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Books read owned by others: Books read from author's or other website: Amount of library books borrowed and read: Statistics of books read. New authors I've read a first book of: Known-to-me authors that I've read one or multiple books of: I've counted these as series, but perhaps I should make a seperate 'standalone series' catagory. But then how do you decide? Books read in their original language: Books read in translation: Gender Main Character s predominantly: Amount of books read with pages: Page numbers in more detail: World Without End pages. Books read in January: Books read in February: Books read in March: Books read in April: Books read in May: Books read in June: Books read in July: Books read in August: Books read in September: Books read in October: Books read in November: Books read in December: Books read by Jodi Picoult: Books read by Diane Chamberlain: Books read by Catherine Ryan Hyde: Books read by Terry Pratchett: Books read by Trudi Canavan: Books read by Robert Jordan: Books read by Brandon Sanderson: Books read by Penny Vincenzi: Books read by Peter F.

Books read by Diana Gabaldon: Books read by Maria V. Books read by John Green: Books read by Rainbow Rowell: Books read by A. Books read by Cassandra Clare: Books read by Anne McCaffrey: Books read by Ken Follett: Books read by David B. Books read by James Clemens: Books read by Thea Beckman: Books read by Alexander McCall Smith: Books read by Haruki Murakami: Books read by Susan Hatler: Books read by Ann M. Books read by Geronimo Stilton, Thea Stilton and others: Books read by Francine Oomen: Books read by John Flanagan: Books read by Prunella Bat: Books read by Luc Descamps: Kindle Singles read or other short Kindle books: Spring themed books read incl.

Summer themed books read incl. Autumn themed books read incl. Halloween and horror-like books: Winter themed books read incl.

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Veronica Roth - The Divergent series including the Four stories. Jacques Vriens, in particular: Roald Dahl 's children's books, in particular: The Witches and Matilda. Life with the World's Biggest Dog. Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. From Manet To Warhol. Miriam Boleyn-Fitzgerald - Pictures of the Mind: Marion Zimmer Bradley - Darkover Omnibus 4: Moore - Star Trek: Agatha Christie - Negende Vijfling: Agatha Christie - Zeventiende Vijfling: Agatha Christie - Zevende Vijfling: Clarke - Space Odyssee Seth Cohen - Introvert: Deep Space Nine Wrath Of The Prophets.

Het Volk Van Het Weerlicht. Het Volk Van De Stilte. Het Volk Van De Maskers. Het Volk Van De Nevel. Het Volk Van De Zee. Het Volk van de Rivier. Het Volk Van De Wolf. Het Volk Van Het Vuur. Het Volk Van De Meren. Het Volk Van De Aarde. Hayden - Ghost Girl: Writing Killer Fiction in the E-book Age. Margreet van Hoorn - Moederhart Omnibus Marvello; Lindy Moone; J. Taylor; Cherise Kelley; R. Erin Hunter - Warriors Into the Wild; Warriors 2: Fire and Ice; Warriors 3: Amy Elizabeth Jensen - Hoe en Waarom The Ultimate Beach Read.

Belinda Jones; Ruth Saberton; C. Van Oort-Lau - Hoe en Waarom 2: Astrid Lindgren - Pippi Langkous The Hard Call 1: Montgomery - Complete Works of L. Andre Norton - Visions of Distant Shores: Mary Norton - The Complete Borrowers: Clarence Oliver - The 5-Minute Achiever: Alleen uit Liefde, Een Dag van je Leven. Reine - Seasons of the Moon Series, Books Blood, Sweat And Tea: Scott - Exercise Every Day: Robert Silverberg; Samuel R. Robert Silverberg; Raymond E. Feist; Robin Hobb; George R.

De Eed van Trouw, Alvin Maker: Het Boek der Veranderingen, Anderland: De Boodschapper, Symfonie der Tijden: The Monarch of the Glen, Shannara: The Minor Adjustment Beauty Salon. Francisca van der Steen; Annie M. Matt Stone - Diet Recovery 2: Thomas - 6 Steps to Stop Procrastination 1: Cook; Douglas Niles - Dragonlance: The Elven Nations Trilogy Verhalen over Vrouwen van Vijf Auteurs: Valente; Ana Juan - Fairyland 1: Kurt Vonnegut - Bluebeard: De Steen Des Afscheids. Enid Blyton - De Dolle Tweeling Capcom - Phoenix Wright: How to deal with stress and achieve permanent stress relief.

