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Every Summer is one of the most perfect times of the year. Every group of friends will at time encounter heart-warming moments and heartbreaking ones. The eight friends have been together through thick and thin, marriage and divorce, life and loss. Things haven't always been pretty but the friends have somehow managed to stick together. They rely on each other, surviving by leaning on each other during tough times. How will they survive, when suddenly two of their number are no longer there to lean on?

In the beautiful environment of Nantucket, disaster strikes when something happens and the boat that Greg and Tess took out to sail is found capsized. The couple is discovered underneath, dead. They leave behind two young children and six distraught friends. Tears are shred while anger begins to boil over. As The Castaways grieve, mysteries unfold and lies are discovered, threatening to tear the group apart. Can The Castaways survive it or will the death of the beloved Greg and Tess mean the death of the entire group and everything they have built together?

Elin Hilderbrand once again brings us into the world of intrigue and mystery that she creates in Nantucket, the beautiful island with an endless summer. What I absolutely love about this story is the way that Hilderbrand can create a story so full of suspense and yet one filled with love and hope. Yet, through each other they find ways to piece their lives back together. Hilderbrand shows us what it means to grieve when lives end, signaling the end to an era and the beginning of another.

Present day activities mix with the past as Hilderbrand expertly uses back-story to explain the inner workings and deep mysteries of The Castaways. There are times when she devotes pages to showing us what happened in the past and there are other times that she gives us the details slowly, letting us savor every moment. The mix of the two creates a wonderful environment where the reader exists in both the past and the present.

The transitions between the two are lovely and help to keep the story flowing beautifully. She goes into great detail, showing us how the relationships of the friends diverge and separate. Who loves whom, whose heart is really held by someone else. Half of the suspense in the book is trying to figure out who each person will become by the end of the book. Any tragic occurrence, like the deaths of two friends, are bound to change people and Hilderbrand uses this to her advantage.

She creates layer upon layer with each character, adding depth to the person and to the story. There were times when the relationships got fairly complex. I almost felt that I needed to grab a pen and paper to jot down a few notes about each individual in order to keep them separate. This happened mainly in the beginning while we viewed each character as a part of the whole rather than their own individual.

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As the story progresses, however, oil separates from water and each person becomes their own. A connection forms between the individuals and the reader; it is no longer difficult to separate each person. Anyone can write a good gossip book about the darker areas that lie within a friendship, but Hilderbrand does so quite eloquently. Her style of writing is very clear and flows across the page. In order to keep things organized and make the story easier to understand for the reader, Hilderbrand gives each character their own section when the story moves to their point of view.

These sections are titled with the individual's name to aid in the ease of reading. I thought this was a wonderful tough and one that made it much easier to transition from person to person in the mind. It allowed me to really connect with each person and be able to feel what they were feeling, see what they were seeing. There were a few instances where it was difficult to figure out the relationships between the characters and a few transitions where I had to reread in order to figure out what time frame we were in.

That accounts for most of the less than ten scores found above. If you couldn't tell from my raving throughout this review, I absolutely loved the characters and the character development. Hilderbrand shows what it means to be a real person and gives her story that sense of realism; that section earned a perfect ten.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a good gossip book. This is a book that makes you think, encourages you to feel and wonder at the world around you. It's beautiful, both in color and emotion and is a perfect read whether you want to curl up in your favorite chair with a blanket or lay out on the beach with your favorite towel.

Mar 04, Erin rated it liked it. Even when I'm not really sure if I liked the characters or the plot. The three stars is really that even against my better judgement I was sucked in. But I'm still going to rant about what I didn't like. The book is narrated by the three couples that are friends with Greg and Tina, the couple that dies, and there is a lot of reminiscing about their relationship Similar to Luanne Rice,Nora Roberts, and Kristin Hannah, there is just something about Elin Hilderbrand that keeps me turning the pages.

