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Conor Kelly, and pupils and teachers from Clashmore National School. Senior Engineer, Gabriel Hynes, MC for the event, acknowledged that all too often in the past, the Council had to close the road because of flooding and concerns over the stability of the bridge. Geoghegan noted that the original bridge dated back to the 19th Century and it has always been an important crossing point. Geoghegan expressed thanks to the local community for their patience and co-operation with the team to get the bridge open and operational again. He acknowledged all involved for bringing the project to full completion and the Department of Transport for providing the necessary finance to fund the works.

Kelly carried out a blessing of the new bridge which was followed by music on the tin whistle by pupils of Clashmore National School. Refreshments were served afterwards in the Decies Bar, Clashmore. Seamus O Domhnaill, Cllr. Pat Nugent and pupils from Clashmore NS. The quiet, peaceful and scenic spot located between Landsend and Priory Avenue in Abbeyside, is popular with people taking walks and long evening strolls along the beach from Abbeyside Church to the Tracks at Clonea Road. However, The Cove area has been subject to a spate of late night anti-social behaviour, particularly at weekends when groups of individuals congregate at the location.

In recent weeks, there have been drinking sessions, anti-social behaviour, litter, graffiti and bonfires taking place at The Cove, with lifebuoys being set on fire. The Council has had to carry out a clean-up of the area on numerous occasions and replace the destroyed lifebuoys on at least three occasions in the recent past, at a cost to the taxpayer. Sergeant Jim Aherne said the anti-social behaviour has occurred over the last number of weekends. Aherne appealed to any member of the pub-. It is understood that the Council also has signage erected, warning people that there is CCTV in the area.

If these lifebuoys are stolen or vandalised, it could cost a life if someone gets into difficulty in the water. People are asked to treat ringbuoys with respect as they are an essential piece of lifesaving equipment. Last year, as part of nationwide changes to national primary routes, the TII removed turning lanes in a relining scheme. Hynes said a feasibility study has to be carried out first. Brazil sought an update about a proposed pedestrian crossing for Lemybrien and driver feedback signs.

Driver feedback signs display the speed of a vehicle. We acknowledge the commitment of those which make this happen and wish them every success in their endeavours on our behalf. This year, the route has been curtailed to finish at Collins Avenue instead of making a second pass through the town. This is logical and a benefit to all those taking part who will no longer have a lengthy wait in the cold before making a needless second trip through Grattan Square to a vastly diminished crowd. While the weather forecast days before the event is less than favourable, organisers and spectators will pray for a fine day and hope that the Saint who is honoured on the occasion will intercede in that respect.

There have been exceptions, but they are few. Celebrations which go on late into the night bring their own dangers and we exhort everyone who is having a celebratory drink to act wisely, to not drive and take a way home which is safer for them, for pedestrians and other road users. While we celebrate our national identity and think of all for which we should be thankful, we should spare a thought for those who will have little to celebrate while they ponder where to lay their heads that night.

For some, their temporary hotel rooms and beds will have been allocated to visitors for the big event, with no alternative being provided for them. There is a certain irony in our taking pride in our many national successes which is quite acceptable, while we are aware of the plight of the homeless further discommoded on the occasion. Is there no end in sight for the homeless. Munster Industrial Advocate scandal and the suffering of families and individuals caught in the accommodation trap. This has to be made a national priority and perhaps, with the prospect of a new Taoiseach on the horizon, the emphasis of Government policy may change in their favour.

Newspapers serving the public THE role of the regional newspaper is not an easy one and must perform many functions to properly serve the public. It is not a matter of just disseminating local news, reporting on local or sporting events and carrying a variety of advertising, but also printing stories of public interest which may not be popular in all quarters. We strive to be a newspaper of record, carrying public notices, editorial opinion and public comment in our letters column.

The local newspaper is sometimes expected to match the better funded, higher staffed national titles carrying greater and more expensive advertising columns. The task of getting news stories, court reports, accounts of local authority meetings and decisions onto the pages each week is not an easy one and is sometimes a thankless task.

Friday, 24th March, to Saturday, 1st April, and is a campaign to highlight the importance of properly resourced independent local newspapers and media to the functioning of democracy at a local and regional level. Editors and journalists face many challenges today and have greater competition from a number of platforms, mainly electronic, which did not exist a generation ago.

However, the Dungarvan Observer takes pride in fulfilling as best we can all of those functions which help to oil the wheels of democracy and, with the assistance of the public, we hope to continue to play a meaningful role in our local democracy and give an important service to the public at large. Watch for the burglars ANYONE who has been burgled will confirm that it is not just the loss of the stolen goods, or the damage caused by the break-in, but the sense of violation felt after the thieves have left which is the greatest burden.

It is often said and much repeated, that the greatest policing is that of vigilant local dwellers who keep their eyes open for anything unusual happening in their neighbourhood. They rely on the public support in a variety of ways, not least bringing to their attention details which, though they appear small, may make a major contribution to the jigsaw of community policing.

The people are urged to be vigilant and to be public spirited enough to call their local Garda Station or their national information lines if they have anything suspicious to report, however small. The Greenway Bridge lit up in green in honour of St. Superintendent Chris Delaney, Waterford, was presenting figures to the JPC meeting, which detailed that there was a reduction in burglaries across the Waterford Division, with the exception of the Dungarvan area, which saw an escalation of burglaries, with a percent increase in the crime in the year.

