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RAC will specifically use SAGA funds to build a development plan and will pay for the administrative work needed to build capacity and manage the growing facility. They will also strengthen their outreach programming, which will enhance RAC's ability to provide high-quality opportunities for historically disadvantaged artists in the City of Spokane, including access to affordable workspace, exhibition support, and a network of artist peers.

In the third round of the Spokane Arts Grant Awards SAGA , eleven proposals were awarded funding from a pool of fifty-three qualifying applications. The grant winners will receive funding to support projects and programs that will take place in the Spokane region over the next year. Twenty-five thousand dollars total was awarded spread between the eleven grant winners through a competitive process. Three of the grants are awarded to individual artists for the creation of new work. One grant is awarded to a pair of artists, Cozete Phillips and Tybre Newcomer, to create a two-person art exhibition.

Another was awarded to artist, Daniel Kytonen, to create huge 28 ft Monotype prints. The third individual is musician, Ras Omy K, who will use his grant to create and produce a new album. Garageland Chronicles received a grant to support several artists. One Heart received a grant to support their two-day indigenous artists showcase along with their film festival. The McManus plays will use their grant to create a unique musical and theatrical performance that will be sure to entertain in large audiences. Spokane VR collective will use their grant for an interactive exhibition.

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West Plain Arts Academy will use their grant to cover the start-up costs of creating new classes geared toward children. Photo by Jamie Junction. The Garageland Chronicles is the brain child of film producer, Shaun Springer. It is collection of short stories that encompasses many Spokane local artists, story tellers, writers, filmmakers, and actors while using a local hangout as its central hub: The Garageland Chronicles has been created as a feature length film, written, produced and filmed entirely in Spokane. The film is in final post production and will be completed by January This period of time will allow for final color correction, final visual Fx, and the entire sound including Fx.

Film Festivals and events are between October and July , and possibly beyond. The Garageland Chronicles film celebrates our diverse community and all of the artists employed by one film. The community, region, state and entire world can enjoy the collection of artists Spokane has to offer. Now that the film has been completely filmed, and in initial edit, SAGA funding will be used to complete post-production of the full length feature film to the highest industry quality and standards. These local specialists are matching in kind donations and greatly reducing their normal fees to also assist in the completion of this incredible film.

Not only is potential waste recycled productively, but Art Salvage also takes sustainability further by offering low priced materials and classes showing how the Spokane community can create using such supplies and tools. Art Salvage is a new nonprofit led by Katie Patterson Larson, who envisioned Spokane to be both creative and sustainable.

Grantees — Spokane Arts

The main focus of Art Salvage is to collect usable art materials from the community and organize them for resale in the Art Salvage store front. Art Salvage does not yet have a store. They received an operational grant to help support, in part, a home and a retail space to sell goods and hold classes. It is their hope that the retail store will be a one stop shop for art and craft supplies such as paint, paper, yarn and more, as well as unique materials and vintage goods. By selling art materials at affordable prices the organization hopes to appeal to both those on a budget and also individuals looking for unique creative inspiration and supplies.

Two sculptures by Cozette Phillips that will be included in the Monoliths and Memory exhibition. Monoliths of Memory, a two-person art exhibition. Inspiration is often the result of attending an art exhibition. Through research and investigation of form and material, ceramic sculptor Tybre Newcomer and mixed-media sculptor Cozette Phillips will reflect on the influence of man-made materials within natural environments.

All events surrounding the exhibition will be free and open to the public and will serve people of all ages, races, and physical abilities. Providing an event that is accessible to a diverse population creates an opportunity for connectivity and builds a foundation for new friendships. The SAGA support will help fund the creation of new artworks and supplement costs associated with studio operations, transportation, and installation of the artwork for the exhibition.

Clay, metal, and plastics will comprise the primary artistic mediums utilized in the artworks displayed. The festival will feature screenings of feature-length and short Native films, a Native art gallery, music and more, as it explores the vibrant, innovative and diverse world of contemporary Native arts. The mission of One Heart Native Arts and Film Festival is to share and showcase innovative, compelling and empowering stories from Native perspectives through film and art, celebrating the diversity and vitality of contemporary Native culture in our community today.