Michelle Stewart - Declutter Your Life: Stine - Fear Street: Staci Summers - War On Clutter! Want to Read From the Library or a Loan:. These images were made using Book Collector by the Collectorz. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Already have an account? New members are very welcome. The winner will be able to choose between six great genres for their book box: Posted December 29, edited. It's that time of the year again, to make a new reading log!

Links to other posts: Link to my previous logs: Books read Jun - Dec Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Some specific books or authors I plan on reading: Mills - I plan to read at least one book by Maria V. Martin - I want to read at least 12 books by A. Continued from previous post. Susan Hatler - Treasured Dreams 3: Luc Descamps - De Donkere Getallen 1: Tonya Hurley - Ghostgirl 1: Tonya Hurley - Ghostgirl 2: Fanny Blake - QuickReads: Susan Hatler - Treasured Dreams 4: Chrissy Manby - Benson Family 3: Chrissy Manby - Benson Family 4: Michael Grant - Gone 1: Susan Hatler - Kissed by the Bay 2: Mini-Informatie 16 pages Longest Book: My Favourite Books, Series and Authors: Le Guin - Earthsea Cycle Snyder - Study series and Glass series J.

The Hyperion Omnibus Peter F. The Wedding Ann M. Edited November 30, by Athena. Click the Spoiler to see the list A-D. Leert Klokkijken - Jip en Janneke: Anderson - Terra Incognita 3: Anderson - Saga of the Seven Suns 6: Metal Swarm Kevin J. Anderson - Saga of Seven Suns 4: Scattered Suns Kevin J. Anderson - Saga of Seven Suns 3: Horizon Storms Kevin J.

Anderson - Saga of Seven Suns 2: Andrew Swann - Apotheosis 3: Delia's Geluk Virginia Andrews - Casteel 1: Heaven Virginia Andrews - Casteel 2: Dark Angel Virginia Andrews - Casteel 3: Fallen Hearts Virginia Andrews - Dollanganger 1: Delia's Gave Virginia Andrews - Heavenstone 1: Zwarte Kat Virginia Andrews - Schaduw 1: April Virginia Andrews - Gemini 3: Ice Virginia Andrews - Hudson 1: Ruby Piers Anthony - Incarnations of Immortality 6: Success and Happiness Jennifer L.

Armentrout - Lux 1: Robert Arp - Ideas: Gridlinked Neal Asher - Spatterjay 3: Orbus Neal Asher - Agent Cormac 2: Foundation Isaac Asimov - Foundation 2: Auel - Earth's Children 1: Auel - Earth's Children 2: Auel - Earth's Children 4: Auel - Earth's Children 5: Auel - Earth's Children 6: Auel - Earth's Children 3: Baantjer - Appie Baantjer Compleet 3 A. Baantjer - Appie Baantjer Compleet 2 A. Baantjer - Appie Baantjer Compleet 1 A.

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Baantjer - Baantjer 8: Banks - Culture The Hydrogen Sonata Iain M. Banks - Culture 9: Surface Detail Iain M. Banks - Culture 8: Banks - Culture 7: Look To Windward Iain M.

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Banks - The Algebraist Iain M. Banks - Feersum Endjinn Iain M. Banks - Culture 6: Banks - Culture 5: Noonshade Clive Barker - Abarat 1: Abarat Clive Barker - Abarat 2: Barnes - Code Breakers 1: Barnes - Code Breakers 0: Bronze Summer Stephen Baxter - Xeelee Xeelee Omnibus Stephen Baxter - Flood 2: Ark Stephen Baxter - Flood 1: Flood Stephen Baxter - Mammoth: Behemoth Stephen Baxter - Destiny's Children 1: Beagle - The Last Unicorn: Blood And Iron M.

