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Scent of Cherry Blossoms

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Temps de Femme Novaya Zarya. Elle Passion Christine Lavoisier Parfums. Cheery by Jeremy Scott Kokeshi. Happy Cranberry Vibes Fruttini. Passione Dolce Bottega Verde. Expressions by Reese Witherspoon: Love to the Fullest Avon. Centuries Almond Caswell Massey. Close Up Olfactive Studio. Yves Saint Laurent Paris by A. Parfums Vintage Rush of Unicorns by canesforlife. Zara Man Gold by clross Blind bought this and wearing today because I am on a fruity gourmand rampage apparently.

So tart that I can kind of get that tightness in my jaw from tasting something sour from time to time. It dries down to a warm marachino cherry. I wore it alone for a few hours so I could get a feel for if I really was digging it or not. Then when I was satisfied that it was indeed good alone, I decided to layer Angel Sucree on top But then I was afraid I'd covered up too much of the cherry, so instead of re-spraying, I added some Cherry Vanilla oil from the Fragrance Shop, as well as some Lemon Cookie Drop because why not. I'm not sure of the sillage but I can certainly smell myself and I smell damned good.

I am generally very fruit averse, to the point now where if I look at a perfume's note composition and there is any fruit note listed, my interest is killed. I tend to associate fruity fragrances with tacky teen body sprays. I ended up with a bottle of this as a bonus in a swap, and I'm very glad for that, as I'd never pick this out for myself--I would have missed out, as this is delicious and appropriate for my age.

At first, it's a sweet and tart playful cherry, with more sugar than the real fruit--all while maintaining that slightly sour bite that makes wild cherries so addictive. After about ten minutes, it mellows into a soft, sweet skin scent. I'm excited to layer this with something that has a bitter chocolate note. There is something about Cherry in the Air. Escada's summer releases overall aren't of much interest to me since I don't generally favor tropical scents, so this one really grabbed my attention.

I bought a tester with cap on EBay for a good price. It opens with a bright raspberry, then settles down into cherry with a hint of marshmallow. I do not get much floral, but I do get all the basenotes: This is sparkling and fun, straight up I think its lightness does make it work better in heat than it would if it were stronger, but I wish they would come out with a stronger version that would hold up in cooler temps. Still, a worthwhile purchase for anyone who enjoys cherry as a note.

I just got it, less then three weeks and is already the most complimented perfume. My girls use it too. Is my first Escada, so far so good, long lasting. Usually I don't like sweet perfume, but this is really nice. I don't know what note it is, but after the joy of cherries and sweetness wafts away too soon , I am left with an unpleasant something in the base of my throat.

I am not well-versed in notes enough to pinpoint and name it, but the whole fragrance turns almost nasty. So very disappointed with this one. I have a 3. My favourite Escada perfume. This is very special to me, for it Reminds me of a good friend who just passed away recently. Wish I had spent more time with this one before I purchased! It doesn't do well with layering and I eventually passed it on to a friend because I didn't enjoy wearing it. Doesn't last on me either but very similar to Fantasy flanker cherry blossom and that seems to be lasting.

It does smell wonderful, so so pretty. I wish this worked with me, and yet For some reason it just doesn't last at all, and i can barely smell it. I sprayed it on a friend of mine and I smelled it on her, so it has to be my skin. But we just aren't meant to be. I have a full 3.

Lovable, charming fragrance but disappointing longevity. It was a bummer, because it's been on my want list. Very much a body spray quality in my opinion. La Petit Robe Noir Couture is a much stronger take on the same idea. I put one on each hand and the cherry note was quite similar, only the Guerlain quality is noticeable. I think if you want a fun summer cherry, and you like longevity sillage of an exp, you might find LPRNC a winner. And it's available online for reasonable pricing. Smells amazing, so yummy to me.. I think this is my favorite Escada scent that I've tried. It's not too childish smelling, I think anyone who likes fruity gourmands could wear it.