The funding will be used primarily for artists, per diem, honorariums, and marketing for the visual arts program. Featured visual artists this year include: Holding the gallery of Indigenous arts in a central downtown location will open Native art to mainstream entertainment in the Spokane area. My Favorite Toy Was Dirt! An American Story in Concert. Story by Patrick F. This project is a special collaboration among three artists who have each resided in Spokane for more than 30 years and each of whom has attained a national reputation: Their goal is to create an original and humorous musical program, that would be presented, initially, to four Spokane area audiences.

Then presented regional and eventually, national, concert venues, educational settings and special performance opportunities. The event is a roughly one hour concert performance featuring nine professional musicians and one actor Tim performing a complete story by Patrick McManus and original music by Olivia Brownlee. SAGA funding will be used to pay, in part, for the composition itself, and the arranging, scoring, and printing of the piece for all performers.

Additionally, SAGA funding will serve as a catalyst to promote the performances through the various resources from Spokane Arts. Success will also be measured by tickets sales, reviews from various media, social media response and increased interest in the next performance. We also hope people will leave the theater commenting on the originality, humor and depth of Olivia's musical composition.

By , the audience had increased to thousands of people from Spokane and the surrounding region.

The Garageland Chronicles, Slothberg Productions

More recently, The Spokesman-Review referred to the festival as the literary equivalent to Spokane's nationally recognized sporting events, Hoopfest and Bloomsday. Festival continues to expand and reach more people in our community. Festival; the collection will be for sale throughout the week, but a special launch will take place during the most popular headlining readings. The collection will include work from some of the most famous and well-loved authors from Get Lit!

Programs secure more sponsors for the festival and more nationally and internationally acclaimed writers. The bulk of any funds raised for Get Lit! Programs goes towards putting on the festival each year, but Get Lit! Programs would love to continue and expand, the educational outreach programs that we have been running for years like Writers in Residence and Author's Tour , therefore, more grants and sponsors for the festival would allow Get Lit!

Anna Czoski, is an entrepreneur and visual artist working in the virtual reality medium who founded the Real-Time Collective, which seeks to build up interactive art and game development in Spokane. Juan A Mas is a local director of ZNation, and a fierce community builder in the Spokane film community. Vincas Greene, is a choreographer and dancer who founded Spokane's only professional modern dance company, among other contributions to the community.

Tobias Hendrickson is a modular Synthesist and composes original music for Terrain's Uncharted, commercial spots, and is currently working on a documentary, among many other projects. The piece explores the physical and scientific explanations of time as well as the personal and emotional implications. With cutting edge technology and a room full of creatives, this project will have a ripple effect to surrounding artists and communities.

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SAGA funds will help the collective secure a production-grade camera for demo and rehearsal. Since an artistic process is in a new medium that revolves around iteration, the choreographer and dancers will be handicapped without this tool. They will also use their grant funds to solicit more sponsorship. It comes down to how many headsets we have and how much time we have. He is a survivor of the Rwandan genocide. Within the first few days, he lost his family and subsequently ended up living homeless on the streets of Kigali for seven years thereafter.

It was during his time on the streets of Kigali, where he was introduced to reggae music. The lyrics and messages gave Omy hope and purpose. He began writing and performing songs as a way to heal himself from the trauma that he had experienced. The creation of songs gave him purpose to tell his story and use music as an outlet for the pain and suffering that he experienced and saw around him. Omy's music is fueled with topics that he feels the world needs to hear. Especially having recently come to the US from Africa, Omy has a unique perspective of the differences as well as the unity that exists among humanity.

Omy's purpose as a musician is to integrate his cross-cultural life experience to educate those who listen as well as bring love and healing to the world.