Delaney acknowledged that there are criminals who steal to order if there is an available market. Delaney said a major problem with finding stolen property was trying to return it to the correct owner and outlined the importance of people marking their valuables, taking note of it and photographing it. Garda pro-arrest policy to combat burglaries PART of the Garda strategy in combatting burglaries is to limit the movement and freedom of criminals.

He said another achievement of reducing burglaries is getting suspects to sign on regularly at their local Garda Station. He said over 50 Garda officers took part in the operation and there were over 32 arrests made. Delaney said the operation was targetting specific criminals and the vast majority of people arrested in that operation appeared in court and were charged.

According to the figures presented to the JPC meeting by Supt. Delaney, burglaries have dropped in general over the last six years in the Waterford Division, from in , to in He said burglaries in Waterford peaked at. Delaney said the drop in burglaries can be attributed to the number of Garda operations which were carried out in recent years. Delaney also highlighted the importance of members of the public reporting any suspicious activity, people or vehicles in their community.

He urged communities to maintain that level of vigilance, particularly in rural areas over the coming months. He said the detection rate for burglaries in the Waterford Division in the year to date currently stands at 17 percent, which is above the national average. Delaney said as the year progresses, he expects an increase in the detection rate.

Eddie Mulligan suggested that the 17 percent detection rate indicates that only one in six burglaries results in arrest, but Supt. Delaney refuted this, saying that was incorrect. Superintendent Michael Leacy, Dungarvan, said he would certainly welcome any engagement with the local community at any time to discuss any issues. Jason Murphy said the recent death of year-old Ballysaggart farmer, Paddy Lyons, which was later upgraded to a murder inquiry, was a horrendous crime, and caused many elderly people living in isolated rural areas to feel vulnerable.

He asked if elderly people are more susceptible to crimes like burglary and if those figures would be available? Delaney said a new computer system put in place alerts him of a victim assessment, where that person is elderly or has been the victim of crime before.

♪♫Flowers of the Forest ~ Mike Oldfield

Delaney said the alert requires him to send out Garda officers to ensure the victim has been made aware of all crime prevention advice and victim support services. Our work in essence is to work for the victims and we have a good computer system in place to support that.

Delaney said he would examine Cllr. West Street, Tallow, Co. Bishop Cullinan to describe St. This international festival encourages the use of the Irish language in fun and interesting ways. The day begins with a much anticipated presentation by Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan on the life and history of St Patrick. Following this, local historian and expert on everything to do with Waterford, Joe Falvey, will give a talk on the Irish language heritage of local Waterford place-names.

The Irish language students of WIT have prepared an exciting traditional lunchtime concert and this is one not to be missed as it also features harpist, poet and singer, Kate Chadbourne, live from Boston. Speaking last week Dr. It is an appropriate celebration of both our national culture and our national feast day. We look forward to welcoming visitors to WIT on the 16th. The proceeds from the money raised during the month of February will go to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul is the largest voluntary charitable organisation in Ireland, maintaining a practical approach to dealing with poverty.

Suicide or Survive create and deliver innovative approaches that educate, inform and inspire people to cultivate good mental health and reduce stigma leading to less death by suicide. RehabCare Waterford Resource Centre champions the value of diversity and inclusion for people with a disability or disadvantage in their communities.

Vincent de Paul, works to alleviate the effects of poverty on individuals and families. The charity works primarily through person-to-person contact by a unique system of family visitation, seeking to achieve social justice and equal opportunity for all citizens. The donation from DoneDeal will help St. Vincent de Paul to provide basics like food, fuel and education costs to families and individuals in local communities across Ireland. Suicide or Survive work to challenge the stigma attached to mental illness and provide a range of educational and therapeutic programmes, that increase the understanding of suicide and play an active role in its prevention in Ireland.

The donation received from DoneDeal will help with delivering life changing and innovative programmes throughout Ireland. RehabCare Waterford Resource Centre is a service that caters for 41 service users with varying degrees of disability. Individuals attending the service may require support with certain aspects of their learning disability, physical and sensory needs and mental health difficulties.

The donation from DoneDeal will be used to improve the quality of their premises in Waterford and will also be used to purchase equipment that will continue to support service users in their personal development and community involvement. The money raised was divided equally between the three worthy organisations. Vincent de Paul, said: Vincent de Paul to benefit during this charity month.

We only make one appeal to the public for donations each year at Christmas, but the reality is that the people we support need help throughout the whole year so this donation is greatly appreciated. Together as a nation we can move mountains. People can and do recover and go on to have full and meaningful lives. We are thrilled and extremely grateful to. It is great to see companies willing to contribute to their local communities in this kind and considerate fashion. We hope that our efforts in this regard, for these three charities, will have a positive impact on the lives of many using these services on a daily basis.

Introduction of commercial delivery parking using private vehicles for small businesses A NEW policy was introduced by Waterford City and County Council recently to facilitate commercial delivery parking using private vehicles for small businesses in the City and Dungarvan. This new policy will operate by permit and allow small businesses which do not have separate vehicles for personal and business to use their private vehicle to load and unload goods to their business premises.