I need to get a bigger bottle for sure. I smell alot of the cherry and sweetness from the marshmallow. It is a very fruity and sweet scent. Basically spring in a bottle.

The Scent of Cherry Blossoms

I fell in love instantly and just knew I had to have it. It's unique and unlike any other fragrance I've ever smelled before. It's so delicious and yummy, I almost want to eat it. My favorite Escada scent. The only downfall for me is that it doesn't stay on my skin for very long. A few hours and I can barely smell it anymore. But I love it anyway and I will savor every drop, because it is limited edition and I will be very sad the day I run out of this fruity, juicy deliciousness. I fell in love with this back in grad school. I still love it so much, I wear it at least once a week to work.

This is one of my favourites.

UNIQUE | Japanese Cherry Blossom

It's sweet but still fresh I feel. My favourite scent by Escada, but it doesn't last at all. I probably won't buy it again because of the price and weak lasting power but it is gooood. Definitely a successful blind buy. I'm wearing it today, an early spring Saturday. It's just so yummy! It smells like butterflies!

I don't think I'll ever wear this to work it's really sweet and pretty strong, like a typical Escada , but I'll be making this my weekend go-to this spring for sure! Escada is one of the pioneers when it comes to sweet, delicious smelling perfumes. For Escada Cherry in the Air, it starts of with a very juicy cherries mixed with syrup. It's watery but fades down into thick and a little sticky smelling raspberry lollipops. The drydown is the most amazing part as you get a woody, airy cherries with marshmallows.

Refreshing at first and then a little musky. I actually thought it would be best if the cherries and marshmallows were like chilled, soft and creamy. However, it's long lasting and people like it in me. So I guess I'll give it a 9 out of I have had my eye on this fragrance for a while now, as I am new to the house of Escada. I have smelled some of their other fragrances here and there and I generally have a positive reacting upon testing them. I saw this beauty at Marshall's for 40 bucks for a 3.

I thought that it was the perfect time to go for it and blind buy it which is something I do a lot actually As soon as I could open it and spray it, I was really glad that I picked this up. A lot of people say that this perfume has a really nice marshmallow note, and I agree, sort of. Cherry in the Air is a really telling name for this perfume because it's such a nice light fragrance. The cherry really is nice and airy, with a very tart edge and not so much 'sour'. The marshmallow is I feel the sweetness coming from the middle notes along with the vanilla.

See, I really wanted this perfume to be cherry flavored marshmallows but it just isn't so. However, Escada has made a beautiful composition with this perfume. It's definitely a 'cherry' fragrance and NOT a cherry blossom fragrance. I would recommend this fragrance to anyone and everyone who loves a fruity and airy perfume. It's just so yum! It's a happy, sweet, light, feel good fragrance. Perfect to uplift my mood on a lazy warm summer afternoon. Not much lasting power, maybe about an hour on me, only down side. So yummy and mood lifting; a happy perfume indeed. I used to love Escada scents; wore them like crazy when I was in my early twenties.

Then I got tired of them and moved on. Well, I'm rediscovering them and what fun they are! This is no exception. I mostly get cherries, marshmallows, some raspberry and I smell sugar even though it's not in the notes. It could be the way they are blended perhaps because this is a sweet scent. I think it's completely safe for work too; it's not overpowering in any way.

Sillage is moderate to soft and longevity is moderate on me. An enchanting, whimsical perfume! I discovered this perfume two years ago. At that time, I was already wearing perfume for several years.

Returning Halfords Customer?

But I had not yet found My perfume, the one that represents me perfectly and of which I would never tire. So I went to the pharmacy to smell a few perfumes as I often did. A kind counselor asked me if she could help me and I explained to her that I wanted to find MY fragrance and I told her what my perfume tastes were. She made me feel two perfumes that I liked but that was not for me. Then she made me feel Cherry in the air of Escada. I knew right away that I had finally found MY fragrance and It feels even better once on my skin. It's so soft, sexy, feminine, fruity and slightly sweet.