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Over the last several months, Omy has been working as much as time allows on this album with his musical producer Juan Parris. Omy has written lyrics, while Juan has laid beats for the songs. They have approximately 9 songs started and ready to be recorded. This includes recording vocals and adding live instrumentals, and then mixing and finalizing the songs. The SAGA award will be used for the studio time and space needed to create the new work, as well as the post production of the album, and limited performances. Daniel Kytonen is a visual artist whose current body of work is producing large monotypes.

With these works he is investigating the in-between world of meaning and experience, which is connected to his life and the learning disabilities that are a part of who he is. Like many people, learning differences have left Daniel with a gap between information and understanding, but instead of making differences become a detriment, his challenges have become his strength by being able to pull disparate ideas and objects together to show their connectedness.

Exploring the gap is what makes life meaningful for me, and as I search I find things inside myself that I hope connect to humanity. Having the chance to have work displayed during Spokane's arts month would continue to bolster an already exciting time for the arts in the city, adding work that is thoughtfully engaging with the global contemporary art community. The audience of almost members of the Spokane community hears the stories of 13 strangers who become their friends, neighbors, and peers.

The show begins with a slideshow featuring pictures of each LTYM cast member. The theater goes dark and the curtains open to a sparse stage with a music stand and a microphone centered in the spotlight surrounded by a semicircle of chairs. LTYM readers are all community members who have auditioned through a competitive process to be featured in the show, many of whom do not have any experience, and have been guided through the process of public storytelling performance tools developed by Stacey Conner and Elise Raime.

The storytellers must remember what they've learned - to enunciate and make eye contact, to pause where we have practiced, but most importantly, that their words are important. SAGA funds will be used to support Stacey and Elise in their artistic efforts, and to expand outreach efforts, diversifying the stories LTYM can bring to their audience and the impact they have on the Spokane community.

The salon sessions are educational. We teach the basics of short creative non-fiction essays, and also the fundamentals of what makes a good essay for LTYM audition day. Their mission is to provide opportunities within the community to explore the arts in a safe, creative, uplifting and nurturing environment. West Plains Arts Academy employs four professional artists who have a mission to educate and provide hands-on artistic learning opportunities to young children and their families.

Their newest artistic class will be focused on learning about masters through a series of classes. Each class will focus on a particular artist and students will have the opportunity to get to know a little about the artist and his works of art. Students will then have the opportunity to create their own work of art in the style of that artist.

These new classes will be taught by local artist Loredana Murphy, a Spokane area resident. These costs include paints, canvases, tarps and easels. This grant will also help West Plains Arts Academy spread the word about their offerings and their mission. A little over twenty-five thousand dollars total was awarded spread between the ten grant winners through a competitive process. This round of SAGA funding will support a wide range of artistic endeavors.

One grant will support an emerging artist residency program, and improvements to gallery space, at Saranac Art Projects. Two grants have strong educational outreach components and seek to help underserved children in the West Central neighborhood Spark and Shine Youth Fund. A visual artist team will use grant funds to take photographs of Muslim women from Spokane, and develop prints and projections to show publicly See Me Spokane.

A grant was given to Laboratory to support a collaboration between dance, media, visual arts, and technology. Finally, a grant was given to the Garland District to support a series of mural projects. Saranac requested grant funding to support two projects aimed at maintaining and expanding their mission of service to the Spokane Arts Community and local artists. Saranac Art Projects is creating an Emerging Artist Residency Program, where select emerging artists will receive a month membership to Saranac Art Projects and the opportunity to exhibit their own work.

Their other major project will be installing a gallery track system to facilitate hanging many different types of artwork. Both these projects will support and enliven their educational mission, giving Saranac Art Projects an influx of fresh voices and an expansion of the possible types of shows and programs they can showcase in the gallery. A grant to the Saranac Art Projects will have an immediate and lasting impact on their ability to continue their mission of presenting high-quality art exhibitions, along with community outreach and education.

