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Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. How to Bring Them to Christ by R. Torrey, who won thousands to the Lord, takes you step-by-step through receiving the power to witness and dealing with indifferent and skeptical people. Paperback , pages. Published July 1st by Whitaker Distribution first published To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about How to Bring Them to Christ , please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about How to Bring Them to Christ. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. A practical book that gives different passages and approaches of using the Bible to lead people to Christ. Fundamentally sound, thought the final chapter entitled, "The Baptism of the Holy Spirit" seems to be Torrey's heretical soap box that doesn't belong in this book. Still the book is useful, especially when it reminds the reader that he can use his own Biblically based soap box of one verse for each situation, rather than have seemingly countless verses memorized.

I felt like I should have rated this book higher because it is designed to help people witness, but truthfully, witnessing is best learned with a partner as you go out and tell people about Jesus. This book is good and will give you pointers for certain situations, but witnessing is learned best by doing.

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Feb 20, Gary B rated it really liked it Shelves: A helpful book that outlines approaches and Bible verses to use for 'personal' work personal evangelism for people in different circumstances and situations. I haven't finished the book but have read the sections relevant to the situation I was facing.

How to bring men to Christ by R. A. Torrey

Aug 30, Stephen Neal rated it it was amazing. One of the best books I have read on personal evangelism. The book is thoroughly scriptural with hundreds of references. Though it is an old book, it is written in a very simple manner. Nate H rated it really liked it May 08, Brian Mccumsey rated it really liked it Aug 08, Michelle rated it it was ok Feb 06, You can get down and at least pray, 'O my God, if there be a God, teach me thy will and I will do it.

Show me whether Jesus is thy son or not. If you show that he is, I will accept Him as my Saviour and confess Him before the world.

Chapter 6 How to Bring Men to Christ by R. A. Torrey - Dealing with Those Who Entertain False Hopes

If the man will follow this rational course, it will re- sult in every case in the skeptic coming out into the clear light of faith in the Bible, as the word of God, and Jesus Christ as the Son of God. If the man is not an honest skeptic, this course of treatment will reveal the fact and then you can show him that the difficulty is not with his skepticism but with his rebel- lious heart. If the man says that he does not know whether there is an absolute difference be- tween right and wrong, then you can set it down at once that he is bad and turn upon him kindly and earnestly and say to him, "My friend, there is something wrong in your life; no man that is living right doubts that there is a difference between right and wrong.

Now you probably know what is wrong and the trouble is not with your skep- ticism, but with you, sin. I asked him what his trouble was. He replied that he did not know that there was any difference between right and wrong. Give up that sin and your skep- ticism will take care of itself. Those who doubt the existence of God. The passages under 1 and 2 can also be used with this class and generally it is wise to use them before those given under this head.

There are however, three passages that are often times effective with this specific class of skeptics. Sometimes, however, it is wise to dwell a little upon it. Call the man's attention to the fact that it is "in his heart" that the fool says "there is no God. You can add that the folly of saying in one's heart that there is no God is seen in two points; first, there is a God and it is folly to say there is not one, and second, the doctrine that there is not a God always brings misery and wretchedness. Put it right to the man, and ask him if he ever knew a happy atheist.

I, 2, Romans i: Those who doubt that the Bible is the word of God.

How to Bring Them to Christ

Along the same line John xiv: Before using this last passage you can say, "You doubt, do you, that the Bible is the Word of God? Now let us see what God says about those that believe not His testimony;" then turn them to the passage and have them read it. Those who doubt a future existence. Those who doubt the doctrine of future punishment, or the conscious, endless suffer- ing of the lost. It shows that the wicked go to the same place with the Beast and False Prophet and the Devil men- tioned in Rev. It is best as a rule before taking up specific difficulties to deal with the inquirer with the passage under the head of "skeptics who are triflers," or those under "Serious minded skeptics.

Those who complain of god. Many that you wish to lead to Christ will say something to the effect that God is un- just and cruel, Job. It might be well to preface the reading of the passages with some remark like this; "Do you know of how enormous a sin you are guilty in accusing God of being unjust and cruel?