Businesses will be permitted to apply for one Small Business Delivery Permit per business. The permit, will allow the vehicle to be used in a legal parking space on a specified street adjoining the business premises only for a period of 30 minutes while actively loading or unloading, without the requirement to display a pay and display ticket. This permit will bear the make, model and registration number of the vehicle and.

Only businesses in good standing with the Rates Department will be eligible for this permit. Written proof confirming that payments are up to date with the Rates Department will be required to be submitted with the application. The permit will not permit the parking in loading bays, during times they are active. Loading bays are typically larger than standard parking spaces, to accommodate the typically larger goods vehicles. Application can be made at the Customer Services Desks in Baileys New Street or Civic Offices, Dungarvan, and application forms can be downloaded from our website at www.

Aimed at all existing businesses, potential businesses and community groups, the seminar will also explore how you can go about developing or expanding your business to take advantage of this fantastic new development. The possibilities presented by the Greenway are endless — this event is an important opportunity to discuss how we as a county can secure the greatest impact for our region. This event will give you a chance to network, make contacts and find out more about the services and facilities already in place. A range of agencies and institutions will be on hand to outline what they can offer, from support and advice to funding and grants.

There will be a number of short presentations: The Park Hotel, Dungarvan. Places will be limited so booking is essential - contact or email info dungarvanchamber. One of the conditions stipulated that the solar farm, once constructed within the ten years, will have an operating life of five years, and after this period, the structures should be removed unless permission has been granted for their retention for a further period. The company indicated that the 10 year permission to construct the solar farm is needed, due to the experience with the ESB grid connection, as they cannot allow permission to lapse while waiting on a grid connection, and nor could they build the solar farm and leave it idle, pending a grid connection.

The company said the solar panels would be guaranteed for 25 years and it would be between 20 and 25 years before the project begins paying for itself. However, Tornado Electrical Ltd. Other conditions appealed by Tornado Electrical Ltd. Number of places limited to Guided tour of the gardens, including our newly renovated glasshouse area and walled gardens with our expert gardener Malachy Doherty from Glanbia CountryLife, Dungarvan.

Malachy will host a gardening talk on his garden favourites, followed by a question and answer session. This is the first of a series of Garden Talks and Tours. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be served at 3. Entrance gates will open at 1. To book your place call Cathy Maitland on or email 1woodhouseestate gmail. I would like to invite you and everybody in Waterford to join us to celebrate this great occasion.

The stunning 46km Waterford Greenway is the longest off-road walking and cycling trail in Ireland. The opening celebrations will take from 12 Noon till 4pm at three locations along the length of the Greenway. Dungarvan Causeway Enjoy family fun on the vintage fairground rides, giant furniture, facepainting, Deise line dancers, unicycling, juggling and stiltwalking and more! Meet at Killoteran We will help you achieve your goal of becoming a fully qualified Beauty Therapist and gaining employment. Learners are trained in the use of these products throughout the course. There will also be the option of availing in short courses during the year such as nail extensions, gel polish and spray tanning.

There are several options within Beauty Therapy. It is the highest standard in Beauty Therapy qualifications. It is a 2 year course that includes all aspects of beauty from facials, waxing, manicure and make up in first year to body massage, spa treatments and in depth skin care in second year. We encourage every learner to get work experience. Students will complete ITEC exams in skincare, make up and photographic make up, manicure and pedicure. Learn how to create a complete make up look from planning, prepping the skin and applying make up. You will also be trained to carry out manicure treatments which provides an excellent knowledge base for learning to apply gel nail extensions.

After passing the ITEC exams students will be fully qualified to work in nail bars, as a mobile nail technician, mobile make up artists, at cosmetic counters in pharmacies and department stores or start a business from home. You will be equipped with the practical skills and theoretical knowledge necessary to treat clients with massage for relaxation and stress relief as well as muscle aches and pains.

After successful completion of the ITEC exam you will be qualified to work as a mobile therapist, in a beauty salon or health spa. There are also canteen facilities with on site parking. We are situated close to Dungarvan town centre which offers a wide variety of shops and restaurants. Social events are organised by the student council and are a fantastic way to sample more of what Dungarvan has to offer. Our website address is ccndungarvan. Contact Fiona on or by email at ccn wwetb. So whether you want to travel the world or work from home, to work full time or part time, to work in a busy spa or open your own business there is a Beauty Therapy course for you.

Opening the event, MC Nora Widger said it was fantastic to see a full room of business women. Contact Dungarvan PVC info dungarvanupvc. The peer-reviewed award was presented at a gala ceremony in Geneva recently and is featured in the Car Design Review 4 yearbook, which was launched the same night. This is a rare thing in the automotive industry and should be celebrated.

It was a tough project to execute, by all accounts, but a wonderful end result and a deserving winner of the Production Car Design of the Year. The LF-LC concept model was the starting point, not our final goal. And not only that, because this is another step forward in the biggest product offensive ever carried out by SEAT. At the beginning came the launch of the first SUV of the brand, the Ateca, followed by the updated Leon. New models are still yet to come, such as the compact crossover, the Arona.

