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Et croit-on qu'il aurait fait en la politique de ? Dominique Versini , an alleged "defender of children" sic , one who refuses to "make a moral judgment on people's life choices", tells Le Monde 's Josyane Savigneau that she is trying to get the French government to give parenting rights to third parties, i. The HHS studies confirmed the already well-etablished fact that children in single-parent households are at much higher risk for physical violence and sexual molestation than those living in two-parent homes.

The person most likely to abuse a child sexually is the mother's boyfriend or second husband. At one time all this would have been considered common sense, because two parents check each another's excesses and the father was traditionally recognized as the children's natural protector. Posted by Erik at A weekend ponder, lefty types bemoan governmental intrusion into the life of the individual the police in this instance while at the same time calling for ever-more governmental intrusion into the life of the individual Global warming, healthcare, taxes, schooling, etc.

Posted by Georges at Home Movies From the War in Iraq. Le Monde shows videos from the war in Iraq…. Iran to Obama's America: You Kowtow to Us First; Frenchmen: In response to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei 's you-change-first i. The French Language Saved by America? I remember learning in college that there were more journals about France and the French language in America than in France itself…. Posted by Joe at How Orwellian can you get?!

How far must you go to vilify America and the free world while seeking excuses for their every foe?! While intense humiliation of very unsavory prisoners became "torture", terrorism now becomes " Man-Caused Disaster "…. Can You Smell the Nuance?

Apologies to the readers. Sincere apologies to our readers for not posting anything on this particular incident. At our afternoon editorial staff meeting yesterday it just did not register to any of us as " news ": Schools, courts, post offices, universities and hospitals were closed, with public transport severely disrupted, as up to marches were organised against President Nicolas Sarkozy's approach to the global downturn. As the light faded, hundreds of riot police were sent to the area where anarchist groups waving revolutionary flags were among those massing.

Riot police fired rounds of tear gas after demonstrators lit fires and smashed shop windows. Fighting broke out on all corners of the square, with police moving in to try to arrest ring leaders. Paris, strikes, violenece, irrational demands? Leur bouclier sera capable de neutraliser une salve d'une vingtaine de missiles balistiques. Barack Obama and those who voted for him would be horrified if he and they had to cozy up to people but can we only be sure they are in fact human?!

The ties that bind. Despite these comments by a venerated adherent of the quasi-religion of Governmentalism, fear not as he has not left the Church: Protest and direct action could be the only way to tackle soaring carbon emissions, a leading climate scientist has said. James Hansen, a climate modeller with Nasa, told the Guardian today that corporate lobbying has undermined democratic attempts to curb carbon pollution. Speaking on the eve of joining a protest against the headquarters of power firm E. ON in Coventry, Hansen said: What is frustrating people, me included, is that democratic action affects elections but what we get then from political leaders is greenwash.

Brother Hansen maintains a the? Secretly hating humanity starts with hating one another.

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All you need is a little more hair of the dog that bit you. From the "alcoholics agree - other people are not drinking heavily enough is the problem" file. Unfortunately the initial moment of clarity: The European Union staunchly defended its unwillingness to spend more to escape the slowdown on Wednesday Reverts to form and finds itself at the bottom of yet another tall glass: No doubt the governmentalist serving wenches agree with the last round served.

The latest vintage of governmentalism on display for all to see: Yesterday, it was revealed that in the three years to March at least more patients died at the Stafford hospital than would have been expected at an average hospital of its size and case mix. The Healthcare Commission's chairman, Sir Ian Kennedy, described it as a story of "appalling standards of care and chaotic systems for looking after patients There were inadequacies at almost every stage".

The patients died at a time when the hospital was trying to achieve foundation status, which would signify that it was rated as one of the leading NHS hospitals in the UK.

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As usual, a fiendishly complex little plot triggers wave after wave of achingly beautiful prose whose mood of ecstatic disquiet becomes addicting. Perhaps slightly less bristling than usual, his sentences often begin with a proposition that soon gets modified, and so on till the end, which can be a radical transformation. This peeling-of-the-onion operation has once again been superbly performed by the translator Margaret Jull Costa…. The Times Literary Supplement , November 27, It reads like a Fitzgerald novel.