Beaton - The Travelling Matchmaker 1: Emily Goes To Exeter M. Beaton - The Travelling Matchmaker 2: Berg Akkerman - Witte Raven Bertin - Valentina 6: Kille Dromen Joanne Bertin - Dragonlord 2: Checkmate Malorie Blackman - Noughts and Crosses 2: Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead: Doodslicht Marion Zimmer Bradley - Darkover 3: Geestenlicht Marion Zimmer Bradley - Light 2: Heksenlicht Marion Zimmer Bradley - Avalon 2: Paxson - Avalon 5: Breedon - The Celestial Blade G.

Breedon - The Young Sorcerers Guild 2: Breedon - The Wizard Of Time 1: The Wizard Of Time G. Breedon - The Young Sorcerers Guild 1: Bruce Cameron - A Dog's Purpose 2: A Dog's Journey W. Bruce Cameron - A Dog's Purpose 1: A Dog's Purpose A. A Storm in Tormay: Burley - Wycliffe Houd Je Hoofd Koel! Meg Cabot - Queen of Babble 1: Gossip Meg Cabot - Heather Wells 1: Meg Cabot - Boy 3: Danielle Caples - Gravy: Godslayer Jacqueline Carey - Kushiel's Legacy 3: Bitterblue Kristin Cashore - Graceling Realm 2: Fire Kristin Cashore - Graceling Realm 1: Graceling Kiera Cass - The Selection 3: The Selection Cassell - Battles: That Changed the World Cassell - Foods: Chalker - The Four Lords of the Diamond 3: Chalker - The Four Lords of the Diamond 4: Cherryh - Foreigner Cherryh - Foreigner 1: Cherryh - Galasien 2: Fortress Of Eagles C.

Cherryh - Foreigner 3: Cherryh - The Goblin Mirror C. Cherryh - Arafel 1: Clarke - Islands in the Sky Arthur C. Clarke - Rama The Omnibus Arthur C. Clarke - Childhood's End Arthur C. Odyssee 2 Arthur C. De Finale Arthur C. Shadowmasque Michael Cobley - Humanity's Fire 3: Sunshine Hunter David B. Coe - Blood of the Southlands 3: Coe - Blood of the Southlands 2: The Horsemen's Gambit David B.

Coe - Blood of the Southlands 1: The Sorcerers' Plague David B. Coe - Winds of the Forelands 5: Weavers of War David B. Coe - Winds of the Forelands 4: Shapers of Darkness David B. Coe - Winds Of The Forelands 3: Bonds Of Vengeance David B. Coe - Winds of the Forelands 2: Seeds of Betrayal David B. Coe - Winds Of The Forelands 1: Improvement Guide Seth Cohen - Happiness: Without Limitations Seth Cohen - Introvert: Chances Jackie Collins - Lucky Santangelo 7: Ally Condie - Matched 2: Crossed Ally Condie - Matched 1: Resist Sarah Crossan - Breathe 1: Czerneda - Trade Pact Universe 2: Deep Space Nine 2: Joseph Delaney - The Wardstone Chronicles 4: Dick - Minority Report Philip K.

Dick - Ubik Philip K. Fatal Revenant Stephen R. Dostoevsky - Crime And Punishment F. Sinner Sara Douglass - Wayfarer Redemption 5: Pilgrim Sara Douglass - Darkglass Mountain 0: Enchanter Sara Douglass - Wayfarer Redemption 1: Battleaxe Roddy Doyle - QuickReads: Seas of Venus David Drake - Lt. Winnie Dunn - Living Sensationally: Click the Spoiler to see the list K-P.

David Eddings - The Tamuli Ed van Eeden - Baantjer Inc. Wat Moet Hij Van Me? Warren Ellis - Vampirella Masters 2: The Tales of Bauchelain and Korbal Broach Exploring the Seven Continents Ian C. Esslemont - Malazan Empire 3: Esslemont - Malazan Empire 4: Orb Sceptre Throne Ian C. Esslemont - Malazan Empire 5: Blood And Bone Ian C. Esslemont - Malazan Empire 2: Esslemont - Malazan Empire 1: Demon Child Trilogy 3: Groenhart Melaina Faranda - De Cirkel 2: Farrell - The Cloudmages 1: Midshipman's Hope Raymond E. Feist - Chaoswar Saga 3: Magician's End Raymond E. Feist - Chaoswar Saga 1: A Kingdom Besieged Raymond E.