And secondly, because it comes full to the brim with the most advanced technology, spectacular dynamism and a notable increase in interior space. This means a completely new model while, as always, it keeps its young spirit, dynamism, functionality and comfort. The surfaces have been accentuated even more in a way that gives a more sculptured, exciting and aerodynamic look. The Ibiza continues to be an icon of the SEAT brand and due to world class innovation and outstanding design, the all new fifth generation Ibiza is set to be better than ever.

It will epitomise exactly what the SEAT brand stands for, high quality, excellent design and value for money and we look forward with relish to. It shows key factors, practicality, intelligent technology and connectivity. The new Ibiza can include driving assistance systems already seen in the Leon and Ateca but certainly not common in this class Front Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control ACC, among others as well as coming with wireless charger and GSM signal amplifier. The car also features Beats sound-system: It uses a digital signal processor DSP , 6 premium speakers, 1 high-end subwoofer and a W 8 channel amplifier.

In summary, the new SEAT Ibiza offers quality usually found in higher segments and is aimed at clients who not only know what they want and live with a young and dynamic spirit; but also at those that are looking for a more sophisticated touch that want the latest and most advanced technology at their fingertips in order to find simple solutions in their day to day lives.

For further information on this great offer, or to arrange a test drive today, simply log onto www. A host of international speakers are set to voyage to the town to speak at the festival, see www. S t ra d b a l l y f a m i l y r e u n i t e d w i t h m i s s i n g d o g fo l l o w i n g d ra m a t i c c l i f f r e s c u e THERE was widespread relief and joy across County Waterford and further afield last week after news that a family pet which went missing from Stradbally for six days had a happy ending when the dog was found safe and well.

Her grieving family were devastated when Gertie went missing on Thursday, 2nd March. The family feared the dog may have been stolen and made a nationwide appeal to find the missing dog. The local community, along with the Bonmahon and Tramore branches of the Irish Coast Guard, got behind the. With almost 1, branches worldwide, Home Instead Senior Care provides services to seniors in their own homes. The dedicated team of CareGivers helps clients maintain their independence by assisting them with activities of daily living such as meal preparation, laundry, shopping, light housekeeping, driving and transportation.

The result is companionship and independence, allowing seniors to feel safe in their own homes. Establish a routine to make each day more predictable and less confusing. Schedule the most difficult tasks, such as showering or medical appointments, for the time of day when they are most calm. For example, if your loved one insists on wearing the same outfit every day, consider buying a few identical outfits.

When they are showering, switch the worn outfit for a clean one. Expect things to take longer than they once did. Schedule more time to complete tasks, so you don't need to hurry them. Allow the one you are caring for do as much as possible with the least amount of assistance. For example, perhaps they can dress alone if you lay out the clothes in the order they go on.

Stradbally GAA Club] search, including some locals who used drones to search the coastline. Six days later, on Wednesday, 8th March, Gertie was located 40 ft below the cliff edge, where she had slipped while out for a run the previous Thursday. A dramatic rescue followed. At the March meeting of Waterford City. Jason Murphy expressed congratulations to Mr. Mulhall on his imminent appointment as Ambassador to the United States. Mulhall was previously the Irish. His appointment is subject to agreement by the United States. It is understood that the Metropolitan District Council will also express a vote of congratulations to Mr.

Mulhall at their next meeting. The fewer the options, the easier it is to decide. For example, provide two outfits to choose between — not a wardrobe full of clothes. Eliminate belts or accessories that are likely to be put on incorrectly. Turn off the TV, and minimise distractions at meal time and during conversations, so that they can better focus on the task at hand. Avoid scatter rugs, extension cables and any clutter that could cause trips or falls. Install handrails or grab bars in critical areas. Install locks on cabinets that contain anything potentially dangerous, such as medicine, alcohol, toxic cleaning substances, dangerous utensils and tools.

Lower the thermostat on the hot-water heater to prevent burns. Keep matches and lighters out of reach. If your loved one smokes, make sure he or she does so with supervision. Have an accessible fire extinguisher and smoke alarms with fresh batteries. The hugely successful company, based in An Rinn, best known for broadcasting over hours of sporting action to a global audience annually, has successfully expanded in recent years to create online and big screen content.

Even after all this time, we still get excited pulling up to Croke Park on a match day. Our crews are already there for many big days, sending. Now we will have a creative input into the experience for the 82, spectators in the stadium as well. We will have two crews in operation — one covering the games for television and online on TG4, and a second delivering an entertaining and exciting package for the supporters in the stadium.

It is a natural fit for us. Being right in the middle of the action on what are often historic days for club, county or country is where we want to be. We are always look-. The assessment criteria are structured to focus on best practice and innovation in supermarket retailing, resulting in 13 individual assessment elements focused on all areas of store operations, with a heavy emphasis on innovation in fresh foods departments.

The essence of the new Customer First EUROSPAR Programme is its departmental breakdown by strategy pillar, enabling store management to charge staff in each department with responsibility for reaching the desired standards. This is an important function of store management within the new programme. The new EUROSPAR Standards Programme was developed with our retailers and for our retailers, to ensure that our supermarkets are leading the way in terms of fresh food retailing, innovation, food safety and customer service.

It is open Monday to Saturday from 7.

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Pictured at the Mullingar Park Hotel, Co. The exhibition is open to the public Saturday, 25th March - Thursday, 30th March open The opening reception will take place on Friday, 24th March at 7. The event, organised by Cllr. Liam Brazil, is 50 km in length, starting off in Lemybrien at The previous two events have been huge successes, with hundreds of participants, and thousands of euro raised for the charity Suicide or Survive SOS.