The book finds hope, or at least consolation, in the ceaseless mutability of the human psyche. And while ghosts do populate the novel, its ultimate power comes in letting them dissolve. But did you have time to read other books? Any you especially enjoyed or would recommend? Luisa et Miguel forment un couple parfait. Un matin, ils ne viennent plus.

Une Luisa qui ne se remet pas de ce coup du sort. Brillant de bout en bout. Ce couple parfait, comme elle le nomme, la fascine. Maria tombe amoureuse de lui.


The Story Begins in Death: The Infatuations , his twelfth novel, is the first to be released in the United States by a major publisher. In A Heart So White , a new bride shoots herself in the heart. In The Infatuations , a happy husband is stabbed to death by a homeless man he has never met. Why does the murdered man have two last names? Who is the narrator and what is at stake for her in this gruesome affair?

And, of course, how and why did the murder happen? I have no idea, to be honest. The crime, set up in the provocative opening line, seems to promise a narrative packed with high drama, offering the relentless twists, turns and confrontations one might expect from a thrilling albeit highly literary whodunit. And what is the plot? The five main events of the plot — the murder, the meeting between the women, the beginning of the love affair, the moment of discovery and subsequent conversation revealing the truth — are the points that move the story forward, though it may be more accurate to describe them as the ties in the thread that carry the reader through an exploration of ideas.

Rather than laying the tracks of a well-ordered plot, the author seems more invested in exploring themes. These passages lay the philosophical and psychological groundwork from which the readers are invited to engage with the few doses of actual plot. The passages are made up mostly of an extensive monologue in which Luisa reveals her angst —. Perhaps Luisa clung to me that afternoon because with me she could be what she still was, with no need for subterfuge: As is the case throughout the novel, the movement for readers to follow is not the movement from one plot event to the next, but from one thought to the next or one thought cycling back to a previous thought.

At times, movement stops altogether in order for the characters to linger to the point of exhaustion on one idea alone. There is even hypothetical dialogue, for instance the imagined conversation in which Desvern asks Javier to take care of his wife should something happen, which lasts eleven pages. Death is the overarching theme, a menace that obsesses each character. She also contemplates death vicariously through Luisa: And nothing means nothing.

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The leitmotif in which all other themes are rooted in the book is certainty. They suffer because of the uncertainty of life and also the uncertainty of love — whether it will be returned, whether it will last, whether it will be interrupted by death, whether it even exists in the first place. It is particularly challenging to suspend the need for action near the end of the novel when the mystery of the murder is on the verge of being solved.

There is a long reflection for many, many pages. No one knows what has happened to that sword that has just been drawn. If someone would skip those pages to find out whether the man is going to be beheaded, they are free to do that, but my intention—my wishful thinking—is that all digressions in my books should be interesting enough in themselves to make the reader wait, not just for the sake of waiting, but to say, OK, this writer has interrupted this and I would like to know what happens with the sword, but what he is telling me next instead of what happened with the sword is something that I am interested in, too.

Even when you get to the bottom of it. To let nothing happen in the outer world so that the inner world can come fully alive. A woman presses her ear to a door. On the other side, her lover and a strange man are talking. What if she hears something conclusive, proof that her lover has killed someone?

If he guesses that she knows, she may become a target. Yet she continues to listen, as any of us would. Especially when the process of knowing has already begun. This book, it turns out, is accessible. It hooks into a kind of desire that is all but ubiquitous.

All men by nature desire to know, says Aristotle. To enjoy this book, and to get into trouble because of this book, all you have to be is curious. Who can resist a good one? We learn on the first page that a man has been stabbed to death. She admires their elegance and camaraderie and calls them, privately, the Perfect Couple. When she finds out that the man, Miguel Desvern, has been murdered, she approaches the woman to offer her condolences. She becomes his lover, and their entanglement gradually sheds new light on the murder. The final plot twist begins by seeming so ludicrous as to be insulting and ends by being chillingly, thrillingly persuasive.

They provoke and then satisfy our desire to come face to face with the worst that could happen. At the same time, they reassure us that the only possible place for such an encounter is in a work of fiction. Close the book, and the danger goes away. Dolz is in her late 30s and works at a publishing house in Madrid. Good taste is the thing in the world that most impresses her. She imagines their self-comforting thoughts: For one thing, the suffering of the stricken person is too monstrous to be believed.

Nothing like that will happen to you… [It] would be too much of a coincidence. There are no events to show with the selected date. There are no events to show.

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