In this project, we hope to normalize the presence and contributions of Spokane's Muslim women through a series of portraits and text projected onto downtown buildings and displayed as prints in the Downtown Public Library. Having multiple ways to see the work, and have a broad selection of work, is important and will spark many critical conversations in Spokane. The purpose of Shine Youth Fund is to provide arts education, scholarship funding and accessible arts programs for youth in Spokane. Kim Stone series has now sold over 2 million copies.

Anna spent almost twenty years trying to shoehorn writing in to her career as a marketing manager for dance and theatre companies. Eventually, she did what you are not remotely supposed to do and walked away from an excellent job in order to try and become a published author. Three years, lots of tears and some slightly hairy bank balances later, she met Kirsty Greenwood and the rest, as they say, is history. Anna lives in Cornwall with her husband and two kids. She feels very fortunate! She lives in London and is originally from the West Country, which gave her accent a subtle yet noticeable pirate twang as well as a love of cream teas and all things mystical.

She is an eclectic pagan witch and feminist who also loves crocheting blankets while watching episodes of Miss Marple.

Anna loves mythology, magic, tarot, punk, grunge, rock and alternative music, fantasy and sci-fi novels, travel, luxury skincare products, chocolate, spas, candlelight and stormy beaches. She owns the requisite witchy black cat. Anna-Lou began her career as a dancer but a moped accident in Ibiza put paid to those aspirations and so she went back to her first and one true love — writing!

Alongside being an author, she writes, edits and reviews briefs for radio. Arlene is married with one daughter and lives with a crotchety one-eyed cat named Binkley and a German Shepherd named Archer, who is not at all crotchety. The people behind the crime, from the perpetrator to the victim and beyond, are what intrigue Barbara Copperthwaite. She was raised by the sea and in the countryside, where she became a lover of both nature and the written word — the latter leading to a successful career as a journalist. For over twenty years people have kindly and bravely shared with her their real experiences of being victims of crime.

Now, through fiction, Barbara continues to explore the emotional repercussions. Beth Miller is the author of two novels and two non-fiction titles, including For the Love of The Archers. She has worked as a sexual health trainer, a journalist and a psychology lecturer and is now a mentor and book coach. Daugherty was 22 when she saw her first dead body. Carla started writing more seriously ten years ago after having flirted with musical theatre and occasional writing in her youth. The Staffordshire-based writer now has more crime novels in the pipeline, although she can still sometimes be found performing her stand-up comedy routine Laugh While You Still Have Teeth.

Originally from Ireland, Caroline lives with her family and two dogs in a pretty village on the coast of Essex. A former police detective, Caroline has worked in CID and specialised in roles dealing with vulnerable victims, high-risk victims of domestic abuse, and serious sexual offences.

A USA Today best seller, she now writes full time. Whilst working as a beauty therapist and bringing up her three children together with her Husband, Casey penned her debut novel Rotten to the Core. Its success meant that she could give up her day job and concentrate on writing full time. By the time the twins were two, Catherine had a two-book deal with Carina UK.

Her debut novel, Waiting For You, came out in March Catherine was a NHS physiotherapist, but for health reasons she retired early from this career. Chris Merritt is a Clinical Psychologist and former diplomat based in London, who has been writing on psychology since In he decided to combine his passion for writing with his love of crime fiction, and eventually came up with The Murder List , his debut novel. When not working or writing, he loves climbing and basketball, and dreams of one day being able to work from home enough to own a whippet.

Christie Barlow was born in Cheshire and had a successful career as a civil servant until she decided to trade it in for something more glamorous: Claire Seeber is a Londoner who started her professional life as a bad actress and went on to become a documentary maker, lucky enough to travel the world meeting amazing people.

Also writing features for newspapers such as the Guardian and Independent , when she had her first baby in , Claire started writing psychological thrillers. Claire has been CWA Dagger-nominated, also writes for stage and screen, and today studies psychotherapy, as well as trying to manage a home of slightly feral children and animals. Luckily her very nice partner helps too.

