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Green Hill's secret cliff???

The Cliff Road Chronicles by Anne Fraser

In Green Hill Zone, there is a secret inaccesable area in the northeastern corner of the map. There is also an arrow of brush on the nearby cliff where you fight the Raptor Hawk. Does anyone know how to get there??? You have to go where the whole game starts and there is a flight area there User Info: This may not be of any use to you now, but here is my answer for you anyway. To get there, you will need characters with the following abilities: Then "Climb" twice and then use "Smash 2" to break some red crates that is if you haven't already. Go to the left hand corner and "Fly" to span the next gap.

Policies & Plans

Then use the spring to reach the small ledge next to the arrow of brush that you mentioned. I hope this helps you. This question was asked more than 60 days ago with no accepted answer. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to ask and answer questions. When the light lifted and the team's eyes readjusted to the light of the ship they were met with the site of a red girl Hedgehog with a blue shirt, blue skirt, a small crown on her head and…wings? Sonic was the first to break out of his shock and carefully lifted the winged red Hedgehog bridal style and said "come on guys lets get out of here.

Cream and Cheese went home to see if Cream's mother was ok and to tell her about their adventure in the Twilight Cage. Big and Froggy left to of course go fishing in the Green Hill Zone. Sonic didn't want to get in the way of their work so he stayed in the back room to watch over the new weird Hedgehog.

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Why can't I have one magic free day" I mound as I layed on my bed. As I was falling asleep I felt a surge of new magic but was too tired to control it and passed out as the magic did it's work.

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When I woke up I found that I was in a room the I didn't recognize. I thought that I must of gained teleportation magic, that was until I heard a voice "Hey, are you alright? I turned to the voice to answer but stopped when I saw what spoke a blue Hedgehog?. After sometime of just staring at each other I found my voice again and said "yes.

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Where am I and how are you talking Hedgehog? I summoned a mirror and saw that I was a red Hedgehog with my usual hair style but instead of hair I found quills and my arms and legs had yellow fur. I went out of my fairy form and found I was still a Hedgehog but I had my normal day clothes on. Hi, I'm Bloom by the way. The Hedgehog shook his head to break out of the shock changing my form caused. He then laughed and said "I'm Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog the fastest thing alive. The other room was full of tools a things in the process of being built.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood - Walkthrough/guide

In the center of it all stood 4 creatures one was a yellow Fox with two tails that I assumed he was called Tails, another one was a pink girl Hedgehog in a red dress, and the last two I were a animal I didn't recognize. The male had red fur and white gloves with spikes. I was a Human, from the planet Domino where I am the fairy princess and soul survivor of my people.

I was sent to Earth to live after my planet was destroyed. With the help of my magic I protect the Earth secretly under the name Dragongirl. All I remember was fighting all day and collapsing on my bed to tired to do anything then felt my magic activated. I was to tired to try to stop it so I fell asleep and let my magic do whatever it needed to do to level itself out.

The Cliff Road Chronicles

The next thing I know I was waking up here. Well before the Great Dragon went to sleep after he creating the Magic Dimension. He created the Master Emerald to store a great amount of his magic and then created the seven Chaos Emeralds to keep the magic in check for he knew that his magic was at the time to powerful to pass on. He then sent the Emeralds to this dimension where those who wanted to use his magic for evil could not go.

The magic he had left he gave to my family to pass down through our blood line and went to sleep. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Bloom's magic goes haywire and opens a portal that takes her to sonic's world.