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Publishing many texts under the prefix "Marcus," Prudentias is one of the most prominent and most prolific authors of Latin sacred poetry in its early days. Not much is known of Prudentias outside of what he wrote about himself. What we do know, is that he was born in northern Spain, and was a well educated man. During his life, Prudentias served as a lawyer, a judge, civil servant, and a scholar.

When Prudentias was 57 years old, he retired from the world, and withdrew to a monastery where he committed the rest of his life to prayer and writing for the church. Though we do not have much more information about Prudentias than this, we can attribute his great success in poetry to his decision to leave the world behind.

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The collection contained similar texts as: Because of lung disease, Neale was forced to spend quite a bit of time in Madeira, which gave him access to a well stocked library. As Neale continued to ponder hymnody, he began to realize that hymns did not only belong to Watts and Evangelicals but were a part of the earliest history of the church and included in it's daily prayer Westermeyer, p After this discovery, Neale turned his attention away from what he found to be "trashy" in Evangelical hymnody, and began looking to the breviary, which he found to be the liturgical book for daily prayer, and thought of this as the core of the church's hymnody.

With his capability of learning languages it is said that Neale could speak nearly 20 different languages , it is no wonder that Neale was able to provide the English world with so many wonderful translations of Greek and Latin hymns. Thomas Helmore known for the tune Veni, Emmanuel was responsible for a version of this text that included harmonizatoins in the Accompanying Harmonies to the Hymnal Noted , Parts I and II were bound together as one. Pearce saw the possibilities for organ literature, as in the two compositions included here: Describing the melody of the latter, he writes: The classic image of the typical Victorian Christmas is embodied in this piece — ruddy faces, muffler and fur, picturesque village scenes, festive cheer, church steeple topped with snow and so on.

Track 8 on CDA [10'55]. Sing, ye heights of heaven, his praises; Angels and Archangels, sing!

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Let no tongue on earth be silent, Every voice in concert sing, Evermore and evermore! He comes the promised Saviour; Let the world his praises cry! This is He Whom seers in old time Chanted of with one accord; Whom the voices of the prophets Promised in their faithful word; Now He shines, the long expected, Let creation praise its Lord, Evermore and evermore!

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Macte iudex mortuorum, macte rex viventium, Dexter in Parentis arce qui cluis virtutibus, Omnium venturus inde iustus ultor criminum. Thou Judge of souls departed; Hail! On the Father's right hand throned, Through his courts thy praises ring, Till at last for all offences Righteous judgement thou shalt bring, Evermore and evermore.

Now let old and young uniting Chant to thee harmonious lays Maid and matron hymn Thy glory, Infant lips their anthem raise, Boys and girls together singing With pure heart their song of praise, Evermore and evermore. Thee let old men, Thee let young men, Thee let boys in chorus sing; Matrons, virgins, little maidens, With glad voices answering: Let their guileless songs re-echo, And the heart its music bring, Evermore and evermore!

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Tibi, Christe, sit cum Patre hagioque Pneumate Hymnus, decus, laus perennis, gratiarum actio, Honor, virtus, victoria, regnum aeternaliter. Let the storm and summer sunshine, Gliding stream and sounding shore, Sea and forest, frost and zephyr, Day and night their Lord alone; Let creation join to laud thee Through the ages evermore, Evermore and evermore. Honour, glory, and dominion, And eternal victory, Evermore and evermore!

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Glover, The hymnal companion: Service music and biographies , Volume 2 Church Publishing, Inc.