Let me read what God says about it in His Word. This passage meets this complaint by showing that God has no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but desires their welfare and that the wicked bring damnation upon themselves by their stubborn refusal to repent. Those who complain of the bible. Man will often times say, "The Bible is con- tradictory and absurcl;" or "the Bible seems foolish to me. Sometimes the best thing to do with a man who says the Bible is full of contradictions, is to hand him your Bible and ask him to show you one.

In most cases he will not attempt to do it; as people who complain about the Bible, as a rule know nothing about its contents. One day a man was brought to me to deal with and when I asked him why he was not a Christian he replied, "The Bible is full of contradic- tions. I said, "You are not looking in the right part of the Bible for Psalms. Let me find it for you. After fumbling around he said, "I could find it, if I had my own Bible here.

The appointed hour came, but he did not. In nine cases out of ten, men who say this, know nothing about the Bible, and when you ask them to show you a contradic- tion in the Bible they are filled with confu- sion. Those who complain of God's way of Salvation. A great many men will say, "I do not see why God could not save men in some other way than by the death of His son.

I have used Romans ix: A young student said to me one night, when I asked why he was not a Christian, that he did not see why it was nec- essary for Christ to die for him; why God did not save him in some other way. I opened my Bible and read to him Romans ix: When any one is led to see this, God's way of salvation will approve itself as just the thing.

Those who complain of Christians. Very frequently when we try to persuade men to accept Christ as their Saviour, they reply; "There are too many hypocrites in church. Sometimes the in- quirer will complain of the way Christian people have treated him. In such a case turn the attention of the inquirer from the way in which Christian people have treated him to the way in which God has treated him.

Then ask him if the fact that Chris- tians have treated him badly is any excuse foi his treatment of a Heavenly Father who has treated him so well. One night turning to an aged man I asked him if he was a Christian. He replied that he was not, that he was a back-slider. I asked him why he back-slid. He replied that Christian people had treated him badly. I opened my Bible and read Jer. Did God not use you well. There are several classes of those who wish to put off a decision. One of the largest is composed of those who say U I want to wait, 11 or "Not to-night.

The inquirer hav- ing read the passage, ask him when it is that he is to seek the Lord, and when he answers "While he may be found," ask him when that is and then drive it home. Ask him if he is sure that he can find Him to-morrow if he does not seek Him to-day. Or you can use Prov. It is well after he has read this verse to ask the one with whom you are dealing what becomes of the one who "being often reproved hardeneth his neck" and when he answers "He shall be destroyed," ask him how he shall be destroyed, and when he an- swers "Suddenly," ask him if he is willing to run the risk.

Or you can use Matt, xxv: Then ask him what happened after those who were ready went in. Then put it to him, "Are you willing to be on the out -side? Ask the inquirer for how long a time this man thought he had made provision. An excel- lent way to use this verse is by asking the per- son whether he would be willing to wait a year and not have an opportunity under any circumstances, no matter what came up, of accepting Christ.

When he answers, "No, I might die within a year," ask him if he would be willing to wait a month. Then bring it down to a week and finally to a day, and ask him if he would like God and the Holy Spirit and all Christians to leave him alone for a day and he not have an opportunity, under any circumstances of accepting Christ? Almost any thoughtful person will say, "No. Chalmers was the first one to use this method and it has been followed by many others with great success.

Then turn to n Cor. Those who say "I am too young" or "I want to wait until I am older. In dealing with those under "i" above, it is best to use only one passage and drive that home by constant repetiton. One night I was dealing with a man who was quite interested but who kept sayng "I cannot decide to- night. To every answer he made I would come back to this passage.

I must have repeated it a great many times in the course of the talk until the man was made to feel not only his need of Christ but the danger of delaying and the necessity of a prompt decision. He tried to get away from the passage but I held him to this one point. The passage lingered with him and it was emphasized by the providence of God; for that very night he was assaulted and quite seriously injured, and he came the next night with his head bandaged and accepted Christ. The pounding which he received from his as- sailant would probably have done him little good if the text of scripture had not been pounded into his mind.

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There are several varieties of the Will- ful. There are those for example who say U I do not wish you to talk to me. Then there are those who say " I cannot for- give. There are a great many people who are kept from Christ by an unforgiving spirit. I rea- soned a long time once with an inquirer who was under deep conviction, but was held back from accepting Christ by a hatred in her heart toward some one who had wronged her.

