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Global Cities, Governance and Diplomacy. The Politics of Media Policy.

The European Information Society. Routledge Handbook of Media Law. Governance, Regulation and Powers on the Internet. Social Media and Democracy. Policy-Making in the European Union. Radio in the Global Age. The Politics of Cyberspace. Social Movements and Their Technologies. Global Political Economy in the Information Age.

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Castells and the Media. Democratic Governance and New Technology. Global Media Convergence and Cultural Transformation. Global Media and Communication Policy. Routledge Handbook of Internet Politics. Critical Political Economy of the Media. Critique, Social Media and the Information Society.

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The Dominance of Management. Trade Governance in the Digital Age. Change and Continuity in Spatial Planning. Mobile Media in the Asia-Pacific. Media Pluralism and Diversity. Media Between Culture and Commerce. Reading and Writing in the Global Workplace.

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Toward a Political Economy of Culture. Media and Global Civil Society. Information Technology and Development. Understanding E-Government in Europe. Towards a Sustainable Information Society. Transnational Advocacy Networks in the Information Society. Existentialism is a Humanism. Jurgen Habermas and Deliberative Democracy.

John Rawls and Deliberative Democracy. I Am, I Exist. Citizen Power and the Internet. The Propaganda Model and the Internet: Ricoeur's Arc and the Internet. The Ideal Speech Community. Democracy and the Internet. John Dryzek and Deliberative Democracy.

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Democracy and Postmodern Identity. Democracy, Citizenship, and the Internet. How to write a great review.

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The review must be at least 50 characters long. The title should be at least 4 characters long. Your display name should be at least 2 characters long. At Kobo, we try to ensure that published reviews do not contain rude or profane language, spoilers, or any of our reviewer's personal information. You submitted the following rating and review. Ricoeur's Arc and the Internet Price: Citizen Power and the Internet Price: Democracy and Postmodern Identity Price: Democracy and the Internet Price: Understanding Deliberative Democracy by Hercules Bantas. Deliberative Democracy Basics Price: John Rawls and Deliberative Democracy Price: Jurgen Habermas and Deliberative Democracy Price: John Dryzek and Deliberative Democracy Price: The publishing industry has been disrupted by digital technologies.

As a consequence, publishers have lost market share and the relationship between the industry and writers has fundamentally changed. By delving into the publishing industry's roots, this book shows how the industry's history created the conditions for the digital disruption, and how this has changed the publishing environment. Metho was the leader of the Crew, a band of outlaws who plied their trade on the mean streets of Rosetown, and he wasn't happy. The streets were changing. Gentrification had come to Rosetown.

To make matters worse, Metho's business was going down the tube. Sales were down, even though the Crew were famed for selling the finest drugs in town. It was almost as if the new residents weren't human Herakles is the most celebrated hero of Greek mythology and famed as a warrior without peer. Born through a God's infidelity, Herakles lived in a brutal and violent world, populated by belligerent deities and vicious monsters.

OT Intro 5: The Strange History of Hermeneutic

Named Alkides at birth, this is the story of how the most famous son of Zeus came to take the name Herakles, and the horrific crime that changed the course of his life. Computers and the Internet for the Modern Luddite: A Guide by Hercules Bantas Price: The stories contained herein demonstrate, with utmost clarity, how the silicon menace has made people's lives more difficult and less fun. Even in the stories where computers aren't in the thick of the action, they are lurking in the background and polluting the lives of the characters from a distance. Time in Fiction by Hercules Bantas Price: All writers want to create stories in which readers can lose themselves, and the flow of time in a story is an important element of reader immersion.

This ebook explains how time works in fiction, its relationship to time in the real world, and looks at concepts such as order and duration, as well as mechanisms writers can use to move through time in their stories and avoid plot hole. Hermeneutics by Hercules Bantas Series: Understanding Philosophy , Book This guide explains Dilthey's theory of hermeneutics in simple, easy to understand language. It covers all the important concepts including the distinction between the natural and human sciences, Dilthey's historical epistemology, and his concepts of interest and 'exegesis'.