The book is narrated by the three couples that are friends with Greg and Tina, the couple that dies, and there is a lot of reminiscing about their relationship to each other. I'm not sure that I hold the opinion that everyone is just looking to sleep with their best friends husband or wife. I'm not married though, so maybe married women do think that? Now that I've got that little rant off my chest, I will reiterate that this book is highly readable. A good read for the beach. I believe that Delilah was my favorite character in the book.

Sep 13, Johanna Kirstein rated it really liked it. I enjoyed this book and all the various viewpoints of the characters. The book starts off with eight friends called the castaways and the tragic accident that took two of their friends in a sailing trip gone wrong.


Greg and Tess decide to go away for their anniversary on a sailing trip to Martha's Vineyard. They end up drowning on their voyage and leave behind their two twin seven-year-olds and their six other couple friends within their group the 'castaways'. Through each characters own perspect I enjoyed this book and all the various viewpoints of the characters.

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Through each characters own perspective, we realize that Tess and Greg were having marital problems for the past year and we question if the accident was really in murder. Throughout the book, we see how each character deals with the loss and also plays the blame game. I enjoy how this author writes her book from the various viewpoints of every character.

Some people may find it confusing, but I think you learn and are able to see much more of the story behind the plot line. Great summer beach read. Sep 15, Joshua rated it liked it Shelves: An entertaining soap opera. Sometimes pulled me in enough to evoke some emotions, for a beach read, this book deals with some heavy stuff. Not that this was profound or anything, but Hilderbrand managed to give her characters some marginally interesting complexity. The Castaways Follows three couples as they deal with the death of two friends, the different ways they cope with it and deal with their own issues in their own marriages.

A big issue I had was the writing. It wasn't terrible, but very d An entertaining soap opera. It wasn't terrible, but very distracting and rather sloppy at times. Overuse of Italics and parenthesis really disrupted the flow of the story, It became so repetetive and redundant.

And while I understand that this book is about a group of dysfunctional albiet priviledged people in a time of grieving, but I had a hard time believing that they genuinely loved or supported eachother at all. It got to a point where I wanted to punch all of them.

Nonetheless, I thought this was a fun read. Apr 28, Shay Caroline rated it really liked it Shelves: Apparently, I am the last woman in the country to discover Elin Hildebrand, but I can see why she is so popular. They all live on Nantucket Island a character in itself and they all are way more well-off than I will ever be, but this isn't one of those tiresome novels where it's all about stuff and glitz.

When one of the couples goes for an anniversary sail and are drowned in a mysterious accident, s Apparently, I am the last woman in the country to discover Elin Hildebrand, but I can see why she is so popular. When one of the couples goes for an anniversary sail and are drowned in a mysterious accident, secrets begin to come out. Some of the friends were closer with another friend's spouse than was suspected, there may have been foul play, there were certainly lies and an undercurrent of restless emotions.

While the plot is engrossing, what I loved the best was the eight characters. They are all so human, so easy to relate to, and so marvelously drawn by the author, that loved spending time with them, and I cared about them all. There is no obvious hero or villain; they are all just human beings caught up in life. I wholeheartedly recommend "The Castaways" and look forward to reading more by this author. Jun 27, Janene rated it it was ok Shelves: Another First Reads Win this week! Very much looking forward to this one!

Well, I finished Castaways in about 3 sittings. I've been sitting here trying to think of how I'd review it.. I was really excited to read this book That's how unexcited I had become. I then read 'Debbie's' review, and I hope she doesn't mind my borrowing what she said I found it pretty ridiculous that these were supposed 8 best friends and yet they all are lusting or in love with one of the other friends beside their spouse.

I also did not find any of the very likeable other than the chief and I thought the story was pretty predictable. I have to say I really admired Andrea's daughter stepping up to elp take care of Greg and Tess's children when everyone else was a mess. View all 5 comments. Dec 17, Kelly rated it it was amazing. I had never read anything by Elin Hilderbrand, and have always wanted to. I love stories that take place on the East Coast as I lived there for half of my life.