I love everything about this perfume. It's just perfect to me! I think this would be nicer without the raspberry which makes it a bit sweeter than it Imo needs to be. It's definately not as sweet as it could be but I would like more cherry and less raspberry. Seems like not so many people consider this being a winter-scent but I actually do. A combination between marshmallow and something else maybe musk, orange and oak makes it suitable for cold weather but I also think it'd be nice in spring. I feel like a young girl to use it This is a delicious gourmand fragrance comprised of cherry, raspberry, vanilla and wood.

This is a party perfume. I can only wear this to parties. It has a festive air. You're not making a statement in this scent. It's feminine, girly girl and delicious. It matches up with a red or pink little cocktail dress. It's also a spring and summer fragrance. A sweet and sour combination of cherry and raspberry appear as the fragrance opens. If you like cherries, of course you'll love this and it's no surprise the cherry is there from the start with a name like Cherry In the Air.

There's a gardenia note but this is a gardenia that smells like vanilla. There's more of that cherry than there is gardenia but vanilla is definitely there especially in the dry down. The base notes are made up of cedar wood, sandalwood and suede. The dry down is blissful with just enough wood and a leathery suede. The marshmallow note is also there at the end making this perfume like a dessert. It's a delicious dessert, a cherry and vanilla ice cream or candy.

Fun and flirty, youthful and summery. This is more like: There's SO much vanilla and marshmallow in it's composition that it overpowers the sour part of the cherries and seem nonexistent: This was a BIG fail for me. Cherry in the air, love the name. Such a whimsical fun fragrance. The cherry is the star and not to artificial either. Reminds me a little of the smell when you walk into a candy shop.

Very sweet which I like no matter how old I get. I get good sillage and longevity from this one and would buy another bottle if I ran out. I love Cherry in the Air,,.. Smells like Cherry, Marshmallow and vanilla,,,,really smells like there are cherries in the air Hmm, wouldn't this be a lot better with a more intensive sour cherry note? It would both fit the name and the notes. I've got an cute 4ml bottle so I'm reviewing this based on one drop on my skin. It's basically marshmallow and orchid with equal amounts of cherry and raspberry.

Could it be the suede note? I'm guessing that's it. I've tried products with a cherry-almond mix and they're way more nutty than this will ever be. This has a more prominent musk note than almond note and I strongly dislike the suede note combined with the musk one, althogh the musk is fitting in the overall combination. Now when i think of it, I can't decide wheter I like it or not. I think I'll have to try it again, and maybe the EdP next time, to reach a proper and fair opinion but for now I think it's slightly overrated and unfortunately a dissappointment for me.

Fits all weathers and seasons. Day scent but could work at night too. Smelled like cold medicine actually. At least the overwhelming cherry reminded me of that. I love cherry in the air! I've had plenty of time to get disenchanted, I've had my bottle 2 years. Everytime I spray I feel an insta-burst of happiness and optimism. There's hugs, fluffy pillows, and my little ponies dancing in the air. This fragrance does remind me a bit of that "doll head" smell but just a hint.

I am reminded of a cherry scented doll I had 20 years ago. I can noticeably tell there is raspberry in here adding a bit of that tart bite as well as some sandalwood. The cherry, I think kind of fuses with the marshmallow giving it a puffy kind of sweetness a real life cherry wouldn't normally have. This is a good nonstalgic fragrance for people who want to smile. I'm not usually crazy about fruity perfumes, but this one of my favorites. My go-tos, and definitely repurchase worthy for me. A blast of artificial cherry scent without any depth.

Sweetness for a maximum 15 years old. I hate giving negative reviews, but can't help it for this one and I am a big fan of the house. Cherry In The Air is a deep, dark cherry vanilla fragrance. It's not too sweet, but it has a marshmallow note and vanilla to keep it sweet enough to be enjoyed by us sweet fragrance lovers.

