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Axle Annie by Robin Pulver, illus. A girl scores goals for her ice hockey team using Wayne Gretzky's stick. A boy finds a beautifully carved dreidel, dropped by the village peddler. Brothers of the Knight by Debbie Allen, illus. The Prince and the Pauper , adapted by Marianna Mayer, illus. A boy and his friends battle a fiend in another world. A girl tries to save her village when the Great Plague of strikes London.

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Disney ' s Doug: Porkchop ' s Puppy Days by Linda Garvey, illus. Where ' s Porkchop? Porkchop hides behind flaps. This board book presents seven rhymes.

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Disney ' s Who ' s Afraid of the Heffalump? A board book introducing this robot's world. Disney ' s To School and Beyond: A word book and a collection of holiday tales. Disney ' s Mickey Mouse ' s The Chase: Toy Story 2 Book Pals: Let ' s Play! Readers look for hidden objects. Space Explorer Atlas by Richard Platt, illus. An anthology of tales from around the world.

A visual history of the world. A mischievous lamb investigates a new tractor. Piccolo ' s Easy Chair by Jean Jackson, illus. Big and small take on new meanings in this adventure. Rosie and the Tortoise by Margaret Wild, illus. Even a lizard needs a vacation every now and then. Shadow by Jill Newsome, illus. Rosie's world is turned upside down when her family moves. Abel tells his family about his travels. The Drums of Noto Hanto by J.

A key day in American history vacillates between good and bad for a first grader. A Big Cheese for the White House: The stories follow the experiences of the various alien characters and their encounters with the people of Earth. Written in a style that is both highly realistic and beautifully sensitive. Don't remember the character who can see connections between people, though. There was a boy who was learning how to fly who fell in love with an Earht girl, there was a baby named Lala by its finders, there were many others.

Even if this is not the solution, I consider this series as one of the best science fiction series of all time and definitely worth any reader's attention. One of the girls in the book Luet? This would be my first recommendation. When one of the People comes of age, their natural "talent", or "gift", such as healing, sensing metals, "lifting" flying becomes apparent.

The grandmother in particular senses the ties between the women in her family, and how they change when her grandaughter realizes her love for a young man is as strong a tie as the love of her birth family. This is a compilation of short stories previously published in other sources. The complete People collection is published as Ingathering: The complete People stories of Zenna Henderson. The name of the short story in the series that deals with the evacuation of the home planet is called "Deluge," originally published in I think this is not a People story.

I've read Ingathering all the People stories, including unpublished ones , and there's nothing about being able to "see connections between" people. In later stories, we find Sorters can rearrange and erase people's memories, too. My guess is that the Orson Scott Card book is it.

Thanks for having this service! Orson Scott Card, Homecoming. This is the book you're looking for. There's a series of six books, but it's in "Homecoming" that she can see connections. Gold strands for some, silver for others. Still available in paperback. I always remember that description. I'm wondering if this could be one of Janice May Udry' s books? I believe her books were read on Captain Kangaroo a lot. I'm not sure which one it is, however. At first I thought it was Let's Be Enemies, but that's not it. You may want to look at the books by Phyllis Krasilovsky , as well.

I still haven't found this bookmore memories of book the main character would alway try to do things but did it wrong Julie, her boyfriend, and 2 friends hit a boy on a bike while driving back from a picnic and later find out he died. Julie wasn't driving, they were in a normal car and Julie doesn't work at a flower shop, but the person who stalks the friends a year later figures out who she was by asking at the flower shop where she ordered yellow roses for the boy's funeral and sent them without a name. Her boyfriend was in the car with her and thus knows all about it, but he leaves town soon after and doesn't come back until a year later, and at the end they decide together that they need to come clean about the hit-and-run.

Lois Duncan, I know what you did last summer. There is a similar situation in this book but there are four people involved in the hit-and-run that kills a boy on his bicycle. Julie and her three friends take a vow of secrecy but she receives a mysterious message saying "I know what you did last summer. Hope Dahle Jordan, Haunted Summer , Rilla Martin is a teenage girl who is working a summer job delivering flowers to save money for college.

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On a rainy night she hits something and it turns out to be a boy on his bike. She takes him to the hospital and runs away and they think she is a boy. She feels guilty all summer and tells her boyfriend. He eventually convinces her to go to the police. The boy does not die. Lynne Reid Banks, Fairy Rebel , The fairy gets the colors mixed and has to do an emergency fix to make sure the baby doesn't have blue hair.