I am especially drawn to stories that involve islands back East or coastal towns. This is one of the first books on CD that I have read that made me also want to read the book. This really says something because it was unabridged so I have listened to the whole book already, but it really was that good! The Castaways is a story of a traged I had never read anything by Elin Hilderbrand, and have always wanted to.

The Castaways is a story of a tragedy and friendship from many sides. It is the inside of a group of friends that covers the truth of the friendship from the eyes of those inside. It is amazing how everyone has a different piece of the puzzle and their own views of their dynamic.

As each side of the story is told, the reader gets to feel like an insider on the "real" story and feels like they are waiting for the characters to catch up. Then another tidbit comes into play. Truly I loved not being able to predict each and every move. The Castaways was read by Katie Hale who captured each personality in the book. I really believe that the narrator is key when it comes to audio books and Katie Hale definitely does not disappoint. All in all, I'd highly recommend The Castaways audio book. If you have the chance You will not be disappointed. Nov 13, Kim V rated it really liked it.

The novel follows the unraveling lives of six friends after one couple in the group, Greg and Tess, drown. Andrea, the Chef, Phoebe, Addison, Delilah, and Jeffrey individually cope with the couple's deaths as each has a secret from the rest of the group. The chapters are narrated by alternating members of the ensemble cast. This narrative style is fairly confusing in the beginning of the novel, but The Castaways by Elin Hilderbrand reads like a modern day Big Chill set on Nantucket. This narrative style is fairly confusing in the beginning of the novel, but is ultimately richly rewarding as the reader gains fresh insights into each character.

The individual story lines ranged from the believable to the incredulous at least in this reader's opinion. Without giving away spoilers there were passages in the novel that were suitable fodder for tabloids. Other parts of the book were highly engrossing and richly crafted. Overall, The Castaways is an enjoyable, but atypical summer novel. Nov 07, Jessica rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: This is ultimately one of my favorite books. I found myself identifying with the characters bit by bit.

I started reading Elin Hilderbrand after I picked up Barefoot for a nice easy read and ended up not being able to put it down. The best way I can describe this book is simply its "moving". I definitely had that moment at the end where I closed the book and was truly sad the journey was over.

Elin is one of my favorite new authors and this book did not disappoint. The only thing negative I can This is ultimately one of my favorite books. The only thing negative I can say about this book is that it does leave some questions unanswered but HEY! Anyone who says these characters are relatable have never been through what these people have.

The Castaways

I felt that I was able to truly feel their pain as they attempted to heal from this horrible accident. I found it odd that one other reviewer wrote they were disappointed with this book but really enjoyed A Summer Affair. I felt that A Summer Affair was the worst book by Elin I have read so far, It just didn't grab me and suck me in like hers normally do.

This book on the other hand I would have to say is her best book I have read to date right behind Barefoot. Jun 30, Liz rated it really liked it Shelves: The Castaways is a book about 8 friends who are very close in their lives on the island of Nantucket. The remaining 6 are devastated by the loss of two of their group in a boating accident. It details all of the secrets and subleties that a friendship can hold.

It also discusses the alliances that can form in a group of friends who travel together, have holidays together, grieve together and love together. I found this novel to be difficult to get started on, but after about pages, I was hoo The Castaways is a book about 8 friends who are very close in their lives on the island of Nantucket.

I found this novel to be difficult to get started on, but after about pages, I was hooked and ready to read feverishly! I highly enjoyed the development of the characters. However, in all their similarities, there were some differences that I could not get over. For example, Pheobe, wife of Addison, is aware for 6 months that he is having an affair, but because of her own grief, she is unable to make a stand and discuss this infidelity with her husband.

I find my self totally annoyed by weak women in novels and Phoebe is a weak woman, until she redeems herself in the final 60 pages. However, this may have been a good foil to the seemingly tough as nails Andrea who is the mother hen of the group, or the social director Delilah, or even Tess the teacher. They all show their own weakenesses in different ways and they are creatively illustrated in a very readable way.