But don't let that turn you off. It's like someone had the idea to make that Cherry coca cola scent into a perfume. It has woods in it which gives it a longevity, a depth, and darker nocturnal air. It's definitely something to wear on a cool summer night. It's appropriate for formal and informal casual events. It's not like my fav Escada scent which is Taj Sunset but this is a very lovely cherry fragrance. I absolutly love this parfume. My husband loves the scent of Cherries and he bought me this. Luckly for me, he bought the big bottle. It smells so lovely of cherries, and it makes me think of summer, even if I wear it in the winter.

On my skin it is very long lasting, and I get a lot of compliments when I wear it. My first Escada, not a brand that really stood out for me and hadn't tried any of their perfumes before Agua. I tried to get Agua Del Sol but they had sold out and loved the smell I tried, on getting home I saw this one online quite cheaply, I can kinda understand now why.

On first spraying it on I got a strong smell of artificial fruity fragrance, but on dry down the cherry smell did come through but still kinda plasticly. About an hour later I couldn't smell anything so tried it again. My nose maybe adjusting slightly as I am warming to it a bit, and the dry down smell did come through as cherry, albeit very sweet. I wanted so much to love this, so won't give up on it altogether but it's nowhere near the top of my list. I'm still hankering after Agua Del Sol, my search continues.

This was love at first smell for me. I like the Escada summer limited edition perfumes and this one is definitely my favourite so far. I would wear this in the summer because of the fruitiness but, to me, it is much more suited to autumn or winter. Although it is very fruity, there is a depth and warmth to this perfume that I was not expecting. I thought it would be light and fresh but I find it much darker and more interesting than that.

I don't think this is particularly an evening scent, whatever the season but I am looking forward to trying this again come the colder months. Words I would use to describe this perfume: Not much cherry which is disappointing. The strong raspberry also makes me physically ill. Such a disappointment, because I really like cherries and this beautiful bottle is wasted. It starts with strong alcoholic artificial smell which is neither fruity nor sweet, not at least fresh.

You should really wait if you want to smell something rather than a cleaning stuff. I admit that after 10 minutes it becomes somehow sweet. Still if I'm looking for a cherry scent in this range, I will go for ralph Lauren pony 4. I'm happy that it was just a limited edition and won't see it around anymore. Please give me more fruit salads, rather than a strange cherry-free scent. Where on earth are the cherries???

Kimoji Cherry Perfume Review

If I wanted to smell like Tide laundry detergent, then I wouldn't have spent all this money. Smells more like one of JLo's soapy perfumes rather than a heavily fruity Escada scent. I am really undecided about Cherry in the Air. It's definitely a like, I do know that, but I'm not sure it's something I actually want to smell like. I agree with the reviewers who say this smells like a scented doll head.

Maybe even a scented candle. It is completely different than any of the other limited edition Escada's. There is no tropical vibe. It might even smell better in cooler weather because of the marshmallow powdery feel. Longevity is hours and projection is very soft. Needless to say, it's not my favorite cherry scent. I'll keep wearing it, especially to bed. I use this as a mixer fragrance when I want to be extra sweet. My boyfriend loves it. Cloying and overly indulgent, but oh so pleasing. This scent is a limited edition although I have seen it pop up at Kohls on occasion.

Its opening reminds me of the taste of a juicy cherry popsicle. For Escada's limited edition line, this scent gives me the impression of higher than average quality. At it's dry down it's just so well balanced and true to name. The mid and base notes give it a nice maturity, while the lingering cherry keeps it playful. I swear I get a hint of almond, but that may just be those base notes playing tricks on my nose. What I find makes this such a gem is it's more than just cherry. The average Escada limited edition, even ones I love, come off very one dimensional to me. Cherry In The Air, will take some time for the initial pop to relax and when it does it gracefully opens to its other notes and transforms.

