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Give a nation-wide order to all land-usurpers in the affected towns and villages across the nation to quit those forcefully occupied lands within a forty-eight hours deadline. Issue orders to the military and police that, wherever illegal occupiers are found, they should be meted the same treatment as are accorded terrorists.

We must go beyond arresting a token handful of herders caught with arms — there are still hundreds of them in the forests. It is not enough to back the anti- open grazing laws, so late in the day, but we shall leave that for later. The shade of Rwanda hangs over the nation. We shall move into questions, such as: And there are other pressing and disturbing questions, some of which are held back for now, simply in order not to impede the pressing imperatives and humane priorities of the current crisis. Right now however, the agenda has to be Restitution.

It was made official in Sometimes a mayday distress call is sent by one vessel on behalf of another vessel in danger. This is known as a mayday relay.

What Does Mayday Mean? | Wonderopolis

A mayday relay is sometimes necessary if the vessel in danger loses radio communications. If a mayday call is repeated and not acknowledged, another vessel hearing the call may attempt to relay it again and again until help is reached. A mayday call is not something to be taken lightly. In the United States, it's illegal to make a fake distress call. For situations that are less than life-threatening , one of several other urgent messages can be conveyed. Like mayday , these phrases are usually repeated three times to avoid confusion. Wonderopolis needs your help!

Ask a friend or family member to help you explore one or more of the following activities:. Calling for help would require the imperative in French which is not "m'aider" but "m'aidez. I thought it was amazing. I never knew where mayday origin from.

Where Does the Word 'Mayday' Come From?

I cant imagine how many words a pilot must use a day around the world. That's great, Wonder Friend Mopet64! We hope you'll stay out of harm's way and you won't have to use the term "mayday" anytime soon. Check out our Wonder about being prepared for an emergency, too: It's great that you learned something new with us, Bella! We hope you stay safe and don't need to call for help using "mayday"! We're so glad to know how much you enjoyed our Wonder, Piper, and we are so happy to read your comment! How did you find the idea of the video with Mayday? I couldn't hear him say Mayday very well.

How did that become the Wonder of the Day? I went to a Fire Station before. I have never heard of Mayday before. I have heard a fire truck before.

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Bugs that sting and itch. What makes a mosquito bite itch? We think it would be difficult to hear someone call out "mayday mayday mayday" if there were fire and debris everywhere, but we bet the first responders are very good at listening for important distress signals like that. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Rachel, Nathan and Kadryn! We're glad you learned something new today, Phebe, Damon and Devante! We are glad you thought of your very own connections to this Wonder! Great Wonder guesses, Micah, Kenny and Alan! Everybody great predictions I have a feeling you are really close especially Miss Marsico's Class from what Wonderopolis said.

Thanks for sharing what you learned with us today, Stephanie! We wouldn't want anyone to call for help in an emergency if they don't need it! That's why there are so many rules about saying "mayday"! We look forward to finding out what the next itchy Wonder will be! Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm, Wonder Friend! We're glad you're a fan of our Wonder all about mayday or m'aidez!

Thank you for visiting us and sharing your comment! Thanks wonderopolis I like the fire fighters. We're glad you enjoyed learning all about the different ways to communicate an emergency, just like the firefighter did. I think tomorrow's wonder of the day is about mosquitos because will they bite you and it itches and you swat at them to make them go away! We think you're on the right page-- get ready for an itchy Wonder!

Dear wonderoplis, I really liked today's wonder. The fire drill was noisy. I learned something new. If you fake it you will pay big money that's a lot. Mayday means help and it's not fun that's bad. They seem very scary. Hey there, Wonder Friends from Ms. Lakenya, thanks for sharing your comment! We are glad you learned all about using "mayday" in an emergency!

Wonder Friend, it's great that you enjoyed our Wonder today! You both learned about the importance of saving "mayday" for emergencies only, or else we could get into trouble!

Dear wonderopolis, You are so great! Thank you for teaching us that mayday is an emergency and that if we call the cops and fake a mayday we would go to jail. We're glad to know that you're familiar with mayday We found this Wonder very interesting. We were really surprised when we found out that in the USA you can be in jail for six years and be fined , dollars if you make a fake distress call!