SOS is a charity focused on breaking the stigma associated with mental health issues and. This year, all money raised from the Easter cycle will again go to the charity SOS. Brazil appealed to the public to come out on the day to support the Easter Cycle to raise awareness of mental health and suicide. All donations will be gratefully accepted. More information on the Easter Cycle, contact Cllr. Liam Brazil on If you are considering selling a property contact us on We offer competitive rates and a professional service. Liam Brazil, organiser of the Easter Cycle in mid-County Waterford, which raises awareness of mental health and suicide.

Man remanded into custody to allow for preparation of Book of Evidence A YEAR-old man who was charged with the murder of a year-old Ballysaggart farmer was remanded into custody for a month to allow for the preparation of a Book of Evidence. He was charged the previous week with the murder of Paddy Lyons at Logleagh, Ballysaggart, Lismore, between 24th and 25th February, Inspector Larry Sheahan asked that the accused be remanded into custody to allow for the preparation of a Book of Evidence.

He said the Book of Evidence was at an. Solicitor Eamon Hayes said his client consents to a remand in custody for 30 days. Judge Terence Finn remanded the accused into custody to appear again at Dungarvan District Court on 5th April, , for service of the Book of Evidence.

Wayne Drummy 30 with an address at 31 Lisfennel Close, Dungarvan, is accused of alleged assault and allegedly using threatening, abusive language and behaviour in a public place, at Topaz,Youghal Road, Dungarvan, on 3rd July, Judge Terence Finn issued a bench warrant for his arrest. James Keniry 20 with an address at Flat 2, 19 Lady Lane, Waterford, is accused of alleged possession of a controlled substance for his own personal use, contrary to Section 3 of the Misuse of Drugs Act, at Main Street, Kilmacthomas, on 28th January, Judge Terence Finn issued a bench warrant for her arrest.

He is also accused of two public order charges - allegedly being intoxicated in public and alleged threatening, abusive language and behaviour in a public place, at the same location and date. Solicitor David Burke told the court that the accused moved address and he has had no further contact with the accused. Judge refuses jurisdiction in alleged assault case THE District Judge has refused jurisdiction in a case where a Helvick man is accused of alleged assault. He is also accused of two public order charges - allegedly being intoxicated in public and alleged threatening, abusive language and behaviour in a public place, at Strandside North on the same date.

He adjourned the case to 26th April, , to enable the DPP to be informed and for preparation of a Book of Evidence. The court heard that the accused has one previous conviction for theft, which she received in May, Solicitor David Burke said his. He said his client has recently given birth. Judge Finn outlined the impact theft has on local retailers, saying it can put jobs and the business in jeopardy. Judge Finn said a recent case he heard involved a person who was targeting a particular retailer so much, that it was likely the.

He said he would adjourn the case for a short period - until 26th April, - to allow the accused to pay the full compensation. Woman given one last chance to make poor box donation A WOMAN was told she has one last chance to make a full donation to the court poor box otherwise she will receive a conviction for a public order offence. Judge Finn said the accused has had six months since her last court appearance to put the money together.

Burke said his client was previously unemployed, but she is now working. Fined for public order offence A FINE was handed down to a local man who pleaded guilty to being intoxicated in public. He said the accused was arrested for his own safety and taken to the Garda Station, where he was held until he sobered up. A fixed charge penalty notice which issued for the offence was never paid.

The accused said he never received the fixed charge penalty notice. The accused has previous convictions. Eileen Moran 34 unemployed, with an address at Kilcohan Park, Waterford,. The case was adjourned to allow the accused to gather compensation for the shop and for a Probation Service report. He said he would abide by a recommendation from the Probation Service and place the accused on a six month probation bond, with a condition that she engage with the Probation Service during that time.

Joseph McGoey 21 with an address at 15 Thomas Terrace, Dungarvan, pleaded guilty to a charge of driving while under the influence of an intoxicant, contrary to Section 4 of the Road Traffic Act, at Murphy Place, Abbeyside, Dungarvan, on 14th April, He also pleaded guilty to being in possession of a controlled substance, contrary to Section 3 of the Misuse of Drugs Act, at the same location and date.

He said the vehicle was. He said samples taken from the accused showed he did not have alcohol in his system, but he tested positive for cannabinoids. The court heard the accused has five previous convictions. Solicitor David Burke said his client has seen the error of his ways. He said the accused is unemployed.

The section 3 drugs charge was marked as proven and taken into consideration. Sheahan said the vehicle in front was stopped because there was a cone in the road due to agricultural vehicles pulling onto the road. The case was adjourned 26th April, , to allow the accused to make the donation. I would like to reiterate our view that charges should be abolished in their entirety and. The demonstration on April 8th will be in Dublin City Centre with route and assembly to be announced closer to the date. However, last December, a Notice of Motion proposed by Cllr.

At the time, Cllr. Dolan said the Department will examine the feasibility of the German Sparkassen model, as well as other models, of local public banking, and officials from DAHRRGA along with officials from the. This race is the first Triathlon Ireland sanctioned event to take place in Clonmel. A duathlon is an endurance event comprising of a run, bike and a second run. It is a continuously timed event.