That transformation is what makes this different. Just loooove this scent. As always, body chemistry and all that jazz! I love cherry, but, in most perfumes and scented bodycare products, it always ends up having that sharp almond-like note or being an overly sugary product. However, Cherry in the Air is not that. It does start out with a sweet burst of sugary cherry; yet, it deepens as the sugar darkens and settles. However, the sillage is non-existent and the lasting power follows suit, but it's still a lovely fragrance. The bottle and the package are pretty, too.

Hi, is this perfume still in production? Some of the so-called ''limited editions'' still are and I would love to know if this one is among them. It's less "cherry" scent that I imagined Nothing to write home about. Not the longest lasting. I really enjoy this soft sweet floral. It has a nice warmth to it that' unexpected, smooth, silky, and not at all overly heavy musky or spicy. I love this perfume. One of the best limited perfumes which i had, smell playful, sweet and fresh on me. If you have guys smbdy it and dont like pls contact me.

It's very sweet but different than other Escada's fragrances. For once something else than a tropical fruit attack! I wanted to love this because of some of my favourite notes, especially cherry. Unfortunately, it smelled unexciting on my skin. Not unpleasant but nothing spectacular.

It smells like its price: Much more complex and interesting. Having said that, I think it would suit a young girl. Better than BBW scents. Shoppers drug mart is selling a collectors edition of four of the most popular Escada fragrances I mean, it's not bad! Nor is it gross, it's just It's nothing special nothing to write home about!

I'm confused on why it's called cherry in the air, there is no cherry scent in this at all! It smells like suggared cherries mixed into sweet cottage cheese! My friend totally agrees! Oh, and I was very surprised by the longevity of this fragrance! I know that Escada's fragrances are notorious for being not longlasting, but this one lasts me the whole day!

Like, I put it on at noon and I can still smell it at midnight! And guys love it! This sweet fragrance really made me fall in love; it was love at first sight, its very good silage!!! I loove love love this scent! It's so cherry sweet and delicious! It smells cherry marshmallows. It's absolutely the best cherry fragrance I ever smelled! It's not heavy sweet, it's freshly, airy sweet. The name "cherry in the air" is a perfect name for this fragrance. My friend had it and when I fell in love with this sweet, powdery, cherry, fresh scent - I had to go and buy 2 bottles of it because I really really loved it.

But I got tired if it after a while through I still really love it. The sillage are moderate and the longevity is moderate too. It's my favorite spring fragrance! This is just about exactly what you'd expect of Escada's take on a cherry perfume, and I don't mean that as a bad thing at all. Sure, it's not especially complex or sophisticated, but I don't think it smells juvenile at all, either; I think it could work at just about any age, in casual contexts.

It has just that amount of extra notes to add some extra depth and keep it interesting; these set it apart from those one note pure fruit scents that I enjoy but don't like to wear outside the house. So I like this quite a bit, although like with other Escadas that I've tried I can't see it reaching top of my "to buy" list, because there are always others leaving a bigger impression. I'll enjoy my big sample to the last drop, though, and if I ever see a good promotion for a little bottle I won't hesitate.

So soft, light and a happy scent. Can definitely smell the cherries and I love it for during the day when I want to smell good but not stand out. My friends like it too and it is a hit for me. At first I didn't like it because it didn't smell the others but when I put it on to test it out I love it an it last much longer than others this is an great buy!!!!! This was my second perfume in my current incarnation as an adult perfume enthusiast.

I had smelled and bought Rosewood at Banana Republic and all of a sudden I was forced to entertain the thought that perfumes could be good, worthy, even amazing and inspiring and beautiful not just ridiculous feminine frippery. This was the only perfume that caught my interest. I got it online because I'm cheap and I still have it. Tonight I tried it again for the first time in a while, as I pare down my collection, and I determined that it's a keeper. It's fruity, tart, and sweet. The tartness keeps it from being boring. Maybe the sandalwood helps?

