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Like tone poems music that tells a story , this music is full of stories, images, and landscapes.


The music is poignant, clear and deep, weaving its magic. The solo concert harp is played intuitively, in the moment, calling forth the healing dimensions of sound and music. Relax and listen, explore your own story through the music. An informative collective sampling of music and music instruments recommended for self healing, and how they can be used.

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The author was inspired while meditating in ancient temple grounds in Greece with the information that historically, Paracelsus gave music prescriptions to his patients for both physical and mental disorders. This, plus memories of how the author naturally healed herself over and over by playing her piano when she was a child. In the context of sequenced electronic music the answer is clearly yes -- if you consider the computer files that define the music to be the score, then they are fully prescriptive in a way that exceeds what is possible with standard notation.

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For many electronic artists the line between composition and performance is pretty much erased. While Beethoven has been mentioned as a milestone for "prescriptive scores", but Bach is actually already quite prescriptive as well. As an example, take the prelude from Partitia III for unaccompanied violin. The manuscript on the third to seventh line uses beaming in a very concise manner to specify the string changes to be employed for the passage starting with a two-string pattern, and later using a three string pattern consequently determining the positions and fingerings as well as the basic bowing technique.

It is interesting that this score can be played on lute or guitar in a quite analogous manner, again putting the voicing information in the beaming to good use even though the fingering turns out quite different due to the different string tuning.

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It works comparatively badly on single-manual keyboards and so-so on dual manuals. At any rate, the manuscript is giving quite more information than the pitches and durations to play.

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  4. Bach is known to spell out a lot of ornaments instead of leaving them to the discretion of the player. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

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    'Prescriptive Music' Comforts The Dying

    There are many side-trends, counter-trends and tributaries in music. Just as some composers strive to be more prescriptive, others strive to be more interpretive. For example, graphic scores often leave almost everything to the performer's whim. Just wondering if the OP has seen any Boulez Not so extreme as jazz or renaissance music, but for example Canto Ostinato by S.

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    Add to My Bibliography. Generate a file for use with external citation management software. Abstract Music-thanatology is a palliative medical modality employing prescriptive music to tend the complex physical and spiritual needs of the dying.