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Cutting-edge technology combines with the dark side of the human soul to create the potential for terrifying destruction. Born to a poor Bulgarian family, Eva Rozen is alternately abused and neglected by her parents. Her older sister, Gergana, is the only consistent source of love and affection. Elsewhere, Marta Cruz suffers from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, a crippling disease.

When her mother dies, Marta spends a summer with her grandmother in San Juan, learning the healing remedies found in the dying rainforest. Eva, Marta and Jim end up in the same school in East Los Angeles as members of the Hidden Scholar Program, a foundation that provides a top-tier education free to brilliant but poverty-stricken children. The three become close friends, although their relationship becomes strained when Jim and Marta begin a romance. The main characters are complex and likable—even dark and twisted Eva.

More at Leo's Blog: Little Deadly Things is a techno sci-fi thriller, including futuristic elements. One wants something from the other and has no right to ask.


This is a terrific hook and questions are immediately raised. Protagonist, Eva Rozen is the product of a brutal childhood and possesses a brilliant mind. Her goal is to control the future of medicine using nanotec Little Deadly Things is a techno sci-fi thriller, including futuristic elements. Her goal is to control the future of medicine using nanotechnology, but she can't do it alone and needs the help of another brilliant mind. Problems arise when Eva's dark side causes conflict among her colleagues, and her project partner, Marta Cruz, suspects not only her true motives, but her intentions towards Jim Ecco, Marta's own husband.

The plot is complex and imaginative. A technical mind capable of bending itself around futuristic inventions and concepts might find it easier to understand and follow. The history of Eva Rozen and the cause of her sociopathic tendencies is relayed as back story, which complicates the story at the beginning; however, once the reader is familiar with the author's style, the flow is smoother.

The romantic tension between Eva and Jim adds another complex layer. The characters in LDT are all flawed, yet the antagonist remains clear and even elicits sympathy, to a degree. Marta and Jim are portrayed as gentle, while Eva is presented as a tormented individual and insane, so the friendships that develop between them and the pairing of the two scientists in a project that could alter the course of medicine - with the potential for global destruction - is interesting, and quite chilling. The idea of future technology in the wrong hands creates a terrifying mental image.

The author creates a fascinating futuristic world of nanotechnology, in which two brilliant scientists - the force of good and evil - share ideas and dreams, before the discord between them erupts and culminates in each battling for control. LDT is a character driven thriller, with fantastic sci-fi components and tests the boundaries of friendship, loyalty, and belief. It is a fascinating trip into the scientific future and the study of the human psyche.

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Little Deadly Things was one terrific book. From the first chapter to the last, the story pulled me in. Three emotionally fractured and brilliant people Two finds healing and wholeness through love and one does not. I loved how Harry showed the stark contrast of their emotional strengths and weaknesses. I loved that he gave Eva Rozen some redeeming qualities because in the end, despite all her anger and psychotic tendencies, she does the right thing.

His succinct explanation about JP brought tears to my eyes - Pollock's paintings always makes me cry because of their sheer beauty. There's also some remarkable cool science in it and I will never think about Nanotechnology I want those drapes! A most enjoyable book. Sep 08, Melanie rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Don't underestimate them

To view it, click here. I found Little Deadly Things highly interesting and entertaining. The character of Eva was engaging. Dana and Abuela were, while not fully developed, befitting to where perhaps there could be more to the story. I am going to recommend this book. Looking forward to reading I found Little Deadly Things highly interesting and entertaining.

Looking forward to reading more by Steinman in the future. Little Deadly Things is a beautifully written work of fiction about what happens to brilliant children who grow up in difficult and abusive situations. It's a story that reminds us about the importance of our actions as parents, and how those actions affect the lives of our children both now and in the future. There's a bit of science fiction thrown in. It's a very entertaining read. This book was a total pleasure to read. The plot moved along, full of action and suspense. Detailed and imaginative, but believable, futuristic touches blended with the timeless beliefs of the Mexican abuela.