The person to complete the course in the shortest time is declared the winner. No special equipment is required to do a duathlon. A good pair of runners, road worthy bike and helmet are the key items. Suitable clothing for weather on the day is advisable. A certain level of fitness is required as the run is 4km, bike is 23km and the last run is 4km. Check out our Facebook page Clonmel Duathlon for training tips.

We encourage beginners, new to sport to enter. We have a relay option so there could be one cyclist and one runner on a team or two runners and one cyclist. Race headquarters is the Ferryhouse complex on the Waterford Road with ample parking and great facilities such as showers, toilets and changing areas. We are grateful to Bobby McCormack for the use of the complex.

The 4km run course will start in Ferryhouse and athletes will be directed toward.

Mr. Hybrid : Initiative (Mr. Hybrid Trilogy Book 1)

Clonmel turning left and running through the popular Mulcahy Park and left again will bring participants back toward Ferryhouse, along the newly opened greenway by the banks of the River Suir. The run course is flat and fast. Once back at Ferryhouse the athletes will enter transition, pick up their bike and begin the 23km bike leg. A sharp left hand turn will bring the cyclists through the picturesque village of Kilsheelan and left again back towards Clonmel on the main Waterford road.

This section of road is flat and fast with a great road surface. At the Bulmers roundabout all athletes will again turn left and begin their second lap on the bike before returning to Ferryhouse to start the 2nd 4km run leg. They will finish the race beside the transition area. The race will start at 12 noon on March 26th and we are delighted to have the Mayor of Tipperary Andy Moloney available to get proceedings under way. The athletes will be well looked after on the day with 50 marshals to ensure their enjoyment, along with members of the.

Garda and Tipperary Civil Defence. We are also grateful to Tipperary County Council for their expert input into the successful running of this event, Excellent prizes are on offer and entrants will also receive a goody bag and post-race food. A local physical therapist will be on. A DJ will keep things rocking and a bouncy castle and face painting will keep the kids smiling. All in all in pro-mises to be a great day for race entrants and spectators alike. There will be limited on the day entries available.

Please try to register in advance. Clonmel Triathlon Club was formed in October by a local group interested in the sport of triathlon. Clonmel Triathlon club are staging their first race on March 26th. ALDI recently announced a new three-year partnership with Community Games, which celebrates its 50th anniversary in Close to 3, children from Waterford are expected to take part in the Aldi Community Games this year across a range of sports and activities.

The community spirit and camaraderie of the Games is truly. Competing from a young age in swimming, I learnt the importance of preparation, determination and dedication - values I later applied on the rugby pitch. I have witnessed first-hand how effective and committed Aldi are to the community support initiatives they are involved in. Making a positive impact in the communities our stores serve is a priority for Aldi. Over the past 50 years more than 5 million children have participated and competed across a wide range of sporting and cultural activities.

It is our 50th birthday and it is the beginning of a much valued partnership with Aldi. Having Aldi come on board as our title sponsor is something we are all really excited about. Aldi recently announced a new three-year partnership with Community Games, which celebrates its 50th anniversary in We know Aldi shares this vision with us and we are look-. There is a huge selection of sports and activities on offer including individual and team sports such as Art, Model Making, Javelin, Camogie, Football and Hurling. Regional champions will progress to the National Festivals.

Three Club members participating in European Snooker championships THE European Snooker Championships are currently underway in Cyprus and Youghal are lucky enough to have three brilliant players to support. The society would like to wish the three players the very best of luck. Their progress can be tracked on ebsa. The society would like to wish the three players the very best of luck in the tournament.

The A team did very well to qualify from a tough group including a great win against the AOH in Cork went on to reach the semi-final where they were unlucky to be narrowly beaten by the eventual winners. The B team also drew a very hard group and unfortunately did not qualify for the knockout stages. The C team, playing in the Championship section done brilliantly in the group including great wins over Douglas and the Crucible to qualify as winners of the group. The went on to reach the semifinal where they were, like the A team, beaten by the eventual winners.

Reaching the semi-finals meant this year we had two teams that qualified for the AllIreland Championships held the following weekend. Qualifying for this tournament was a great achievement for both teams, where they could test themselves against the best in the country. The A team performed outstandingly, qualifying out of their group with some great wins. They went on to lose in a quarter final match which could have gone either way. The C team, again playing in the Championship section despite not reaching the knockout stages performed very well. The society would like to congratulate all three teams who travelled and performed excellently over the two-week period.

The Cork Leagues are nearing conclusion with the semi-final of the A section set to be played on the 14th March in Douglas, Youghal A will be looking to get the better of Shooters of Blackpool to go on and reach the final. The B team, who finished top of the B section were unfortunately beaten by Fermoy in the semi final.

The C team fought till the end but missed out on a semi-final place by a mere two points. The society would like to congratulate all players who took. Four local teams were entered into the senior Orme Shield with Youghal C reaching the semifinal, Youghal A and Youghal B reaching the quarter-final and Youghal D being knocked in the last Well done to all teams who participated in this great tournament.

