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Both messages were from Adam; the first one said that Jake was a witch hunter. The second one said that I needed to get away from him and to tell him where I was. I told Jake that the rest of the circle knew he was a witch hunter.

"Nor the Battle to the Strong"

He seemed to be more stressed then he already was. He went down stairs to keep an eye out for the hunters, as I finished packing. We pulled into the Boathouse parking lot a few minutes later. We got out of his truck and headed for the door. Everyone inside the Boathouse was staring at us.

Then I realized what they were staring at. Jake had his arm gently wrapped around my waist in a protective manner. A small smile played on my lips as I saw all of the shocked faces. The waitress looked back and forth between the two of us. She quickly went to the kitchen to see how much longer our food would take. When she left Jake leaned over and whispered in my ear. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. TV Shows Secret Circle. What if Cassie ran away with Jake to protect herself and the circle.

Instead of getting kidnapped by the witch hunters and Jake sailing away with them. This is a Jake and Cassie story. This is my second fanfic. I don't own The Secret Circle. Hope you like it! Cassie's POV "Cassie are you ready?

We have to go now! Flashback I left the fundraiser with Jake and ended up in his room, which was Nick's old room.

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End flash back We pulled into the Boathouse parking lot a few minutes later. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Later, Jake and Bashir discuss the man who shot himself and Jake is shocked that such behavior is possible among trained Starfleet personnel. Bashir explains that while a Starfleet officer may go through psych tests and battle simulations, nothing really prepares a person for when they go into actual combat. When Bashir is called back to the wounded, Jake talks with another orderly Kirby who communicates the dire outlook they face, despite their being medical personnel.

Jake's reverie is interrupted with the sound of an explosion, signaling that the Klingons have resumed their attack. The cave loses power and Bashir realizes that the runabout, set down about 1 km south, has more generators that can help the situation in the cave. Moving a generator is a two-man job, so Bashir and Jake make their way on foot to the runabout and begin to undergo artillery fire. Jake gets behind Bashir and then sees him disappear behind an explosion.

Overcome with fear, he turns around and runs away. Jake runs over a hill and through a great deal of smoke, finally falling upon a dead Klingon. He sees that he is in a field of dead soldiers and runs away in fear. He gets over a ridge and is struck in the head by a wounded Starfleet soldier. The soldier demands a hypospray and then explains that he is mortally wounded but wants to die facing the sky. He tells Jake of how he was hurt in protecting a hopper 's escape.

Jake yearns to help him but the soldier, hearing his story of running away, points out that Jake is trying to redeem his cowardice. As the soldier dies painfully, Jake runs away again. Aboard the Defiant , Sisko is busy tweaking the replicator pattern buffers.

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Dax sees his feelings of helplessness and tells a story of what Audrid went through when her daughter was came down with Rugalan fever. The girl, Neema , was in a hospital for two weeks and Audrid spent the time reading her all seventeen volumes of Caster 's Down the River Light , even though she knew Neema couldn't hear her.

It was simply so Audrid had something to do.

Nor the Battle to the Strong (episode)

Luckily, Neema pulled through although she later didn't talk to her mother for eight years starting at age 21 and Sisko is glad the story had a happy ending. For now, however, he leaves Dax to the replicators and decides to work on the sonic showers. Jake wanders back into the cave and Kirby is relieved to see him again. Kirby explains that Bashir is injured with plasma burns and the runabout was destroyed by the enemy fire but Bashir somehow made it back with the generator himself.

Despite Jake's attempts to avoid it, Kirby gets him to go see Bashir. Bashir is relieved to see Jake and apologizes profusely and begins to berate himself for risking Jake's life by bringing him into a war zone. Jake angrily brushes off the apology and tells him it's OK, and Bashir is startled by his anger:. Kirby enters, unaware of Bashir's guilt over bringing Jake or Jake's guilt over leaving Bashir, to examine Jake's wound.

Later, Jake once again tries to resume his story but can't concentrate on it:. Jake resumes his orderly duties and delivers food to the soldier who shot himself in the foot.

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  5. The man explains his disappointment in himself and claims that despite his good scores in Academy battle simulations, the real thing is entirely different. Jake now realizes what the man has gone through and they bond over their similar experience. Jake suggests that the man may not get court-martialled and may yet have a future in Starfleet but the soldier says he does not belong in Starfleet anymore and wishes he'd aimed the phaser " a little higher. As Jake rejoins the fellow medical personnel in the break room, their macabre jokes about which way they'd prefer to die drive him to frustration.

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