And, to top it all off, the writing was lovely - complex but not self-consciously so. A magnificent first novel. I agree with another reviewer who said the end left you hanging, and can't wait for book 2!

It wasn't the worst book that I read, but it did take awhile to get into it. It is also set in the future so it took awhile to figure out what minor things were happening because they are using technology that we don't currently have. Overall, if you are looking for a cheap book, it isn't bad. Not the book I expected. The seeds of good and evil growing from a group of young brilliant scientists, and the conflicts that arise, from the internal ethical struggle with each character, to the changing group dynamic, to global catastrophe.

I am not a science-fiction reader but this is a must-read. I enjoyed this book and cannot wait to read another book from this author!!! Sep 07, Denise Temple rated it it was amazing. Great book A futuristic story but one that looks a the things that make a person who they are sometimes to the extreme.

A very intriguing book.. But i felt the ending left me hanging.. Dec 28, Cat Thompson rated it it was amazing. One of the most interesting books I've read in ages. I could not put it down! Can't wait for the sequel. Once they were friends. Now two scientists race-one to save mankind, one to destroy it.

Nanotechnology made Eva Rozen the world's wealthiest woman. That's a great blurb. Unfortunately Steinman takes far too long to get to it. Except for the intriguing first chapter, he spends the first half of the book on back story. The plot is ignored in favor of character Once they were friends. The plot is ignored in favor of character development, which might not have been bad had anything interesting happened. It isn't until two-thirds of the way through the book that we get a hint that the plot blurb is happening.

The three main characters and their specialties are Eva chemistry and computers , Marta biology , and Jim good with dogs. After the first chapter, Steinman takes us back to their youth where we see how they handled childhood adversity. Steinman does a great job developing the characters, but I didn't really like them.

I found Marta to be self-righteous, and her messiah complex made her insufferable. Jim started out as a likable character until anger management turns him into a goofy dolt. After a period of sullen petulance, he redeems himself by returning to a character the reader can root for. Eva's childhood is so horrific it borders on unbelievable. However, extraordinary characters are permitted to develop from extraordinary circumstances. While Eva is a well-crafted antagonist, her actions clearly show that she's a villain. How these three remain friends strains credibility. Eva delights in antagonizing Marta, who is so stiff and idealistic that she can't see how the system works.

If Eva really was Marta's friend, she'd explain her plans to Marta before the biologist's head exploded. Instead, she revels in making Marta's blood boil. But later, she acts surprised when Marta doesn't trust her and uses it to justify her terrible behavior. Steinman could explain how their friendship developed after their initial contact, but instead rushes through the crucial developing years.

The transition from the introductory period to when Marta and Jim become a couple a span of two years all happens on one page! We don't get to see how this romance came about, nor do we get any indication that Eva's interest in Jim is anything more than a brief curiosity. There is one time when Eva helps Jim stay out of jail and Marta to the hospital to deliver her baby.

It could've been a pivotal moment in the trio's relationship, but instead it becomes the one shining moment that the characters cling to as proof of friendship. Honestly, that isn't enough in light of the negative interactions that Steinman shares with the reader. Oh and that leads to the fourth character, Dana, who is the son of Marta and Jim.

He factors into the second half of the book when Jim is no longer useful to the plot. Dana becomes another point of contention between Eva and Marta. An incident, which Steinman withholds from us, sends a crying teenaged Dana into the arms of his already jealous mother. Marta reacts by keeping Dana from Eva, and it's the final straw as far as she is concerned.

The details of this pivotal incident that pushes Eva over the edge is deliberately left vague. We don't know what was said and none of these supposedly great friends tries to get this worked out, so all three of them look bad. The good news is that Steinman did his homework. The nanotech applications are all solid science, though he is a little guilty of explaining how it all works and slowing down the story's pace.

What worked really well was when he led us through the biochemical reactions that went on in a character when a dramatic moment, like death, struck. I would've preferred more story time spent on showing us the effects of nanotech on society instead of the melodrama.