But it doesn't smell to me like some crappy generic perfume aimed at high school girls. It's cute and sweet but also interesting and engaging. I wish this one wasnt a limited edition! I will wear cherry in the air until i can no longer find more bottles. Well this is a funny little fragrance. I have become obsessed with finding the 'perfect' cherry perfume, and purchased this as a blind buy. I'm not displeased with it, but had I smelled it first I probably would not have purchased it having plenty fruity florals in my collection.

Cherry in the Air is an accurate name On my skin, the cherry is dark and deep, not overly fruity and not like a cherry flavoured candy. For me the main note is the orchid i'm guessing its an almost 'tropical' type note that you can't put your finger on Funny that this is considered a 'summer' perfume its darkness to me is suited for winter and cold months If you are looking for a 'candy' cherry this is not the one Amoo este perfume, ele deixa minha pele com esse suave aroma adocicado, mas ao mesmo tempo fresco de cerejas recem colhidas.

Then it goes with the marshmallow and the floral notes! I adore the top cherry note i wish it could be smelled like the whole scent But unfortunately the cherry fades away after 2 - 3 minutes: It is light, uplifting and joyful. The sour cherry note is discreet and adult-like - not overpowering at all, like in some cherry soda. Marshmallows might make you think this fragrance is directed for teens, but it's definitely not. Even though the marshmallow note is dominant at least on my skin , it is a more sophisticated marshmallow scent - not children's birthday party!

Cherry in the Air surprised me with its maturity. Maturity that is still youthful and carefree. It's vibrant and brings a smile on my face. This smells like summer sweetness in a bottle A soft cherry scent. However, it doesn't last more than 2 hours on me, and that's pushing it. This is a fool-proof buy.

It's very sweet, warm, and pleasant IF you are looking for that daytime wear. As a matter of fact, I can even say that Cherry In The Air can even be safe as a gift for a teenager or an adolescent girl for a birthday. When I was done with it, I wasn't all crazy about purchasing the full bottle because I had other fragrances in mind It's a nice fragrance though. Not offensive, long-lasting, good for a lunch-out, picnic in the park and a day in the theme park.

Well it is indeed, Cherry In The Air. I absolutely went crazy in love with this perfume from the moment I tried it. I love the scent of cherries and hoped it would be according to my expectations It really did. It smells like cherries. Very sexy, feminine and playful. This is perfect for any age. You will enjoy its sweetness for hours, in a very pleasant way. From the moment I tried, it, one could find me sniffing my wrist all day long. One of my favorite perfumes.

Received today this piece of spring from Strawberrynet and can't stop smiling about it!!! This is a classic Escada frangrance, simple and to the point, yet with that something special. The single note on which this perfume plays, juicy fresh cherry, is made more bitter by the lovely underlying yet noticeable presence of musk and woods. This makes for a cherry fragrance for grown up women! I don't get any of the marshmallow.. The longevity is its only problem - I get about 4 hours on me, which is average, not great.

Cherry in the Air is not a very complex fragrance. What it lacks in complexity, however, it makes up for in the uniqueness of the sweet-and-sour cherry composition. The market today is so saturated with tropical fruits and generic berry blends that it's unusual to get such a fun take on an uncommon single note.

My favorite thing about wearing this perfume is the longevity. It opens strong and carries me through the morning and into lunch, but even ten or twelve hours later if I happen to move my body just the right way at just the right time it's an unexpected, "where did that come from? One of my favorites from Escada Summer fragrances! I do not know any cherry fragrance so perfect and uplifting like this!

Is not sickly sweet, not childish, but still young smell. I think I will always collect them from now on and forever!! I totally adore this fragrance. It's fun and playful, sweet and fresh but the oak and sandalwood makes it less childish than it would have been without those notes. It's a perfect summer fragrance that genuinely makes me happy. This is my favorite Escada fragrance along with Born In Paradise. Opens with a really strong cherry note, then there's the marshmallows and lastly the musk blended all together with the cherries and marshmallows. Could this be any more perfect?

