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After a visit from the state military they agree to join up in return for help finding the stone and their adventures begin. Originally a one-shot comic this series is now on it's 64th release and still has a way to go. Naruto is a teenage ninja in training. As a child he was orphaned when his village was attacked by the powerful fox, Nine-Tails and a number of people, including his parents, were killed. Although he doesn't know it to begin with, the fox demon has been trapped within Naruto and he continues his training unaware. The series showcases his training, exams and missions as he grows up.

The inspiration for feature films, video games and even rock musicals, Bleach is one of the most popular manga series. Ishigo could always see spirits but when one passes some of her Spirit Pressure energy through to him, he is given the powers of a Soul Reaper.

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With his new powers he now has the responsibility to guide people through to the afterlife and protect humans from the evil spirits and Hollows that threaten them. When Light Yagami discovers a spiritual book called the "Death Note" he doesn't quite know what he's found until a shinigami death god called Ryuk explains that when someone's name is written in the book, they die.

Light plans to use the book to wipe out the criminal underworld but with so many thugs and villains passing away people can't help but start to notice. Soon Light goes from being the hunter to the hunted.

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The series is set in a bleak in later publications , after third world war Tokyo has been re-built as Neo-Tokyo and crime is rife. Biker gangs ride the streets looking for anything to entertain themselves but when one discovers the government is behind the destruction of old Tokyo they realise it was the fallout of an experiment gone horribly wrong and it all has something to do with a young boy known as Akira.

Ciel Phantomhive disappeared on the night of his 10th birthday, the same night a fire wrecked his family home and his parents are murdered. A month later he returns to take over the illustrious family business with a butler named Sebastian Michaelis. People think he is just a hugely attentive man but little do they know that the two have made a pact.

Manga comics: where to start

The butler must help Ciel tie up all his loose ends and avenge his parents death, then Sebastian will get what he wants Teenagers Goku and Bulma join forces to track down the seven dragonballs as once they find them all they will be able to ask the dragon Shenlong for one true wish. During their travels Goku trains in martial arts and they meet numerous people that both help and hinder their mission but with a wish at stake they are not the only people hunting the dragonballs.

This series continued on to become Dragonball Z. Rin Okumura and his twin brother Yukio were raised by well-known exorcist Father Shiro but during a bitter argument it is let slip that the twins true father is Satan, which explains Rin extraordinary strength. When Rin witnesses Shiro die which trying to protect him, Rin decides to battle his heritage, swearing to beat Satan and begins training as an exorcist himself.

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But can he hide his history and the demon battling within. One of the original manga series, first published in , it follows the Ministry of Science creation known as Astro Boy. Created by Doctor Tenma after the death of his son, Astro Boy was made more human than most robots but after he realises the mistake he's made the Doctor pushes Astro boy away. Eventually he ends up in the hands of professor who discovers his powers and his ability to feel emotions. Ewan My other suggestions would be Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind by Hayao Miyazaki - I think it's the only comic book he's done but it's just as absorbing as his animated films and even more epic - and Tekkonkinkreet by Taiyo Matsumoto; his deceptively rough drawing style is rather different to what you'd expect from most manga, being more influenced by European comics, but it's a beautifully surreal tale about an unusual friendship.

I know that Paul Duffield, who you mentioned in the article, is very influenced by his work. Ron What about any about girls? Ghost in the Shell, maybe, but what about something from Clamp, the all-female and highly talented quartet of magna artists who have produced such excellent work as Tsubasa multi-dimensional love quest with tragic twist , Chobits human-android love story , XXXholic humorous horror and Angelic Layer gladiatorial battles with small fighting robots?

Samuel One Piece is another well-known and very popular manga. It's very imiginative and, in my opinion, better than the two other 'popular manga' which were in your list, Bleach and Naruto. Another 'great' absent in the list is Rurouni Kenshin. I enjoyed its anime-form "Samurai X" very much and the manga is even better. Dagger Child Firstly, why is everything from the pubescent boys' shelf?

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Nothing for Twilight fans like "Vampire Knight"? Secondly, where is "Alita"? Finally, "Nightschool", which I adore even more than Sandman. By Margaret Wise Brown. Classic captures a kid's delight in freshly fallen snow. By Ezra Jack Keats. The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Carle brings humor to caterpillar's development.

Where the Wild Things Are. Classic all-ages masterpiece has a wild imagination. Harold and the Purple Crayon. Imagination reigns in timeless classic about drawing boy. The Tale of Peter Rabbit. Beatrix Potter's first and one of her best. The Cat in the Hat. A kids' classic that put Dr. Seuss on the map. Frog and Toad Are Friends. Engaging stories spotlight charming, relatable characters. Last Stop on Market Street. Tender story of Nana showing grandson city beauty via bus. Rhyming classic is a sure winner with kids. Beloved, classic stories and poems in one volume.

Mercy Watson to the Rescue: Mercy Watson, Book 1. Funny, silly pig story great for early readers. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Classic morality tale is wildly entertaining. Friendship tale a sure hit with kids starting chapter books. Excellent bridge from chapter books to novels. Where the Sidewalk Ends. Irresistible collection of clever, hilarious poems. Gentle, much-loved barnyard classic delights all ages.

Ramona tale helps young kids build empathy. Strange, surreal tale sure to creep kids out. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Magical start of the fantastic boy-wizard series. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe: The Chronicles of Narnia, Book 1. Classic Narnia tale has exciting battles, Christian themes. The Tale of Despereaux: Brave mouse adventure a modern classic; great read-aloud. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. A classic that both adults and kids love.

Anne of Green Gables. Beloved classic features lovable, imaginative heroine. A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book 1. A cliff-hanging orphan adventure wrapped in black humor. Honest, moving story of friendship and loss. Well-crafted tale of an orphan's search for home. By Christopher Paul Curtis.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Laugh-out-loud-funny series start tucks lessons in stories. Brilliantly written, inventive pre-LOTR tale. Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 1. Greek myths meet fast-paced adventure in boy-demigod tale. Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. Toddler antics bug brother, amuse readers in 1st Fudge book.

A Wrinkle in Time. Classic sci-fi story still inspires and gets kids thinking.