From the acknowledgements, I learned that Steinman utilized an editor and proofreaders. However, I found about 40 typos. And I have to wonder why no one called his attention to some troubling storyline tangents. I don't want to spoil it so details are going to be left out. There's a scene at the climax where Jim is involved in a fight for his life. His mind wanders and he's having a flashback about the relationship he had with his parents after he got married. Sure, there's time for a thought or two but it goes on for several paragraphs; two pages of Kindle text!

This isn't the time for lengthy reflection, not just from the character's standpoint but this is the climax of the story! It's a distraction to the reader! In conclusion, Little Deadly Things is a well researched novel with well developed characters. Unfortunately I didn't like the characters all that much you might and their long friendship seemed unlikely. I spent too much of this review pointing out the flaws. There's a solid kernel of story here, I just feel it needs work. As this is Steinman's first novel, I believe he'll learn what works and what doesn't and come up with a stronger work the next time around.

I am having a hard time reviewing this book.

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I backed the Kickstarter, and I'm a customer of the author's wife's business. But it just didn't work for me. The plot was very interesting, and while I never really doubted how it would resolve, I enjoyed the ride. The characterization struck me as problematic - it was clear who you were supposed to sympathize with, but it seemed that all the characters had opposing traits grafted onto them. Jim the timid and sweet had an anger problem that isn't clea I am having a hard time reviewing this book.

Jim the timid and sweet had an anger problem that isn't clearly documented until it becomes a plot point. Eva was painted as pathologically insane, a sociopath, and the prose used to describe her comings and goings is purple to the extreme, but abuse and trauma are given as the reasons for it. It felt like someone trying to give the Joker a sympathetic back story.

I think what really bothered me about the book was the style. I feel it would have been much better after a few more edits. This is most clearly seen in the bizarre courtroom scene, where the DA is discussed as being "propelled by" his fancy suit. It was like the author was extremely enamored of that metaphor, and used it so much and to such an extreme that I cringed through the entire section. In all, if a friend asked for a recommendation for a good sci-fi thriller, this would not be on my list.

Interesting book it is set in the future but the science fiction is just the reality of the lives of the characters rather than the focus of the book which i liked the book starts in the present and then tells the back story of the three main characters while also moving the story forward the three main characters are interesting the baddie is also a goodie and the goodies are not prefect either. Three different individuals from varying back grounds meet as youngsters at a special school in California. A young boy and two girls, one from Eastern Europe with an abusive childhood and some serious mental problems, but also a brilliant student of chemistry.

The story follows their growing up, their disputes and friendships. As adults the chemistry student gets into nano investigation we are some years in the future with the sole purpose of making money. The other girl is the granddaughter Three different individuals from varying back grounds meet as youngsters at a special school in California.

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The other girl is the granddaughter of a Puerto Rican medicine woman and expert in natural plants and their uses and is intent on using her knowledge for the good of all. She eventually marries the boy and the three of them end up with an extremely profitable and important company mostly run by the first girl.

When girl one starts to obsess with gaining wealth and become more aggressive to perceived slights things start to unravel and catastrophic events are precipitated before control is regained. An interesting read if not in the great category.

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While the premise for this story is unusual and interesting, I'm afraid I found the execution lacking. Overall I thought the story was disjointed, and without the smooth flow that makes a good book hard to put down. By the time I got to the end of the main plot, it felt like the disaster was an afterthought.

See a Problem?

A big chunk of the book is back story for the main characters, some of it very interesting stuff, and some of it flat and unbelievable. In particular, Eva came across as a cartoon type villa While the premise for this story is unusual and interesting, I'm afraid I found the execution lacking. In particular, Eva came across as a cartoon type villain rather than a real person.

I just couldn't take her seriously. Marta was much more authentic, very well drawn, and easy to relate to. I really thought Marta's grandmother was the best character. My opinion is that this would have been a better book with fewer words used. I kept tripping over convoluted descriptions and odd metaphors. I had to read sentences more than once in some cases. Unfortunately, I lost interest in what I was reading before I got to the end.

Little Deadly Things Title was intriguing so yup went and got the e-book. So it began, slowly I learned about the characters. The development of each of them was steady, slow and strong.