I'm in love with this perfume at the first try.. Too bad the longevity is poor. After less than one hour i need to re-apply. The cherry note make more distinct and takes it away from it being just a sweet and fruity perfume. A very simple, lovely playful scent. I am so bummed that it doesn't last on me. It smells so amazing, sweet and fruity. But it literally lasted for half an hour. It feels cheap to me because of that. At first, I really liked this one. Who doesn't like Juicy cherries.

But it just doesn't have any longevity. I have a huge fragrance collection but i think Ive found my perfect match with this one. My mouth waters everytime i wear this frag, and I get tuns of compliments when i wear it. I have sniffed this perfume last Tuesday. Well, I have felt an overwhelming sweet taste in my mouth followed by a very toxic odor that ended up with an excruciating headache. I'm sorry to express my big disappointment about this frag, because of the absolute cuteness of the packaging and of the bottle, a rosy, silky glass that whispers "try me, ever and ever again".

What's the hell become of the old, exotic, vibrant "Escada Fingerprint"? The last Escada perfume worthy of the name has been Rockin 'Rio. My first impression, once healed from migraine, was: An Italian morello cherry jam. I hope with my whole self that this glorious fashion house will resume as soon as possible its exciting creations. Escada Tropical Punch is my personal proustian madeleine Too sweet, too sweet! I liked it a year ago when it was released, I even wondered if I should buy it, but now, I am happy I didn't do it!

Sweet cherry, sweet raspberry, sweet marshmallow. All in all, Big Cherry Sugar-bomb. Cuteness in a bottle. It's like pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows. I hate cherries but to me this doesn't smell like cherries at all: But I still like this scent because it reminds me of my childhood: It is what is says it is: Cherry in the air, I mean a lot of sweet and lights cherries. It's for all of those who love fruity fragrances. Even for me this one is really quite okey, definetly gives you the smile on your face. The big problem is with the lasting power as it's really weak.

Nice and light cherry scent. I was surprised, because I am not annoyed by the raspberry in this one. I'd say, it's quite lovely everyday scent, nothing fancy. Suitable for younger women, i think. Quite lovely spring reminding scent! I purchased some sample spray vials and I must say it's not bad! It is light and pretty. I Bought it for the notes and am a tad bit disappointed, but it's not bad overall. I guess I was expecting more from an Escada scent though. I Love most of the Escadas. I am glad that I only purchased samples though, because I would not buy a large bottle of it now.

I will just use the spray vials and try layering with something else maybe. I get so many compliments when i wear this fragrance. Although after an hour i can't smell it, it seems others can detect it. It has a very strong and synthetic cherry-raspberry scent when I first apply it.

I should not like it but it brings back so many childhood memories. This is, along with Taj Sunset, my favourite Escada perfume. The bottle is really cute, and the smell is very sweet. I don't know why but I think it smells like apples more than cherries. It is not so long lasting, maybe two hours on my skin, which is pretty bad for this because it's really expensive for an EdT.

This fragrance is a pleasure to enjoy and wear. I love the fresh cherry inocennce combined with luscious sweet marshmallow. It reminds me of valentines conversation hearts candy. Whenever I wear it I feel fresh and happy!!!!!!!!!! Escada has so many limited edition fragrances it's impossible to try them all!!

I tried Cherry in the Air at a sephora, decided that it's pleasant enough, so I bought a. When I tried it on at home, I can't help but smile. Something about this perfume makes me feel so calm and peaceful, there's hints of cherry but not the in-your-face kind and some floral notes as well. This is a really pleasant perfume, I would say it's a safe blind-buy too, the scent is not too out there, it's not something completely different from all the fragrances. It's warm, floral, maybe a bit similar to at least one of your perfume, but it's still very nice. Probably not a must-have for me, but it's a great perfume to keep in my bag.

I feel like Cherry in the Air is suitable for almost every occasion.