Clare lives with her husband and their two daughters in Surrey, where her little green shed at the bottom of the garden provides a haven for her writing life. Before becoming a writer, she enjoyed a career in television, as a researcher in documentaries and then as a script editor in drama at the BBC and Channel Four, where her love of storytelling took hold.

The terrace she now occupies presents a good happy medium. She lives with her husband and teenage children, and currently works at the Royal Society of Chemistry. Colleen Coleman is an Irish-Canadian novelist. She spent over ten years working as a teacher of English and Philosophy before finally taking a deep breath, scrunching her eyes shut, putting her pen to paper and vowing not to lift it again until she wrote the words The End. As a result, her first novel was born.

Colleen lives between London, Ireland and Cyprus with her very patient husband and very, very chatty twin daughters. Born in London, D.

Her interest in the development of forensic science to solve crime goes back many years. She is an avid reader of crime, mystery and thrillers. Dangerous Embrace is the first book in her Embrace Series.

Debbie Rix has had a long career in journalism, including working as a presenter for the BBC. Prior to turning her attention to writing, Debbie Viggiano was, for more years than she cares to remember, a legal secretary. She lives with her Italian husband, a rescued pooch from Crete, and a very disgruntled cat. Occasionally her children return home from uni bringing her much joy… apart from their gifts of dirty laundry.

Donna spent a couple of decades writing bad horror stories and worse poetry until she gave up and accidently fell into publishing. Donna lives in Hertfordshire with her own romantic hero, two gorgeous teenagers and a couple of cantankerous cats. After a brief stint on a kiwi soap, he has worked in Search for the past 15 years.

Either that, or he got his name wrong. He now lives in Wanstead, London. Dylan Young grew up in a mining village in South Wales before boarding a train for London. A year career in the NHS followed, the last 27 as a consultant ophthalmologist. Retiring from the NHS has allowed Dylan to spend even more time in his writing office — a shed in the garden. Emma once worked for a design studio where she was asked to provide a fun, humorous, and not necessarily true anecdote about herself for their website.

She wrote the following: She now lives in rural Shropshire with her husband, three children, and two guinea pigs where she writes full time from a shed in the garden. Never Google Heartbreak Published by Hodder in the UK and Bookouture in the US and Canada is her first adult novel loosely based around her own experiences of being in her thirties and single in London, of being dumped, getting over it, falling in love and getting married. Emma is an English teacher and lives in Essex with a patient husband and two children who are an endless source of material.

Emma Tallon is a British writer and mother to a young son. She started her writing career several years ago, as a freelance ghostwriter. Behind the scenes she has crafted some of the most adventurous, edgy and heart-wrenching stories you will find in bookshops today. More recently, Emma decided to step out of the literary shadows and launch the first novel under her own name, Life Game.

Emma is deeply passionate about her writing and often finds herself typing away into the early hours, as new ideas come to her. With a number of story lines and characters in the pipeline, Emma has plans for several more books in the London Underworld series.

Erik Therme has thrashed in garage bands, inadvertently harbored runaways, and met Darth Vader. Fiona Valpy lives in France, having moved there from the UK in She left behind a career in Marketing and Public Relations to explore new avenues and now teaches yoga and writes. Having renovated an old rambling farmhouse with her husband, she has developed new-found skills in cement-mixing and interior decorating, although her preferred pastime by far is wine-tasting. The only child of parents who worked at a top security psychiatric hospital, Frances grew up receiving disquieting notes and presents from the patients.

Expelled from school, she spent the next few years on the dole, augmenting her income by providing security and crewing for gigs, and being a guinea pig for medical trials. Later jobs included working in a theatre in Manhattan, teaching English in Japanese Junior High Schools, and being a life model in Italy, before coming back to London and working with homeless teenagers and refugees. After serving my time as a joiner, I have dug drains, slated roofs and built bridges to put food on the table.

Since I have run a busy hotel and wedding venue near Gretna Green. I have a teenage son and when not working, reading or writing, I enjoy socialising with family and friends. Heather Van Fleet is a stay-at-home-mom turned book boyfriend connoisseur. In no particular order. As a child, Helen had a vivid imagination fuelled by her love of reading long past her bedtime! She still prefers fictional worlds to real life and loves infusing her writing with humour and heart.