She kept insisting that she could not forgive. Finally I said, "let us get down and tell God about this matter. To this she consented and scarcely had we knelt when she burst into a flood of tears, and the difficulty was removed and she accepted Christ immediately. There are those again who say U I love the world too mucky Mark viii: There are those who say U I cannot acknowl- edge a wrong that I have done.

Others will say U I do not want to make a public confession. Mark viii , Jno. There are those who say U 'I want to have my own way. This verse has been to the conviction of a great many. Under this head come the Roman Catholics. A good way to deal with a Roman Catholic is to show him the necessity of the new birth and what the new birth is.

What the new birth is, is shown in Ezek xxxvi: Many Roman Catholics understand the new birth to mean baptism, but it can be easily shown them that the language used does not fit baptism. Further than this, in 1 Cor. If the new birth meant baptism he must have baptized them, but in 1 Cor. The next question that will arise is "How to be born again. What repentance is, will be shown by Is. Still another way of dealing with Roman Catholics is by showing them that it is the believer's privilege to know that he has eternal life. Ro- man Catholics almost always lack assurance.

They do not know that they are forgiven, but hope to be forgiven some day. If you can show them that we may know that we are forgiven and that we have eternal life, it will awaken in a great many of them a desire for this assurance. Good texts for this purpose are Johnv. These texts, except- ing the one in 1 Peter ii: Still another way of dealing with a Roman Catholic is to use the same method that you would in dealing with an impenitent sinner — that is to awaken a sense that he is a sinner and needs Christ.

For this purpose use Matt. Many people think that there is no use of talking with Roman Catholics, that they can- not be brought to Christ. This is a great mis- take. Many of them are longing for some- thing they do not find in the Roman Catholic church, and, if you can show them from the word of God how to find it, they come along very easily and they make very earnest Chris- tians.

Do not attack the Roman Catholic church. Often times our attacks only expose our ignorance. There is one point at which we always have the advantage in dealing with a Roman Catho- lic; that is that there is peace and power in Christianity as we know it that there is not in Christianity as they know it, and they ap- preciate the difference.

The best way to deal with a Jew is to show him that his own Bible points to Christ. The most helpful passages to use are Is. There are also useful passages in the New Testament; the whole book of Hebrews, especially the ninth and tenth chapters and the seventh chapter, 25th to 28th verses, and the whole Gospel of Matthew. A great many Jews to-day are inquiring into the claims of Jesus of Nazareth, and are open to approach upon this subject.

The great difficulty in the way of the Jew coming out as a Christian is the terrific perse- cution which he must endure if he does. This difficulty can be met by the passages already given under the head of "Those Who are Afraid of Persecution. In dealing with all classes of deluded peo- ple it is well to begin by using Jno. There is no hope of bringing a man out of his delusion, unless he desires to know the truth.

There are a few general suggestions to be made that will prove helpful to the worker. As a rule choose persons to deal with of your own sex and about your own age. There are exceptions to this rule. One should be always looking to the Holy Spirit for his guidance as to whom to approach, and He may lead us to one of the opposite sex, but unless there is clear guidance in the matter, it is quite commonly agreed among those who have had large experience in Christian work that men do, on the whole, most satisfactory work with men, and women with women.

Especially is this true of the young. Many unfortunate complications oftentimes arise when young men try to lead young women to Christ or vice versa. Of course, an elderly motherly woman may do excellent work with a young man or boy, and an elderly, fatherly man may do good work with a young woman or girl.

Whenever it is possible, get the person with whom you are dealing alone. No one likes to open his heart freely to another on this most personal and sacred of all subjects when there are others present. Many will from pride defend themselves in a false po- sition when several are present, who would fully admit their error or sin or need, if they were alone with you.

As a rule it is far bet- ter for a single worker to deal with a single unconverted person, than for several workers to deal with a single inquirer or for a single worker to deal with several inquirers at once. If you have several to deal with take them one by one. Workers often find that when they have made no headway while talking to several at once, by taking individuals off by them- selves they soon succeed in leading them one by one to Christ.

Let your reliance be wholly in the Spirit of God and the Word of God. Ichabod Spencer once in dealing with a young man who had many diffi- culties kept continually quoting the passage "now is the accepted time, behold now is the day of salvation. Spencer on to something else, but over and over again he rang out the words.