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It's light and floral, so perfect for every day use. But I think there're some sweet notes that make it warm so using it at night is fine too. People would just think you smell nice. I received a free sample from Sephora. I love cherry motifs and the designs on the card appealed to me. The first time I tired it, on the card, I thought it was pretty. I could smell the cherry but the florals and vanilla came through more. The musk was soft, and I didn't get the marshmallow or suede or any other odd notes. Tonight I tried it a second time. Two sprays on the wrists and one on the neckline of my top.

This time I didn't like it as much. I got the cherry but it smelled more synthetic. Then I got a bad after note, almost like a bad air freshener. I hadn't read any of these reviews yet, so it seems that lots of others got that bad air freshener note. I don't know what that comes from exactly, maybe the synthetic white suede?

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I think maybe if you get the prominent synthetic red berries, and then you get a strong floral musk, they almost resonate on two different olfactory levels, and they don't really blend and go together. Which may be a good thing. I still smell the air freshener note on my top. Honestly I think an inexpensive cherry body spray would smell better, because you might get the fresh fruity feeling without the bad air freshener note. I really wanted to like it. It did make me want to try some other cherry fragrances, so I will be on the lookout for some of the names mentioned in other reviews. It's not detestable, but definitely not my favourite perfume either.

Very weak and makes no impression, almost reminiscent of cheap Calgon body spray. The scent is pretty much gone by the time I leave the house in the morning. I wanted to like this perfume, as I have had a lot of luck with Escada's other perfumes, but this just isn't right for my body chemistry.

Opens up with beautiful sour cherry, but it disappears almost instantly. This is a very light, linear, plain jane cherry. Just an average fruity scent. The cherry smells sour, so it's a natural cherry rather than say a maraschino cherry. But at the same time, it's fizzy, somewhat reminding me of cherry soda. It's a fickle scent on my skin.. Sometimes it's sweet, sometimes it's sour.

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As I said, it's very light. It's more like a body spray than a perfume IMO. I'm none too impressed with any present day fragrances from Escada. I always wonder how this is so popular when the Escada Collection is a discontinued rarity. Escada collection was hands down their best ever. But anyway, cherry in the air is just as the title suggests, simply. It's not an unpleasant fragrance, but not one I'd ever think of wearing. Of all fruit scents, I find cherry to be one of the hardest to take seriously. Being that I am a 25 year old woman, I have no desire to smell like cherries The only exception of course is the 's edition Escada collection with a prominent cherry cola note..

But that's totally different, not comparable to cherries in the air. A very "meh" perfume, just like all the others fr the current Escada range. I actually enjoy a lot of simple gourmands, but too fruity is always too boring and redundant for my tastes.. Cherry in the air is gorgeous and has become my daily perfume. I do get candy like cherries for about 10 minutes after I spray. Never has a perfume brought me so many compliments or made me feel more comforted throughout the day. Also for an Escada, the staying power is amazing! I wouldnt say that the sillage is huge.

I mean the person next to u can definitely Snell it, but not much further than that which I appreciate. But even after my 12 hr shifts at work, I still get whiffs of cherry in the air all around me. How I wish this wasn't limited edition! I understand that they have similar notes, but IMO cherry in the air is much much better, and longer lasting. You know those big red juicy cherry lollipops with the bubble gum center? Well they've managed to bottle those mouthwatering babies and named it Cherry in the air. I realize summer is over, at least in the northern hemisphere where I live, and people have maybe moved on from this by now.

This was marketed as a summer edition but don't make the mistake of dismissing this during winter. It actually works wonders in the cold, with the cozy sweetness lingering around all day and warming you up from the inside. The best Escada yet. For some reason, Escada Cherry in the Air, smells like strawberries and burnt sugar to me! I prefer fresh, citrus fragrances.

Anyway, I think is a nice, feminine fragrance for girls that like sweet cotton candy aromas. I didn't get the sour side of this Cherry in the Air Not overwhelming, not unique either