Later there is trouble with the Fairy Queen who had forbidden contact with humans. Lynne Reid Banks, the Fairy Rebel, My daughter and I believe this is the book. The name of the fairy is Tiki and she helps Jan have a baby. This makes the queen fairy very angry. Your description about the fairy using her power to create a child for a human sounds a lot like this book. The fairy is punished by the bad fairy queen for helping a human. I don't think there's anything about the human woman knowing the fairy as a child.

We do, however, get to see the child the fairy creates for the woman grow up to about the age of I read this book in the early 90's in upper elementary school. The pencil stub is out, but this Newberry winner is the best girl Crusoe tale ever, based on the true story of a Native American girl who managed to survive alone on an island off the Californian coast for 18 years. Some images which may help: There was a spate of wonderful lone child survivor stories I read growing up in the 60s and 70s Could this be The Village That Slept?

The girl is not alone -- there is a boy and also a baby, all victims of a plane crash in the Pyrenees. They find shelter in a recently deserted village, and eventually find a dog, cow, sheep, and chickens too. Their names which at first they don't remember are Lydia and Franz. They are ingenious at surviving, and after a year or two are found and rescued. Mazer, Island Keeper , , copyright. Not sure if this is it, but plot is similar to your search. Brink, Carol Ryrie, Baby Island. Re G, this is quite a long shot, because the most important detail, the fact that your heroine is alone, doesn't match, but several other things do.

In this book, 12 year old Mary and her 10 year old sister Jean are stranded on a deserted island with four babies under the age of 2 after the ship on which they were passengers begins to sink. While drifting in a lifeboat, Jean's disorganized pockets turn up a stubby pencil, among other odds and ends, and the girls discover a good supply of canned food in the lifeboat, including canned milk, which they feed to the youngest baby, Jonah. When they run aground on the island, they find things to eat like bananas, coconuts, crabs and clams. They build a teepee out of the lifeboat's sail, and ingeniously construct other things like a pram that they can pull the babies around in, and even make dishes out of coconut shells think Giligan's Island minus the idiocy.

Jean starts writing letters to their. Aunt Emma by putting them in the empty food cans and letting them float away. They discover a hermit named Mr. Peterkin living in a hut, which he somewhat reluctantly shares with them after a storm destroys the teepee. They are eventually rescued by their father and the fathers of the babies. This little gem was originally written in , and was reprinted by Scholastic Book Services in , which is when I found it. As I said, this is a long shot, but the pencil stub, the hut, the very few things and the ingenuity all match.

Good luck with your search! Joan Aiken, A Necklace of Raindrops , Could it be a story from the collection A Necklace of Raindrops? It has the silouette illustrations, but it's a series of short stories Elizabeth Hamilton Friermood, Circus Sequins , circa From what I remember, the girl in this book has flaming red hair, which people make fun of. She's good with horses, and somehow ends up in a circus as a bareback rider, where she makes a green dress which shows off her red hair and everyone thinks she's beautiful.

At the end of the summer, she has to decide if she should stay with the circus or go back to the country and marry her boyfriend, who had supported her through all the teasing. Maybe worth a try, anyway! Thanks for the suggestion, but I know that's not it. And I think the girl is of the year old range, not marriage material. I've been looking for this book for years i remember the girl with red hair freckles plays in the woods with her friend, barefoot has her first period talks with a southern accent written in the 60's or 70's.

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Adler, Goodbye Pink Pig. Worth a shot- the girl has an unhappy home life and imagines adventures with her animal figurines. Cynthia Voight, Izzy Willy-Nilly , This is probably not the book, but there are some similarities. The girl was in a drunk-driving accident, and had to have one of her legs amputated at the knee. Have a look online and see if this is the book. Babbis Friis, Kristy's courage , A little girl has problems adjusting to school life after an automobile accidnt disfigures her and causes her to have a speech impediment I checked out those two books and neither of them are the book.