The next day the young man returned rejoicing in Christ and thanking the doctor that he had "hammered" him with that text. The words kept ringing in his ears during the night and he could not rest until he had settled the mat- ter by accepting Christ. It is a good thing when a person can point to some definite verse in the word of God and say "I know on the authority of that verse that my sins are for- given and I am a child of God. Always hold the person with whom you are dealing to the main point of accepting Christ. If he wishes to discuss the claims of various denominations, or the question of bap- tism, or theories of future punishment or any other question other than the central one of his need of a Saviour and Christ the Saviour he needs; tell him that those questions are prop- er to take up in their right place and time, but the time to settle them is after he has settled the first and fundamental question of accepting or rejecting Christ.

Many a case has been lost by an inexperienced worker allowing himself to be involved in a discussion of some side issue which it is utter folly to discuss with an unregenerated person. Many well-meaning but indiscreet Christians by their rudeness and im- pertinence repel those whom they would win to Christ.

It is quite possible to be at once perfectly frank and perfectly courteous. You can point out to men their awful sin and need without insulting them. Your words may be very searching, while your manner is very gentle and winning. Indeed, the more gentle and winning our manner is, the deeper our words will go, for they will not stir up the opposition of those with whom we deal.

Be dead in earnest. Only the earnest man can make the unsaved man feel the truth of God's word. It is well to let the passages that we would use with others first sink into our own souls. I know of a very successful worker who for a long time used the one pass- age, "prepare to meet thy God," with every one with whom she dealt, but that passage had taken such complete possession of her heart and mind that she used it with tremendous effect.

A few passages that have mastered us are better than many passages that we have mastered from some text book. The reader of this book is advised to pon- der, upon his knees, such of the passages sug- gested in it as he decides to use until he himself feels their power. We read of Paul that he "ceased not to warn every one night and day, with tears. Some persons are purposely exasperating, but even such may be won, by patience, forbearance and gentleness. They certainly cannot be won if you lose your temper. Nothing delights them more, or gives them more comfort in their sins.

The more extremely irritating they are in their words and actions the more impressed they will be if you return insults with kind- ness. Often times the one who has been most insufferable will come back in penitence. One of the most insulting men I ever met afterwards became one of the most patient, persistent and effective of workers. Never have a heated argument with one whom you would lead to Christ. This always comes from the flesh and not from the spirit. It arises from pride and unwillingness to let the other person get the best of you in argument.

If the one with whom you are talking has mistaken notions that must be removed before they can be led to Christ quietly and pleasantly show them their error. If the error is not essential refuse to dicuss it and hold the person to the main question. Never interrupt any one else who is dealing with a soul.

Many an unskilled worker has had some one at the very point of decision when some meddler has broken in and upset the whole work. On the other hand, do not let others, if you can help it, interrupt you. Just a litle word plainly but courteously spoken will usually prevent it.

Dont be in a hurry. One of the great faults of Christian work to-day is haste. We are too anxious for immediate results and so do superficial work. It is very noticeable how many of those with whom Christ dealt came out slowly.

See a Problem?

Nicodemus, Joseph, Peter and even Paul — though the final step in his case seems very sudden — are cases in point. It was three days even after the personal ap- pearance of Jesus to Paul on the way to Da- mascus before the latter came out into the light and openly confessed Christ. One man with whom slow but thorough work has been done, and who at last has been brought out clearly for Christ, is better than a dozen with whom hasty work has been done, who think they have accepted Christ when in reality they have not.

The seed on rocky ground springs up quickly but withers as quickly. Whenever it is possible and wise, get the person with whom you are dealing on his knees before God. It is wonderful how many difficulties disappear in prayer, and how readily stubborn people yield when they are brought into the very presence of God himself. I re- member talking with a young woman, in an in- quiry room, for perhapst wo hours and making no apparent headway; but, when at last we knelt in prayer, in less than five minutes she was rejoicing in her Saviour. If you have been at a loss as to what scripture to use, study that portion of this book that describes the different classes we meet and how to deal with them and see where this case belongs and how you ought to have treated it.

