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Fifteen of them appear, sometimes with variants, in his three organ books: The organ verses, which are relatively short, alternate with the sung verses.

The manuscript contains six Masses, eleven Magnificats sung at vespers, nine other suites of pieces which could be used as Magnificats, three Te Deums and a Pange lingua. There are also three series of the same type of piece: Almost all lateth- and earlyth-century French organ music forms are represented: One finds several scattered verses of plainchant throughout the manuscript, but among the organ pieces, only the Pange lingua and certain verses of the Messe double are actually based on plainchant.

The other organ pieces, although they remain within the confines of the eight church modes, find their inspiration in dance movements and vocal forms, as is the case with all French organ music of that period.

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In France, small parish or convent organs were equipped with divided stops all or in part , making it possible to obtain one sound colour on half of the keyboard and play the accompaniment on the other half. From to he was organist at Saint-Pierre de Montmartre, then started teaching organ at the Nice Conservatory.

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  7. In , he became the holder of the organ of the church Saint-Jean-Baptiste in Nice. From to , he was the director of Ajaccio Conservatory.

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    He is one of the few French organists with a deep interest for the Italian organ and its music; noteworthy on this, some of his first recordings were done at the organ of Bastia and Brescia Frescobaldi, With his recording in Tende , he revived interest on curious 19th century musical instruments. His Buxtehude's complete work recordings [ Part I lists the original recordings and re-edited material containing tracks not previously released.

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    A Bio-bibliographical Index of Busch; pages, ed. Butz, Bonn Germany , Jean Langlais by Xavier Darasse. This book offers to lovers of French organ music details of these composers' lives and times and of their styles and techniques.

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