I also remembered a few days ago that the girl was a cheerleader before her accident. This could be the book that you are describing. Some parts don't match, the girl's brother isn't bothered by her accident and she wasn't a cheerleader. I can't remember for sure how she had the accident but in this book the girl's name is Penny Snow and she injured her hip and leg. She used to be a great swimmer. She's afraid to exercise in any way now because she used to be great at all kinds of sports and now she would be average or less.

She goes out to Oregon to help her grandfather move to a rest home, meets a boy who teaches her how to believe in herself and how to run. She competes in 6 mile race at the end. It's 67 in the teen romance series Sweet Dreams. Could this be a nonfiction book? I remember a true story - very inspiring - of a young girl named Kristie or Christy or Kristy! I vividly remember she was knocked out of her shoes. The books told of her rehab, and relearning all the basics of living.

I'll do some sleuthing and see if I can find it. I think the title was just the girl's name. I just got off the phone with my mother and she said it WAS a non fiction book, but she couldn't remember the name either. Barbara Miller, Kathy , The Millers were a typical American family until the day a speeding car left year-old Kathy critically injured, in a coma from which the doctors said she might never recover!

How Kathy won back her health, gave her family the gift of faith, and ran in an international marathon less than six months later. Collins, Joan, Katy , This book tells the story of actor Joan Collins daughter Katy, who is injured in a bike accident and deals with her rehabilitation. I remember reading it when I was about 10 or 11 near the time of publication. I think the second story listed may be "Let's Haunt a House" by Manly Wade Wellman, which is the first story in the anthology.

Alfred Hitchcock's Haunted House , early 60s. Hi, I may have the solution to the G stumper. Title may be Alfred Hitchcock's Haunted House. I was a little hesitant to submit this as a solution because although the stumper's description of the book's date, size, number of stories, etc. My cover had a very scary illustration of Alfred Hitchcock's face coming out of the door of a obviously haunted house.

The cover art frightened me more than any of the stories! Don't recall many of them but one that comes to mind is about some children convinced that a woman- perhaps an aunt, perhaps a nanny- whose name was "Wasywich" or similar, is a witch. A black and white illustration to that story showed a thin woman with piercing eyes accompanied by some children. Heimlein, Menace From Earth. These have been fequently anthologised. Lyn Cook, Pegeen and the pilgrim , How about this one? I also vaguely remember a blue cover on the original.

It was reprinted by Tundra Books in Here's a synopsis from their website: Twelve-year-old Pegeen lives in the sleepy town of Stratford. She even has to share a room with old Mrs. Then an extraordinary thing happens — a Shakespearean festival is planned for Stratford. As the festival develops, so does Pegeen. She learns a great deal about Shakespeare, the boarders at home, and her circle of friends, including the mysterious pilgrim, Mr. Girl was named Magda Maybe one of Helen Dore Boylston's series of 4 Carol books? I think they all have dustjackets with one colour surround and picture of Carol in the middle - can't remember which, if any, is blue.

Although these are '40s not '60s, they were reprinted fairly often and I am sure would have been around in the '60s. Carol does quite a lot of growing up over the 4 books, and there is a romantic interest. Janet Lambert, Up Goes the Curtain , This is one of the Penny Parrish books. She spends part of it working in summer stock, and then gets to be in a Broadway show, where she meets Josh MacDonald, the stage manager.

Betty Cavanna, Two's Company , I think this book may be Betty Cavanna's Two's Company , in which the heroine does summer theatre in Williamsburg Virginia. Marjory Hall, Straw Hat Summer , Gail becomes interested in the theater when a summer theater group rents her family's barn to put on plays. You've already given me so many great ideas, and I'm off to investigate. There are more possibilities than I'd anticipated!

Rosamond DuJardin, Showboat Summer , , copyright. This is about twin girls, not just one girl, but could it be this?

To Penny, it meant being with Mike who had a job on the tugboat that pushed the old Regina from town to town along the Ohio River. To Pam it meant a chance to act, and perhaps a leading role in one of the gala showboat performances. Here's another possiblity I have this in my little bookstore, but haven't read it. Main character is Nan, and it appears to be a typical late teen romance novel of the ss. Eleanor Shaler, Gaunt's Daughter ,, approximate. Could it be Gaunt's Daughter?

The girl's mother, a theater actor, dies and to avoid moving in with her mother's Quaker relatives, she gets a summer stock job. Turns out her estranged famous father is going to be there too. At the end she has a family emergency with the Quaker family and gives up her father and the play to go to the hospital. Witch's Sister by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, maybe?