Then go back if you can and try again. In any case you will be better prepared next time. The greatest success in this work comes through many apparent defeats. It will be well to frequently study these hints and suggestions to see if your fail- ures come through neglect of them. The following are points that should be always insisted upon, a. Confess Christ with the mouth before men every op- portunity you get. Be baptized and partake regularly of the Lord's supper, d. Acts ii ; Luke xxii: Study the Word of God daily. Pray daily, often and in every time of temptation. Put away out of your life every sin, even the smallest, and everything you have doubts about, and obey every word of Christ 1 Jno.

Seek the society of Christians. Go to work for Christ. When you fall into sin don't be discouraged, but confess it at once, believe it is forgiven because God says so and get up and go on. It would be well to give these in- structions in some permanent form to the one whom you have led to Christ. You can write them out or get a little tract called the "Chris- tian Life Card" published by Jno. This ontains them and some other matter. When you have led any one to Christ, follow him up and help him in the develop- ment of his Christian life.

Many are led to Christ and then neglected and get on very poorly. This is a great mistake. The work of following up those who are converted is as important as the work of leading them to Christ, and as a rule no one can do it so well as the person whom God used in their conver- sion. There is one condition of success in bring- ing men to Christ that is of such cardinal im- portance, and so little understood, that it de- mands a separate chapter.

I refer to the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. In Acts i5 ; Luke xxiv. This experience we shall see as we proceed in the study of this subject is an absolutely nec- essary condition of acceptable and effective service for Christ. What is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit? It is a definite and distinct operation of tJie Holy Spirit of which one may knozv whether it has been wrought in him or not. This appears from Acts i. It appears also from Acts viii; The same thing is shown by Acts xix. One may then be re- generated by the Holy Spirit without being baptized with the Holy Spirit.

Such an one is saved but he is not yet 'fitted for service. Every believer has the Holy Spirit, Rom. We shall see very soon that every believer may have the baptism of the Holy Spirit 3. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is al- ways connected with testimony or service, see 1 Cor. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit has no direct reference to cleansing from sin. This is an important point to bear in mind for many reasons. There is a line of teach- ing on this subject that leads men to expect that if they receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, the old carnal nature will be eradicated.

There is not a line of scripture to support this position. As said above, and as any one can learn for himself if he will examine all the passages in which the baptism of the Holy Spirit is mentioned, it is always connected with testimony and service. It is indeed ac- companied with a great moral and spiritual up- lifting and pre-supposes,as we shall see, an en- tire surrender of the will to Christ, but its pri- mary and immediate purpose is fitting for ser- vice.

Let us look first at the passage that goes most into detail on this subject, 1 Cor. We see at once that the manifes- tations or results of the baptism of the Holy Spirit are not precisely the same in all per- sons. For example, the baptism of the Holy Spirit will not make every one who receives it a successful evangelist or teacher. Some quite different gift may be imparted. This fact is often overlooked and much disap- pointment and doubt are the result.

The manifestations or results vary with the lines of service to which God has called different individuals. One receives the gift of an evan- gelist, another of a teacher, another of govern- ment, another of a helper, another of a mother, 1 Cor. There will be some gift in every case.

How to bring men to Christ by R. A. Torrey - Free Ebook

Not the same gift but some gift, of an evangelist, or a pastor, or of a teacher or some other, c. The Holy Spirit is Himself the one who decides what the gift or gifts shall be which he will impart to each individual. It is not for us to select some place of service and then ask the Holy Spirit to qualify us for that service, nor for us to select some gift, and then ask the Spirit to impart to us that gift. This is where many fail of a blessing and meet with disappointment. Avoid punctuation except as indicated below:. Project Gutenberg 58, free ebooks 4 by R.

Reuben Archer , Title How to bring men to Christ Contents The general conditions of success in bringing men to Christ -- How to begin -- Dealing with the indifferent or careless -- Dealing with those who are anxious to be saved but do not know how -- Dealing with those who are anxious to be saved and know how, but who have difficulties -- Dealing with those who entertain false hopes -- Dealing with those who lack assurance, and back—sliders -- Dealing with professed skeptics and infidels -- Dealing with the complaining -- Dealing with those who wish to put off decision until some other time -- Dealing with the willful and the deluded -- Some hints and suggestions -- The baptism of the Holy Spirit.