Helen lives in Yorkshire with her husband, two grown-up in theory kids and a Jekyll and Hyde cat. Holly emerged onto the Chick Lit scene by winning the Belinda Jones Travel Club short story competition — and has not looked back since. Her adult fiction debut, The Guestbook , hit number 5 in the Amazon chart and she has now signed a 2 book deal with Bookouture.

Iain has worked in more than fifty countries around the world, many of them warzones, including Iraq, Libya, Kosovo, Sierra Leone and South Sudan. He is one of the youngest people ever to be made a Commander of the British Empire CBE , an honour usually reserved for top generals and Oscar-winning actors. As a kid, Jake chose to write fantasy because there was no research needed for an invented world.

Early short stories covered probably every genre except dieselpunk-romcom. Jess Ryder is the pseudonym of Jan Page, author, screenwriter, playwright and award-winning television producer.

Sia (musician)

Her other big love is making pots. Jessica Thorne saw Star Wars at an impressionable age and life was never the same. The novel was released in the UK in January to rave reviews. To date the Winter books have been translated into eleven languages and sold more than a third of a million copies. He also writes standalone thrillers under the pseudonym JS Carol. She was raised in Pennsylvania and she spent her adult life in Southern California. Writing has always been her passion and in addition to writing thrillers, she is also a bestselling indie author of romance novels under a different name.

After giving up her job as a library assistant, Karen now writes full-time. She lives in Buckinghamshire with her husband and three grown-up children. Karen King was born in Birmingham and has always enjoyed reading and writing. She is delighted to now be part of the Bookouture team. A former New Yorker and now an American ex-pat, she lives in a small town on the Welsh border with her husband, five children, and their overly affectionate Golden Retriever.

Kathryn is the bestselling author of seven psychological thrillers and to date she has sold over one million copies of her books. With publishing deals in thirteen different countries, Kathryn writes full time and is now hard at work on her eighth book. After twelve years living in London, she now lives in Guildford, Surrey, the place she grew up, with her husband, their little boy, baby daughter and two crazy cats. Katie Fforde started writing when her mother gave her a writing kit for Christmas.

She thinks she was fed up with her saying she wanted to write but not doing it. As Katie had three small children at the time, she thought this was a tiny bit unfair! But it seemed to do the trick and she started writing and loved it. It was eight years before she had a publisher and ten before a book appeared on a shelf. Katie has now been a published writer for over 20 years and has written over 20 bestselling novels and has sold over 3 million books. She has lived in the same house in Gloucestershire for over thirty five years and loves that her grandchildren are close by.

Several decades later, she lives in rural Australia with her husband Daniel and their two young children. Keris lives in Lancashire with her husband and two sons. After returning to England to work as a journalist, she eventually abandoned real life stories for the secrets of fictional families. Kerry Watts was born and raised in Perth where she can still be found today scribbling words on paper that she hopes people will enjoy reading. Now that her daughter has moved out to make her way in the world, she lives with her long suffering husband and son.

Her family also consists of a blind and deaf elderly border collie called Misty. The final character in her story is Buttercup, the friendliest hamster on the planet. Retrieved 9 July Sia, Colour the Small One". Archived from the original on 29 June The New York Times. Archived from the original on 27 February Australian Recording Industry Association. Archived from the original on 25 January Archived from the original on 10 January Archived from the original on 16 February Archived from the original on 6 October Archived from the original on 28 January The Massachusetts Daily Collegian.

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Surviving members of N. A reunite, and artists pay tribute to Prince". From Worst to Best". Best Performance Art- Sia". Retrieved 19 May Retrieved 9 September Sia delivers performance-art masterpiece in Oakland". Retrieved 2 October Retrieved 20 September Retrieved 29 May Retrieved 1 August Retrieved 16 April DiMeglio 11 November Retrieved November 3, Retrieved 13 April