It's not Witches Sister. That book is too new. The book I'm looking for is from the early '70's. I haven't read The Witch's Sister by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor , but it was written in , so it's certainly worth examining. It was reissued in paperback editions in and , which may be why you think it's too new a book to be the one you're searching for. I don't think it's Witch's Sister , either. There's only one real witch in that book: Tuggle, although, she's trying to get Lynn's sister to become a witch as well. No forest scene either.

G How abt this prequel to Witch's sister? It's been a long time since I read those books, but I read them repeatedly way back when, and I don't remember any friendly witches or, again, any real witch other than Mrs. Tuggle or any broomstick riding. Tuggle's thing seemed to be more about control over people than about broomsticks.

Thanks for all the suggestions! I checked all the books by Naylor, and none of them are the one I'm looking for. I believe the cover showed a night scene of the sky, with a big moon, and a witch flying on a broom. It was also a pretty short story. Patricia Coombs, Dorrie and Could the girl actually have been a witch herself?

Then it might be one of the Dorrie books by Patricia Coombs. Chew, Ruth , The Wednesday Witch. Could it be one of the Witch books written by Ruth Chew? The scene you describe sounds familiar to me. I read many of her books in the late 70's-early 80's and they were quick and easy to read. The cover for the Wednesday Witch also seems similar to your description - except the witch is on a vacuum cleaner instead of a broom.

I checked both of the above books- neither one is the one I'm looking for. I think the cover may have had more then one witch flying on a broom. Adrienne Adams, The Halloween Party, Is there any chance at all the main character was a little boy named Faraday kind of an androgynous name? The cover shows a witch on a broomstick, flying across the moon with gremlin children behind her.

This is a long shot, but the description reminds me a little of Sutcliff's Mark of the Horse Lord. It's about a gladiator who impersonates the prince of a British tribe and dies in the end not wrapped in cloak though, and I don't remember if he was a net-and-trident fighter. Warrior Scarlet is not about gladiators, but involves a red cloak I think and is by the same author.

While The Mark of the Horse Lord is about Phaedrus, a gladiator in Roman Britain who impersonates the lord of a northern tribe and nobly dies for "his" people, it was published in , twenty years too late for the stumper requester. Warrior Scarlet was written in and is also unlikely to be the book sought, particularly since there's no gladiator in it. Warrior Scarlet is about Drem, a disabled boy withered arm who has to kill a wolf in order to attain manhood and the right to wear the warrior's scarlet of his Bronze Age tribe.

I'm sorry I don't have the answer, but I can tell you that the book you're looking for is probably not The Crimson Cloak by Lois Montross , which is a volume of poetry.

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Varble , which is described online as the story of "A little girl [who] is taken into a peasant's home. Might be Janet Lunn 's Double Spell. It was originally published as Twin Spell. Lunn, Janet, Double Spell. This features twins, ghosts and dolls, however the twins are named Jane and Elizabeth and they buy the doll rather than find it under a tree.

Strangely attracted to an antique doll, twelve-year-old twins buy the toy and soon find themselves haunted by powerful and tragic memories of ancestral twins who had also been owners of the doll Lunn, Janet, Twin Spell.

The Lying Lizard

See the "Solved Mysteries". Lunn Janet, Twin Spell, , reprint. I am really certain that the doll and twin part of this stumper refers to Janet Lunn's Twin Spell, reprinted later as Double Spell. It is a haunting book about twins Jane and Elizabeth who live in Ontario Canada and find a doll in an antique store which inexplicably seems to belong to them. After they move into their Aunt Alice's mysterious old house, they begin finding themselves sharing the past experiences of two other twins, Anne and Melissa, who were their ancestors and lived in the house which was smaller and did not have new additions built on it then many years before.

They also have visions of a frightening girl named Hester who seemed to hate the earlier twins. In the end they solve the mystery and discover that Anne had died in a fire in a room they now use as an attic that had been accidentally started by her cousin Hester, and that it is the ghost of Hester who is haunting the house.

They discover this just in time for Elizabeth to save Jane, who is trapped in the attic with the ghost. I think the original stumper may have mixed up the plots of two different books by Janet Lunn. She also wrote one entitled The Root Cellar in which the main character is a girl named Rose, who finds an old root cellar in the ground which leads her to ghostly experiences with a long ago family on the farm where she is staying. A little boy receives a strange pottery pitcher from his grandmother who lives in Italy.