Feist - Chaoswar Saga 2: A Crown Imperilled Raymond E. Feist - The Demonwar Saga 2: Feist - The Demonwar Saga 1: Feist - Riftwar Cycle 3: Feist - The Darkwar Saga 3: De Boodschapper Raymond E. Feist - Riftwar Cycle 2: Feist - The Darkwar Saga 1: Feist - The Darkwar Saga 2: Feist - Conclave Of Shadows 3: Exile's Return Raymond E. Feist - Krondor's Sons 1: Feist - Conclave Of Shadows 2: King Of Foxes Raymond E.

De Houtjongen Raymond E. Feist - Conclave Of Shadows 1: Feist - The Riftwar Legacy 3: Feist - The Riftwar Legacy 2: The Assassins Raymond E. Feist - The Riftwar Legacy 1: The Betrayal Raymond E. Feist - The Serpentwar Saga 3: Feist - The Serpentwar Saga 4: Feist - Riftwar Cycle 1: Feist - The Serpentwar Saga 1: Feist - The Serpentwar Saga 2: Feist - Krondor's Sons 2: The King's Buccaneer Raymond E. Forstchen - Legends of the Riftwar 1: Honoured Enemy Raymond E. Murder In Lamut Raymond E. Jimmy The Hand Raymond E. Ravensdale Spring Kate Fielding - Ravensdale 1: Ravensdale Kate Fielding - Ravensdale 2: What About Me, Too?

Friedman - Koudvuur 3: Kroon Der Schaduwen C.

  • Flying High Aboard An Eagle.
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Friedman - Koudvuur 2: Crossover Esther Friesner - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 7: Warchild Stephen Fry - Memoir 2: Inkheart Cornelia Funke - Inkworld 3: Voyager Diana Gabaldon - Outlander 4: Outlander Diana Gabaldon - Outlander 1: Mike Gayle - Turning Thirty 2: Het Volk van de Rivier W. A Secret History W. Confessor Terry Goodkind - Sword of Truth Phantom Terry Goodkind - Sword of Truth 9: Chainfire Terry Goodkind - Sword of Truth 8: Eona Alison Goodman - Eon 1: Graf - Star Trek: Day of Honor 2: Michael Grant - Gone 6: Light Michael Grant - Gone 5: Bzrk Michael Grant - Gone 2: Hunger Michael Grant - Gone 3: Lies Michael Grant - Gone 4: Plague Michael Grant - Gone 1: Gone Vanessa Grant - Lifelines 1: Peace And War T.

Hamilton - Merry Gentry 4: Chronicle of the Fallers 1: Hamilton - Fallen Dragon Peter F. Hamilton - Greg Mandel 3: The Nano Flower Peter F. Hamilton - Greg Mandel 2: Beth Harbison - Shoe Addict 2: Harkness - All Souls 2: Shadow Of Night Deborah E. Harkness - All Souls 1: Deadlocked Charlaine Harris - Sookie Stackhouse Dead in the Family Joanne Harris - Runemarks 2: Lucy Blue, Where Are You?

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Hayden - Twilight Children Torey L. Can You Find It? Heemskerk - Kitty's Erfenis G. Heinlein - Glory Road Robert A. Hemmink - Train Je Brein: Use It Or Lose It! Anderson - De Legenden van Duin 2: Anderson - De Legenden van Duin 3: Mystic Quest Michael R. Hicks - In Her Name: Gewoon Marjolein Diana G. Vengeance Dafydd ab Hugh - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 5: James - Fifty Shades 1: Something Like Normal P. Jeter - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 3: Volume 4 David Johnson - Tucker 1: Beach Read Bliss Darolyn E.

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Jones - Sword Of Shadows 4: Watcher of the Dead J. Jones - Sword Of Shadows 1: Jones - The Barbed Coil J. Jones - The Book Of Words 3: Jones - The Book of Words 2: Jones - Budaan-kwartet 2: Achter De Sluier V. Jones - Budaan-kwartet 1: Keen - Hoe en Waarom Bristling Wood Katharine Kerr - Deverry 2: Konrath - Timecaster 1: Mercedes Stephen King - The Shining 2: Naomi Klein - De Kritische Reeks: Ik Ben Polleke Hoor!