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All three players played excellently on the day and ran out deserved winners. Well done to all the young players who entered on the day The Kevin Mangan Memorial tournament was held in early February. This tournament is one of the highlights of the local season and as always it was played out on the night. As usual there was a great turnout for the event. Lee Walsh ran out winner beating Christopher Cooney in the final in an event thoroughly enjoyed by all.

The Raymond Donoghue Memorial tournament was finalised recently also. After a great tournament the whole way through, it was Noel Landers and James Hennessy who contested the final in front of a packed house. James took an early lead going up but the second frame saw Noel show off his brilliant break building skills with a break, something which has not been seen in a local final to date. Noel took the third frame in a close affair before James took the match to a deciding frame. The decider saw Noel again show what he is capable of with a great break of 77 to take the frame and match. Congratulations to both players on an excellent final.

This saw a good entry of up and coming junior members battle it out with the more experienced junior members. However, experience proved to be the deciding factor on this occasion with Noel Landers and Adam Bulman reaching the final. Well done to both players for reaching the final. Vice President and Club Treasurer Brendan Cooney praised Patrick and the legacy he left behind, he also thanked the Kelly family who have a long history with the society.

The club is delighted to be hosting professional snooker player Josh Boileau for an exhibition, which is hoped to be held on the 18th March. All are welcome to attend what is going to be a very enjoyable night no doubt. The society began the new year with a relatively new committee, with all new officers. New members are very wel-. Sykes are some of the world-renowned writers who are about to set their compass for Lismore in County Waterford this June 15th to 18th for the fifteenth annual Immrama Festival of Travel Writing. The Immrama festival is always brave and topical in the development of its themes; continually proving to be innovative in its programming.

It is this type of approach which has proven hugely successful for the festival ensuring that each June, Lismore in a hub for international tourism. He has also published two collections of stories and many works of nonfiction. His most recent novel is Nora Webster. It was in Beirut that he was captured and spent almost five years in solitary confinement. He has written several books ranging from a serious account of his years in captivity, Taken on Trust, to a comic novel, The Voyage of the Golden Handshake.

Journalist and author Des Ekin opens the festival talks on the evening of Friday, June 16th. New Woman Author and Ardmore. Tom Feiling will host the famous literary breakfast at Immrama at 8. This writer and documentary maker lived in Colombia before making Resistencia: Hip-Hop in Colombia, which won numerous awards at film festivals around the world. In , Penguin published his first book, The Candy Machine: How Cocaine Took Over the World, which was based on over.

Old Providence and the Making of the Western World Explore Books, , looks at years of British imperial history, as seen from a little known former British colony in the Caribbean. The closing date for entries is May 20th and submissions can be made via www. Full details of the festival programme and for event tickets for the Immrama Lismore Festival of Travel Writing see www. Speaking at the recent Comeragh Council meeting, Cllr. He said there are areas in the county. In particular, said the council-. Indeed, he added, the loss of the hotel itself was a serious blow in such circumstances.

Pratt felt the bollards now erected at the car park were unhelpful from a Tidy Towns perspective. The Councillor understood that the hotel owners had been contacted, given that historically there had been a lease arrangement between the hotel and the Council. He believed now however that the cost being requested might. John Pratt pictured at the entrance to the car park at Lismore House Hotel, which is now closed. Cllr James Tobin said he. Cllr Tom Cronin sadly recalled expressing the hope that there would not be a fatality when he raised the matter of increased burglaries in west Waterford some months ago.

That said, it was an attack wide of the mark in some instances. Cllr Pat Nugent complained of 45 minute delays causing a wanton waste of fuel and working hours. In truth the Killeagh works are scheduled to end towards late April. Delays are now running at under 10 minutes for the most part as resurfacing proceeds on half the street. Many drivers use alternative routes on local roads parallel to the N Chairman Damien Geoghegan availed of the issue to warn that Waterford Council should make submissions to the upcoming new National Planning Framework due to be finalised this year.

Lovely hurling as they say. BE careful what you wish for, you just might get it. That might sound somewhat cynical and it is unlikely that everyone falls into that trap. However, one Scottish girl has cause to look somewhat askance and with jaundiced eye at the fulfilment of her wish to win the lottery. But it eventually brought anything but happiness to her door.

She has claimed that winning the Lottery "ruined" her life since she scooped the big windfall at the age of seventeen. According to a report in the Sun newspaper last week, the young woman, now 21, had moved back in with her mother and was selling her furniture on facebook. The goods up for sale included a red sofa, white table and chairs. She sold her three bedroom house in December after previously renting it out. She recently hit headlines after she argued that someone of her age should not have been allowed to win such a substantial sum of money.

She said 18 should be the minimum age for winning the lottery and suggested the current limit of 16 was too young. I wish I had no money most days. I have material things but apart from that my life is empty. What is my purpose in life? The current age of 16 is far too young. I had no clue what they meant. So, be careful what you wish for and, if you get it, be careful how you react to it. He was quite frank in his words, including his sort of wild youth.

But it was when he was Minister for Agriculture that he had an experience which was something of a life-changing one. According to the report, he was walking across St Stephen's Green when a total stranger walked up to him. Coveney presumed the man was going to say hello. Instead the man spat in his face and said something along the lines of, "I hate you and I hate what your Government is doing to this country". Coveney nearly squares up again at the memory of it, and he admits that his initial reaction could have led to "a Prescott moment". Coveney didn't hit the man, obviously.