The pitcher is made of pottery, "with odd-looking leaves on it, the colors of fruit, and fruit that was the color of leaves. This story can be found on page 11 of The Golden Book of Stories: It is the story for January 6th. Please note that this book has been reprinted numerous times with at least three different titles and covers.

The two other titles I've seen are: The Bedtime Book of Stories: Unfortunately, the pitcher isn't green though it does have green on it , and while it is a gift, the boy doesn't receive it for his birthday. Also, none of the covers I've seen for this book are brown or greenI've seen blue or white covers with pictures of animals or children on them. So you may be looking for a different story in a different bookor your memories may have faded over time.

The more recent versions of The Golden Book of Stories: A Story for Every Day of the Year may not be exactly what you remember. Here's an online description: I can tell you that the edition I have from does contain "The Strange Pitcher" but I can't vouch for any edition later than that. There is a page that sounds a lot like this in the book about the Yami of Yawn, with the main character Wide-awake Jake. Might this be it? Thanks for the response, unfortunately " Wide-Awake Jake " c. My book may have been an anthology. I have already checked the "Little Brown Bear" books.

This might help a little: You are after the SRA Reading laboratory - there were several editions of these - I'm not sure which one you are after. We had different boxes of stories for different grade levels. Watson, Nancy Dingman, The birthday goat. Could this be one of the Star Ka'at books by Andre Norton? They were published in the 70s. I don't remember much of the storyline, but the cats talked and were actually aliens. They met a boy and girl on Earth, who helped them either fit in or get home. My sister actually read the books, I think I just skimmed them.

The cover of one of them had a girl imerging from a wall. Might be worth checking out, anyway. Judith Goldberger, Looking Glass Factor. I read it a couple of years ago after reading the description when another reader was looking for it. I am sure this is what you are looking for.

It is available at ABE and through interlibrary loan. The description reminded me of a Ruth M. Arther book, but I couldn't find a title to match. Does that author sound familiar to the original poster? Nicola Smee, The Tusk Fairy. It was one of my daughter's favorites when she was little.

The elephant isn't polka dotted, though. But the girl is often wearing polka dot pants. The grandma crocheted the elephant as a birth present for the girl, and it did everything the girl did - including learn to use the potty. One day something dreadful happened to the elephant, but the grandma was able to fix it up. Even if it's not the one you're looking for! This is from one of the Bill Bergson series of books, I don't know which one. Two groups of friends, the White Roses and the Red Roses, "war" over possession of a stone which they alternately hide.

This book is about a young girl named Mathilda. It's set during the Civil War. Mathilda's family is divided by the war. She is attacked and raped by a neighbor during the last year of the war. Mathilda kills her attacker and learns to heal with the help of her grandfather. The son finally got sick of not having a pet and told the dog that he was a dog. Maybe the father's name was George?

The dog did wear clothes, go to school, etc. Nope, nobody in Arnett is named George. I just read the whole book. I dont think he wears clothes, but the dog's name is George, and the book is from the correct time frame. Might be worth investigating, anyway. Phyllis Rowand also wrote an earlier book about him, simply titled "George" c. It is on the solved pages already it was my original stumper!

Only thing different is the cover but the book I received when I ordered was a completely different cover than I had. Hope this is it. My copy of this book is a Whitman glossy edition with illustration that look Trixie Beldenish. Polly French's family host an exchange student from Peru. Her name is Lita Barrios. She is older than Polly but in the same grade because of the language difference. Lita fits in well and Polly is jealous of her. This sounds like it could be Cathy and Lisette , by Teresa Crayder , published in Cathy is excited for the exchange student from France to come and stay with her family, but quickly becomes jealous of Lisette.

I wonder if the person is thinking of one of Sheila Moon's books? I think the girl in all of them was named Maris.

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I read them in the late 70s, which is the right time frame for the OP. Florence Taylor, Growing Pains. This one is probably it, with various life lessons and illustrations by Lucile Patterson Marsh. Joan Aiken, The Shadow Guests, The main character's name is Cosmo, and he is sent to England to live with a cousin who teaches at a university. I remember that he was visited by spirits from the past, and there's a dark family secret too.