Invasion Mercedes Lackey - Valdemar: The Mage Storms 3: Het Leven is Al Zo Kort! The Iron Lance Stephen R. Lawhead - The Dragon King 3: Frank Lawlis - Retraining the Brain D. Prince Of Thorns T. Le Guin - Earthsea 6: The Other Wind Ursula K. Le Guin - Earthsea 5: Tales From Earthsea Ursula K. Lescroart - Moord Op Verzoek D. Gelukszoekers Megan Lindholm - De Windzangers 1: Windzangers Megan Lindholm - De Windzangers 3: Collected Stories 3 H. Collected Stories 2 H. Lovecraft - The Whisperer In Darkness: Legend Eric Lustbader - Pearl Saga 3: Maas - Throne of Glass 0: The Assassin's Blade Sarah J.

Maas - Throne of Glass 3: Heir Of Fire Sarah J. Maas - Throne of Glass 2: Crown Of Midnight Sarah J. Maas - Throne of Glass 1: MacHale - Pendragon 8: The Pilgrims Of Rayne D. MacHale - Pendragon 3: The Never War D. MacHale - Pendragon 2: MacHale - Pendragon 1: Shatter Me Paul Magrs - Wildthyme 2: Paul Magrs - Wildthyme 1: Buffel Henning Mankell - Kurt Wallander 3: Foxmask Juliet Marillier - Sevenwaters 1: Baby-Sitters Beware Ann M. Martin - The Baby-Sitters Club Stacey and the Cheerleaders Ann M.

Claudia and the Perfect Boy Ann M. Jessi's Horrible Prank Ann M. Stacey's Lie Ann M. Claudia and Crazy Peaches Ann M. Kristy and the Copycat Ann M. Mallory Pike, 1 Fan Ann M.

Jessi and the Troublemaker Ann M. California Girls Ann M. New York, New York! Starring the Baby-Sitters Club! Here Come the Bridesmaids! Martin - Babysitter's Club Jessi's Gold Medal Ann M. Kristy For President Ann M. Martin - BabySitter's Club Maid Mary Anne Ann M. Kristy's Mystery Admirer Ann M. Dawn's Big Move Ann M. Stacey's Choice Gail Z. Martin - The Fallen Kings Cycle 1: The Sworn Gail Z. Martin - Chronicles Of The Necromancer 4: What book has influenced you most? I just suck up more.

The Origin and Machinery of the Mind: History of evolutionary thought - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A radical British school of comparative anatomy that included the. National Review and I have a court date next month for Big Climate honcho Michael Mann ;s defamation suit against us for hooting at his hockey stick. Farmer Minor and Daisy the Pig. Chin Sci Bull, 58 In addition, data-rescue types of. San Jose State University Meteorology decides burning books they. John responded below, in the news archive. Mother ;s Day Crafts for Kids.

The latest new books list is now. There are gorgeous exhibitions on. Or do they now reside in a library where they can be accessed by students? Cirrus Cloud seeds identified — will help in climate knowledge. Par link justin le lundi, mai 13 , Initially I was apprehensive about Nikolski , written by Nicholas Dickner, because it was translated from French.

Nikolski by Nicholas Dickner book review Books , Challenge. Translations can go one of two ways and I was worried. During Canada Reads , I was championing the champion Nikolski , but of course I was a little bit concerned because I ;d read the book two years before, and what it if had changed in the meantime? Nicolas Dickner Brain Vs. A read that I knew nothing more than it won the Canada Reads, over such books as. I am so ready for another great book this month and, after Nicolas Dickner ;s Nikolski won Canada Reads this year, I knew which novel was next on the list.

I bought this after I saw David Mitchell endorsed it sad, but true! I haven ;t read it yet so it is great to. The novel was in such high demand, that my hold on the book at the library expired before I could get my hands on. Nikolski Whenever I dip in to thinking about getting an e-reader, I get stuck on the problem of how to share a book that way. Personal Mythologies Nikolski ;s for Real, Dude. I have a couple of posts to catch up with. And this year, the honour goes to Nikolski.

