this was adultery with absolutely no point.

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That's why I gave this book 4 stars instead of 5. Jan 05, S rated it liked it. A lot more Scottish history than I thought it would have, based on the back cover. Still, I liked Maggie even though she was a bit much at times, but hey, she was only 17 or thereabouts at the beginning of the book. Fingal's return to Maggie, after losing his memory and nearly his life, was a bit too Odyssey-esque, complete with lots of sex with strange women in his case, two lusty sisters with whom he had to stay for a few days, and have sex with them, as price of his passage.


Meanwhile, Magg A lot more Scottish history than I thought it would have, based on the back cover. Meanwhile, Maggie had to fend off unwanted suitors not unlike Penelope. Still, they did come together in the end, of course. I liked the cover on which the model portraying Maggie looked like Liv Tyler.

May 29, Carol rated it liked it. Not your typical huistorical romance, it doesn't end once the hero and heroine decide they are in love with an epilogue about their first born.

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This book continues well into their happy marriage and the border wars between Scotland and England. This is not a period I am overly familar with and I appreciate the autthor sprinkling in the historical facts as needed and not turning it into a history book. May 17, Marian rated it it was amazing Shelves: Beatrice Small was one of my first favorite romance authors but I had stopped reading historical romances.

This reminded me of how much I enjoyed reading her books. Jun 04, TinaMarie rated it really liked it. Border Scott story in the time of King James the V. Sep 04, Phylisha Stone rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Anyone who loves Scottish historicals. An excellcent read and a educational read as well. I am looking forward to reading all the Border chronicle Series.

Sep 12, Wildwhuck rated it did not like it Shelves: A 1 Yet another page turner. I am never disappointed with the historical romance novels of Beatrice Small. They are highly enjoyable and hard to put down. Jan 29, Kristen added it. Feb 24, Regan Walker rated it really liked it Shelves: I would rank it not as good as the first, second and fourth but better than the third see list below. I have found all of them worthy reads but for reasons stated in my review, I did not recommend the Captive Heart. Since the books are stand alones, you can read some and not all but I do recommend beginning with the first two.

Border Chronicles Series

Small has a very different style and tells very complex historical stories, which I don't have to tell you if you are already a fan, but if you are not, you should be prepared for a very different historical romance. This series, while not connected in time or people in all cases, is tied to a place. It tells the stories of men and women living in Scotland in the 15th and 16th centuries along the border with England, a fascinating place. Each tale includes a deep historical background of the times, including the Scottish royalty. There are long narratives, detailed descriptions of the meals served, repeated scenes told through different characters' eyes, "head hopping" from one character's perspective to another in rapid succession, and a well woven tapestry of events, all of which lead to captivating stories in my opinion.

You have to adjust your expectations, however, as the happy ending may not be with the hero you expected. While I find Small's stories realistic for the time and quite absorbing, there are disturbing elements in some you might not like: The world has always included these and the border of Scotland at the time no doubt did, but if you prefer light romance this likely isn't the author for you. In this installment, we are introduced to a 17 year old girl who is the last of her line of Kerrs who rule the Scottish side of the great toll road, Aisir nam Breug which in English means "the false passage".

Raised like a boy she can run, ride and fight better than any man they call her Mad Maggie Kerr. Since she was 14, Maggie has governed the passage with expert hands and all her people respect her. When her grandsire decides she must marry to produce an heir, she agrees but sets as a test that the man must be able to out run, out ride and out fight her so she can respect him.

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Only one man tries, Ewan Hay, and he fails miserably to become a bitter, twisted man. When he goes to King James to complain, the King, who takes an instant dislike to him, send his cousin, Fingal Stewart to wed the lass. Fingal is a noble man of great depth of character who recognizes Maggie for the prize she is. They are wed by contract but before Maggie will allow him in her bed he must pass the test. Like any Small romance, that is merely the beginning. Maggie, who would prefer to be free and to lead her people, must come to terms with being a wife and mother and the limitations those roles impose upon her.

Fingal must meet the competing responsibilities of serving his king and being lord of the manor and ruler of the road.

The Border Vixen: Border Chronicles Book 5 by Bertrice Small - Penguin Books Australia

And much happens to block their happiness at finding love. The book spans several years in the lives of Maggie and Fingal and they are separated for a time that challenges them both. I do recommend this one. So you have the whole Border Chronicles series, here it is in order: Aware of the covetous interest in his land, the laird of Brae Aisir announces that any man who can outrun, outride, and outfight his headstrong granddaughter "Mad Maggie" will have her as a wife - along with her inheritance. His proposition causes more chaos than resolution, especially when King James II sends his cousin Fingal Stewart to compete for Maggie's hand.

The competition brings out the fire in both of them, and it doesn't take long for the rivals to become lovers. But there are those w Aware of the covetous interest in his land, the laird of Brae Aisir announces that any man who can outrun, outride, and outfight his headstrong granddaughter "Mad Maggie" will have her as a wife - along with her inheritance. But there are those who will do anything to gain control of Maggie's inheritance - even if it means getting rid of Fingal Stewart and his border vixen. I particularly liked this fifth installment of Bertrice Small's Border Series: I love the heroine, Mad Maggie.

I like my heroines to be strong and Maggie fits the bill in spades.

She is tough enough to play just as hard as the boys. She is also a woman ahead of her time and strong enough to survive without a man. So when her farther indulges Maggie and has a competition for her hand, he is really smart. Love The Border Vixen: Border Chronicles Book 5? Subscribe to Read More to find out about similar books. Sign up to our newsletter using your email. When he unexpectedly dies, she flees over the border into Scotland, and into the mercy of a brooding laird.

If she can warm his cold heart, it might provide the everlasting love of her dreams! The cost for her urgent plea: But the price to be paid for two strangers thrown together by fate is higher than imagined. And more dangerous than the passion—and betrayal—that could consume them. Adair Radcliffe is only a child when her family perishes in the War of the Roses, so her real father, the womanizing King Edward IV, takes her in, honoring his promise to her mother. Once Adair turns sixteen, the king marries her off without her knowledge — and to her later outrage — in a wedding by proxy.

But when tragedy leaves her a widow twice over, Adair realizes that her already tenuous social position has sunk even lower. Now, all she can do is hope that the Scottish laird to whom she is sold will have mercy on her.