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After a series of discussions lasting until December of , the Assembly passed the Droit de la Drogue , then the most comprehensive legal measure taken in modern France against the traffic, sale, and use of illicit substances and the basis of French drug laws today. Pointing to the recent student rebellion and spike in drug-related arrests and especially hashish-related arrests , Chazelle warned his audience: Under the same law, those convicted of drug possession or public intoxication were deemed victims of addiction and required to undergo rehabilitation treatment supervised by state-regulated medical institutions or suffer criminal prosecution.

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In short, the law vilified drug traffickers depicted as hashish-pushing Arab assassins and victimized drug users deemed passive addicts in need of state-supervised medical treatment. Recent studies published on both sides of the Atlantic have begun to shed light on the murky history of drug use and prohibition in modern France.

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But much of this work arguably confines this emerging history within a nation-centered narrative that marginalizes cannabis and ignores broader themes of Orientalism and empire. And there is dominant tendency in this literature to narrowly focus on opium use and opiate control around the World Wars and thus to reduce a much longer story to legislation produced during momentary periods of heightened nationalism.

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Moreover, by defining French drug control policies in decidedly national terms, much of this work ignores the imperial origins of drugs in France and thus fails to account for the lasting influence of empire on contemporary French efforts to contain and penalize drug use. David Guba presents his work at the Cannabis: Global Histories conference at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

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His prestige was confirmed by his role as director of Revue de Paris from During this time, he became a journalist for Le Moniteur universel, then the editorship of influential review L'Artiste in

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