Economic Fundamentals by Hercules Bantas Price: The flow of money is only a part of the story of the science of economics. This study guide explains, in clear and easy to understand terms, some of the more complex concepts that make up the foundation of economic theory. It makes clear concepts such as scarcity, factors of production, the production possibility frontier, marginal costs and benefits, and comparative and absolute advantage.

Gods and Heroes by Hercules Bantas Price: The Mad God Monos, who insists people eat meat only on Wednesdays and have relations only during the full moon, had mustered an army and was poised to invade Helvenica. The people of Helvenica needed a hero, a brave warrior to defend their right to eat meat and relate whenever they pleased. What they got was Fotio, a reluctant hero with a bad attitude towards religion and a tendency to daydream. Financial Accounting Fundamentals , Book 6. Fixed assets - property, plant, and equipment - are an integral part of doing business for many organisations, but they can present problems when preparing financial reports.

This essay-length guide looks at the various types of fixed assets and the role they play in financial reporting. Nine Thinkers by Hercules Bantas Price: Each chapter in this volume is dedicated to an idea that helped shape our world. Existentialism is a Humanism by Hercules Bantas Series: Understanding Philosophy , Book 9.

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In 'Existentialism is a Humanism', Jean-Paul Sartre defended existential philosophy from a wide range of criticisms, including a popular perception that many of its key tenets were overly pessimistic. This essay-length guide explains many of the arguments Sartre presented in the lecture, including key concepts such as abandonment, and existence preceding essence. Class Struggle by Hercules Bantas Series: Understanding Philosophy , Book 8. Many of Karl Marx's social and economic theories have the concept of class struggle at their core. This essay length guide examines Marx's concept of class struggle, and explains its role in the revolutionary process.

Topics covered include a definition of class, the dialectic development of society, and the formation of the capitalist state, and the classless society. Many accounting practices and procedures have their foundation in positive accounting theory. This essay-length study guide explains the major tenets of positive accounting theory in plain language, and then explains how it influences accounting policy selection.

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Subjects covered in the discussion include positive and normative accounting theories, as well as ex post and ex ante procedures. Financial Accounting Fundamentals , Book 5. This clearly written, essay length guide examines the design and development of computerized and manual accounting information systems. Topics covered include an overview of the design process, subsidiary ledgers, and specialized journals. Part of the Accounting Fundamentals Series. Accounting Fundamentals by Hercules Bantas Price: This collection of five study guides covers the basic accounting concepts that form the foundations of the discipline.

Using easy to understand language, it deals with five core areas of accounting: Financial Accounting Fundamentals , Book 4. Accounting for retail operations and inventories is the focus of this essay-length study guide. Arranged in three sections, it explains and demonstrates a range of concepts including perpetual and periodic inventory systems, FIFO and LIFO inventory costing methods, and gross profit.

Understanding Philosophy , Book 7. This essay length guide examines Habermas's theory of the Ideal Speech Community, which is a combination of speech act theory and Kantian moral theory. Topics covered include a brief examination of critical theory and its origins, different types of speech acts and the validity claims they make, the world creation criteria that validate speech acts, and the principle of universalisation.

Financial Accounting Fundamentals , Book 3. This guide explains how to determine whan an account needs adjusment and how to do it. It explains the time period assumption, the accrual basis of accounting, as well as the procedure used to 'close the books' at the end of an accounting period. Financial Accounting Fundamentals , Book 2. This study guide explains the roles played by the General Journal and the Ledger in the accounting recording process.

Using easy to understand language, it deals with journalizing transactions, posting to the ledger, and the preparation of a trial balance. Financial Accounting Fundamentals , Book 1. This study guide covers the fundamental accounting concepts that form the foundations of the discipline. Using easy to understand language, it deals with basic assumptions, the role and structure of financial statements, and the relationship between assets, liabilities and owner's equity in the accounting equation.

Understanding Philosophy , Book 6. Freud's theory of the unconscious mind, as outlined in his Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis, has had a profound influence on the study of human thought.