But he was quite. The Council motion urged media organisations to provide journalists with the level of resources necessary to ensure accurate and comprehensive coverage of local democracy. As part of the Notice of Motion, it was also proposed that the Council reaffirms its commitment to make information available to the local media and to providing appropriate facilities for journalists attending council meetings. Seconding the motion, Cllr.

He commended the press for attending Council meetings and said the local press covers community and county-wide news which is largely positive news - as opposed to the predominantly depressing national and international news. He said it is great to create awareness of form and function of local journalists and local newspapers, highlight the lack of resources and their struggle to compete with modern technology, such as social networking sites and the internet.

Councillors agreed with the Notice of Motion, which was unanimously passed. Not by the physical confrontation, but more because he wondered, "Why does this person hate me so much when I am working day and night to fix the country? Of course it had, he says, but this crystallised it for him. Coveney went away and thought about it, and he says now that it was a catalyst for him to look differently at how Fine Gael as the party of Government needed to focus on pulling society together again. This in turn led Coveney to choose to tackle housing in his next ministry, and it seems to be a big part of his drive to become leader of Fine Gael and Taoiseach.

According to the interview, one of the main things that drives him now in politics is, ''How do we make Ireland a more contented place? While he is a pragmatist and a believer in capitalism and believes in building a strong economy, the point of that strong economy should be to look after people. Today, Minister Coveney talks the talk. It may be the most important piece of learning he would bring with him into office. You can get the item first then pay for it later. But unlike saving, borrowing comes at a cost.

Lenders generally charge interest for what you borrow. This means that as well as paying back what you have borrowed, you have to pay back more. Before you borrow money there are lots of issues to consider. Here we answer some questions about borrowing.

Dungarvan observer 17 3 edition by Dungarvan Observer - Issuu

Borrowing money or taking a loan or any other kind of credit is not something to be done lightly or quickly. The time you take in weighing up options before borrowing is time well spent. It will help you to be sure you have the right kind of credit for your needs, and so reduce your chances of getting into difficulties. So what do you need to consider? It is also important to consider what the borrowing will mean for you into the future ….

Tel 07 — Fax Email dungarvan mabs. Visit our web site at: Also remembering her husband Seamus. Anniversary Mass will be celebrated on Saturday, 22nd April, at 7. Your smile was made of sunshine, Your heart was made of gold, Thanks for the precious years, And the memories that we hold. We speak your name with love and pride, We smile through tears we try to hide, You left a space no one can fill, We love and miss you Vera and always will. Also her sister Aoife who died on 16th March, Anniversary Mass will be celebrated on Saturday, 1st April, at 6.

Feed not your loneliness on empty days, But fill each waking hour in useful ways, Reach out your hand in comfort and in cheer, And we in turn will comfort you and hold you near; And never, never be afraid to die, For we are waiting for you in the sky. No matter how life changes, No matter what we do, A special place within our hearts, Is always kept for you. You are not just a memory, Or part of the past, You are ours to remember, As long as life lasts.

Just as you were Mam and Dad, You will always be forever, Special in our memory. Waterford, who died on 8th April, Anniversary Mass will be celebrated in St.

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  6. The Living Christ: The Extraordinary Lives of Todays Spiritual Heroes;
  7. Simply Drawing: Pear Still-Life?

We know all our lives we will miss you, For you meant the world to us, We have such precious memories, That will always stay with us. No special day is needed, For us to think of you, For you were someone special, And we thought the world of you. Will those who think of Margaret today, A little prayer to Jesus say. As each day dawns, We think of you, As each night falls, We pray for you. And throughout our lives, No matter where, In our hearts, You are always there. We miss you from your fireside chair, Your loving smile and gentle air, Your vacant place no one can fill, We miss you Dad and always will.

A day to remember, Sad to recall, Without farewell, You left us all. You taught us love and kindness, You showed us how to care, You bound us all together, With love few families share. You taught us many things in life, That we would have to do, But you never taught us how to cope, With the hurt of losing you. We hold you close within our hearts, And there you shall remain, To walk with us throughout our lives, Until we meet again. The loneliness and heartaches, Are so hard to bare, All we have are memories, Of how wonderful you were. Life falling leaves, The years roll by, But memories of you, Will never die.

Every day, In some small way, Thoughts of you, Come our way. We pray for Annabelle and those who loved her. Monatrea and Rath, Kinsalebeg Bobby and other relatives of Tommy wish to thank all who sympathised with them on their recent bereavement. Those who attended the Rosary, funeral, burial and those who sent Mass cards. A special word of thanks to Fr. To his GP Dr. As it is impossible to thank each one individually, we hope that this acknowledgement will be accepted as a token of our appreciation.

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass has been offered for the intentions of all. The planning application may be inspected, or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the Planning Authority Menapia Building, The Mall, Waterford , during its public opening hours 9. The Planning Authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the Planning Authority at Menapia Building, The Mall, Waterford, during it public opening hours 9.

Monday — Friday excl. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the Planning Authority on payment of the. Also a new single-storey home study and playroom garden building at the rear of the site along with all associated site works at 25 Murphy Place, Abbeyside, Dungarvan, Co. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the Planning Authority at Menapia Building, The Mall, Waterford, during its public opening hours.

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