Have you ever been in " mayday"? We are glad you visited us today to Wonder, it sounds like you've learned a great deal of new things! We are lucky enough to say we've never been in "mayday" and we hope the same is true for you! Hayden- Once my brother called the police and when they came he went to jail because it was a false call. Stephaun- Someone really close to me is a firefighter and he told me all about the things he had to do. Destiny- When I was at home once my mom couldn't find me and there was a fire by my room. She was worried and called the police and they called my phone to find me.

Michael- I saw a video on YouTube of two firefighters doing a quick training. Aaliyah- I've been in a firetruck before. Hayden- How can you get rid of flies? Cassie- Why do mosquitoes drink blood? Jaxyn- Do fish sleep? Aaliyah- Why do fleas bite? Erica- How do you get rid of mosquitoes? Sierra- How do you get rid of fleas? Jovon- Why do mosquito bites leave a bump? Chris- Why do mosquito bites itch? Stephaun- How do sharks sleep?

Trevon- What attracts fleas? Michael- What time of year do mosquitoes come around? Thanks for visiting us today, Mrs. We are glad all our Wonder Friends are safe and sound-- it sounds like some of you have been in emergency situations before! We hope you bring some bug spray to Wonderopolis tomorrow! Thanks for sharing your comment about today's Wonder, Bob! We think you're right-- in case of emergency, the pilots are prepared to ask for help! We are happy you like the word mayday, but remember that it means help, so be careful when you use it!

Xavier "I thought it was interesting that MayDay meant maider in French. Hazen "My Uncle Charlie is a firefighter and he helps a lot of people everyday. Isabelle Why did mosquitoes bite? Shelby Do you like mosquitoes? Aidan Why do mosquitoes make you itch? Chris What are mosquitoes? Good afternoon, Wonder Friends in Mrs. Xavier and Justin, it's interesting to learn how people in distress communicate to the outside world. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Hazen and Kimora, thank you for sharing your connections! It sounds like you both have experiences with firefighters, and we hope everyone is okay after the fire, Kimora!

Isabelle, Shelby, Aiden, and Chris, we think you're on the right track! Great work using context clues! Great question, Wonder Friend Dayton!

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Check out the excerpt below to find the answer: Hey there, Wonder Friends Westin and Hannah! We are so glad you're here today, and we are excited to read your comments! We know the video was a bit difficult to hear, but we think it gave us a good idea of how it sounds if we were in the shoes of the firefighter. Bonjour Wonderopolis, Today's Wonder was really loud and it kind of hurt our ears! It blew our minds!

It was good practice because it helped us understand what to do in an emergency. We thought what the firefighter did was a good way to stay safe. We think tomorrow's Wonder of the Day is going to be itchy and about mosquitos or poison ivy. Emily said that Wonderopolis chose Mayday because it is the first day of May.

Mia said you yell Mayday three times when there is a fire or boat sinking or Delani said in case of an emergency.

Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!

Avery said if there plane falling then call Mayday three times Ty said when another boat is sinking, you call Mayday three times. Samantha said you need to tell them what the emergency is. This was a fun one! Good afternoon, Wonder Friends in Mr. We are so happy you're here today-- Happy May 1st!

It's so cool that you've been thinking of this Wonder Thanks for visiting us today, Wonder Friend Kim! We hope you haven't had to declare "Mayday" recently, or else you are in an emergency situation! What a great prediction, Wonder Friend Mikayla! We are getting itchy just thinking about tomorrow's Wonder- thanks for visiting us today! What if you make a fake call and you are fined and don't have the money to pay the fine? We want to know what happens then?????

Humphreys 4th grade class, but it would not be fun! It's important that we don't "cry wolf", as they say, so the emergency professionals are helping those in need, not those who made a fake call. Mayday means there is a serious emergency.

Why People on Planes and Ships Use the Word “Mayday” When in Extreme Distress

It reminded us of when we had tornadoes at home and we had to take cover. We thought it had to do with the first day of May. Thank you for sharing what you learned today, Mrs. Glover's K-Class, and we're sorry to hear that you've experienced some tornadoes lately!