Sounds like the short Greek myth of Dryope, who picks flowers off a tree, which bleeds it's a nymph and Dryope is punished by being turned into a tree herself - but not before she has the chance to tell her family to warn her baby never to vandalize plants. It probably was a version of that myth, I don't remember a baby and I swear someone cut her after she turned into a tree, but it was probably just the version I read someone taking liberties or something.

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Because I'm pretty sure it was a myth, or maybe it was a fairy tale? Oh,think I can help you with this one. It was my reader too and I looked forever on the internet trying to find it until I stumbled on it by accident. She ends up unknowingly serving him breakfast on his way there. And He tells her to tell her family that she met him before they did.

There are many other wonderful stories in this book that perhaps your teacher may have also read to you so it's worth checking out the Story Caravan. William Papas, Tasso , This is definitely Tasso by William Papas. I bought my copy a few years ago, having remembered it being read to me during library time at school, in Australia, back in the late 70s. Byars, Betsy, Rama, the Gypsy Cat, c. I read the Scholastic edition during the s. It was always one of my favorite books! It is definitely set in San Francisco.

The names of the children involved were Andy, Adrian, Jill, and Carol. If you think this could be the book, then you should check the official Phyllis A. Whitney website for the full plot description.

Tom and Jerry, 97 Episode - That's My Mommy (1955)

There's a statue of a cat with gold hoop earrings that they're carrying around that people keep trying to steal. No cakes or San Francisco though. In Ginnie and the Cooking Contest, there's a bake-off that Ginnie's participating in that has a chocolate cake and grating chocolate. I think the contest is in San Francisco, but I'm not sure. Both these books came out in the s. Kristal, Keren, The Brainbox. I've been looking albeit not very hard for years.

My childhood is reclaimed. Thank you so much. In that book, Mousekin is a young mouse who finds a discarded jack-o-lantern in the forest, in which he takes up residence. He fills it with seeds and fluff, preparing for winter even though the other forest animals think "that house will never do". However, as it grows colder, the mouth, eyes and nose of the jack-o-lantern slowly close to make a fine, cozy home for a mouse in the snow. Though it is a beautifully illustrated, poetic book, there are no human characters in Mousekin's Golden House , nor does it follow the plotline described by the requester.

Cathy would be too young to be reading Tolkien, I think. Jean Little , Look through my window, The mention of Tolkien makes me think of Jean Little. Might this be Look Through My Window , in which Emily moves to a new house and claims an attic room for her own? Or possibly another Little title, maybe Kate? They play and tickle all day long, and tumble in the sun! The tigers are brought to prowling, growling life in this playful book. Dizzy Dinosaur loves to have fun! But sometimes he's a little bit silly. Dizzy needs our help The reader is invited to shout, tickle and shake the book to interact with Dizzy Dinosaur.

Celebrating imagination and play, this adorable book will delight kids everywhere - and bring plenty of fun to story time! Perfect for fans of Open Very Carefully. The lively and colourful picture books in this collection are all joined by CDs so children can read and listen to the antics of all the amazing animals. Throughout the 10 books, toddlers will be entertained as they meet a very greedy bee; a crunching, munching caterpillar; and a smiley shark.

There are some books with bedtime themes that will help settle down children before they go to sleep. Each CD features two tracks - one is the complete story with original music and sound effects, while the other encourages learner readers to join in with the story being read and has pings to indicate when they should turn the page. Approximate running time of all CDs: Hen is very happy sitting in the straw, laying lots of speckled eggs - look, here comes one more! The animals of the farm are brought to flapping, frolicking life in these playful pop-ups that toddlers will adore. Lots of farmyard animals are hiding in this book, waiting to pop out at you, so come and take a look!

Join a colourful cast of farmyard characters in this vibrant collection of playful pop-ups that young children will adore. The swamp animals are brought to splishing, sploshing life in this playful pop-up that toddlers will adore! Bee is buzzing busily, His friend is buzzing too. The creatures of the garden are brought to creeping, crawling life in these playful pop-ups that toddlers will adore! Lazy Lion likes to sleep. He stretches and snores.

But if you dare to wake him up, he pounces and he roars! The animals of the jungle come to leaping, roaring life in these playful pop-ups that toddlers will adore.