Then there are the men One is the always lawful cheif of police and then there is Jeffrey who some might say has an emotional affair. I do like how the cheif forced the group to get together after seeing how the secrets and infidelities would harm their group. He airs all the dirty laundry in a way that is appropriate and in a way that allows for healing and group cohesion to be restored.

Cheif ended of being my favorite character, becasue he was able to maintain and then use his own strength to help the group become a group once again. In the end, I liked the book. I would read it again and suggest it for others. I am always amazed at how Elin Hilderbrand can write such different novels, all based on the same island!! This is my 3rd from her and they have all been covering very different topics despite the backdrop of the tiny island of Nantucket! I think what also helps me love these books, is that I live in MA and have been to a lot of the places she references, including the island itself.

Elin Hilderbrand brings a unique life to an island that I hold near and dear to my heart. Jul 02, Stephanie rated it liked it Shelves: I'm slightly torn about this book. I can't decide if I really enjoyed it. It took some time for the story to gather enough steam for me to really get into it, but once I did I read the whole thing in a day. Not all of the characters were really 'likable' I doubt they are meant to be but I did enjoy the way most of them were written.

The author has a good knack for describing people and places. It was fun getting into their heads to see how they remembered things in different ways. My favorite I'm slightly torn about this book. My favorite parts of the book were the vacation memories, because that's when we really saw the eight friends interacting and the conflicts between them.

In 'present' time, everything was so disconnected for much of the book. I know that was supposed to be the point The interactions is where they really shined. My other complaint is that there didn't always seem to be enough meat to keep the story going as long as it did. And with all of secret desires between the friends, I'm surprised they still managed to look at each other sometimes. I also don't know if I really believe that Tess would have an affair, no matter who it was with. Not after all of the 'saintly' Tess talk.

My favorite character was Phoebe, and the whole part about her and her twin was just heartbreaking and well-written. I liked her redemption storyline the best out of all of them. Sep 04, Pamela Pickering rated it liked it Recommends it for: Did I care for it? Could I put it down? Breezed through it in one day which is not my normal reading pattern. If you aren't a fan of stories told through multiple voices this will not be the book for you.

I like the the technique as long as the transitions are noticeable. The hard part for me, I really only liked 2 "Oh what a terrible web we weave, when we practice to decieve. The hard part for me, I really only liked 2 of the 6 characters voices of the story. I kept wanting to yell, "Snap out of it!

Although this is my second of Hilderbrand's books, I think I shall have to read more. There is something about her writing or her stories that just grab me. Okay, so they don't have super depth or life changing qualities but they do fit the mold of a good beach read and they usually are about the beach--Nantucket.

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In that year , Irvine was 25, and Kingsland After being formally married — Tuin Island is part of Queensland, and the authorities would have never let them go without marrying first — and Irvine has an IUD implanted to prevent pregnancy, Irvine and Kingsland try to adapt, making the best out of a beautiful but hostile environment with treacherous flora and fauna. Slowly but surely, an intense love-hate relationship develops between the two, as Irvine is much more strict and disciplined than the laid-back Kingsland. Kingsland also makes clear he desires the blonde, slender Irvine, but much to his chagrin, she refuses his advances.

However, as both are mutually dependent on each other, and both are also constantly hungry, the tension remains in check. When Irvine flirts with them, and acknowledges being sexually attracted by them, Kingsland is eaten up with jealousy. However, when she eats poisoned beans, he also saves her life, which earns her respect. But things grow from bad to worse when a bad drought comes over Tuin. Having no means of communication — the antenna of their CB radio set is missing — the two nearly starve to death.

Irvine has serious abdominal problems and fears she is pregnant, which would be her doom in her weakened state. Then, salvation comes in the form of natives from the neighbouring island of Badu Island, Queensland , who find the castaways and nurture them back, helped by occasionally passing white nurses.