As the book opens in , we meet a. Nicolas Dickner ;s Canada Reads Winner, Nikolski , originally written in French and translated into English by Lazer Lederhendler, follows three unknowingly connected characters. Jackie Farm Lane Books says: September 2, at I checked for new downloads last week and discovered I have bought more books than I thought I buy anything cheap.

Book Which alone is not enough to be satisfied with a book , of course. IDC - Document at a. The Lost Years Bookreporter. The Lost Years Publisher: If you are interested in booking an event or. A raging sea tosses a boy upon the shores of ancient. Harry and the Pirates: During a subsequent book tour in the U. Downloads Ten Lost Years , Memories of the Canadians. Downloads Walt Whitman and the Civil War: America ;s Poet during. Chronicles of the Lost Years: Our 9-year-old daughter didn ;t take to this. What do Army junior officers actually recommend reading?: Visit a website for the book here: The Defense of Jisr al - Doreaa: The book also mentions the second story again, that I ;m aware of inspired by the original, The Defense of Hill by James R.

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The donation is to cover the cost of the special Digital Talking Book cartridge from the library. I worked from the library today and ran across the book discussed below. While for students, the book is a. Posted 9th January by W. Ronnie Meek, a year. Download audio file KJV-P The Old Testament was originally written in Hebrew and Aramaic. Your Complete Guide to Recycling Yard. Compost A to Z: A Complete Composting Guide Gaiam LifeIt ;s easier than you think to transform kitchen scraps and yard trimmings into rich, soil-like material loaded with nutrients to make your garden thrive.

Instead of death, there will be life, sustained by a harvest of home-grown produce. Your Complete Guide to. Pages are clean, crisp and unmarked. Over , copies of this useful book have been sold in the first nine printings. After recycling , city turns its eye to compost program - Star PhoenixThe city currently operates two compost depots for leaves, grass and other yard waste collected through the optional green bin program. Your Complete Guide to Recycling Yard Clippings Over , copies of this useful book have been sold in the first nine printings.

If not, check with your city to see when they will pick up yard waste. Compost , which is organic matter that has been decomposed and recycled and used for fertilizing soil, is great for your garden and will help reduce landfill waste. Covers show light edge wear. See section on Back Yard Composting on the Composting page and see the Yard Waste page for links to your city or village program. A Nameless Detective Novel. By Bill Pronzini Narrated By. Several plotlines mingle through the book , but by far the strongest plotline involves a series of gay bashings that become more and more violent.

Winner of the British. At the Scene of the Crime: He is one of the best mystery writers at work in modern day. Nightcrawlers Book - Goodreads Another of Pronzini's nameless detective novels--a series that. I was all set, and at last, we decided on a book: Savages, a Nameless Detective novel.

The 'Nameless Detective' novels are a thinking reader's detective series. A Nameless Detective Mystery book. Whether you are a reader who likes romance, mystery , fantasy, science fiction or historical books , our librarians can assist you in finding that next great read. Gravetapping is primarily a book review site, and I am always on the lookout for new titles, authors, not to mention old titles and authors, to read and review. Beneath the Stains of Time: In many ways the latest. A Nameless Detective Novel: Finance - Business Finance, Stock Market. Source Products introduces a new.

Search Open Source Magazine. News Feed Item Jul. The magazine's objective business and technical reporting and product reviews. Heard Off the Street: Welcome to brave new,. The Golden Rules of Opening Leads: Intermediate Master Bridge by.

  • The IntenSati Method: The Seven Secret Principles to Thinner Peace.
  • Linear Algebra with Maple, Lab Manual: An Introduction Using Maple (Linear Algebra: An Introduction Using Maple).
  • The Wheel of time series by Robert Jordan!
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Famous Leads and Defences. Master Bridge Publication Date: Famous Leads And Defences by. He has written and co-authored around 40 books for the Master Bridge Series and currently lives in Sydney,. College Algebra Enhanced with Graphing Utilities. College Algebra Enhanced with Graphing Utilities, 5h edition. Miami Dade College- College Algebra - craigslist: A free tutorial on how to build your own PC - Affordable,. Gavin D J Harper: I have also written a number of books on various tech subjects. This was the most informative book on building computers I have ever read, and I have read a few.

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I have an e- book on Swash Setup that shows how to build your own swash tool,. Everything you need to expertly install car PCs.